Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

The 5 Best Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

So, you have been told your cat needs to lose weight and you are now searching for the best wet cat food for weight loss that is available online.

With such a huge choice out there, it can be difficult to know which one to go for.

Read on to discover which food is right for you and your kitty.

It’s not just humans suffering from an obesity epidemic at the moment, many of our pet cats in the western world are affected too.

In this article, we’re going to review the following wet cat food for weight loss

While ‘fat cats’ may have traditionally been thought of as cute (who doesn’t like Garfield?) the sad truth is, that cats who are overweight are more prone to developing conditions such as diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis throughout their lifetime.

They also tend to live shorter and less satisfying lives than their slimmer counterparts.

They are less active and spend more time indoors lounging around.

Some recent studies have estimated that up to half of all pet cats are over-weight or obese.

Considering this is an avoidable problem, we as owners need to do something about it.

Cats that spend most of their time indoors are more prone to putting on weight as they use less calories in their day to day life.

These cats are almost inevitably overfed by their owners who ‘kill them with kindness’ by providing endless supplies of wet food, dry food and treats.

Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

Many owners fail to recognize that their cats are overweight, falsely thinking that some extra fat is good for them and that ‘plump is healthy’.

Cats should be lean and athletic, with their ribs and spine easy to feel and no visible ‘belly’ hanging down.

As well as increasing a cat’s daily activity and reducing (or eliminating!) any treats they are getting, here is a review to help you out, listing the best wet weight loss food options on the market today.

R/C Satiety Support Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

R/C Satiety Support Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss

One of the market leaders, Royal Canin’s food ‘Satiety Support’ is a fantastic option for obese cats and is often the diet recommended by veterinarians and vet nurses for those cats that really need a helping hand.

If you are looking for fast and effective results, look no further.

This diet is specifically formulated to improve satiety (the feeling of being full and satisfied after eating) to reduce begging behaviours and prevent your cat from seeking out additional food elsewhere.

With only 1.35% fat, you are sure to see fast results.

In addition to aiding a sustained weight loss, this food also has added ingredients (such as glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulphate) which support joints.

This is critical for cats that have been over-weight for a while, as their joints have likely suffered and will be predisposed to developing osteoarthritis over time.

The added Vitamin E and Biotin will also contribute to a glossy coat and healthy skin.

This is so critical in overweight cats as they tend to groom less and tend to have a lackluster coat and flaky, dry skin.

As with other wet foods, the main ingredient in this food is water, and it has a very high moisture content of 86%.

This high level of moisture can be useful for those cats that are prone to urinary stones and crystals, as it helps to keep the urine in the bladder more dilute.

This food is available in both pouches and tins for your convenience and, in the author’s opinion, is the best diet wet cat food for weight loss that exists at the moment.

While it may be a more expensive option than most, this is an investment worth making.

Hills R/D Canned Diet Wet Cat Food

Hill's Prescription Diet r/d Weight Reduction Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Coming in at a close second to the Royal Canin option, is the Hill’s weight loss canned food for adult cats called ‘R/D’.

This food is lower in calories than most standard cat food options and contains plenty of fibre which causes a cat to feel full up and makes them less likely to search for more food once they have finished their meal.

The fibre can also lead to more regular and solid bowel movements and is essential in those cats prone to getting full anal glands.

There are lots of anti-oxidants added to this diet which can help support the immune system and keep your pet in tip-top shape.

The liver flavor is a real hit with most cats, and even the fussiest eaters tend to accept this food.

For cats that prefer dry food, this food can be fed alongside the dry version.

This is a useful option for those cats that get bored of the same food day in and day out.

When it comes to portion size, there is a simple guide available online.

As an example, if aiming for a weight of 4kg (the average healthy cat weight), you will need to feed one and a half tins of Hills R/D 156g each day.

Once their new weight target has been met, the daily amount can be increased to one and three-quarters of a tin, to maintain the weight loss.

As well as R/D, Hills offer a similar food called W/D which has been formulated to be better accepted by those cats with sensitive stomachs.

As with any new food, remember to switch from their old food gradually.

You do this by feeding your cat one fifth of their new food mixed with four fifths of their old food on day one, then two fifths of their new food on day two with three fifths of their old food etc.

A food swap should take about five days in total.

Next up is:

Purina OM Overweight Management Canned Weight Control Cat Food

Purina OM Overweight Management Canned Weight Control Cat Food

With a low-fat content of 1.7%, Purina’s OM food is another good wet food option.

It has a respectable 8.5% protein (remember that wet foods will always have a far lower protein content than dry food so are not comparable), and about 80% moisture.

These protein levels will allow cats to maintain their muscle mass, while shifting those pesky fat rolls.

It is essential when losing weight that cats do not lose lean muscle, so foods low in protein should be avoided.

As with some other wet weight loss foods, Purina OM can also help to prevent crystal formation in the urine.

Remember, it has been proven that overweight cats are more likely to develop these crystals and stones in their kidneys and bladders.

There are roughly 365 calories per can, so it is good bang for your buck.

However, this food is not suitable for growing cats or those that are pregnant or lactating, as it will not meet their dietary requirements.

Purina also offer a dry version of the OM food, which is a good option for those cats who need to worry about their dental hygiene and have gingivitis or tartare build-up.

Royal Canin Ultra Light Diet Wet Cat Food

Royal Canin Feline Weight Care

Here is our second offering from Royal Canin: their ultra light option.

This food comes in small tins that are both easy to store and easy to open.

The food is very palatable to cats because it comes in a juicy gravy and is sliced up nice and thin.

As these 85g pouches are lower in calories than a typical can, most cats aiming to weigh 4kg will require about 3 to 3 ½ pouches to meet their needs.

This can be a good option for cats that like to graze, so you could give them a pouch for breakfast, another for lunch and a final one for dinner.

Feeding cats in this ‘grazing’ style is far more natural than just offering them one meal a day.

As with many other weight loss foods, Royal Canin pouches can be given alongside a dry food option e.g. ‘Royal Canin Weight Care’.

Feeding some dry food can add ‘crunch’ to the diet, which prevents calculus build up on the teeth.

With 10% protein, this is one of the wet weight loss foods with higher protein concentrations on the market, which is particularly recommended for active cats who have a lot of lean muscle to maintain.

The L-Carnitine content of this wet weight loss diet has been proven to be beneficial to cats losing weight as it reduces the risk of them going into ketosis (the process by which fat cells are burned to make energy that can be dangerous if prolonged).

For long-haired kitties such as Siberians and Persians, the gravy in this food can get stuck on the facial fur and may require some cleaning.

Owners of these cats may want to opt for a gravy-free weight loss food.

Our final selection today is undoubtedly one of the best weight control wet cat food in cats that you can buy and is something alternative to consider:

Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin Diet Wet Cat Food

Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin
Available at Amazon

While this additive is not a complete diet and would need to be fed in conjunction with one of the weight loss foods listed previously, it is a fantastic tool in the battle against feline obesity.

It is only natural that we feel the need to spoil our cats every now and then by supplementing their diet with a tasty treat.

We may wish to reward them for good behavior or may feel sorry for them having to eat the same meal over and over.

Rather than reaching for high calorie options such as store-bought treats, why not consider organic pumpkin.

In my experience, cats really love the flavor of pumpkin and the high fibre content of this vegetable means that it helps to satisfy their hunger cravings in between meals.

The really cool thing, is that the brand ‘Nummy Tum Tum’ have a website with pet treat recipes that use their products, such as the canned pumpkin, as the main ingredients (http://www.nummytumtum.com/recipes-2/)

This food is especially appropriate if your cat suffers from bouts of upset stomach, as it can help to bulk up the stool and stop diarrhea in its tracks.

For cats that have been used to getting lots of lovely treats all their life and are suddenly put on a strict weight loss diet, having this option can be important.

It’s nice to have the option of giving nutritious, low-fat treats while sticking to your cat’s diet and maintaining their weight loss.

With a whopping 5.7% fibre and only 0.1% fat, this tasty, orange offering really is a wonder food!


While the fight against feline obesity can be a real challenge, once armed with the correct diet, the task becomes a whole lot easier.

The best wet cat foods for weight loss that are available to buy today are listed above, all containing low fat, high fibre and a good protein content.

Remember to persevere, even if you are not seeing encouraging results in the first few weeks, as losing weight can take time.

Instant weight loss is not the aim anyway, as fat cats that lose weight too quickly can become quite ill (developing dangerous diseases such as ketosis and fatty liver).

What we are aiming for is a gradual and permanent fat reduction that is maintained for life.

It is a really good idea to work alongside your veterinarian when helping your cat lose weight, as they can advise you on what is best for your pet.

Many vets will offer complimentary weight loss clinics, whereby you can bring you cat along for a health and weight check every month or so.

They can help you tailor your diet plan to ensure it is appropriate for your cat.

Remember to bring a tin of your selected weight loss food along with you so that the vet can look at the ingredients and feeding guide, which will differ from brand to brand, and advise you on best practice.

If your cat shows no interest in their new food, consider switching brands until you hit on one that they enjoy.

Remember, many of the regular supermarket cat foods out there are full of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and salts, so while your cat may prefer eating them, they are not the best foods for them and will only contribute to further weight gain and poor health.

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