Types of Houses for Cat

7 Types of Houses for Cats Your Feline Would Love to Have

Have you ever noticed that your cat is always curious when you bring a box into the house? They appear to have a great urge to know what’s inside. Then, their curiosity gets the better of them, and they cannot resist jumping right into that box.

It’s not only boxes, but they also like to see what’s inside the shopping bag too. Even an empty suitcase can provide hours of inquisitive fun.

So why do cats love boxes so much? Are they hiding? Or, are they simply enjoying the delights of a box? It might be both and more. Scientists believe that cats use boxes as an instinctual means of protection from predators.

Most especially when they want to curl up and sleep. Covered on all sides, they would have felt secure and less stressed. They would also use such spaces for pouncing on their hunt.

Similarly, cats have the same affinity for their cat houses. To put it in layman’s terms, your cats love their cat caves because of the security it provides. Why not treat them to a more permanent one, such as a proper cat house, for all times? There are plenty to choose from on the market, so let’s have a look at what they offer and how to pick one.

7 Types of Houses for Cats Your Feline Would Love to Have

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1. Stairway to Cat Heaven

If you have plenty of room in your home, then you could consider installing a stairway, made by “Feline Furniture.” This is great for an indoor-only cat, or if you have many cats. It consists of self-assembly modules, that build-up to create a great climbing frame for your cats.

Spread throughout the levels, are platforms for sleeping in, or to perch and watch as the world passing by. Right at the top is the cat condo, where your cat can hide and chill. The cat stairway is a great way to ensure your cat gets plenty of exercises while doing what cats do best, climbing.

2. Cat Condos

Another larger version of cat houses, made by the company, Go Pet Club. This is similar to a cat tree house, with cat condos situated throughout. If you have more than one cat, this is ideal. There can be up to 5 separate cat condos, for every cat to climb up to. They spread out over 5 different levels.

In the middle is a small ladder leading from one level to another, if they prefer the easy way up. Covered in a soft faux fur, along with various posts covered by extra-strong rope, for those claws.

There are even small tunnels for those hideaway moments. At 5 inches in height, there’s plenty of climbing to be had for your cat. This structure is tall, rather than wide or slim, so you don’t need lots of floor space.

3. Mobile Cat Homes

For those with limited space, then you can choose a cat house that simply folds up and stores away when not in use. The Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Tower is ideal. The frame is covered in various fabrics, with a soft hammock sprawled across the top.

Hanging balls on strings will entertain your cat, and the condo on the floor level is a cozy den, for sleeping or hiding. There’s a Sisal scratching surface, for your cat to flex their claws.

4. Cubed Cat Houses

Exactly as the title describes, the MidWest Cube Cat House offers a cubed cat house. It folds down too, so ideal if space is limited. Covered in faux suede and synthetic sheepskin, it feels soft and warm.

On top is a soft cushioned surface, for your cat to lounge around in style. There’s also a swinging ball on a string, for your cat’s entertainment. This house does not have a scratching post. Stands at 16.5 inches tall, and 15.5 inches squared.

5. Home from Home

If you want your cat house to look like a human house, then consider the Trixie Natura Katzenhaus Cat’s Home. They have many different designs, but one of the most popular is a wooden house, for your cat. It has 3 floors, and a roof for perching on. To enter, your cat can go through a flap at the side on the bottom floor.

There are square holes that also allow the cat to climb through. The roof is flat, so your cat can happily perch on top.

It has a weatherproof finish, so you could place it indoors or outside. With a raised first floor, it sits on 4 small feet. Stands at 37inches tall, and there is approx 22inch square in each floor space.

6. Soft Cat Houses

If you want a more simple, washable cat house, there are fabric ones made from a soft sponge that allows your cat to sleep inside. When they need cleaning, you can pop them in the washing machine. Soft and durable so you can move them about the house.

7. Eco-friendly Cat Houses

If you want to stay eco-friendly, you could consider the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave. These are hand-made from 100% Merino wool, so are soft and warm by nature. Merino wool repels odors and dirt, so will not need cleaning often. Shaped like a cocoon, your cat feels safe and secure once inside.

In Catclusion

Whatever type of cat house you are looking for, there are many choices to be had, for both indoor and outdoor cats. Some can be very elaborate, with electrical heating systems.

Others can be more fun, with climbing frames for the younger kittens. Cat trees offer everything, from condo cat boxes to scratching poles, to perching platforms.

There are even cat house perches that can fit onto the walls. Cats are naturally curious creatures. They love nothing more than discovering what might be inside all the nooks and crannies that a cat tree can hide.

Your cat will love to hideaway when it’s time for his nap. It’s worth investing in some form of Cat House, so he can feel safe and warm while he enters the land of nod.

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