Toys for Teething Kittens

Toys for Teething Kittens

As cute and playful as growing kittens are, we all know just how much damage their needle-sharp teeth can do.

Whether they are easing their teething pain by playing a game of cat and mouse with your hand, or gnawing away happily at the furniture, teething kittens can pose quite the challenge.

With this list of the best toys for teething kittens, you are sure to find a toy that replaces your skin and prized sofa as their new favourite thing to chew on!

In this article, we’re going to review the following kitten teething toys:

We understand just how hard it can be to convince your new kitten what they should be chewing on, so we have hand-picked the most attractive and appealing toys to ensure they will be keen to start chomping on them straight away.

Remember, not all teething toys are created equal, and many on the market are designed for puppies who have larger and more powerful jaws.

Purchasing a kitten specific product is essential to ensure your kitty’s jaw and teeth are safe and to avoid any further oral discomfort.

The ideal toy would be durable, fun and, of course, would offer a good deal of relief for uncomfortable teething pain.

Purchasing a toy that lasts a few minutes before it is chewed to shreds is an all too familiar experience, and one you won’t have to go through again.

Toys that are not robust enough also pose a potential health risk, as curious kitties may ingest the parts that have been chewed off, leading to a gut impaction.

A high-quality and resilient teething toy is essential for the safety of your precious pet.

Whether you are on the hunt for a nifty toy that will keep your little one entertained, a source of relief for red gums or a toy that offers some resistance and will help to exercise the jaw, you are sure to find the perfect toy for your kitty below.

The 5 Best Kitten Teething Toys Reviews

1. Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel
Available at Amazon

As small and straight-forward as this product may be, it is the best toy for teething kittens out there, purely because of its simplicity.

This toy offers everything a teething kitty needs to satisfy its chomping cravings, including a chew ring and colourful fabric streamers.

The clever little chew ring is a bright red colour and offer hours of entertainment, as we all know just how much kittens love moving objects.

The tiny spokes on the wheel are the perfect size for young kittens, and the material is soft enough that it will not cause discomfort, yet firm enough to provide decent relief from tooth ache.

The colourful blue and green fabric streamers offer an alternative to the ring to chew on and are more soft and delicate than the rubber ring; perfect for times when your kitty cat’s gums have really flared up.

This high-quality product from Petstages has been designed to last and to offer endless hours of chewing enjoyment.

As the rubber of this product has some give to it, it is important that owners understand this is not a suitable product for larger kittens or cats who may be able to pierce the rubber.

This toy is instead designed for kittens in their first stages of teething.

Owners should always supervise their kitty when using this product.

If the product is pierced or damaged it should be changed immediately with a toy more suited to larger kitties.

One particularly nice feature of this product is that even the smallest kitty finds it easy to grip on to it with their paws and hold it in place while they chew away contentedly.

So, if you are looking for a straightforward and affordable toy for your young kitten that will get the job done, look no further.

2. Sungrow Rope Ball Chew Toy

SunGrow Rope Ball Chew Toy
Available at Amazon

Another simple and effective product, this chew toy from Sungrow is ideal for growing kittens and offers a good distraction from the ache of teething.

The attractive blue and white rope with ball is made from 100% cotton; a natural product that is safe for kitties of any age.

On the rare occasion that some product fibres may be ingested accidentally, you can rest assured that your kitty will not show any signs of toxicity or illness.

While kitties can happily play alone with this product, it can double as a fun interactive toy that owners can use too.

Trail it along the ground and hold it at a height to encourage jumping and chasing; important skills for a developing kitten.

One great feature of this toy is its ability to withstand washes in the washing machine; a necessity to eliminate old saliva stains and keep the product fresh and hygienic.

The nylon rope is suitable for even the youngest of kittens, though is also durable enough to withstand the bites of older cats; a perfect toy to use for your cat’s entire lifetime.

The abrasive nature of the material allows for a good chew and helps to keep teeth healthy and clean.

The relatively large size of this product means that it will stay still for young kittens who may not yet have the dexterity to hold it in place, though does mean it is too heavy to be carried around far in their mouth.

Top Tip: While some owners have found that their cat may not initially show interest in this ball and rope toy, to encourage its use, gently rub some cotton wool on your kitten’s cheeks (where their scent glands are) and then simply transfer the scent to the toy by rubbing it all over.

Many cats dislike using new toys as they smell foreign, but this simple hack can ensure they start using the product immediately.

3. Petstages Catnip Rolls

Petstages Catnip Rolls
Available at Amazon

This clever little product has an added ingredient which is sure to keep your cat coming back for more: catnip!

Catnip is perfectly safe to use for kittens, although some owners will find that they won’t react to it until they are around 12 weeks old.

Using the product before this age won’t cause any harm, though many young kitties simply ignore the smell.

Once they are old enough, many kitties will love the attractive aroma of the catnip.

As every feline’s reaction to catnip is different, it is hard to predict what exactly the effect will be.

Some cats seem to have no reaction to catnip, while others will roll around and get ‘spacey’.

For many, it causes relaxation, while for others they can become hyper and excitable.

The only way to discover how your kitty will react is to try it out!

The slim stick shape is ideal for little jaws to get around and the rope material is soft, yet firm enough to massage achey gums and teeth.

Coming in a pack of three, this is perfect for litters of kittens or for owners who like to have back-ups in the cupboard in case one goes missing.

At only four inches long, these are a compact little toy that are small enough for small paws to grip on to and hold in place.

They are lovely and lightweight so can be carried around the house and taken to your kitty’s bed or their favourite hiding place for some private chew time.

Not unexpectedly, this is one of the best rated toys for teething kittens available and is a big hit with owners around the world.

Why not try this popular product out for yourself?

4. Kong Cat Wubba Bunny

Kong Cat Wubba Bunny
Available at Amazon

How cute is this gorgeous bunny toy from big brand Kong?

Your kitten will love how soft and gentle this product is; perfect for cats that are experiencing tooth pain or very red, raw gums.

The gentle abrasion provided by the furry material is ideal to provide light relief.

The floppy legs of this sweet little rabbit are attractive to cats who love to pounce and hunt.

The realistic movement they display allows for kitties to express their natural behaviour and build their developing muscles.

They will wrestle, grip and pounce; forcing the poor bunny toy into submission in no time at all!

Cleverly, the catnip inside this product will ensure your kitty will always come back for more.

What we love most about this toy is the crinkly noise that the legs make.

Kittens go wild for this fun, crackly sound and enjoy playing with the rabbit to reproduce the sound over and over again.

At five inches long, this little bunny is the ideal size toy for a kitten or small cat and is neither overly big nor overly heavy.

The Kong brand is renowned internationally for how durable and long-lasting their products are, and if you have a particularly feisty kitty or one with very sharp teeth, you can’t go wrong with Kong.

This product comes in a range of animal options, so if you fall in love with this rabbit, you can continue the collection by buying your kitty the sweet, pink mouse too.

For plenty of batting and biting, you can’t go wrong with the Kong cat rubber bunny.

5. Petstage Dental Health Cat Chew Toy

Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
Available at Amazon

For those of you who love a bargain, why not opt for this further offering from Petstage; a pack of two funky toys that your pets are sure to enjoy.

The netting surrounding these products is a great idea as it allows for teeth cleaning and effective gnawing.

The netting is held securely in place and won’t unravel.

The craftsmanship of these products is superior to most, meaning you can rest easy while your kitten entertains itself.

How great are these bright, rainbow colours?

The two toys are lovely and small, and light enough for small kittens to carry around comfortably in their mouths.

Kitties particularly love the fun streamers, which they like to bat out of the way and pounce on.

Owners can even drag the toys along the ground to encourage natural hunting and pouncing behaviour.

As with some other teething toys, these chews are filled with tempting catnip to promote play and keep your cat content and relaxed.

Even the stalks of the toys are filled with catnip, on which the cats love to chomp and chew, crunching down to exercise their jaw and massage any irritated gums.

The most impressive feature of these toys is their resilience; withstanding lots of scratches and chews, tugs and yanks.

We particularly like how these toys are suitable for very young kitties, who appreciate their small size and the soft fabric.

While the catnip won’t likely have an effect on any cat less than the age of three months, they will be able to enjoy the catnip content once they are a bit older.

Use these jazzy toys to encourage appropriate chewing and avoid unwanted bite marks on furniture or even on your skin!


While it can be a task and a half to find an appropriate toy for a young kitten that is teething, you can look no further than this list of the best toys for teething kittens.

Don’t be fooled in to buying a puppy chew toy, which will be too large and cumbersome; instead make sure to purchase a suitable kitten-friendly option.

We love the products listed above for their bright colours, range of materials and fun shapes.

A few of the options contain catnip; a great idea for slightly older cats.

The softer toys listed are ideal for kittens in the middle of the teething process who may be in some discomfort from their gums and would appreciate a gentler option.

The firmer teething chews are a great choice for kitties whose teeth have popped through and they are looking for something to get those new gnashers in to!

Many of the firmer toys are designed in specific ways to encourage tooth cleaning and promote good gum health.

Don’t allow your cat to suffer in silence when they are going through the uncomfortable process that is teething.

While they may not be able to clearly communicate their discomfort to us, they would be grateful for any relief offered in the form of a new kitten chew toy.

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