Best Non Clumping Cat Litters

Non Clumping Cat Litters for Kittens & Cats

Before bringing a new kitten home, you’ve probably done some research on the best kitten foods, toys, and beds.

But have you looked into the best litter?

If you’re thinking that all cat litters are created equal, then you need to take a second look.

Cat litters come with a variety of options: scented, unscented, clumping, non-clumping, natural, clay, crystals, you name it.

Any of these are fine for your adult cat, but when it comes to your kitten, they have some special litter needs.

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The best non clumping cat litters for kittens should be scent-free, odor absorbing, and a size that is easy for them to use without hurting their tiny feet.

Kittens, like babies, explore the world with their mouths.

They will sample everything they come in contact with, including their litter.

This is why clumping litter is considered a no-no for young kittens.

Clumping litter expands when it comes in contact with liquids, so ingestion can lead to intestinal blockages.

Opt for an unscented version if you can as kitten’s little noses can be overly sensitive to such things and may cause an aversion to the litter box.

When you’re litter box training, this is the last thing you want.

It’s also nice to find something that absorbs odor for this same reason.

Finally, looking at the size and texture of the litter is important when considering a new kitten.

Anything that is too big and hard for them to move will make them less likely to use it.

Litter that is sharp can cause tender paws discomfort and; therefore, keep your kitten away from the litter box.

You want something soft, easy to work with, yet won’t track through your house while your baby is learning the litter box ropes.

With all this in mind, let’s look at some of the best non clumping cat litters for kittens.

Best Non-Clumping Cat Litters for Kittens

Non-Clumping Cat Litters for Kitten

Purina Yesterday’s News

Made of recycled paper, Yesterday’s News is one of the best non clumping cat litters for kittens.

It is highly absorbent, up to three times more absorbent than clay, and virtually dust free.

The pellets are lightweight, so your kitten can move them around easily and they are gentle for sensitive little paws.

In fact, Yesterday’s News is so gentle and soft that it is a highly recommended litter for kitties after any kind of paw surgery.

Kittens should like Yesterday’s News because of the absorbency and consistency of it.

Just a small amount in the litter box can collect and hold a day’s worth of urine.

The pellets are dust free and don’t track which means a cleaner home for you as well.

The lightness and softness of the pellets make them a great choice for little feet.

The major downside to Yesterday’s News is the odor control.

While it does absorb liquid well, it doesn’t seem to do the same with the odor.

This means either more frequent litter box cleaning or maybe some resistance in litter box usage.

This litter works best if you just use a small amount and totally dump all contents each day.

That will help odor control and reduce your cleaning of the litter box at the same time.

Yesterday’s News is a great choice for kittens because it is non clumping, so kittens are less likely to have problems if they eat it.

You will appreciate that the pellets are dust-free and non-tracking.

Your kitten will appreciate the texture and gentleness of the pellets as well as their absorbency.

Yesterday’s News is also good for the environment.

First of all, it is made of recycled paper, and secondly it is biodegradable.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

This pelleted, non clumping cat litter is made from pine shavings that are compressed into pellets.

That’s it.

It supposed to be an all natural, chemical free litter.

This means no nose irritating fragrances have been added.

Pine is naturally odor and liquid absorbent and the pellet shape works well for tiny paws.

Feline Pine Cat Litter is about as natural as you can get.

No chemicals or fragrances are a huge plus for your tiny babies.

It is also made from 100% natural pine shavings that come from reclaimed wood chips, no new trees are cut down to produce it.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is also very absorbent and naturally odor reducing.

It seems to work really well at reducing odor, not just masking it.

The pellet shape also makes it hard to track out of the litter box but is still gentle and easy to use for little kitten feet.

Some cat parents have complained that the pellets are too big and their cats didn’t want to use it.

All I can say is every cat is different.

Some are very picky and will only use very specific types of litter.

Overall, it seems the pellets are well accepted by most cats.

It will help if you’re starting out a kitten with a pellet litter like this rather than an adult cat.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is one of the best non clumping cat litters for kittens because it is totally natural, chemical and fragrance free, absorbent and odor fighting.

The pellets are gentle and easy to manage for kittens and won’t track around your house.

Most cats really love this product, but be aware that some very finicky cats won’t take to pellet litters at all.

Fresh Step Non Clumping Litter

Fresh Step makes a clay non clumping litter that contains antimicrobial agents and activated charcoal to absorb and eliminate odors and odor causing bacteria.

It is lightly scented.

The scent is activated when your kitty scratches to further cover any immediate stinkiness.

This clay product is lighter than most clay litters making it easy to handle for both you and your kitten.

Kittens will appreciate Fresh Step Non Clumping Cat Litter’s lightness and so will you.

The weight of it makes it easy for your kitten’s tiny paws to handle and it makes it easier for you when it comes time to change the litter box.

The activated charcoal works well to absorb odors instead of just masking them, while the antimicrobial agents prevent odors from forming.

Being a clay litter non clumping litter, Fresh Step does have problems with tracking.

The pieces are small so they easily get stuck between little toes.

It’s supposed to be a dust free formula, which really means lower dust than some.

With clay, it’s hard to ever be truly dust free.

So between the dust and tracking, expect to need to clean more frequently.

Finally, the scent, even though it’s light, can be too much for some sensitive nosed kittens.

Fresh Step Non Clumping Litter is a great clay option for kittens because of its odor absorbing and eliminating capabilities.

The weight of it makes it easier for kittens to use as well.

It’s also a safe alternative to clumping litter and the small size makes it less appetizing for those mouthy babies.

Fresh Step Non Clumping Cat Litter is messier than the pellet options as it is dustier and tends to track more.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter

Another pellet form of cat litter, Naturally Fresh uses the fibrous parts of walnut shells that are naturally absorbent and odor neutralizing.

This is an all natural product with no added chemicals or fragrances.

The pellet form means less dust and less tracking which equals less cleaning for you.

Naturally Fresh pellets are also softer on little paws than the large clay pieces in other non clumping cat litters.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Non Clumping cat litter boasts that it provides better odor control than other leading non clumping litters.

It is also super absorbent and easy for your kitten to use.

A great benefit is that it is a natural product with no chemicals or fragrances that could irritate your already sensitive baby.

The pellet form makes it cleaner than other non clumping or clumping litters as there is little dust and the pellets don’t stick to kitten’s feet.

As with other pellet litters, Naturally Fresh isn’t great with odor control, especially in multi cat households.

Pet parents also had trouble scooping out the used pellets as they tended to disintegrate into a powder once they were wet.

A different way of using this litter is to place a very small amount in the litter box and then completely empty it each day.

That way there is no trying to scoop the soiled pellets.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter is one of the best cat litters for kittens because it is all natural and absorbent.

The pellets are easy for a kitten to use and it is cleaner than other types of litter.

Pellet type litters work best if you start using them with kittens rather than adult cats.

Some cats hesitate to switch over to pellets once they are used to clay or similar types of litter.

Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping 24/7 Odor Control Cat Litter

Tidy Cats offers an extended release deodorizing system to keep your kitten’s litter box odor free for many days with their 24/7 Performance Long Lasting Odor Control Cat Litter.

Odor control is especially important for kittens as their noses are more sensitive and they are less likely to use a stinky litter box.

The litter is absorbent to help keep your kitten clean and is non clumping so it is less likely to cause problems when ingested.

Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance is one of the best cat litters for kittens because it is safer than clumping litters when ingested and is absorbent so that kitty stays clean when using it.

The idea of an extended release deodorizing system is a great one allowing you to change litter less often and your kitten to feel like he’s in a fresh litter box every time.

People still had trouble with the odor control part of this cat litter.

It’s important to remember that non clumping cat litters just don’t provide the odor control that clumping litters do, but they also don’t provide near the ingestion issues, so there’s a trade off there.

A few even mentioned that they thought the size of the litter was too big.

This could be an issue for kittens if that is indeed the case.

Overall, Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Long Lasting Odor Control Cat Litter could work well for your kitten.

The absorbency and the non clumping nature of it make it safe and clean.

You may experience some tracking and dust issues with it, so keep that in mind.

Odor control should be another consideration, but if you only have one kitten, it’s probably not going to be a deal breaker for you.

When it comes to your new baby, the litter that you choose can be as important as the food, bed, and toys.

You want to make sure you choose one that is safe and that she will use to ensure that she gets properly litter box trained.

Non clumping litters are recommended for young kittens as ingesting the clumping kind has caused digestive system obstructions.

Safety wise, you also want something that is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances as your kitten is more sensitive to these and they can cause irritation and litter box avoidance.

The best non clumping cat litters for kittens can still made from clay or pellets using wood or paper.

As a general rule, non clumping cat litters don’t have as good of odor control as clumping kinds so you may need to clean your kitten’s litter box more frequently in order to keep him interested.

Also, every kitten is different and some will prefer different textures and materials over others.

So it’s important to find out your kitten’s preferences and help that determine the best litter in order to achieve the best litter box success and the best relationship between you and your new buddy.

Best Non-Clumping Cat Litters for Adult Cats

Though clumping litter may have become more popular in recent times, there are a number of reasons why non-clumping litter would be used instead, and some of the best non-clumping cat litters are listed below.

Non-Clumping Cat Litters for Adult Cat

‘Non-clumping’ basically means that once saturated (wet), the litter will not form together into mounds or ‘clumps’.

Non-clumping litter is preferred by some cats, and there are a number of felines who will flat out refuse to use the tray if they find clumping litter within!

Non-clumping litter can be superior at soaking up large amounts of urine and is often a lot more affordable than the clumping varieties.

As our cats use their tray every day, finding a good-value litter result in big savings over the years.

Non-clumping litter can also be a better option for those of us with busy schedules that may not be able to change the tray contents as often as we would like.

It also works well for households with more than one cat who may produce a lot of ‘mess’, as it has the capacity to absorb a great deal.

While each individual litter brand will have different properties, it is often the case that non-clumping litter is less dusty than clumping litter.

This benefits all animals (and humans!) and is essential for any cat with respiratory issues, including asthma.

The following top five non-clumping litters offer owners a variety of choices and include plenty of biodegradable and eco-friendly options.

CatSpot Organic Cat Litter

Surely, one of the best non-clumping cat litters on the market today, this top-quality offering from CatSpot is a favourite of many; and for good reason.

For mindful owners who like to know exactly what it is they are buying, this cat litter is made of only ONE simple ingredient; coconut.

Completely natural and organic, this product contains no hidden chemicals or toxins and is incredibly safe to have in your home.

Did you know that coconut can absorb up to 560% of its weight in liquid?

Neither did we until CatSpot did the research for us, and we are more than a little impressed.

Owing to this incredibly high absorbency, the litter itself is light-weight and easy to carry and transport.

Nature has created its very own kitty litter in the form of coconut, so why complicate things by bringing un-natural products into the home.

As this product is dust-free and hypoallergenic, it is the ideal material for cats with allergies, skin complaints and a myriad of other medical conditions.

Not only is this coconut litter superb at absorbing any liquid, it will also effortlessly mask any associated smells.

Easy to use, with this product you just need to remove the poop daily and stir in the urine.

Amazingly, once the litter has been used to its full potential, you can use it in your garden as a fertilizer; what a great feature!

CatSpot tell us that if you line your tray with about 2 inches of product, your kitty can get an incredible 15 days of use out of this litter before it needs to be repurposed outside.

Cleverly, the bag has been designed to contain exactly enough product to last one cat one month; a useful feature to keep track of how much litter you need.

Pawdestined Crystals Cat Litter

Many of you have come to this site wondering what is the best non-clumping cat litter.

After having done a whole lot of research on your behalf, we believe it is a litter that gets to work quickly, reduces odour, doesn’t make a mess and lasts for a long time.

It should also have the ability to deal with a large amount of liquid, particularly in multi-cat households.

This crystal litter from Pawdestined certainly ticks all of those boxes.

While it may look more like white and blue gems than a hygienic feline bathroom, this litter looks good and gets the job done.

These specially designed crystals are great at soaking up urine, as well as the moisture within the poop.

Liquid is absorbed both quickly and efficiently, meaning there is no lingering smell to contend with.

These crystals are both unscented and dust-free, so keep air pollutants and irritants to a minimum within the home; a factor that is particularly important in small spaces and apartments.

Another benefit of the granular consistency of this litter is that it is formulated to not clump and get stuck on fur or skin, meaning it stays inside the tray and is not tracked around the house like some clumping litters.

This even holds true for long-furred cats, who can often find that some litters will stick to the fur around their back end.

This product is made from silica which is non-toxic to cats though should not be eaten.

This is a non-biodegradable product so should be disposed of responsibly and must not be flushed down toilets or drains.

Pawdestined non-clumping litter is sold in 9oz bags which will last the average cat around 2 months.

It is light-weight, meaning that it is easy to both fill and empty the tray.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter

A favourite of many vet clinics and catteries, Yesterday’s News litter is a great value all-round product that cats seem to like using.

Sold in a large 30lb bag, this product is ideal for homes with a few trays or facilities that cater professionally for a number of cats on a daily basis.

Superior to clay-based products, this litter has been proven to absorb three times more liquid than an alternative clay rival, keeping waste to a minimum.

Reassuringly, the litter is completely non-toxic and chemical-free and is also biodegradable and recyclable.

‘Yesterday’s news’ is a reference to the fact that the pellets are made from recycled paper, so at the same time as helping your bank balance out, you can feel good about helping the environment.

The particles are small and do not tend to stick to fur, ensuing that they remain in the tray and off the cat’s fur.

Though many cats will be happy to switch straight onto this product from their old litter, the manufacturer suggest a ‘transition period’ to ensure your furry friend does not hesitate when they feel something new and different ‘under paw’.

They recommend mixing two-thirds of your old litter with one-third Yesterday’s News on the first week, then two-thirds Yesterday’s News with one-third of the old litter on week two, before finally switching on to 100% Yesterday’s News.

Remember, while this won’t always be essential, it is a good trick if you find your cat suddenly becoming fussy or messing outside the tray.

As with other non-clumping litters, a depth of roughly 2 inches is recommended to keep kitties happy and encourage tray use.

In between litter refills, do make sure to disinfect the tray with a non-toxic cleaner that will reduce bacteria levels and keep trays smelling fresh and inviting.

Jonny Cat Complete Clay Cat Litter

While you would be forgiven for buying this product simply for the cute and fun cartoon on the front, Jonny Cat offer much more than just a good marketing campaign.

Heralded by some as the ‘world’s best non-clumping cat litter’, owners love Jonny Cat litter because it is so effective at eliminating odours; particularly important for those cats that have strong urine or foul-smelling poops.

Stench control is one of the most important qualities when it comes to choosing a litter.

Their triple anti-odour formula is patented and is particularly effective against the ammonia in urine.

There is even a deodoriser, for those lingering smells that are hard to control.

Don’t fear though, this litter does not have an over-powering smell.

For households with many cats, and especially for any owners of tom cats, this is a great product to prevent any nasty pongs from overtaking your home. It does all of this without the addition of any chemicals or toxins.

Owners should be aware that this is not a good litter choice for cats with bronchitis or asthma as it can be somewhat dusty and is not hypo-allergenic.

Cats prone to watery eyes or eye infections should also steer clear of a litter that can lead to dust clouds in the air.

This litter is made from clay which is one of the original types of cat litter and has been used safely and effectively in many households for decades.

Typical clay litters will soak up roughly the same amount of liquid as their weight; so potentially quite a lot less than more modern formulas.

Jonny Cat Clay Litter comes in a 20oz bag which should last most households for several weeks.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

We love this product from Arm & Hammer, and while using pine as a litter is a relatively new concept, it is quickly taking off all over the world.

Owners like the fact that pine is a natural product and that it is so absorbent and successful at eliminating odours.

Pressed wood pulp that is made into pellets, this litter does not clump and does not tend to become attached to fur.

The pellets, unlike many sand litters, are not easily kicked about and are not typically found sprinkled outside the box, meaning you spend less time sweeping and cleaning.

If ingested, a pine litter is less likely to cause a gut impaction than a clay litter, so is a good choice if you cat likes to explore the world with their mouth or has a history of eating silly things.

This environmentally-friendly option contains no chemicals or perfumes and is also a good choice for cats with sensitivities or dermatitis.

Despite the fact that it is a natural product, it should not be flushed down the toilet and instead can be disposed of in soil.

As it is low dust, it works well for both humans and pets with upper respiratory tract issues or disorders such as asthma.

While there is no added fragrance, the super fresh and crisp smell of this litter is pleasant, and we much prefer it to any artificially added scent.

It’s like having a very small forest right in your living room, meaning that you save on air fresheners!

Non-Clumping Cat Litters

Owners appreciate the fact that this is such a low maintenance litter, meaning they can get on with their lives without having to constantly consider the household litter trays and their contents.

Feline Pine needs clearing out less often than most other litters, meaning you save both money and time.

Whether you are on the look-out for a non-clumping cat litter that eliminates odours, or one that is dust-free, the list above offers you five of the absolute best non-clumping cat litters available to purchase today.

We particularly love the natural coconut and pine tree options; perfect for those eco-warriors who like to re-use their litter as compost; saving the environment one cat poop at a time!

We were also suitably impressed by the odour-blocking abilities of the Jonny Cat Clay Litter, which is likely the best option for those kitty’s with super-strong smelling pee, such as intact males.

Used by vets internationally, Yesterday’s News is a firm favourite in the industry and also offers good bang for your buck, while coming in large-sized bags for those with more than one cat and several trays in the home.

For cats or owners that do suffer with asthma, while a number of the litters listed are hypoallergenic, we really like the completely dust-free Pawdestined crystal litter; and it looks super funky too.

As with most things in your cat’s life, while you may like to think the decision is yours, which of these five cat litters you end up sticking with long-term, will likely be up to them!

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