Cats with Green Eyes

Names for Cats with Green Eyes: Find the Perfect Moniker for Your Green-Eyed Beauty

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new cat; however, finding the perfect name is a very personal thing, and you may find yourself in need of a little inspiration. You should turn your attention to the physical traits of your cat for inspiration.

Naming a cat based on the color of her eyes is gaining popularity, and our list of names for cats with green eyes might inspire you in finding the perfect moniker for your new feline.

Even though you decided to name your cat based on the green color of her eyes, that doesn’t mean that the job ends there. The color green comes in many different shades, and names like Leaf or Forest won’t be suitable for every feline. Consider the color of your cat’s eyes and its uniqueness, and hopefully one of the names from our list will be perfect for her.

For all of you who struggle with finding the right name for a new cat, we prepared a list of interesting and unique cat names suitable for your green-eyed beauty. To make your search a little bit easier, we included separate lists of names for male and female cats.

Names for Cats with Green Eyes by Gender

Considering that most owners think of their cats as family members, it comes as no surprise that finding the perfect name can be really hard. Because this is an important decision, many owners end up leaving a new cat to be called just Kitty for days on end while they try to think up the perfect name.

We are here to help inspire you with many unique and beautiful eye color-inspired cat names that your new green-eyed cat will approve.

#1: Male

cat with grayish green eyes
  • Abib: Meaning “corn husk”; this is a suitable name for cats that have eyes with both lighter and darker shades of green.
  • Ailein: A Scottish word which means “from the green meadow.” This can be a nice choice for cats that have deep emerald eyes that remind you of summer and sunny days.
  • Alien: A suitable name for cats that have otherworldly and unique green-colored eyes, since this name is used for little green beings from another world. Do you think your cat is weird and difficult to understand, like an alien? Check out our article on how to talk to your cat.
  • Alvern: Meaning “spring,” this can be a suitable name for cats that have bright and luminous green eyes that warm your heart every time your kitty looks at you.
  • Beril: A variation of Beryl, which is more masculine sounding. It means “pale green gemstone,” which makes it suitable for cats with light green irises.
  • Beryl: A grayish green precious gemstone; can be used as a name for male cats with radiant greenish-gray eyes.
  • Bredbeddle: A name from the Arthurian Legend; it means “Green King.” This is a unique sounding and appropriate name for green-eyed male cats that are in complete control over their domain.
  • Celadon: A pale green color found on special ceramics and is known for centuries in China as “a mysterious color.” If this sounds anything like the color of your cat’s eyes, then you should name him after this mysterious shade of green.
  • Clover: A fresh and botanical-inspired name for green-eyed cats that bring luck to their owners.
  • Cyan: A greenish-blue color; can be used as a moniker for male cats that have equal parts of blue and green in their eyes.
  • Cypress: The name of various coniferous trees with a variety of vivid shades of green. If the color of your cat’s eyes reminds you of a cypress tree, then this is a perfect name.
  • Denver: Meaning “green valley”; can be a suitable name for a cat that has deep rich green eyes.
  • Elm: The name of a tree with a big bright green treetop; can be a short and nice sounding name for a cat that has eyes the same vivid color as its leaves.
  • Fahey: An Irish word that means “from a green field”; can be used as a name for cats that have deep and rich green eyes. Check out our list of Irish cat names if you like this one.
  • Fir: A genus of evergreen coniferous trees that can be found in every part of the world and comes in different shades of green.
  • Forest: A place densely covered in trees full of all shades of green. This name can be a suitable one for cats with rich green eyes.
  • Green: An obvious choice if you are looking for a name for a green-eyed beauty, and it is still very unusual and unique.
  • Hunter: Hunters often prowl the green forest. This could be the perfect name if you have a cat that likes to bring you mice or bird carcasses.
  • Irvine: “Green” in Welsh; can be a nice and unusual name that’s still related to the green color of your cat’s eyes.
  • Ivey: Derived from ivy, a climbing ornamental evergreen plant with deep green leaves; can be a good name choice for cats that have dark green eyes.
  • Jade: A gemstone mostly known for its green varieties and very appreciated in China. If your cat has eyes the same shade as one of many green jade varieties, then this can be a suitable name for him.
  • Kadir: Arabic for “green”; can be used as a unique and strong name for green-eyed male cats.
  • Leaf: A nice name for a green-eyed cat and an obvious choice.
  • Malachite: A crystal that comes in a variety of different shades of green with deep green being the most dominant.
  • Oak: A big tree with vibrant green leaves; can be a suitable and masculine name for male cats.
  • Odran: Meaning “pale green”; a suitable name for a cat with pale and glassy green eyes. You should make sure that that paleness isn’t an indication of blindness, though. Check out our article on how to tell if a cat is blind.
  • Oleander: An evergreen flowering tree that has deep green colored leaves; this is a unique choice for a cat name.
  • Peridot: A yellowish green radiant gemstone and a fairly unique name for cats with light green and yellowish irises.
  • Pine: An evergreen coniferous tree with long needle-shaped leaves that have a rich and vivid green color. This is a unique and suitable name for cats with eyes the color of pine needles.
  • Tawnya: An Irish word that means “greenfield”; for cats with green eyes the color of grass.
  • Telah: Meaning “moistening, greenness”; can be a great name for a cat with glassy green eyes.
  • Vardan: Meaning “green slope”; an interesting name choice for male cats that have intensely and vividly colored eyes.
  • Verde: Italian for “green”; an exotic name for a male cat.
  • Vermont: Meaning “green mountain.” A perfect choice if you have a green-eyed cat that’s a bit on the large side, like a Maine Coon.
  • Vernell: A French word meaning “green, flourishing.” We all want our feline friends to flourish under our care.
  • Virid: A bright shade of green; can serve as a unique moniker for cats with lively and bright green eyes.
  • Yaxha: Meaning “green water.” Perfect if you have a Turkish Van one of the very few cat breeds that love water.
  • Zeleny: It simply means “green,” but it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

#2: Female

black cat with yellowish green eyes
  • Abeytu: Meaning “green leaf”; a name for cats with vibrant and lively green eyes.
  • Aileana: Meaning “from a green meadow.” It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful cat.
  • Aileen: A Scottish name that also means “from a green meadow.”
  • Aquanetta: This is a word for the blue-green color of the sea; a suitable name choice for cats with deep and calm eyes of this shade.
  • Blerta: It means “green”; a perfect choice if you like the name Bertha but would prefer a unique variation.
  • Chloe: Meaning “green”; a nice sounding and short name that your kitty will easily remember.
  • Emerald: A name for your precious cat.
  • Esme: A French name for the gemstone we know as emerald.
  • Fern: A short and beautiful name that associates your cat with the deep and lush color of this plant; a unique choice for a cat name.
  • Glaisne: A cool term for “green.”
  • Haritha: Meaning “greenery”; a nature-inspired name for cats that have intense green eyes that always know how to make you feel peaceful.
  • Hazel: A genus of trees and shrubs that have light or deep green colored leaves depending on the species.
  • Heather: A flowering evergreen plant that grows like a small shrub; a botanically inspired name for green-eyed cats.
  • Holly: An evergreen tree or shrub with glossy leaves that are a darker green above and lighter beneath; a nice sounding name for cats with luminous green eyes.
  • Ivy: An evergreen climbing or ground-creeping plant that has small leaves that come in a variety of different shades of green.
  • Jadzia: Refers to a pale green color.
  • Juniper: A family of trees and bushes; it also means “evergreen.” For cats that are always cheerful and energetic no matter how old they get.
  • Kelly: Meaning “green.” It’s a simple yet catchy name for your cat.
  • Lotus: Another name for water lily; besides its magnificent flowers, this plant has light green leaves. This is a gentle and feminine name that goes well with green-eyed female cats.
  • Midori: Meaning “green” in Japanese. For more inspiration, check out our article on Japanese cat names.
  • Mikaia: Meaning “God’s green earth”; a nice choice for cats that have knowing eyes.
  • Mint: A fragrant plant which is used for tea and other purposes; its leaves are intensely green and associate with freshness.
  • Moss: A small flowerless plant that grows as a dense green mat in shady locations, mostly forests. This is a suitable name for cats with mysterious and knowing deep green eyes and a piercing look.
  • Mya: A Burmese word for emerald green; a short and nice sounding name for female cats.
  • Obharnait: An Irish name that means “the color of olive”; Obby makes a cute nickname for your cat.
  • Okra: A vegetable plant with soft and glossy green leaves; a suitable choice for cats that have green eyes that shine brightly.
  • Olive: A word for a yellowish green color; can be a name for female cats who have eyes of this shade.
  • Orna: This one also means “the color of olive.”
  • Peridot: An intense yellowish and light green sparkle gemstone; for a cat that attracts attention no matter where she goes.
  • Philis: Meaning “green bough”; a nice name for cats that have the same eye color as the leaves on branches in spring.
  • Phyliss: Meaning “green leaf.”
  • Pilisi: Meaning “branch”; a suitable name for hazel-eyed cats.
  • Ruellia: A flowering shrub-like plant with small needle-like leaves. For cats that can be a bit thorny around strangers, but you know she loves you very much.
  • Sage: A shrub-like plant used for medicinal purposes with hairy leaves that give them silvery green color. For cats that sport a thick, double coat. Cats like these tend to shed a lot, so check out our article on how to stop a cat from shedding.
  • Sura: A cool name that means “green leaf.”
  • Tale: An Egyptian female name meaning “green.” This can be a suitable choice if you are looking for a short and exotic name that still has some connotations with the green color of your cat’s eyes.
  • Tawnee: Meaning “green field.”
  • Tawni: This one also means “green field” and an alternative if you don’t think that Tawnee is a suitable name for your kitty.
  • Teal: A greenish blue color; can be used as a unisex name.
  • Thyme: An aromatic perennial evergreen herb with small, intensely light green leaves.
  • Verdi: A term that means “green”; this one is pretty straightforward.
  • Verna: Meaning “springtime”; be a great name if your cat’s eyes are the same color as the grass and leaves after a long winter.
  • Viridis: An intense, almost fluorescent shade of green.
  • Willow: A family of trees and shrubs that like growing on moist soils; they have small needle-shaped leaves. Willow trees can live for a long, long time. For cats that seem to have nine lives.
  • Yarkona: Meaning “green” in Hebrew.
  • Zarqa: Meaning “having bluish-green eyes.” Isn’t this just the perfect name for your cat?
  • Zelenka: Meaning “little green one.” Perfect for a small cat breed such as a Munchkin.

Wrap Up

Nowadays people treat and regard their cats as family members, so picking the perfect name for the newest family addition requires some thought. This is a very personal decision, and many owners struggle to find the right name that will describe all the amazing traits of their new kitty.

When you are feeling uninspired, it is best to pay attention to the color of your cat’s coat and eyes.

Our list of names for cats with green eyes contains many unique monikers that will pay a special tribute to the color of your cat’s eyes. The most important thing when searching for a new cat name is that you feel inspired and we hope that our article will do just that for you and end your search for the perfect name.

How did you name your green-eyed cat? Did you pick a name from our list? Share your cat’s name and other ideas with us in the comment section below. By the way, have you ever wondered about what cats see through their eyes?

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