How to Make Your Cat Happy

How to Make Your Cat Happy: Get Your Cat to Purr in Delight

Cats are playful and cuddly bundles of fur that are able to bring so much joy and happiness into the lives of their owners, so it is natural that you will want to do the same for your kitty. Nonetheless, cats can also experience negative emotions like loneliness and boredom that lead to depression and overall unhappiness. The good news is, there are many ways on how to make your cat happy and get rewarded with endless purrs of delight.

Most people think that cats are low maintenance pets. While you certainly don’t have to walk your kitty every day like you would a dog, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be invested in her overall well-being. It is fairly easy to please a cat and keep her happy once you get the hang of things.

It is the desire of every responsible cat owner to make his/her feline companion happy and purring in delight. We will list thirteen things you can do right now to make your cat content or make her even happier than she is right now.

13 Ways You Can Make Your Cat Happy

Just like people, cats are capable of feeling a number of different emotions, but luckily, they need a lot less than we do to be happy.

Even though cats can be self-sufficient, that doesn’t mean that they are solitary creatures that don’t seek attention and companionship. To keep your feline truly fulfilled you need to give her all the attention she deserves and spare some time every day for petting and cuddling, among many other ways to make her purr in delight.

#1: Keep Your Cat Healthy

Cats can catch a number of different diseases both inside and outside of the house, and it is important to remember that an indoor-only cat isn’t immune to all types of ailments.

You should take your cat to regular vet check-ups twice a year and be aware when it is time for her regular shots. It is also very important that you regularly apply flea and deworming treatments.

All those itching and scratching can make a cat miserable, and some can even suffer from flea allergies that can make life really hard. In fact, any type of diseases can make a cat feel bad or even depressed, which has a great impact on her happiness.

Remember that only a healthy cat is a happy cat, and don’t hesitate to take her to the vet if you notice any signs of illness or changes in her behavior.

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You should also spay/neuter your cat, not just because there are already so many cats without homes, but also to avoid your kitty getting infected with feline HIV. Sterilized cats are at no risk of getting ovarian or testicular cancer and this procedure ensures that your male cat won’t get in any fights over females and territory.

#2: Choose the Right Food and Provide Fresh Water

The right food is very important for the overall well-being and happiness of a cat. Feline obesity is one of the most common health problems, and an overweight cat isn’t able to enjoy regular activities that keep cats fulfilled.

Cats can get really creative when it comes to getting more food or being treated to a piece of sausage or meat, but for the sake of your kitty, you need to learn how to resist her charms.

However, there isn’t anything wrong with treating your feline once in a while; just make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you don’t give her foods that aren’t safe for cats. We advise that you find the best cat food in your budget and be mindful of the amount you are feeding.

Food labels have recommended amounts of food to give a cat, but you should know that these are just guidelines and that your kitty might need less or more food than indicated.

If you see that your kitty is gaining or losing weight, talk with the vet; he/she will be able to tell you what is the appropriate amount based on your cat’s age, activity level, and overall health.

Keeping a cat hydrated is also very important for her health and happiness so make sure that your kitty has unlimited access to fresh water all the times. To motivate your cat to drink enough water, place several water bowls around the house near her favorite lounging spots.

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#3: Provide Plenty of Entertainment

An indoor cat that has nothing to do all day is bound to get bored at some point. Keeping a cat entertained is very important especially if she is kept indoors only and you have long working hours. To keep your kitty happy and entertained, provide her with a lot of different cat toys she can play with while you are not around.

A cat will have a blast with automatic toys, a mouse she can hold in her mouth, something to stalk and hunt, or catnip-filled toys that will keep her enticed for hours.

All of these are easily found in pet stores, and if you are creative, there are so many cool DIY cat toy projects you can tackle. To keep your kitty really happy, you should spend at least 15 minutes a day involved in interactive play.

Pick a feathery wand toy, laser pointer, or a flashlight and let your kitty chase after the beam until she is tired. To keep things interesting, you should hide some toys every once in a while and replace them with others. Rotating toys regularly will make old ones look exciting and new, and your cat will jump from joy.

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#4: Give Your Cat Attention

It is true that cats are more self-sufficient compared to dogs and don’t mind spending some time alone, but they also enjoy being at the center of attention. Cats aren’t solitary creatures, and they want to spend time in your company on a daily basis.

If a cat doesn’t receive enough of your attention, she can feel neglected; this will have a great impact on her overall happiness.

To show your kitty how much you love and appreciate her, give her attention every day by cuddling and snuggling with her. Stoke and pet your cat in her favorite places but always do so beginning from the neck and working your way to the tail.

#5: Enrich Your Cat’s Environment

Making your home cat-friendly by furnishing it with scratching posts, cat trees, shelves, or cat condos will let your cat know how much you appreciate her. This is also a great way to prevent boredom, make your home more interesting, and prevent behavioral issues.

Cat furniture will also make your kitty more active by climbing and jumping on a cat tree or cat shelves, thus providing physical challenges that will keep her active and content.

Try to identify your cat’s preferences when it comes to the placement of her furniture. Consider your cat’s personality when it comes to environment-enriching cat furniture and do your best to make your house a home for your cat.

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#6: Let Your Cat Out on Occasions

Even though indoor-only cats have significantly longer lifespans compared to those who are allowed to explore the great outdoors, you should consider letting your kitty out sometimes. By this, we don’t mean letting your indoor-only cat explore your backyard or neighborhood by herself.

If this is something you are willing to consider, try teaching your cat to walk on a leash. This is a great way to bond with your cat, give her some exercise, and at the same, time satisfy her curiosity.

If you don’t have time for leash training, you can invest in a cat outdoor enclosed playing area, or build one yourself. Your kitty will enjoy playing in your backyard; getting the opportunity to be in touch with all the interesting smells and the novelty of things will make her very excited.

We don’t recommend letting your kitty out if you live near a busy road, and you shouldn’t rely on fences to keep your kitty safe in the backyard. Providing occasional outdoor outings will certainly make your kitty joyous but if you aren’t able to supervise her and make sure that she is safe, don’t do it.

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#7: Provide a Nice View to the Outside World

Cats can spend hours lying on a windowsill and basking in the sun, or spend a better part of the day watching birds. Providing a nice window perch for your kitty will give her the opportunity to spend hours enjoying in the sun.

Watching birds and other animals will keep her animated and entertained, which will have a big impact on her mood.

#8: Give Your Cat Space

Cats are independent, and on some occasions, they are very content being left alone to do their own thing or just lounging or sleeping. Keep your kitty comfortable and happy by providing her with a quiet corner in your home where she can relax. This doesn’t have to be something big or fancy since cats love being in small and confined places.

A box or a basket can be a great choice for a kitty to get away, as long as it is easy for you to keep it clean and odorless. When your kitty is in her space, don’t try to engage her in any way if she isn’t up for it. We all need peace and quiet sometimes, and cats are no different, so let her be and settle for watching how content she is.

#9: Pick the Right Spot for the Litter Box

Cats love being clean and are very particular when it comes to their bathroom hygiene. The location of the litter box is very important for a cat, and you should find a private and quiet place without a lot of traffic for it. It doesn’t mean that a cat won’t use her litter box if you place it in the bathroom, but she won’t be really happy about it.

In some cases, cats will let their unhappiness show by not using the litter box at all and urinating all around your home, so it is really essential that you find a nice spot for it.

You should also keep the litter spotless and ideally clean it after every use if possible. If not, once a day is good enough. You should also change the entire litter once every two weeks and clean the tray at the same time.

#10: Provide Mental Stimulation

Cats are curious creatures, and they need regular mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, cats are very intelligent and enjoy when their brains are challenged on a daily basis. To do this, invest in puzzle toys that will keep your cat engaged for hours and give her rewards as she completes the tasks successfully.

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your kitty happy and entertained while you aren’t home, and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your feline while playing.

You can also use puzzle feeders to spice things up when it comes to the type of food your kitty eats. Eating the same type of kibble over a longer period of time can make a cat very unhappy, and a puzzle feeder will provide a variety of different flavors.

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#11: Grow a Patch of Grass

Both cats and dogs eat grass to soothe their stomach and help with digestion, and if you keep your kitty inside, you should provide a source of grass she can munch on. Valerian, licorice root, lemongrass, and wheatgrass are just a few options that are easily grown inside and safe for cats to eat.

You can buy already grown grass or plant the seeds by yourself and let them grow. Giving your kitty a mini garden will help her adjust to the life inside and give her the opportunity to soothe her stomach troubles if she needs to.

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#12: Get Another Cat

Some cats love being the only pet companion and have their owner’s undivided attention; however, others are more than happy to share. Depending on your cat’s personality, consider getting another cat to keep her company when you aren’t home.

If you are ready to adopt another feline, be aware that you will have to introduce the cats slowly so they will have time to warm to one another and adjust to the change in the family dynamics.

Introduce cats during meal times but keep their feeding stations separate, so none of them feels threatened. After a couple of days, you can increase the amount of time they spend together by supervising them and correcting any unwanted behaviors from the start.

It is just the matter of time until both cats will feel at ease and soon enough they will become inseparable.

#13: Keep Your Cat Safe

In some states, it is mandatory for every cat to have an ID microchip, and you should have your cat microchipped even if you plan to keep her indoors only.

Cats are excellent escape artists, and you can’t tell for sure if one day your kitty will decide to take a stroll and get lost. ID tags and microchips will help people who find your kitty get a hold of you and return your cat home.

The safety of your cat is very important for her overall happiness and well-being since a small microchip can mean the difference between getting your cat back and her spending the rest of her life wandering the streets trying to find her way home.

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Wrap Up

If your kitty isn’t already content these thirteen ways on how to make your cat happy will certainly help you show your feline how much you love and care for her.

Provide your kitty with lots of cuddles, set up a regular petting session, and bring up your inner child by playing regularly with your cat to keep her entertained, happy, and healthy. Cats are self-sufficient but they are also always there to offer love and support to their owners, and it is only fair that you do the same for your adorable fur ball.

How do you keep your cat happy? Share your cat’s happiness with us and our readers in the comment section below. For more information on this topic, check out our article on how to help a depressed cat.

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