Grain Free Wet Cat Foods

Best Grain Free Wet Cat Foods

Selecting the right cat food for your precious pet can seem a daunting task, what with hundreds of brands on offer, all claiming that they are the best product for your cat.

Well, we’ve made the whole process a lot simpler for you by whittling down the selection to just five.

In our opinion, the best grain free wet cat foods are not only extremely tasty and well-accepted but also offer health benefits and protect your cat from potential illnesses as they age.

In this article, we’re going to review the following grain free wet cat foods:

Deciding to feed your cat on a grain-free food may be a decision based on their breed or family history or may be secondary to a diagnosed food allergy.

Some owners feel that their cats just ‘do better’ on grain free food and notice an improvement in their demeanour, activity levels and stool quality.

When feeding a grain-free diet, it is essential to remember to cut grain out from other areas of the diet such as treats or chews.

Any benefits of a grain free diet would be negated if a cat was then fed grain-rich training treats or human foods such as pasta or crackers (not that we’d recommend that anyway!).

Wet food is preferred by many as it is known to have a protective effect on the kidneys and general urinary health, preventing conditions such as cystitis and urinary crystal formation.

Many cats prefer the taste of wet food and may turn their noses up at dry biscuits.

Wet foods, however, can cause more of a mess around the house and need to be discarded quickly if not eaten.

When feeding a wet food only diet, owners must be cautious to care for their cat’s teeth as cats fed on wet food are prone to dental disease and gingivitis.

This can be addressed by brushing your cats teeth (using a small pet tooth brush or finger brush) and through the use of enzymatic gels and pastes.

The 5 Best Grain Free Wet Cat Foods Reviews

1. Applaws Tasty Tuna Mousse

Applaws Tasty Tuna Mousse

Applaws is a high-end luxury brand that provides delicious meals and makes one of the best grain free wet cat foods on the market today.

Renowned for their appealing flavours, this is many cats’ favourite food supplier of all.

In fact, Applaws is so tasty that a large proportion of veterinary clinics will keep some in stock to tempt their fussiest of patients, or those with health conditions that cause them to have a reduced appetite.

A completely natural product, this diet is ideal for those cats with particular sensitivities or allergies.

It contains only a limited number of ingredients, which are tuna fillets, sunflower oil and a gelling agent.

Cats love the soft mousse texture of this food, making it the number one choice for any animal with a sore mouth, whether they have dental disease or have had a recent dental procedure performed.

This light and creamy mousse is so easy to eat that your cat will have it gone in a matter of moments!

Made with all-natural ingredients, as well as being grain free, this food is also gluten free.

For cats with allergies, this could potentially be chosen as an exclusion diet although it is not hypoallergenic so those with fish allergies may still react.

However, for many, this is a highly digestible and well-tolerated food source that they just love the taste of.

It is vital that owners realise that this Applaws product is a complementary food item and must be fed alongside a complete cat diet.

While it is not possible to feed your cat on this diet alone long-term, it is super as a short-term food option in unwell cats or as a tasty treat in those that have earned it!

When providing Applaws as a treat, owners must remember to subtract the calorie content from their cat’s regular food portion that day, otherwise they are likely to put on weight over time.

2. Purina Beyond Grain-free Turkey, Sweet Potato and Spinach Recipe

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Purina have developed a huge variety of grain free cat foods, including tempting flavours such as Quail and carrot, Trout and catfish and Wild Salmon.

Our favourite, however, is this ‘Thanksgiving’ option containing turkey, sweet potato and spinach.

As this canned food is in gravy, it is highly palatable and goes down a treat.

Owners may choose to feed it alone as a complete diet, though it can also be added to kibble if desired.

As many grain-free cat foods can be bland and boring, it is refreshing to see such an exciting range that is sure to excite even the most pernickety of pusses.

This natural food is 100% grain free and is also free from any artificial, colours or preservatives.

As well as that, the turkey used is not poultry by-product meal, ensuring a high-quality product that is both safe and tasty.

When introducing a new diet, it is natural for cats to be suspicious and they may not necessarily go wild for it on day one.

Be patient and introduce the diet gradually over time.

In fact, introducing a new food should take roughly 7 days and a pet should never have their diet switched without first getting their body used to the new food.

Their new diet can be added to their old food in small amounts that increase over time.

If your kitty is having a hard time accepting their new diet, consider warming it gently to increase palatability.

Similarly, some cats will demand that their owners hand-feed them before accepting that a food is suitable for them!

3. IAMS Purrfect Grain-free Shreds in Sauce

IAMS Purrfect Grain-free Shreds in Sauce

IAMS is a popular brand that is well-liked for their diverse pet food range and their affordability.

They make some of the best grain free wet cat foods, such as this ‘Shreds in Sauce’ selection which contains yummy chicken breast and tuna.

Providing a food that satisfies both your cat’s carnivorous cravings and their love of fish is sure to make you a superstar in their books and this protein-packed meal provides the variety your cat loves.

This is a complete diet that meets all of your pet’s nutritional needs so can be fed alone.

The real meat and fish used will keep your cat full and provide them with all of the necessary building blocks for tissue repair and muscle growth.

Keeping them active, through both exercise and play time can prevent your cat putting on fat and ensure they stay lean and trim.

With no grain contained, this food is perfect for those with diagnosed grain allergies.

Owners should not assume that a feline food allergy is likely to be caused by grains as this is relatively rare.

The majority of cats are allergic to more common foods such as chicken, beef and dairy.

Allergies may present as intense itchiness, fur loss, skin lesions, chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea or failure to thrive.

Cats can theoretically develop allergies at any age, though must will develop symptoms from the ages of two to seven.

Vets will determine what you cat is allergic to by examining them and performing allergy tests, such as intradermal tests or blood tests.

Those that show up with a positive reaction to grains should be fed a grain-free diet for life.

Another misconception when it comes to grain free diets is that they are low in carbohydrates, but this is often not the case.

For those cats that are obese or diabetic, a grain free diet will not help them and they should be fed on a high protein, low carbohydrate food.

4. Wellness Core Grain-Free Divine Duos with Chicken Pâté and Diced Salmon in Gravy

Wellness Core Divine Duos Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food
Available at Amazon

This ‘haute-cuisine’ food option looks like it would fit in better on a plate in a Michelin-starred restaurant rather than in your kitchen in your cat’s food bowl!

With a layer of savoury pâté topped with succulent chunks of meat in a rich and decadent gravy, this creative food idea is both delicious and nutritious.

This food is ideal for sensitive stomachs as it is both grain and carrageenan free.

A natural diet, there are no artificial additives and only premium pieces of chicken and salmon are used.

Though this meal looks like something that should be reserved for special occasions such as kitty birthdays, this is a complete food that can be given every day; much to your cat’s delight!

Perfect for owners on the go, this easy-to-open container allows for a quick meal prep and offers real convenience without sacrificing taste.

The typical 8lb cat requires about 3 containers of this food, although this will vary depending on their age, genetics and activity levels.

To determine if your cat is the correct weight, use a ‘body condition score’ chart to asses them.

If you are unsure how to appraise them, ask a veterinarian or vet nurse to help you.

The Wellness Core range includes a range of flavours so you can feel to pick and choose, allowing your cat to decide on their favourite.

As well as this juicy chicken and salmon option, there are also beef and chicken and tuna and salmon meals, all of which are grain free of course.

5. Purina Muse Natural Ocean Fish Recipe in Broth

Purina Muse Natural Ocean Fish Recipe
Available at Chewy

Owners and cats alike will just love the look of this recipe in the cat bowl as the succulent chunks of fish are left whole and look incredibly appealing.

The ocean fish fillets are marinated in a fish broth and topped with mouth-watering anchovy; any fish lover’s dream meal!

As well as containing no wheat, soy or corn, this food is free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives so is the ideal option for those cats prone to gastric upset or loose stool.

This highly digestible food source is well tolerated by the majority of the feline population, and it doesn’t hurt that they love the taste too.

Absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals, this complete diet will keep your cat in tip-top shape and prevent any deficiencies which could significantly affect their long-term health and wellbeing.

As each tray contains only 56 calories, this is not a particularly calorific food, meaning it would make a good ‘snack’ option for a cat that needs to lose weight or enjoys grazing on a few meals during the day.

This small calorie content would mean that if fed alone, the average 8lb cat would need between four and six tubs a day, a quantity which some owners may find tricky to store within their home.

For most, this food will be given alongside a grain-free dry kibble, meaning the quantity of wet food provided can be reduced.


Choosing to feed your cat a grain free diet may be a lifestyle choice or a veterinary recommendation.

While most cats can process grains, for some, it upsets their stomach and leads to ill-thrift.

Before deciding that your cat has a grain sensitivity or allergy, it is essential that they are examined by a vet who can ensure that this is the case.

Some owners may mistake conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or a parasitic burden for a grain sensitivity, meaning their animal is not treated appropriately.

The vet will examine the cat, gather the history and perform any diagnostic tests required.

For some, specific allergy tests will be carried out which may be able to diagnose a true grain allergy.

The best grain free wet cat foods should not only be digestible and nutritious, they must also be attractive to the cat, many of whom will be sensitive eaters.

This list of food options includes tempting mousses, chunky morsels in broths and pâtés in gravy.

One of these delightful choices will be sure to get the seal of approval from your pernickety pet.

While owners may choose to ‘top up’ these wet foods with dry foods, they must be cautious to choose a dry biscuit that is also grain free, otherwise all of the benefits are lost.

Similarly, any other food or treats the cat is offered must be free from grain.

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