Best Grain Free Kitten Food

Best Grain Free Dry, Wet Kitten Food

As more and more of us switch to a grain free diet, some of us are hoping to provide that to our precious pets as well.

Fortunately, for those of us interested, grain free options are available for our feline friends, even kittens.

Some of the best grain free kitten foods are listed below, but before we get to that list, let’s talk about a grain free diet in general.

Grain free diets, at least in people, are hailed as being low carbohydrate, high protein diets.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Grain Free Kitten Food

Product nameQuality
Purina Pro Plan Kitten Grain Free FormulaA
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free KittenA+
Instinct Original Grain Free Kitten FoodA
Halo Holistic Grain Free Natural Kitten FoodA+
Wellness Core Kitten FoodA

The same is mostly true for kitten food.

However, some brands will replace grains with potatoes or other high carbohydrate ingredients, making the grain free food higher in carbohydrate than the grain version.

So be careful!

We all know that cats in the wild are strict carnivores and only consume carbohydrates sparingly, so don’t pick a food that is packed with carbs.

Your growing baby needs high protein and high fat and only moderate carbohydrates to keep them bouncing off the walls.

Another reason for the grain free popularity is to avoid gluten.

Now gluten can be a problem for some people, but rarely is a problem for cats and only certain grains like wheat, barley, and rye contain gluten.

So the difference between gluten free and grain free is that a gluten free cat food may not be grain free, but a grain free cat food will be gluten free.

Just a heads up.

Finally, we look to grain free diets as being more ancestral and natural, which is absolutely true.

Again, cats in the wild aren’t aggressively consuming grains.

If you choose to feed your kitten a grain free diet, make sure it is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and high in fat in order to keep your little fluff ball healthy, growing, and overly active.

Grain Free Kitten Food

Top 5 Best Grain Free Kitten Foods

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Kitten Grain Free Formula

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Dry Cat Food
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Purina Pro Plan has a grain free line of cat food in their True Nature formulas.

The food is very high protein and fat and has whole chicken as the first ingredient.

It also contains the levels of DHA and omega fatty acids that kittens need to healthy development.

It does contain some potato and pea products but not until further down the ingredients list.

True Nature Grain Free Kitten Food by Pro Plan would be a great grain free option for little ones as it has the high protein, 42%, that kittens need for proper growth.

That protein also comes from high quality sources like whole chicken and eggs.

True Nature is also high in fat to provide energy for hours of jingle ball chasing.

The added DHA and omega fatty acids are essential to your baby’s developing brain and vision.

The only downsides to Purina Pro Plan True Nature Kitten food is the people wish the packaging has a zip lock closure.

That is handy when it comes to keeping the food fresh longer.

It does several sizes though so if freshness is an issue, you can just buy a smaller bag or freeze half of the bag.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Kitten Grain Free Food makes the list for best grain free kitten foods because it is a high quality product that kittens love.

It is high in quality protein and fats without any grain products so it is very much like a kitten’s diet in the wild.

True Nature comes in dry and canned versions to help entice even picky little kitties.

It has all the essential nutrients to give your kitten the healthiest start possible and to keep them active and adorable through their first year.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Kitten

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free
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Blue Wilderness Kitten food is another grain free option for your growing baby.

It is ‘inspired by the diet of the lynx, a wild relative of our domesticated feline friends.’

This means the diet is high in protein, grain, byproduct, and preservative free.

Blue Wilderness also includes LifeSource Bits which are concentrated little nuggets of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to promote a healthy immune system.

Blue Wilderness Grain Free Kitten is also properly balanced to contain the essential DHA and omega fatty acids for healthy brain and eye development.

This food is one of the best grain free kitten foods because it is very high quality with 40% protein.

This mostly comes from whole chicken.

It is also high in fat so that your baby gets the energy that he needs for entertaining you day after day.

Another plus is there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, just making it a more natural kind of food.

Some kittens have experienced digestive issues while eating Blue Wilderness Grain Free Kitten food.

This may be partially due to the richness of the food compared to other brands.

It’s best to gradually transition to this food by mixing it with your old food over the course of one to two weeks.

The more gradual the better for preventing upset stomachs.

There have also been reports of bad gas, which again can be due to the high protein content.

Blue Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Kitten food may be a great option for your little baby.

It is filled with quality ingredients and all the proper nutrition your kitten needs to grow into a healthy and strong adult cat.

The LifeSource Bits are an added bonus to help ensure adequate immune function.

There are dry and canned versions for all ages of kittens.

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Kitten Food

Instinct Grain Free Kitten Food
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Instinct is the RAW Brand meaning they feel they are as close to feeding a raw diet as you can get without the hassle.

The kibble is freeze dried in the raw form so that it maintains the nutrients and freshness of raw food but in an easier to feed form.

This grain free food is also potato, byproduct, and preservative free.

It also claims that 81% of the ingredients come from animal products and the other 19% is fruits and vegetables to provide healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Probiotics are also thrown in there to help with digestion and omega fatty acids are included for immune function and healthy skin and coat.

Instinct Grain Free Kitten food is very high in protein and fat at 43% and 20% respectively.

That means lots of food nutrients for energy and healthy growth.

It’s also nice that so much of the food is derived from animal products instead of plant sources.

Instinct is one of the only grain free kitten foods that is also potato free, so carbohydrates shouldn’t be an issue.

Instinct Grain Free Kitten food has the downside of not being as flavorful as other foods.

Some kittens just won’t eat it.

Also, people have taken issues with tapioca being used.

Kibble needs some form of binding agent in order for it to hold together which is most likely what the tapioca is being used for.

It should be in such small quantities that the carbohydrates that your kitten gets from it should be fairly small.

This food makes the best grain free kitten food list because it is very high in protein and fats for proper development and energy.

It also is as close to a raw diet as you can get without actually feeding a raw diet, but you may have an issue with your kitten eating it.

Halo Holistic Grain Free Natural Kitten Food

Halo Adult Dry Cat Food
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Halo is an all natural grain free kitten food that is made from whole meats, not byproducts.

It is also highly digestible, a huge benefit for developing tummies.

Halo also contains what they call DreamCoat, which is a blend of omega fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy and shiny skin and coats.

Halo Grain Free Kitten food comes in two flavors, chicken and salmon and whitefish for a little variety.

Halo Holistic Grain Free Kitten Food is one of the best grain free kitten foods because it is sourced from quality whole meats and is high in fat to provide lots of energy.

The high digestibility means that your baby will get the most out of it, Halo’s slogan ‘The Proof is in the Poop’ says it all.

This is important because you could have the most nutrient packed food but if the digestibility is low, your kitten can’t use it.

Downsides to Halo are that it’s not as high in protein as it should be for kitten food.

It comes in at only 33% compared to other brands that are well in the 40s.

Kittens need the high protein in order for proper muscle development and energy.

People have also commented that there may have been a change in the formula as their cats don’t like it anymore.

Halo is a recommended grain free kitten food because it is a quality, natural product made from quality ingredients.

Most kittens like it and it contains the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.

DreamCoat is an added bonus to keep your little one soft and silky for all those close cuddles.

Wellness Core Kitten Food

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dry Kitten Food
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CORE Kitten food is a Wellness product that is grain free and high in quality proteins.

The first four ingredients are turkey, turkey meal, chicken and chicken meal.

Having two whole meat products in the first three ingredients is pretty awesome.

It also contains cranberries to promote urinary tract health and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

The plusses for CORE Kitten food is that it is high in protein at 45% and that protein comes from great whole meat sources.

It is also high in the essential fats that your baby needs to maintain his rambunctiousness.

The cranberries are a nice addition because urinary issues can be very detrimental to our kitties.

Some consumers have complained about the new shape of the kibble saying it is flatter than the older version and harder for their kitties to eat.

They have also noticed some change in the formulation and their cats didn’t want to eat it as readily as they used to.

I don’t know if this was a change in ingredients or in the recipe, but it’s still worth a try.

Wellness CORE Kitten Food is one of the best grain free kitten foods because it is very high in protein and fat for active little kittens.

The protein comes from excellent whole meat sources.

It also contains all the omega fatty acids, DHA, and antioxidants your baby needs to grow healthy and strong as well as cranberries for a healthy urinary tract.

CORE is definitely worth a try to see if it’s a grain free option that will work for your kitten.

Grain free diets are becoming ever popular in our kitty world mostly due to the popularity of grain free diets for us.

A cat’s diet in nature is mostly grain free anyway, so a grain free cat food isn’t a far stretch.

Not all grain free diets are equal or even healthy.

Some brands replace the grain with other starchy products like potatoes which increases the carbohydrate content to that or above a regular kitten food.

If you’re looking to provide a grain free diet for your little kitten, be sure to find one that is high in protein and fat and low to moderate in carbohydrates.

Also, the best grain free kitten foods get the majority of their protein from whole meat and not byproducts.

Kitten food should contain all the necessary nutrients like DHA and omega fatty acids for proper brain and eye development as well as healthy skin and coats.

Grain free may be a good choice for your kitten, just do your research beforehand and find one that both you and your little ball of fluff will love for years to come.

Top 5 Best Grain Free Dry Kitten Foods

Grain Free Dry Kitten Food

Weaning kittens and finding the right food for them to eat as they grow and mature can be tricky, with many of them becoming fussy over their food and others developing sensitivities to their diet over time.

While most cats can actually digest grain without an issue, providing the best grain free kitten dry foods may be necessary for certain individuals to thrive.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Grain Free Kitten Dry Foods

Product nameQuality
Orijen Dry Cat and Kitten FoodA
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten FoodA++
WholeHearted Grain Free Dry Food for KittensA
Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Kitten RecipeA
Halo Holistic Grain Free Wild Salmon and White Fish RecipeA+

Many of the foods that are grain-free are also highly nutritious and packed with quality ingredients that have been responsibly sourced, so you can remain reassured that you are feeding your little one the best.

Opting to feed a dry food vs. a wet food has several advantages.

Feeding dry kibble tends to be more cost effective in the long run.

Dry food is also easier to measure accurately and creates less mess around the house.

Long-furred kittens can get messy faces and moustaches when given wet foods, or those enriched with gravies, resulting in a mini wrestling match as you try to wipe them down; and who has time for that in this day and age?

Dry food also keeps for longer once opened and is easier to store.

In the long-term, it is beneficial to feed a cat on a dry food diet as it improves their periodontal health and results in reduced plaque build-up and dental disease.

While this is not such a concern in young kittens, it can be tough to change the diet of a cat as they get older so it is a good idea to get them used to dry food when they are young.

Some owners worry that dry food is tricky to eat, but the food companies ensure the kibble is small enough for kittens to consume easily.

Orijen Dry Cat and Kitten Food

ORIJEN® Dry Cat Food, Grain Free
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There are a number of reasons why we have selected the Orijen cat and kitten dry food as our number one option and we truly believe that it is the best grain free kitten dry food available on the market today.

What we love most about this food is that it is suitable for both cats and kittens.

This is invaluable when weaning kittens that are still living alongside their mother, as well as when a kitten is introduced into a multi-cat household.

The problem with kitten foods that are not suitable for adults is that adult cats tend to gravitate towards them as they have a higher protein content but end up with an upset stomach as they are not designed for mature cats.

As the Orijen diet is suitable for all life stages, this will not be an issue and all of the cats can share without any consequences.

Not only is this a 100% grain-free diet, but Orijen have created this diet using 85% fresh meat and protein sources and 15% fruits and vegetables.

With delicious protein sources include chicken, turkey, fresh eggs, chicken liver and mackerel, your kitten will be provided with all of the essential amino acid building blocks they need to develop into a healthy and happy adult cat.

The freeze-dried liver pieces that are added practically guarantee that your kitten will love the taste of this food and they’ll soon have forgotten all about kitten milk, instead opting for this meaty culinary delight.

A truly ethical company with a conscience, Orijen uses only nest-laid eggs, wild caught sustainably sourced fish and free-range poultry birds.

So, while it may cost a little more than the average cat food, your money is going to a good cause and you are receiving a top quality product that your little kitten will adore.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free
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A popular brand, Blue Buffalo is largely seen as being one of the best grain free kitten dry foods out there and consistently receives great reviews.

Blue Buffalo’s ethos is that cats should be fed as they would have been in the wild and should be provided with fresh protein sources and a diet that is as a close to what they would have naturally been exposed to hundreds of years ago.

This kitten food is rich in protein and grain-free, allowing for growth and tissue repair.

The protein is of the highest quality and comes from deboned chicken, chicken meal and fish meal.

This provides a hearty taste that any carnivore would love.

The potatoes and sweet potatoes are an important source of slow-releasing energy, ensuring your kitten has enough get-up-and-go to keep you on your toes all day!

On top of these complex carbohydrates, this diet is jam-packed with other vegetables, as well as fruit, providing an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that all come from natural sources.

With natural probiotics (including Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus), your kitten’s gut is protected.

The weaning process can often lead to soft stools, but the sensible provision of probiotics can limit these episodes of diarrhoea and ensure they do not last too long.

With plenty of DHA and ARA (important fatty acids normally found in the milk of the queen) your kitten’s eye and brain development are supported.

For very small kittens, this food can initially be given after mixing with warm water.

Not only will this soften the crunchy kibble, but it will create a rich and tempting broth that increases the palatability of the food and makes your kitten more eager to eat it.

This high protein kitten diet is especially suited to breeds such as the Bengal and Savannah but is a great food option for any active kitten.

WholeHearted Grain Free Dry Food for Kittens

This complete kitten food is free from grain, corn and wheat ensuring it is highly digestible and well tolerated by your furry friend.

A kitten’s digestive tract is sensitive enough as it is, and when you add in weaning, the potential stress of a house move, leaving behind its mother and siblings as well as vet visits, vaccines and de-worming treatments, it’s little wonder that many kittens will suffer from soft faeces and stomach upset in their first few months.

WholeHearted have created this diet with that in mind, aiming to reduce any potential gastric upset.

By limiting the ingredients consumed, the kitten is not ‘overloaded’ and can more easily digest what they are given to eat.

Cleverly, WholeHearted have added probiotics to this diet which have not only been proven to maintain the health of the gut and prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria but have also been shown to limit the duration of a bout of diarrhoea, preventing dehydration and a prolonged recovery period.

The high level of omega three fatty acids ensures a sleek and glossy coat, something which many kittens struggle to maintain as they get their heads around the concept of grooming and staying clean.

You can improve the appearance of their coat even further by gently grooming them each day to spread the natural oils along their fur.

This kibble is formulated into small circles that have a meaty taste and smell and are composed mainly of chicken.

Kittens go wild for the flavour and need no encouraging when it comes to meal time!

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Kitten Recipe

The aim of the Whole Earth cat food company is to provide your kitten with delicious and natural ingredients ‘direct from the Earth’.

Keeping things simple, they have stuck to wholesome, hearty ingredients such as chicken, peas, salmon oil, potatoes and alfalfa.

With not a grain in sight, you can rest easy that your kitten won’t struggle to digest this nutritious food.

Packed with calories, a typical two to four-month-old kitten will typically need around a half a cup of kibble a day to keep them going.

Of course, this depends on the kittens’ weight, activity levels and unique metabolism, but is a good guideline and can be tweaked for each individual.

If you opt to supplement this food with a tinned kitten food (which is not necessary but can improve their hydration and kidney filtration) you would need to adjust the amount of dry kibble fed accordingly.

Whole Earth have made sure to include the essential quantities of Taurine and DHA needed for growing kittens, supporting both heart and brain development.

As with any diet change, it is essential to introduce the Whole Earth diet gradually.

Suddenly switching to this food from a different brand will likely result in loose stools, bloating and stomach ache in your kitten.

Instead, take a period of five to seven days to transition your kitten onto this new food.

For example, on day one they will be fed a small portion of the new food mixed with their old food.

Each day, the amount of the new diet fed is increased while the portion of the old diet is reduced.

By slowly changing diets, most cats are able to tolerate the new ingredients without any fuss.

Halo Holistic Grain Free Wild Salmon and White Fish Recipe

A perfect choice for those fish-loving kitties, here we have our grain-free dry diet option from Halo.

Many kitten foods are chicken or beef flavoured, but it is always worth trying a fussy cat on a fishy food, which they may find far more appealing.

With salmon and white fish as the top two ingredients, Halo ensure a quality product by providing whole fish and steering clear of by-products and sub-par protein sources.

This digestible protein is far more ‘bio-available’ to your kitty and easier to use.

With fruits and vegetables that are non-GMO including blueberries, carrots and sweet potatoes, your kitties are eating as well as you do.

The added flaxseed and vitamin E go a long way towards the maintenance of soft, supple skin and a noticeably shiny coat.

As well as being grain free, Halo do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives whatsoever.

Halo are proud of just how digestible and nutritious their food is, suggesting that owners take note of how they have to feed less of it than other market-leading foods and how kittens fed on it tend to produce less poop (as there is less waste to be excreted).

Well, anything that means we are cleaning out the litter tray less often is a winner with us!

A company with a conscience, Halo never use factory farmed protein sources and only fish from sustainable locations.

Not only do they procure their food in an environmentally-friendly way, they also promote local farming and support local animal charities, donating a substantial amount of food every year.

Though it may seem as though there are an overwhelming array of kitten foods available on the market, we have narrowed it down to a selection of the overall top five best grain free kitten dry foods out there.

Feeding your cat a nutritious diet that is great-tasting and highly digestible will ensure they have the potential to grow into the best adult cat they can be, with healthy bones and teeth, strong muscles and a lustrous coat.

Feeding top quality ingredients and providing foods that are already supplemented with probiotics can go a long way towards preventing upset stomachs and supporting your cat through any digestive events they may experience.

Choosing to feed grain free eliminates the risk of your kitten having an allergic reaction to grain, although a true grain allergy is exceedingly rare.

Some cats can be sensitive to grains and owners may find that their stool quality is better when they are fed grain-free foods.

Opting for a dry food can keep food waste down and mean that meal time is a cleaner and easier process.

Warm water can always be mixed with the dry food when your kitten is very young, which will encourage them to eat it and also improve their hydration.

All of the diets listed are nourishing and delicious, now the only question is, which one will you go for?!

Top 5 Best Grain Free Wet Kitten Foods

If you have decided to go down the grain-free route, finding the best grain free kitten wet food out there can prove a real pickle as it can often be difficult to know if a diet is truly grain-free and there is quite a limited selection on the market today.

Grain Free Wet Kitten Foods

Quick look: Top 5 Best Grain Free Kitten Wet Foods

Product nameQuality
Blue Wilderness Wild DelightsA++
WholeHearted Grain Free Kitten FoodA
Instinct Original Grain-Free KittenA+
James Wellbeloved Kitten Lamb PouchesA
IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy KittenA

Grain-free food must be, by definition, free from any source of grain, so should not contain rice, corn or wheat.

In fact, most kittens and cats do very well with grain in their diet and do not need to exclude grains.

Rarely, a feline will have a grain allergy, though this would be quite unusual, and it is more likely for cats to be allergic to things such as dairy and beef.

If you are concerned about a food allergy, contact your vet who can perform the necessary diagnostic tests and start your kitty on a treatment plan with an appropriate diet.

Blue Wilderness Wild Delights

This grain-free, tasty food is a firm favourite among many kittens.

Owners strongly feel that it is one of the best grain free kitten wet food options available and many will confidently wean their kittens on to it once they are old enough.

This chicken and trout flavour selection is particularly palatable and is ideal for both fish and poultry lovers.

The moist gravy makes the food wet and soft, ensuring it is easy to chew and digest from a young age.

There are chunks of chicken and flakes of trout, and you may well notice your little kitten prefers one over the other; giving you an idea as to which adult food they may be most keen on once mature.

The Blue Wilderness company are proud to not use any poultry by-products in their foods, meaning you can rest assured the chicken contained is of a high quality and your kitten is receiving nutritious protein.

Growing kittens require specific amino acids in precise amounts, something that can be impossible to provide in a home-cooked diet or if feeding adult cat food.

That is why feeding a complete kitten food is essential from day one of weaning.

The small tins this diet comes in are ideal for portion control and any unused food can be refrigerated.

When kittens are eating up to 4 times a day, this can be a real necessity and avoids food waste.

Each can will provide 90 calories and the amount fed will depend on your kitten’s age, weight and activity levels, though there is a handy feeding guide online.

Unlike many grain-free foods, Blue Wilderness also pride themselves on being gluten free and, on top of this, their foods do not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives.

WholeHearted Grain Free Kitten Food

With real tuna as the number one ingredient, it is little wonder that kittens need no persuading when it comes to finishing off a bowl of WholeHearted kitten food; they can’t get enough of the stuff.

The tuna is prepared in flakes within a gravy, making it particularly appealing to small mouths and inquisitive tongues.

The high omega 3 content is ideal for the development of a healthy coat and nourished skin.

This food is the best grain free kitten wet food for those kitties struggling to maintain a sleek and shiny coat and who are prone to dry, flaky skin.

Supplementing young kittens with fish oil capsules and dietary supplements is not typically advised, as this can often lead to loose poos or an upset stomach, so having the right amount of Omega 3’s provided in their diet already, is really the best solution.

One drawback of wet foods that contain gravy is that they can be just a little bit messy!

Longhaired cats may struggle to keep their face and chins clean and can require a little extra grooming than those fed on dry kitten kibble.

Similarly, cats fed long-term on wet food can be more prone to periodontal disease.

On the plus side, wet food provides much of a cat’s daily moisture requirements and is a good option for those that are not keen on drinking.

WholeHearted recommend your little bundle of fur is fed between 0.5 and 1.25 cans per 1lb body weight, though this will vary depending on how energetic your kitty is, as well as on their metabolic rate and other factors.

Your vet will weigh your kitten each time they see them, as well as performing a ‘body condition score’ assessment, ensuring they are neither too skinny nor too chunky.

Often, adjusting their portion size by a small amount can make a real difference.

Instinct Original Grain-Free Kitten

The all-natural choice, Instinct Original is a very popular brand amongst those in the know.

As well as being grain-free, this food is also free from other potential allergens including potato, soy and artificial colours.

This food is a great choice for kittens of parents with known food sensitivities or who are perhaps a breed known for its sensitive stomach.

The pâté texture of this food is both easy to eat and tempting for those fussy little eaters.

It is a great weaning food as kittens tend to transition well from milk to a pâté.

There is a good proportion of salmon contained within this food also, ensuring a high DHA content, which is essential for kittens’ brain development, as well as to support their overall eye health.

The chicken contained is cage-free, responsibly-sourced and is always the number one ingredient.

However, what we love most about this food is all of the other delicious added extras.

From pumpkin and cranberries, to broccoli and kale, your kitty will be consuming plenty of anti-oxidants and may well be eating better than you!

With 190 calories in every can, Instinct recommend feeding 1 can per 3lbs body weight of kittens less than 6 months of age, and this amount should be split equally between 3 or 4 daily meals.

If adding in other foods such as kitten kibble or fresh chicken or fish, the amount given should be adjusted accordingly.

There is also a larger 5.5oz can available, which can be useful if feeding several kittens.

As with other kitten foods, it should be given alongside fresh water.

After weaning, kittens no longer need milk, and it can actually cause diarrhea so should be avoided.

This is a food that follows the guidelines set by the AAFCO for growing animals.

James Wellbeloved Kitten Lamb Pouches

This complete wet kitten food from James Wellbeloved comes in a sumptuous lamb variety; ideal for our carnivorous kitties.

Suitable for kittens and maturing cats, this is a good choice for those with potential food intolerances.

Lamb is a good source of meat for those cats that may have food allergies, while the carbohydrate sources are limited (potato and cassava).

While not, by definition, a hypoallergenic food, this is a good place to start.

There is no beef, egg, dairy or grain contained.

As James Wellbeloved have limited the ingredients to only one source of animal protein, it makes it easy to perform an ‘elimination diet’ test, if determining the cause of food allergies or intolerances.

If lamb is not to your kitten’s taste, there is also a turkey alternative which may be preferred by some.

The linseed oil within is a rich source of fatty acids and contributes to the development of a sleek coat and resistant skin.

The chicory extract is a natural source of the prebiotic inulin, supporting a healthy gut flora and potentially reducing the incidence of diarrhea and improving the stool quality and consistency.

In fact, for those pet owners who are particularly concerned with their pet’s stool, this food even contains Yucca extract, which is said to reduce the foul odour associated with kitten stool; now that’s a win!

Some will prefer the pouches that this food comes in, in comparison to the more common tins.

They are easy to open and while one pouch weighs 85g, there is a detailed feeding chart online where owners can determine the best amount to feed their growing kitten each day.

IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Kitten

Our final offering is from the well-known brand Iams.

For those of us who like to keep things simple, each tray is one serving, making meal time a doddle.

We all know how much of a hassle it can be when there is 1/8 of a tin left over that inevitably gets lost at the back of the refrigerator, producing a pungent odour each time the fridge door is opened.

With no leftovers, these perfect portions are a sensible solution to unwanted food waste.

Kittens love being given a fresh meal each time and often food from the fridge can have a different taste or be too cold for their sensitive palates.

The packets are easy to peel and so simple that anyone in the household can take charge at feeding times.

Focusing on kitten development, Iams have added both Vitamin E and DHA to this wet food, ensuring your kitten has all of the building blocks necessary for healthy brain development.

With chicken as the very first ingredient and containing no grains, this is a high-quality food that will meet all of your precious kitten’s dietary requirements.

There are no artificial preservatives or hidden ‘nasties’, giving you the peace of mind that you are feeding only the best.

Though grain free, this food does contain ingredients such as dried egg, and owners should be aware that this is not a hypoallergenic diet.

Kittens need from 3-6 servings a day, though this is very much dependent on their age, size and exercise routine.

Remember, if kittens are fed other things such as training treats or biscuits, their wet food portion will need to be reduced.

Providing your kitten with the most appropriate diet from day one will ensure you are setting them up for life and giving them the best opportunity to develop into healthy adult cats.

If you decide to go down the grain-free route, it is essential to choose from one of the best grain free kitten wet foods available, ensuring your new arrival is being fed a nutritionally balanced offering.

When changing on to a new diet, it is critical to take things very slowly with kittens, in order to prevent stomach upset.

Mix their new food with their old food in incremental portions over at least 5 days (i.e. on the first day, give 1/5 of the new food and 4/5 of the old food and continue adjusting the amounts so each day there is slightly more of the new food and slightly less of the old food).

Failing to take this necessary step will often result in diarrhea, bloating and a reluctance to eat the new food.

If during the transition period you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, take even more time to change the food over.

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