Cutest Cat Breed

Cutest Cat Breeds: Adorable Exterior with a Personality to Match

All cats are cute, period. We are absolutely mesmerised by cats and their nature. In that sea of cute cat videos and their adorable stunts, it’s hard to find one that is not fulfilling our appetite for loveable. But to be fair, some breeds are just inherently cute, and there is no denying it. So let’s look at some of the cutest cat breeds that are just irresistible!

There are many feline traits that make them irresistible to us. Their huge eyes, for example. Their purring also makes our hearts melt, and for a good reason; purring sounds are proven to be beneficial in stress reduction. All in all, cats have carefully mastered the art of being adorable, and we have no way of disputing it. All cats are cute, but some are meant to live on the magazine covers.

In this article, we’re going to present you with a list of breeds that have consistently been on the top of all cuteness lists for years. As a bonus, we are throwing in a list of the most adorable black cat breeds just because cuteness is irresistible in black.

Cutest Cat Breeds

These breeds are known as the cutest members of the feline family. Although we would like to add that all cats are cute, let’s see who the most popular ones are according to cat lovers.

#1: Scottish Fold

scottish fold kitten

The Scottish Fold originated in the United Kingdom during the ‘60s. It was actually discovered by a Scottish shepherd. The main characteristic of the breed is the forward-folding ears. Combined with huge, round eyes, the overall impression is more of an owl or a teddy bear than a cat.

The natural mutation which resulted in folded ears affects the cartilage, making it deformed to a certain degree. This breed comes in both long and short-coated versions and comes in white, cream, black, and many other colors. Scottish Folds have a very thick undercoat, making the fur soft and plush to the touch.

They are perfect for big families because of their intelligence and flexibility. Loveable, playful, and gentle, Scotties are fond of all family members but do tend to strongly bond with only one human.

They are very quick learners and don’t vocalize much, so if you like to spend a quiet evening with the family, the Scottish Fold is a perfect choice.

#2: American Curl

American Curl kitten

Cute as a button and all American! This breed also has curled ears, but backwards. The funny thing is, American Curls are born with normal ears that begin to curl back within the first week of the kittens’ life.

They are incredibly cute and fluffy, and the best thing is, the inside matches the outside! American Curls are known for their sweet and affectionate nature. Furthermore, they stay kitten-like and playful way into their adulthood.

This breed is very gentle and friendly, so if you have small kids in your family, this is the right choice for you.

#3: Ragamuffin

What makes Ragamuffins cute? The list is so long. First of all, they have a unique coat color that makes a wonderful contrast to their striking blue eyes. Their fur is amazingly soft and fluffy.

Ragamuffins are descended from Ragdoll cats, and that’s where they get the loving, calm and laid-back attitude from. This is a quintessential lap cat, and nothing makes them happier than being surrounded by family on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Not so quiet? That’s ok, too. Ragamuffins are excellent around other pets, as long as those animals are gentle because Muffins are not great at fighting back.

#4: American Bobtail

No tail? No problem! It just makes this breed cuter! This breed was developed by natural selection, and then preserved by human interference…because we couldn’t get over how adorable they are. But they are so much more than just a cute posterior.

American Bobtails are very intelligent and athletic, needing a lot of playtime and exercise. They have a very strong hunting drive and are known to exterminate everything that flies, squeaks, or sneaks around.

Many owners of this breed say that the last time they saw a fly was the day before the American Bobtail arrived in the household.

#5: Bambino

This breed came to be when breeders crossed a Munchkin with a Sphynx cat, Short-legged and also naked, Bambinos do not fall into everyone’s cute category, but they have many admirers nevertheless. They stay playful throughout their lives and love to give and receive affection.

#6: Russian Blue

There is no smile like the Russian Blue smile. This breed has an almost cartoonish note to its cuteness a round face, chubby cheeks, round eyes, and, of course, the smile. Don’t forget their mesmerising, vivid green eyes.

The whole cat is like a piece of art, perfect in every aspect. Allegedly, some British sailors brought this cat to Great Britain in the 19th century. They claimed it’s from Russia, and that is all we know about the breed’s history.

Although there was much speculation during the years, evidence shows that it is, in fact, from Russia, because there are many “blue” coat variations in that region. These cats are somewhat aloof with strangers, composed, and calm, but very loyal to the family and other pets. They are known to be very protective of small children and even dogs, which they often see as their pets.

Another thing about Russian Blues they keep order and schedule in the highest regard. The litter box should always be pristine, and god forbid the dinner is late. So yeah, beautiful, but a bit bossy.

#7: Ragdoll

The Ragdoll breed comes from the United States. It is a true gentle giant, as it is among the largest cat breeds out there. It can weigh between 12 and 20 pounds! Add a semi-long, plush coat to the picture, and you got a cat with a truly impressive posture.

Luckily, their attitude is far from intimidating, as this is definitely the most easygoing and relaxed cat breed. They are lap cats in their essence, and famous for going limp when handled.

This breed loves kids and dogs, but make sure to teach them manners and how to properly handle a cat. This is very important because a Ragdoll can suffer injuries because of their meek nature.

#8: Birman

There are many versions of the old Burman legend related to the origin of this breed. However, all of them put the accent on the affectionate and brave nature of this cat, and for a good reason.

Birmans are incredibly devoted to their family. They are also strongly people oriented and welcome polite visitors. However, these cats don’t cope well with busy environments, loud households, and a lot of noisy children.

They like peace and quiet contemplation. After all, they were monastery cats for centuries.

#9: Somali

Coming from Somalia, these gorgeous cats are really something to look at. They usually have reddish to copper fur that makes them very fox-like, and not only in appearance.

These cats are very sneaky and mischievous. Add high intelligence to that, and you have a cat that is constantly in trouble at least if you plan to keep them as an indoor cat. The best possible scenario for this breed is a large, fenced yard with a lot to do in, because their energy levels are incredible.

Somalis absolutely adore kids and dogs, which you might find cute…for the first five minutes. Once they team up, you won’t see it as adorable. This cat can be very difficult for someone who just wants to chill out and relax, but once you stroke that rich, fluffy tail, you’ll forgive all wrongdoings, trust us.

#10: Balinese

No, this breed is not from Bali. It’s actually American. The Balinese is a variety of Siamese and as such, shares a lot in common with the Devil’s Cat. They are very affectionate, human-friendly, children-friendly…basically, they love everyone as long as they are well-exercised.

If they are left to tend to themselves, they might find amusement in things you don’t approve. They are highly intelligent and trainable, but need to be exercised vigorously in order not to become destructive.

The Balinese cat is a great addition to a big, lively family with other pets and children. Also, they like to meow. A lot. All the time.

#11: British Shorthair

This breed has a long history. It was brought to the British Isles some 2000 years ago, as a part of the Roman fleet. Since then they roamed the streets and fields.

Their humble mouser history didn’t give breeders much to work with apart from a large and healthy gene pool. So, with a bit of rebranding and a tad of national pride, the breed was born.

Brits, as they are affectionately called, are very healthy, long-lived and sturdy cats. You will recognize them by a laid-back attitude and positive nature. This optimistic lifestyle is quite literally written all over their faces broad head, round cheeks, expressive forehead, and a set of big, round eyes.

Brits are very loyal and devoted to family life. The only thing that remains a mystery to us is how they survived in the mousing business, because they are incredibly clumsy.

Cutest Black Cat Breeds

Cutest Black Cat Breeds

There is something particularly striking about black cats. They seem to have a unique charm and beauty. Why is it so? Maybe because the dark coat adds a mysterious note to the already uncanny feline nature? Or is it the way it compliments their graceful movement?

Either way, while there is some stigma associated with black cats in that they bring black luck, there’s no denying that stigma is fading in the modern era. Many people today find black cats cute, especially long haired black cat breeds, and we totally understand.

#1: Norwegian Forest Cat

Or, as the Viking used to call them, the “skogkatt”. This breed earned its place in Norse mythology and was known thousands of years ago.

They were typically working animals, hunting mice on ships and in the fields. Their looks are quite impressive. Norwegian Forest Cats are large, have a thick, long coat to protect them from the elements, and big, powerful paws. The puffy tail, tufted ears, and adorable fur tufts along paws make them extra cute.

When it comes to personality, Norwegians like to play hard to get. They are independent and not your average lap cats. They need to roam freely and hunt, as their prey drive is still strong.

These gorgeous cats come in all colors, and black is one of them. Although, you would probably have to find a breeder that specializes in black Norwegians because it’s a bit rare.

#2: Siberian Cat

Native to Russia and considered a national treasure in their homeland, Siberian cats are just amazing to look at. They have incredibly sweet, chubby faces and curious eyes that will melt your soul.

They are round all around, including the ears and the general physique, as they tend to have a big appetite. This breed is healthy and resilient. It comes in all colors, including black.

#3: Munchkin Cat

This breed is so cute that it’s almost out of this world. The black variety, combined with short, stubby legs, give it a special kind of sweetness. This breed is not much of a jumper but can be incredibly fast on the floor. These cats like to play fetch.

Munchkins are affectionate, smart, and very easy going. They love small children and other cats because of their extroverted nature and high energy levels.

#4: Persian

What’s to say about Persians that is not already widely known? This is the most popular breed in the United States and possibly around the world. Persians are cute, unique, and very good-natured. If you want an endearing couch potato that enjoys regular grooming, don’t look any further.

#5: Chantilly-Tiffany

Also known as Chantilly or Foreign Longhair (which is kind of funny, since this breed is American), these cats have a long, silky, soft fur that is incredibly pleasant to the touch.

This breed loves children and dogs and interacts well with humans. However, if you think you can delegate all the attention-giving to someone else in the household, you are sorely mistaken.

Chantillies bond strongly to one human in the household and prefer to “discuss” all their needs with their beloved. This is particularly true when it comes to grooming, which they need a lot.

#6: Maine Coon

Another gentle giant. Native to America, Maine Coons have a long history on the continent, way back to the colonial days when they had a job as mousers.

Because of the unforgiving Maine climate, Coons have developed into a large, resilient breed with a thick, waterproof coat. They are very devoted and intelligent, but need sufficient activity to satisfy their hunting needs.

Maine Coons rarely come in all black. You can usually find varieties with a grey mane that gives them a royal look.

Wrap Up

Why do we find cats so cute in the first place? There is no straightforward answer yet, unfortunately, but the scientists are working on it. There are a couple of factors they definitely fulfill.

First of all, humans are naturally drawn to mammals rather than other species. Secondly, we like fluffy creatures for many reasons. Research showed that stroking a plush object such as toys or animals lowers blood pressure and increases levels of serotonin. Thirdly, cats have learned through evolution to sound and look much like our own babies.

Humans are very sensitive to high-frequency noises and are very likely to react protectively when they hear a creature “squeaking”. This is especially true for women. This makes total sense if you think about it, because our own babies signal distress by making high-pitched noises.

Cats, the clever devils, use meowing to communicate with humans. This is so much more interesting if you know that meowing is not a way grown cats communicate among themselves.

Breeds that we selected for this article are consistently voted as the cutest ones out there, but there is sure a lot more ground to cover. We hope you liked the lists we made for you today. Who knows maybe a member of one of those breeds will be your new best friend.

Make sure to always buy from a reputable breeder, and do your homework. Buying a kitten for half of the price might seem logical at the moment, but it might turn out to be more expensive in the long run. Genetic diseases and irresponsible breeding go hand in hand and bring a lot of suffering to the pets and owners alike.

Which of the cutest cat breeds we’ve mentioned above are you interested in adopting? Do you know of a cute cat breed not mentioned in this article? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below! Next, check out our article on world’s smallest cat breeds for some fun-sized cuteness.

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