Christmas Cat Names

Cool Christmas Cat Names: Festive Cat Names for Year-Long Holiday Cheer

Christmas is the perfect time for presents and also the time of the year when most cats get adopted from shelters and rescue organizations. That’s why Christmas cat names are a great idea.

Christmas is synonymous with joy and cheer, so it’s no wonder that it has inspired a variety of cheerful options for a great cat name. The best thing about giving your new cat a Christmas-inspired name is that every time you call him/her, you will feel a little bit of that holiday cheer. This is a great way to remind your cat how much of a joy-bringer he/she is and transform whole year into one big magical season.

We have put together a collection of Christmas-themed traditional as well as more mainstream cat names that will go great with any merry feline. And since great food is a vital part of the holiday season, we have also included a list of delicious Christmas foods and drinks that can serve as suitable choices for a joyful cat name.

Cool Christmas-Themed Cat Names

tabby gray cats wearing deer horns

Christmas has been one of the most important holidays for a long time, and it will remain so for even longer. With its long history and popularity, there are countless things associated with it, and some of them can be used as a festive Christmas cat names.

In this list, you will find both male and female cat names that will fill your home with holiday cheer all year long.

  • Bell. Inspired by one of the most popular Christmas decorations and famous holiday carol Jingle Bells.
  • Blitzen. Means “lighting,” and he is the fastest Santa Claus’s reindeer. He is also playful and loves helping deliver presents to all good children.
  • Bows. Can be used to wrap presents, decorate your home or Christmas tree, and it is a popular cat name for always-festive felines.
  • Carol. Since Christmas is time to be merry and joyful, carols are essential parts of the holiday spirit. If you have a happy and cheerful cat, this can be a nice choice for her.
  • Cheer. Refers to the happy, relaxed, and joyous atmosphere around holidays, and can be a nice name for a funny and playful cat that is always able to cheer you up.
  • Claus. Or Santa. A legendary figure who is said to bring presents to good children all around the world on Christmas Eve.
  • Comet. One of the eight Santa’s reindeers. He is very handsome and is always smiling, which makes this name a nice choice for felines that can make you laugh.
  • Cupid. An affectionate reindeer that is decorated with green and red bell-shaped hearts. Her goal is to spread the love.
  • Dancer. One more reindeer that has a big personality and likes to dance when he isn’t helping Santa bring gifts to kids.
  • Dasher. Santa’s reindeer who loves to go fast and look nice. This can be a nice name for a well-groomed cat that likes to run around the house. Although, you might want to learn how to keep cats off furniture so he wouldn’t knock things over.
  • Donner. The loudest of all Santa’s reindeers and he likes to sing when he doesn’t have to pull sleighs full of gifts. Donner is a popular choice for cats that love to vocalize frequently and loudly.
  • Drummer. Refers to the Christmas song The Little Drummer Boy which is a holiday classic.
  • Ebenezer. The name of the famous protagonist of Charles Dickens’s novella A Christmas Carol. He is a cold-hearted old man that hates Christmas, but after he was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present, he changed and became good.
  • Elf. Christmas elves live with Santa in the North Pole, and they are his little helpers that make toys for good children and take care of his reindeers.
  • Eve. Inspired by the Christmas Eve, the time when you are surrounded by your family and friends in a cozy and merry atmosphere.
  • Fezziwig. Also a character from Charles Dickens’s novella A Christmas Carol. A total opposite of Ebenezer, Fezziwig is generous, affectionate, kind, which makes this a good name for all male cats that share these character traits.
  • Glitter. Inspired by glittery decorations that are too tempting, so most cats try to pull them from the Christmas tree. If you find remnants of glitter on your kitty’s paws, this can be a very good name for him/her. Also, some knowledge about how to keep cats away from the Christmas tree might come in handy.
  • Grinch. Inspired by How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a grumpy hermit who is irritated that nearby villagers are happy and celebrating Christmas, so he disguises as Santa and steals all the Christmas stuff.
  • Holly. A plant that has prickly leaves and is used during Christmas as house decoration.
  • Jolly. Refers to A Holly Jolly Christmas song and carol. This can be a nice choice for a cheerful and playful cat.
  • Krampus. Based on an old legend, this is the evil counterpart of Santa Claus, and he steals “bad” children and takes them to his lair. You can find many other evil cat names here.
  • Kringle. Or Kris Kringle another name for Santa Claus, and can be a nice name for a male cat if you don’t want to go with Santa.
  • Merry. You say “Merry Christmas” when you want to spread joy and happiness to other people. Merry can be a nice name for a happy cat that is thoughtful and friendly.
  • Mistletoe. Hanging mistletoe in the house is supposed to bring luck to the household, and it is expected for people in love to kiss under it.
  • Noel. It’s a French word that refers to the Christmas season, and can be a beautiful cat name.
  • Poinsettia. A plant that is well known for its red and green foliage. It is commonly used on Christmas decorations. It is also believed that the star-shaped leaf pattern symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem.
  • Prancer. This a vain but affectionate Santa’s reindeer that helps him bring Christmas gifts to well-behaved children.
  • Rudolph. The most famous of all of Santa’s reindeers because he has a red nose. His nose is the beacon of light that allows Santa to travel safely around the world.
  • Santa. This is an obvious choice and very popular when it comes to Christmas cat names. With this name, you will, for certain, secure the holiday spirit through the year.
  • Stocking. Usually people place presents for their loved ones in stockings, and this can be a funny name for cats that love to stuff food into their bellies.
  • Tinsel. A commonly used decoration during the holiday season. Although it can be dangerous for cats if ingested, most of them can’t resist its glow. If your kitty likes to play with tinsel, this can be a suitable name.
  • Vixen. Santa’s reindeer that is known for its magic tricks and ability to trick other reindeers out of their candy canes. So this can be a nice choice if your new cat figured out how to trick your other cats out of their meals.
  • Wreath. This popular Christmas home decoration is made from twigs, fruits, flowers, and leaves. It symbolizes strength and can be a nice name for self-assured and confident cats.

Christmas Cat Names Inspired by Tradition

cat hat horn funny wallpaper

Christmas is one of the most celebrated religious holidays. If you’re looking for a fun name for your new kitty that is, at the same time, spiritual, you’re in the right place. Just scroll down for more details.

  • Angel. Can be used on both male and female cats; refers to Angel Gabriel who foretold the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Balthazar. This is one of three Magi who visited Jesus after he was born and gave him the gift of myrrh.
  • Beth. As Bethlehem was the city where Jesus was born, this can be a nice shortened version of a spiritually-inspired cat name.
  • Caspar. Also one of three wise men or Magi. He is believed to be the king of India, and he brought frankincense to Jesus as a sign of his divinity.
  • Claus. A nickname for Saint Nicholas whom later became Santa Claus. The name means “people’s victory.”
  • Esther. Meaning “star,” this can be a cat name inspired by the star that appeared when Jesus was born. Just Star is also a popular Christmas-themed cat name.
  • Gabriel. Also known as the Christmas Angel, he was one that foresaw the birth of Jesus. Great for a white cat. Click on this link for many other white cat names.
  • Joseph. A man married to Jesus’s mother, Mary, and was considered to be Jesus’s legal father.
  • Magi. This is a Christian holiday dedicated to the three wise men that visited Jesus when he was born. It is short, nice-sounding, and can be used as a name for both female and male cats.
  • Malachi. A prophet and God’s messenger who talked about the arrival of Jesus.
  • Mary. The mother of Jesus. Can be a suitable name for a female cat if you are looking for a spiritual Christmas name.
  • Melchior. The last one of the three Magi that brought gifts to baby Jesus. He was considered to be the king of Persia. He brought gold to Jesus.

Christmas Cat Names Inspired by Food and Drinks

Cool Christmas-Themed Cat Names

Great food and drinks are also things that contribute to the magical holiday spirit. All of us have a special dish that is associated with Christmas, so why not use that as an inspiration for a cat name?

This is a list of the most popular and delicious Christmas foods and beverages that make great cat names.

  • Brandy. Used in Christmas pudding and is a favorite drink of many people. If you like to drink it during the holidays, you may consider it as a cool and cheery cat name. Find many more alcohol cat names here.
  • Candy Cane. A cane-shaped candy that is white with red stripes and associated with Christmas. This delicious candy has a variety of tastes and can be a nice name for an extremely sweet cat.
  • Cider. An alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples; it is refreshing and perfect for a relaxing day with the family. It sounds nice and unique as a cat name, and it is more often than not consumed during Christmas.
  • Cinnamon. A spice used in many different pastries, and one of them is the Christmas rolls that are served in the morning for a great start of Christmas day. This name can be given to all felines but is especially great for orange tabbies. Try this link for many other tabby cat names.
  • Cookie. We all love to indulge in sweets during the holidays and worry later about the weight gain. Cookie can be a nice choice for a sweet kitty that will remind you all year around about that great binge-snacking session you had for Christmas.
  • Custard. A mandatory with Christmas pudding. For soft and fluffy cats.
  • Fruitcake. With main ingredients like rum and butter, it’s no wonder why this cake is always a part of Christmas festivities.
  • Fudge. This is a delicious chocolate candy treat made for Christmas and other occasions. If you are really fond of it, you can use it as a holiday-inspired cat name.
  • Gingerbread. These are famous man-shaped cookies that are always a part of the holidays. You can use Ginger as a shorter version for a cat name.
  • Nog. Or eggnog. This is a traditional and very popular Christmas drink that is made from different spirits, eggs, spices, and milk.
  • Nutmeg. A type of spice that is generously used in a variety of Christmas recipes, and can be a nice name for a small kitty.
  • Pudding. Christmas pudding is traditionally served as a part of the Christmas dinner, and it is one of the most popular choices for Christmas-inspired cat names.
  • Punch. This covers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that contain fruit or fruit juice.
  • Rum. Used in many Christmas baking recipes, it is also a short and nice-sounding cat name.

Christmas Cat Names Inspired by the Weather

For lots of people, the winter and the snow come to mind when thinking of Christmas. With so many great things associated with the holiday season already, the snow adds that special and magical feel to everything. And because of that, the weather can be used as inspiration for a special cat name.

  • Blizzard. A snowstorm in which the wind is so strong that it blows over the snow that is already on the ground. This can be a weather-inspired name for chipper, active cats that like to run around the house and leave a mess behind. Some knowledge of how to calm a hyper cat might come in handy.
  • Flurry. A light snowfall that may result in a small accumulation on the ground.
  • Frosty. Refers to very cold weather with ice on the ground that causes people to slip and fall. If you have tiles in your home, you will notice that your kitty likes to slide on them, so this can be a suitable name.
  • Icicle. A hanging piece of ice and one of the most common things seen around Christmas. Although beautiful, they can be dangerous, so if you have a very cute cat that has tendencies to scratch and bite during playtime, this can be a nice name. Of course, you can always counteract this habit by learning how to make your cat stop biting.
  • Snowball. Made by compacting snow into a ball with your hands and it is used in outdoor games. It can be a suitable name for white fluffy cats or felines that like to play fetch.
  • Snowflake. A single ice crystal. Each one is different, pretty, and gentle. This can be a nice name for a graceful cat.

Wrap Up

The holiday season is the time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the good company of your new kitty. However, with the right festive cat name, you don’t have to wait for the holiday season to experience all that. Your cat will bring you holiday cheer all year around.

We hope that you liked our list of Christmas cat names and that you found the perfect one for your new feline companion. Do you know any other Christmas-inspired cat names? Did you pick a name for your cat from the lists above? If you couldn’t find a suitable name, how about visiting this webpage about Hawaiian cat names? The names on that list are no less festive and fun.

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