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Best Cat Tunnels

How would a cat tunnel benefit your fur-friend?

As it happens, a tunnel adds up to hours of purrs and play.

You see, cats love tunnels.

There’s something about the beckoning darkness, the sense of concealment, and the chance to pop out and ambush a passer-by that pushes all of Kitty’s buttons.

But choosing the right cat tunnel to meet fur-friend’s needs can be confusing, so to help here is our guide to the best cat tunnels on the market.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat tunnels:

Cat Tunnels: Tons of Fun

If you’re not convinced that your cat would use a cat tunnel, think about the last time you unpacked a big box item at home.

How interested was the cat in the box?

Bet they couldn’t wait to climb inside.

Well, the same with a cat tunnel – It’s a whole playground of feline fun right there in convenient fold-away form.

Cats love boxes and dark places.

This is because cats are predators.

They love to hide and then pop out unexpectedly…this has a technical term, which is ‘ambushing’.

From an early age, kittens love to ambush one another.

They love to pop out from behind a piece of furniture and jump out, to surprise their littermates.

This play is practice for the big wide world, in case they have to hunt for their supper.

Best Cat Tunnels

Hunters at Heart

Whilst our pet cats don’t need to hunt, deep down many remain predators at heart.

Fortunately the biggest hint of this is that from time to time your cat may ambush your ankles or swipe at your bathrobe’s swinging cord.

Exercise for Mind and Body

A cat tunnel is an inexpensive and convenient way to improve your cat’s physical and mental well-being.

For example, playing in a tunnel helps build co-ordination skills, as well as muscular strength.

In turn that activity reduces the need to comfort eat and plays a part in weight management.

A tunnel also benefits the cat’s mental state as they get practice natural behaviors which give them a sense of fulfilment.

This boredom buster is a tonic and a great way to reduce bad behaviors.

In short, a cat tunnel (or two) is great fun and good for the cat.

Provide an outlet for energy with a cat tunnel, and this can diffuse unwanted actions such as aggression to other cats in the house, scratching, or even toileting in the wrong place.

The 5 Best Cat Tunnel Reviews

1. Creaker 3-Way Cat Tunnel

Creaker 3 Way Cat Tunnel, Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel Ball Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit

Best suited to: Smaller cats or kittens

Best feature: Three tunnels for three times the fun

Added extras: Crinkle tunnel, dangly ball

Main drawback: Not suitable for larger cats

Construction: Steel springs with tear-resistant polyester covering

Who would do well to buy a Creaker 3-Way cat tunnel?

This inexpensive collapsible cat tunnel would be a great buy for those in an apartment with limited space to store larger pieces of cat furniture.

It’s also ideal for kittens and small cats, given its size.

For those owners lucky enough to have two or more kittens, then the Creaker 3-Way is tunnels-of-fun.

With a three-way design this gives plenty of scope for those mischievous kitties leaping in and out, hiding rounds corners, popping out of peep holes and generally have an uproariously good time.

The tunnel is made from high quality steel, coiled in a large spring.

The end of the springs are securely protected, in order to protect even the most exuberant (or clumsy) kitty from harm.

Rip-proof polyester covers the spring to form the tunnels.

If you’re thinking ‘cat claws’, then worry not.

This is tough stuff, so strong in fact that the tunnel is also considered safe for rabbits…and you know how rabbits love to chew!

This 3-way beauty comes with a special crinkle-section (pruups to that) and dangling ball.

There are also a peep hole big enough for the enterprising cat to pop out of, should they choose to.

So what about real kitties out there in play land…how do they vote?

Well, they vote with their paws and love this tunnel system.

Their guardians are happy to tell us just how much fun it gives their fur-family members.

Some tell us their cats are bizarrely obsessed by this toy and can’t leave it alone.

Whilst other cat guardians report their cats squabbling over whose turn it is next.

In the interests of balance, it’s fair to report that this isn’t a large tunnel.

If you have a large adult cat then this may not be the best choice for a Maine Coon.

But don’t worry, because we’ve also got the big cats covered with the next recommendation.

2. Meowzer Cat Tunnel for Larger Cats

WESTERN HOME WH Cat Tunnels – Amazon

Best suited to: Best for larger cats

Best feature: Tunnel diameter two-inches wider than a standard cat tunnel

Added extras: Crinkly floor

Main drawback: Some cats are frightened of the crinkly sounds

Construction: Steel springs with tear-resistant polyester covering

Why should kittens have all the fun?

It’s only fair that super-sized adults should be able to take part in hiding and pouncing play.

But try to fit the larger cat into some tunnels and they look a little like Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbit’s hole.

With the Meowzer Cat Tunnel this isn’t a problem!

This Meowzer product is around two-inches wider than the standard cat tunnel.

That means a fuller waistline isn’t going to get in the way and the cat should still fit inside.

Just one reason why this product is one of the best rated cat tunnels out there.

Again, this tunnel is comprised of a giant steel coil or spring, which is coated in rip-resistant heavy duty polythene.

This is described by the manufacturer as tough enough to resist vigorous play, but soft enough to sleep on.

Sounds good to us!

Oh yes, did we mention the zippy floral design on the outside of the tube.

This is a full-on in-your-face floral design that’s really very eye-catching.

It’s far-from boring, although perhaps not for the faint-hearted.

Cat guardians are overwhelmingly delighted with this Meowzer product.

Once the cat gets the hang of it, it becomes a firm favorite.

One customer even sings the praises of Meowzer customer services.

Apparently the company read about their cat being frightened of the crinkly sound, and provided a prototype without the crinkle.

That’s now one very happy cat.

So what about the disadvantages?

Hmm, seems there aren’t any.

There’s the slight worry about some cats being cautious about the crinkles, but this collapsible cat tunnel gets a five star thumbs up from us.

3. Easyology Foldaway Cat Tunnel

Easyology Premium Cat Tunnel

Best suited to: Cautious cats or first-time tunnelers

Best feature: Suedette outer skin with fuzzy fur ends

Added extras: Wipe clean interior

Main drawback: Not suitable for large cats

Construction: Steel spring, suedette outer and nylon lining, fur covered ends

This Easyology product distinguishes itself in a crowded market, by looking and feeling ‘cozy’.

The outer suedette sleeve is easy on the eye and more restful to look at than some of the brightly-colored polythene play tunnels.

We also like the fun-fur fake sheepskin that line the peep-hole and the ends of the tunnel.

This makes it seem super-comfy and inviting for the cat.

The construction is similar to other cat tunnels.

The tube is formed by a large tubular steel spring.

But this has a double layered feature where the outside is faux suede and the inside wipe clean nylon.

The latter is eminently practical as it’s wipe-clean.

So if Kitty takes a snack inside or has wet paws, it’s a matter of a wipe over with a damp cloth to get the tunnel good as new.

The tunnel is easy to collapse and store.

There are also addition items, such as an Easyology Cube cubby which interlock with this tunnel to provide even more fun.

Cat guardians, almost with one voice, love this product.

They refer to it as ‘quality’, ‘well-made’, and ‘superior’.

However, the love was not universal amongst the four-legged fraternity.

To clarify, those cats that were small enough to fit inside, L-O-V-E-D it.

However, some of our ‘bigger boned’ fur-friends turned up their noses since it was beneath their dignity to squeeze inside.

Quite right too!

In summary the Easyology Foldaway product earns its place as one of the best cat tunnels because of its cozy construction, appealing looks, and build quality.

It’s best suited to kittens or slim cats, since an outsized Kitty won’t be able to turn around inside.

4. Feline Ruff 4-Way Cat Tunnel

Feline Ruff Premium 4 Way Cat Tunnel

Best suited to: Multi-cat households

Best feature: Lots of interconnecting tunnels for extra ambush-fun

Added extras: Large diameter; can be assembled as interlocking tunnels or kept separate

Main drawback: Tunnel don’t clip together but slide inside each other

Construction: Steel spring with a polythene cover

Is there such as thing as ‘too much fun’?

Feline Ruff don’t think there is, which is why they have this ingenious 4-way cat tunnel.

When assembled there are five entrances and two peep holes for Kitty to explore.

Indeed, the construction a straight tunnel measuring full 200-inches long.

With this Feline Ruff product you receive two tunnels: One 3-way and one 4-way.

These can be kept separate (great if you have cats that don’t want to share, so they each have a tunnel).

Or slide the ends six-inches inside each other so they interlock to create the tunnel labyrinth.

If a regular cat tunnel is a playground, then the Feline Ruff 4-Way is a theme park for cats!

With some many different ways in and out, the corners to hide around, and crinkly tunnels to play in, this is a feline-friendly winner!

Even better, this tunnel is suitable for large cats.

One proud owner of a 23lb Maine Coon described how it dwarfed their large cat, giving ample room for play.

And the great thing is that although this tunnel system is large, it is fully collapsible down to something the size of a Frisbee.

We found that whilst cats loved the product, some guardians found it less than pleasing to look at.

Admittedly the Feline Ruff 4-Way isn’t a thing of beauty, but when cats love it, does this matter?

Oh, and as an added incentive there is a quibble-free 3-month money back guarantee, should you not like the product.

5. Ciao Chow Cat Tunnel and Bed

Ciao Chow Cat Tunnel Bed: Collapsible and Soft Removable Bed

Best suited to: Kittens and comfort loving cats

Best feature: A fun fur tunnel

Added extras: Large diameter; can be assembled as interlocking tunnels or kept separate

Main drawback: Tunnel don’t clip together but slide inside each other

Construction: Steel springs with polythene cover

How would your cat fancy snuggling down on faux velvet double delboa cloth bed?

Talk about snug as a bug in a rug! And what’s even better is this comfy bed comes with a cat tunnel attached.

Cat-naps and hide-and-seek are equally well catered for with this multi-tasking piece of cat furniture.

And if you would prefer to separate the bed from the tunnel, this is also possible as the tunnel is both removable and collapsible.

The tunnel is a decent size, suitable for cats up to around 20lb in body weight.

Indeed, large or small cats love this combo, especially as a game can turn to a nap without compromising comfort.

Cat guardians are also impressed with this Ciao Chow combo.

They are consistently pleased with the quality of the product and how well it stands up to the patter of playful paws.


Perhaps you are won over by one of the best cat tunnels listed above, but wonder if your cat plain ignore a new toy.

This is a possibility but in reality it’s a matter of unpack the tunnel and stand back to watch the fun.

But if your cat is more cautious, then never force them into the tunnel.

Instead, place a tasty treat or favorite toy just inside the entrance.

Let Kitty discover the treat for herself, but praise her boldness when she pops inside to retrieve it.

Catnip can also work wonders.

Spritz the entrance with catnip or toss in a catnip mouse, and this will help your feline friend forget her fears.

Which of these best rated cat tunnels is right for your cat?

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