Best Cat Tree House for Large Cat

Cat Tree House for Large Cats and Small Cats

Cat owners know that the best cat trees are an essential accessory to have. However, their large and rather unattractive appearance can be an unsightly addition to your home decorum.

This is where some of the best cat tree house choices come in handy, where they work for both – your feline, and your home.

There’s no doubt that cats enjoy climbing and require to have one of the best cat trees in the home.

Occasionally, cat owners may try to work around the cat tree purchase by buying a lot of cardboard scratchers and door-hanging scratchers to keep cat accessories more hidden and out of the way.

This can prove to be ineffective, more messy, and in the long run more expensive. I personally have found that multi-purpose best cat tree house choices can actually be more cost effective long-term, and prove to even be considered cheap cat trees in comparison to DIY cat tree options.

Finding the best cat tree for large cats or small cats can prove to be a challenge. In this article, we’ll discuss the reason to get a tree for cats, what are their pros and cons, and how to pick the best cat tree house available on the market.

Why Cats Need Access to a Best Cat Tree House

Chewy Frisco tree

Cats are hunters by nature and like to stalk their prey. In the wild, they do this successfully by being perched in a higher place – for instance, a tree. They can see and stalk their prey from high above without the prey knowing who is watching them.

Veterinarians often recommend to use the best cat tree house or scratching post to fix problem behaviors in cats, most commonly the cat’s destructive behavior.

Best cat trees mimic this action by allowing the cat to climb or jump atop a high space and keep an eye from above on any action going on.

This can be watching birds or squirrels from inside, facing a window, or even their owner vacuuming the living room.

“Scratching posts of all shapes, sizes, and textures are available at most pet stores. If your cat likes to scratch on carpets, a carpet-covered post would be a good choice.” – Vets from College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (source)

Cats also feel calm and safe perched high above on a cat tree, especially the timid cats who are afraid of large open spaces. If you have multiple cats, the best cat tree is used to establish hierarchy in the home, with the dominant cat using the highest platform to claim the kingdom, otherwise known as your home.

While you may see your cat lying horizontally most of the time (more like nap mode), cats do need to stretch out vertically too.

Having the best cat tree house at home that has long columns made for stretching and scratching gives your cat a place to relieve stress and give their claws a workout (and hopefully relieve your furniture of any kitty vandalism).

What Are The Types of Best Cat Tree House

There are many different types of cat trees on the market and each has features that may or may not be of use depending on the age and mobility of your cats in the home. The most common choices pet owners need to make is choosing between best cat tree for large cats and small cats.

Some cat trees are more geared toward kittens and smaller cats, some that have more “bells and whistles” and are more elaborate and risky cats, while others provide just basic needs for a cat. They range in price from inexpensive to hundreds of dollars, and we’ll explore all the best cat tree house options below to see which fits your needs better.

Some types of cat trees are made with simple carpeting while other best cat tree house types are higher quality, more modern and appeal to those wanting to incorporate an appealing piece of furniture into their home that provides the benefits for the cat and looks good. These are often the best cat tree for large cats.

What is the Best Cat Tree House for Home?

1. Stylish Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso by The Refined Feline

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture, Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Pad, Perches, House to Climb, Play, Relax for Kitty

Price: $305-$500
Style: For the Yogi cat

The first best cat tree house on the list is the most stylish tree for cats you can get for your home decor today. Made by The Refined Feline with high quality materials and premium finish, this zen looking cat tower creates a very calm and tranquil look for your home as well as a very refined place for your cat to climb, scratch, sleep, and maybe even meditate. The tower resembles a blooming flower as its design blends symmetry and minimalism.

If your cat is into showing off his Warrior 2 pose then there is a sisal pad included to stretch out his arms and scratch in their best cat pose. Soft cushions of washable faux suede adhere to the top of three perches, the tallest being 69” inches.

There is also a hideaway cubby at the very bottom of the tower. It comes in elegant wood finishings of espresso or mahogany.

2. Roman Cat Fort & Activity Center (Handcrafted) by CatastrophiCreations

CatastrophiCreations Play - Cat Playplace Hammocks for Cats

Price: $260
Style: For the Olympian cat

Second one of the best cat tree house, which is another (and last) expensive option from CatastrophiCreations. This modern design is perfect for the active cat who enjoys a challenge. It fits securely on the wall so no floor space is required – perfect for small spaces too!

It features different activities that you can move and customize yourself including 2 sisal-covered rope pulls for climbing and scratching, hammocks to stretch and lounge on, and a ladder that connects to the beginning of the adventure.

It is designed to get lazy cats active and offer their own fun place to scratch instead of your furniture. It’s great for overly active cats that need to climb and jump off some of that energy. The Roman Cat Fort is a tree that stimulates the cat’s mind and can help improve behavioral issues. Comes in Natural and Onyx.

3. Tall Cat Condo 72-Inch Tree in Beige by Armarkat

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Price: $139-$152
Style: High activity tree

This Armarkat‘s best cat tree house, also referred to as a cat condo, provides different important features for your cat. Your cat can find places on this tree to scratch, climb, sleep, play and exercise.

It is made from pressed wood with an appealing faux fur covering in lieu of carpet and comes in various colors including tan and navy blue.

There are 8 tiers for your cat to enjoy and you can choose sizes from 70” inches to 74” inches. The cat tree features a cat hammock, a mini house with window, a hanging sisal rope to play with and two fuzzy balls on a string for your cat to bat back and forth. This cat tree works for both small and large cats.

4. “Feline Recliner” Premium Handmade Tree Bed by Molly and Friends

Feline Recliner Premium Handmade One Tier Sisal Cat Scratching Post Furniture with Bed

Price: $95-$151
Style: The basic, no frills tree

The fourth best cat tree house on the list is your run of the mill cat tree from Molly and Friends, providing a simple carpeted place to perch and sleep and a place to scratch. Your cat’s basic needs are met for under $100 (depending on which color you choose).

The perch (or bed) is large enough for a bigger cat. It’s durable and made of high quality carpet with solid construction. The sisal scratching post is made of all natural sisal rope. Made in the USA and no assembly required. It is perfect for smaller spaces with the base being only 18×18 inches in diameter.

5. CatHaven Cat Condo Tree House Tower by On2Pets

CatHaven Cat Condo Tree House Tower

Price: $120-$180
Style: Bona fide cat tree

This best cat tree house from On2Pets is perfect for cat owners who want an “undercover” cat tree, meaning it looks like an actual tree so you can display it nicely in your home as if it is just one of the house plants (except no watering required).

The CatHaven Condo features artificial leaves that surround tiers of oval platforms on your choice of either a round or square base. It taps into your cats natural instincts to hide in nature.

The tree ranges in pricing depending on how many tiers (height ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches) you want to have. It is easy to assemble within 15 minutes. The base features artificial grass turf, while each tier is carpeted for scratching and lounging.

6. Elegant Tree with V-High Base by Vesper

Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees

Price: $112
Style: For the mod cat

If your cat likes to prance around the house listening to Frank Sinatra and meowing to Dean Martin hits then maybe the Vesper cat tower is for them. This contemporary tower for cats looks more like a mid-century modern designed piece of furniture straight out of a 1960s Palm Springs mansion.

It features six different vertical scratching posts made from all natural sisal, a dangling string with three fuzzy balls connected to it for playtime, and three different perches all different heights. Two of the perches have furry memory foam cushions, while the other is a cave cube with a sisal round top and a furry cushion inside.

The best cat tree house is made of pressed wood and comes in various colors like natural birch, black and red. The six vertical scratching posts are different heights allowing cats of all sizes to stretch and claw their full length. Vesper also makes different configurations of the same Tower including V-High Base and V-Double.

7. Tall Tree of 72″ in Beige by Go Pet Club

all Tree of 72

Price: $118-$146
Style: For multiple cats

If your cats are more than a little territorial, this seventh one of the best cat tree house from Go Pet Club has enough hiding spaces and perches for multiple fur babies. This cat tree features 10 sisal covered columns for vertical scratching and stretching.

There are two faux fur covered ladders or ramps that lead to two different mini cat condos with multiple windows for peering out of.

In addition to four large platforms to lounge on, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree also comes with three very tall cat beds that tower 72” tall. The cat beds have small raised backs so kitty can safely lounge without the danger of falling over. For added fun, two furry mice dangle from different strings and different heights. Available in Beige or Navy.

8. Multi-Level Tree Scratcher Condo Tower

Mellcom Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Condo

Price: $48.99
Style: Best cheap cat tree

This eight best cat tree house is perfect for those on a budget, but need a fun and practical cat tree for their furry feline. Best Choice Products managed to create the best cheap cat tree – ergonomic, good looking and effective for cats. It’s perfect for cats of all ages and sizes, and can hold up to 4 cats at one time.

It is designed with multiple levels for cat scratching and includes 3 perches (including one cat bed at the highest level) and 2 covered condos. It is available in chocolate brown and beige with black paw prints polyester wool covering. It’s tallest perch rises 53” inches. The square base features a ramp cats can climb and scratch along with a tall sisal covered column.

 9. Multi-Level Cat Climber by SmartCat

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Price: $69.99
Style: For small spaces

This smart, portable best cat tree house from SmartCat offers all the kitty necessities such as scratching, climbing, exercising and napping. It features natural sisal post for scratching, four platforms that can tower up to 82” inches high.

It is perfect for small spaces because it hangs right onto your door so it doesn’t take up any floor space and can be moved from room to room.

The cat tree is adjustable and can fit on virtually every door. It’s ideal for those who do not want to compromise their living room decor for a large, obtrusive cat tree.

10. My Kitty Darling Scratching Castle by Trixie Pet Products

TRIXIE's Popular Cat Trees

Price: $89.99
Style: For the princess cat

For the cats that like to be treated like a princess (isn’t this all cats?), Trixie has designed one of the best cat tree house for a cheap price which also resembles a royal castle for cats.

Your furry Sleeping Beauty has choices of sleeping in the open air tower that reaches to 35” tall and features a removable ring shaped bed which you can use any place in your home or the lower part of the enclosed castle with a removable blanket.

This cheap cat tree two story castle has an internal crawl space and features a dangling toy and play blanket with rustling foil. The spaces are small so this is recommended for kittens and small breed cats. It is covered in lavender and beige plush and has a sisal covered column that connects to the towering bed.

Choose the Best Cat Tree House

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree House

There are many cat trees on the market and choosing the right one for your cat can be a time-consuming task. We’ve scoured cat tree manufacturers and companies to find the best cat tree houses and also research what every pet owner has to say about these supplies.

There are basic things to keep in mind when shopping for a cat tree, however. First, make sure the cat tree is sturdy and stable enough to hold your cat. Depending on the size of your cat, make sure the platforms and perches are large enough to hold your cat.

If you have a kitten, all of these best cat tree house choices above will work well for kittens, but picking the best cat tree for large cats with small cave-like enclosures is when it gets harder especially for big cats to fit into as well as small perches where they might be too large to lie comfortably and find their tales and hind legs hanging over.

Pet owners with cat breeds that are longer in length should buy a cat tree with taller columns so that the cat can fully stretch the length of the body and relax easier.

If you’ve taken a look at ten top best cat tree house choices that have proven as favorites among pet owners above, you know which one will fit your small cat or large cat better. It’s a compiled list of trees for cats ranging in all sizes and heights, design, and functions. They are very highly rated and range from under $100 to over $300.

In Catclusion on Best Cat Trees

The best cat tree house furniture options are a necessity for any cat owner to ensure a healthy, happy and stress free living not just for the cats at home, but also for the cat owners themselves.

Cat trees, towers, and condos for cats promote active play and good behaviors in cats, and in particular prevent cats from scratching on your furniture and belongings.

Shopping for the best cat tree house for large cats or small cats takes patience and it’s usually a good idea to look at cat tree reviews from other pet owners to see what they thought. Also pay attention to any specific features that your cat needs depending on their size and type of lifestyle.

Cat trees prices range from $60 to $300-$400, so choose the best cat tree for large cats or small cats within your budget and prioritize the one that is durable and will last a long time to be cost-effective. Most best cat tree house choices are like a piece of furniture and can last throughout a cat’s lifetime.

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