Best Cat Toothbrushes

Best Cat Toothbrushes

Convincing your cat that it’s a good idea to have their teeth brushed is enough of a task in itself, so why not make the job a little bit easier by ensuring you have one of the best cat toothbrushes available.

More and more, owners are understanding the need for keeping on top of their cat’s dental hygiene.

Failing to prevent periodontal disease can result in feline tooth ache and hefty vet bills.

Pet cats these days are living into their late teens, but their teeth are failing to last them this long.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Cat Toothbrushes:

Without preventative dental care, the vast majority of felines are suffering with gingivitis and calculus accumulation by the time they’ve reached middle age.

Until the day our kitties are evolved enough to brush their owner teeth, unfortunately, they are going to need a helping hand from their caring, responsible owners.

Depending on which study you read, something in the region of 80% of cats over three years old suffer from some form of dental disease, so the chances are that your pet is in the majority.

Not only can the build-up of plaque on the teeth lead to sore gums, tooth decay and tooth loss, it can also result in bacteria travelling around the body and relocating to places such as kidneys and hearts, where it can cause local infections with devastating consequences.

Tooth brushing should be introduced to your cat’s routine as early on in their life as possible to improve their tolerance.

To make the experience more pleasant for them, you can use specifically formulated tooth pastes that come in a variety of favours, including fish and chicken.

Initially, simply get your cat used to having your finger rub their gums, then add the paste, and eventually introduce the brush.

Take things very slowly and reward your kitty if they tolerate the process well.

Building up to the point where the cat endures 60 seconds of daily brushing with a brush can take several weeks but is well worth the effort.

Best Cat Toothbrushes Reviews

1. Vetoquinol Enzadent Toothbrush Kit

Vetoquinol Enzadent Toothbrush Kit

The best-rated cat toothbrush on the internet is marketed by Vetoquinol and comes in a kit which contains everything you need for a seamless tooth brushing experience.

The toothbrush contained is a double-ended brush, which is ideal for navigating the various teeth within your kitty’s mouth.

Though the smaller end will likely work on all of your cat’s teeth, you may find the bigger end of the brush is useful for the bulky back molar teeth in some larger cat breeds.

As well as the bristle brush included, Vetoquinol provide a finger brush.

While you may use the finger brush long-term as a tooth cleaning implement, many owners will use it as a stepping stone; brushing with the finger brush for several weeks before moving on to the bristle brush.

As well as the two brush options, this kit comes with a delicious chicken flavour tooth paste which owners rave about.

It proves irresistible to pets and makes the whole brushing experience a lot more pleasant and successful.

How often the brush will need replacing varies and will depend on how frequently it is used and with how much force.

On the whole, most owners find that the brush needs replacing every three to six months.

Once the paste has been used up, it can be bought separately without having to unnecessarily repurchase the brushes.

The toothpaste is enzymatic and aids in the reduction of local plaque, while the bristle brush is firmly abrasive, manually removing tartare build-up without causing any discomfort.

Stocked by many veterinary clinics and used by owners the world over, this product is definitely a hard hitter in the world of feline dental care and is not a purchase you will regret.

The same brush should not be used for more than one cat as this can spread oral disease.

Instead, make sure each kitty has their own toothbrush.

2. RosyLife Soft Toothbrush

PenVinoo Dog Toothbrush
Available at Amazon

There are lots of things we love about this pack of double-ended bristle brushes and finger brushes from Rosy Life.

A great value pack, with a total of 12 brushing options included, this product is the perfect solution for owners of several pets or those that like to keep their bathroom cupboards well stocked.

The brushes included have soft bristles and will not irritate your cat’s sensitive gums.

Particularly for gums that may be inflamed, it is important to not cause further damage or bleeding, especially if you are introducing tooth brushing to your kitty for the first time, as a painful experience could put them off for life.

For felines with painful gums, such as those with gingivostomatitis or similar diseases, a soft brush is key to keeping them on side.

The very long handle on these brushes can be helpful when reaching the very back teeth or if you are unsure how your cat will react and want the option of having you hand at a very safe distance!

The finger brushes provided should fit snugly on most fingers and are easily removed afterwards by rinsing fingers with water.

Easy to clean, these brushes are re-usable.

The finger brush provides you with greater dexterity and can make it easier to navigate around a small mouth.

For some cats, it is a less daunting instrument than a bristle brush.

While the finger brushes are designed to fit the average finger, they can be cut to size if needed.

If the finger brush is hard to apply, putting it on when your finger is in a bowl of soapy water can help.

While this kit does not come with any paste, you can either try it with water (the abrasive action of the brush is the main driver for cleaning teeth) or can purchase a paste of your choice.

3. Hoochye Soft Finger Toothbrush

PetKare Pet Finger Toothbrush
Available at Amazon

We love the eye-catching modern design of these finger brushes manufactured by Hoochye.

To accommodate all owners, the brushes are available in two different sizes.

While the transparent brushes may be the more popular option, for owners that like to switch things up (or for ease of identification in a multi-cat household) they are also available in yellow, blue and pink.

Made from food-grade silicone, you can rest assured that this is a non-toxic product that is completely safe, even if a portion were to be chewed off and swallowed.

The silicone used is also lovely and soft, protecting the integrity of your pet’s gums.

Wet your finger and the brush before slipping it on.

Once finished, you can easily remove the brush by soaking in a small bowl of soapy water.

With six brushes included, you should not have to make a further purchase for at least another year, making this a super value buy.

Gentle on teeth and gums, this practical finger brush is the best kitten toothbrush for those that may be sensitive or unsure.

Some owners may find it difficult to reach the back teeth with a finger brush alone, though this is simply a matter of technique and preference and there is no reason a finger toothbrush cannot be used to brush the entire mouth.

Just as with a traditional bristle brush, a finger brush can be used in combination with a paste.

Enzymatic pastes are preferable as they can dramatically help to reduce the bacteria biofilm caked on to the tooth surface.

Flavoured tooth pastes improve bonding with your cat and lessen the risk of them becoming fearful or intolerant of brushing.

If your cat has recently had a dental treatment, you vet may advise that you wait a week or two before introducing finger brushes, so do consult with them before jumping straight in to a new teeth cleaning routine.

4. Arm and Hammer Dental Kit

Arm & Hammer for Pets
Available at Amazon

A great offer from Arm and Hammer, this kit may have a picture of a dog on the front but you can rest assured that owners love this option for their cats.

The natural chicken-flavoured toothpaste enhanced with baking soda is delicious (or at least that’s what the cats tell us!) and tastes as good as a treat, making the brushing process a real delight.

By regularly using this tooth brush you will dramatically improve your cat’s breath as well as their dental hygiene.

Over time, by reducing plaque levels and preventing thick calculus formation you will be halting gingivitis and tooth disease in its tracks and preventing the need for veterinary dental cleaning under general anaesthetic.

As well as preventing your cat from undergoing an anaesthetic and involved procedure, you will be saving them years of oral discomfort and will be saving yourself the cost of an expensive vet cleaning (which can cost hundreds of dollars each time).

As with other feline toothpastes, while this product is natural and non-toxic, it should not be used by humans.

This kit not only contains a good-sized tube of toothpaste, but also comes with a mustard coloured double-ended tooth brush and a mustard coloured finger brush.

For all three items, this is a great value deal.

It’s up to you how often you use this double-ended toothbrush, but we would recommend a minimum of three time a week to keep those pearly whites sparkling.

If you are uncertain how exactly how to use the brush, most veterinary clinics will be more than happy to demonstrate how to use it if you bring it along to a consultation or routine health check.

If anything, your vet will be very impressed that you are being such a pro-active owner!

Purchasing an Arm & Hammer product should give you the peace of mind that this is a good-quality item that will last a long time and get the job done.

5. H&H Pet Professional Toothbrushes

H&H Pets Dog Toothbrushes
Available at Chewy

The final in our list of five feline tooth brushes is this pack of four double-ended tooth brush marketed by H & H.

There are two green and two grey brushes included, meaning you have a means of identifying whose tooth brush is whose if you have more than one kitty.

The materials used are human-grade and extremely safe to use on your beloved pet.

Probably our favourite thing about these H & H brushes is that once you purchase them, H & H will donate 15% of the profit made to a charity organisation called ‘Hope For Paws’ which is an animal rescue charity.

So, not only will you be getting some great value and well-made brushes, you will also be doing your good deed for the day; what’s not to love?

The heads of these brushes are angled slightly to improve ease of brushing within the small space that is a cat’s jaw.

As well as this, the bristles are lovely and soft, ensuring there is not excessive pressure put on your cat’s teeth.

The smaller end of the brush is the perfect size to reach deep into the mouth, accessing themolar teeth (where the majority of calculus tends to accumulate in the average feline).

For some cats, manual bristle brushes are far better tolerated than finger brushes, which can feel quite alien to them.

If you have failed with a finger brush, it is well worth trying one of these more traditional brushes as you may find you have far more success.


Whatever the age of your kitty, they are never too old to give tooth brushing a try and you won’t regret your decision to give it a go.

While it may initially take a while for your cat to accept brushing as part of their daily routine, they will eventually learn that it is just another chore to get through.

Listed above are five of the best cat toothbrushes on offer, and whether you are keen to go for a finger brush or bristle brush, you are sure to find one that suits you.

It’s important that owners understand that tooth brushing is not a substitute for professional dental cleaning performed by a vet.

If your pet has significant dental disease (high grade gingivitis, thick levels of calculus, rotten teeth, loose teeth or feline oral resorptive lesions) no amount of tooth brushing will help the situation and you may actually be causing your cat unnecessary discomfort by trying to brush them.

Once these kitties have had a professional tooth cleaning, they will hugely benefit from tooth brushing and this should go a long way towards preventing any future professional cleaning.

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