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Cat Shampoos: Does Your Cat Absolutely Hate Water And Bath Time?

Your cat may not appreciate you reading this article, indeed, most cats absolutely hate water and bath time!

Thankfully, cats do not need to be bathed very often as the experience can sometimes leave both pets and owners feeling shaken.

In some circumstances, baths are ‘necessary evils’, and using the best cat shampoos in the process can ensure good results.

Unlike dogs, cats are fastidious groomers and can keep themselves clean and smelling fresh most of the time.

Cats with certain skin conditions and parasitic infections may need regular baths, while sometimes we will have to bathe our kitties to get something off their coat after an outdoor adventure, such as motor oil or paint.

At times, elderly cats or those that struggle to groom because of arthritis or obesity can need baths to allow us to groom them properly and to remove greasiness from fur.

As with anything in the cat world, owners will have to be cunning and quick when it comes to getting them bathed.

Be patient and do not put yourself in danger of getting scratched or bitten.

Often, a bath is a two-man job (at least).

Ensure you are relaxed, as stress will pass down to your cat who will sense something is going on.

Consider spraying a ‘cat pheromone spray’ in the bathroom to reduce your cat’s anxiety levels further.

Have some tasty treats at hand to allow you to bribe them during the process.

For the bath itself, a non-slip mat is essential and the tub only needs to be filled a few inches high with warm water.

One person should hold the cat still, encouraging them with kind words and strokes, while the other gently pours water over them with a jug (avoiding the head) and lathers the shampoo on.

Be sure to always rinse thoroughly and then towel dry your cat so they don’t get cold.

Cat Shampoos

Best Cat Shampoos (Overall)

Burt’s Bees Tearless Kitten Shampoo with Buttermilk

Whenever possible, we want our kitty’s bath time to be as relaxing as possible.

By using this gentle formula, which is actually suitable for both adult cats and kittens, we can attempt to make bath time a fun and calming experience.

Burt’s Bees have managed to create one of the best cat shampoos on the market by using ingredients that not only soothe irritated skin but also leave it soft to the touch.

A natural product, Burt’s Bees are proud to source their ingredients from mother nature, utilising honey, buttermilk, and beeswax.

By avoiding harsh chemicals and additives, even the most sensitive kitties are safe to use this shampoo.

A cruelty free shampoo, this product is not unnecessarily tested on animals but is equally well-tolerated and very safe to use.

As resourceful as they are ethical, this conscientious company manufactures all of their shampoos in the USA and uses post-consumer recycled bottles.

This ‘tearless’ shampoo is so mild that even if it inadvertently gets into the sensitive eyes of the cat, it should not cause excessive irritation.

That said, owners should always avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly with warm water at any contact with shampoo.

Of course, ingestion of shampoo is never advised, but we all know how much cats love to lick themselves when being washed (maybe they think they’re being helpful!) which is why this product is safe to ingest in small quantities and should not cause gastrointestinal upset.

To reduce the amount of shampoo being ingested, it is always advised to thoroughly rinse off any remaining lather after bathing.

Always be cautious when bathing a cat, to do so at least two days after the application of any topical medications, such as flea treatment.

Bathing too soon after application may result in the product being ineffective as it has been washed off prematurely.

This 300ml bottle should last you and your cat for many baths to come!

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner

Particularly targeted at itchy cats or those with irritated skin, this Earthbath shampoo and conditioner combination is the best cat shampoo for felines that suffer from chronic dermatitis such as flea allergic dermatitis or atopic dermatitis.

Both oatmeal and aloe are renowned for the positive affects they have on skin and are common inclusions in many high-end shampoos and conditioners.

Aloe is harvested from Aloe Vera, the cactus-like plant that contains a gel substance which has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

Aloe is thought to help inflamed skin by promoting healing and reducing local inflammation.

Interestingly, it may also be harmful to certain type of fungal and bacterial infections.

Oatmeal is frequently used to soak up oil and greasiness that can contribute to skin infections and poor coat quality.

While these shampoos and conditioners are fragrance-free, your cat is left with a fresh smell.

Fragranced shampoos can often irritate the skin and cats can dislike the new smell that surrounds them, leading to anxiety and over-grooming.

The manufacturers claim that these products are safe to use once a kitten is over six weeks old, making it a good option to clean up little ones who have gotten messy, or perhaps have had a bad bout of diarrhea.

Of course, when bathing small cats it is essential to prevent hypothermic.

The smaller the cat, the less able they are to regulate their body heat, meaning baths should be quick and kitties must be thoroughly dried and kept in a warm place afterwards.

This shampoo is ideal for cleansing, while the conditioner works wonders to detangle fur and assist in combing and grooming.

Kin & Kind Kitty Cat Shampoo

This luxury shampoo from Kin & Kind is a real winner and one that both you and your cat will enjoy using during a pamper session.

While suitable for any breed, we particularly like this shampoo for longer-haired cats such as Persians and Ragdolls, who can benefit from a moisturising shampoo every now and then.

The organic coconut and olive oils, as well as the glycerine can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy skin barrier and retaining a glossy coat.

After applying to wet fur, comb this shampoo through to the tips of the coat ensuring an even spread.

Gently use your hands to massage the lather produced all over the skin and coat (avoiding the facial area).

Once cleansed, use shampoo-free water in a jug to completely rinse out the coat.

Afterward, towel dry your kitty and then give them a final brush.

Some cats will tolerate the use of hairdryers on a low heat at a distance while they are being brushed through, while others will not accept them and can find the feeling and noise distressing.

This shampoo is unscented, hypoallergenic and particularly soothing and gentle, making it a superb choice for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies.

In fact, these cats are prone to yeasty and greasy coats and often need bathing more regularly than the average feline.

Free of sulphates, parabens and other harsh chemicals, this is a ‘no tears’ shampoo that is well tolerated.

Of course, this does not mean we should be getting this shampoo in contact with our cats’ eyes, as even the mildest shampoo has the potential to cause eye inflammation and even corneal ulceration.

Any bubbles that accidentally get into the eye must be rinsed out immediately.

Dechra Miconhex and Triz Shampoo

A medicated shampoo used extensively by veterinarians, this option from the well-known company Dechra should be used under the supervision of a vet and is the shampoo of choice for a variety of medical conditions including fungal and bacterial skin infections.

A multi-purpose product, this is a great buy for owners of more than one pet as it is effective on dogs and horses as well as cats.

The added ceramides work to moisturise the skin; an essential ingredient as the antimicrobial elements can ‘strip’ the skin, leaving it dry.

Owners must use this product as advised for best results.

The shampoo is applied to fur that is already wet and is worked around to create a good lather.

It is then left on for five to ten minutes before rinsing.

Depending on why this shampoo is needed, it can be used a few times a week.

This is not a run-of-the-mill shampoo that is to be used on cats with healthy skin and instead should be reserved for those with diagnosed skin conditions.

Any inhalation of this product should be avoided and it may aggravate underlying respiratory issues such as feline asthma.

In the unlikely event that this is inhaled, the cats should be exposed to fresh air and may need to be brought to the vet for oxygen supplementation.

As this shampoo may cause mild eye irritation (as with other shampoos) any suds must be immediately rinsed from the delicate eyes.

Many owners hail this shampoo as a ‘wonder product’ and have found that it has helped to dramatically improve their cat’s skin disease, where other products have failed.

Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

We couldn’t create a list of cat shampoos without including at least one waterless shampoo option, ideal for those kitties that will just not tolerate water.

While it’s true that some superstar cats are a fan of water (particularly some oriental breeds), many will positively freak out the moment you attempt to put them anywhere near the scary, clear liquid!

Attempting to bathe these cats can not only cause them an incredible amount of stress but may also put you at risk of nasty cat scratches or bites.

With soothing ingredients including oatmeal, aloe and neem oil, your cat’s coat is cleansed and conditioned, leaving it in great condition and soft to the touch.

Apply the product directly on to the cat or dispense it on to your hand and then brush it onto the cat’s coat.

Once on, the foam can be evenly brushed through the fur from the backs of the ears to the tail.

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the fur of long-haired cats.

A leave-in formula, there is no need at all to rinse the foam away and it will just absorb over time.

Some owners may wish to gently brush the cat down with a wipe or towel afterwards, although this is not essential.

There is a light and pleasant scent associated with this dry shampoo that cats tolerate well and can certainly make your cat a more pleasant house mate!

Importantly, this shampoo is not advised for pregnant cats, those that are lactating or any kitten under the age of 12 weeks.

Our top five list of the best cat shampoos is a comprehensive review of the most popular products on today’s market and includes several shampoo types to suit every individual’s need.

Bath time need no longer be the battle it once was and, with the right shampoo, you and your cat may grow to enjoy bath time as a pleasant bonding experience.

We have included the highest-quality products which are gentle on skin and proven to be well-tolerated and safe.

There is a dry shampoo option for those water averse kitties and there is also a highly-effective medicated shampoo which is well-respected in the veterinary industry.

Owners should avoid using shampoos that are full of chemicals or highly-fragranced as these products can do more harm than good.

Human shampoos, soaps and shower gels should never be used on cats as they are inappropriate and may well cause skin irritation.

While cats do not need bathing very often, at some stage in their life they will likely need to be cleaned.

Whether they are unfortunate enough to fall into a muddy puddle or to fall victim of a toddler while they are painting a picture, some cats will need baths to clean off their fur.

For cats with chronic skin disease, regular bathing is often advised in combination with other medications.

Best Cat Shampoos for Dander

Does your cat suffer from dry flaky skin?

Or perhaps you are a cat-lover but happen to be allergic to your fur friend.

Both of these are good reasons to search for the best cat shampoos for dander.

When choosing shampoos part of the problem is that what’s best for your health (reducing cat dander) may not be best for your cat’s skin.

Use a shampoo that’s too harsh or too drying and it will make matters worse.

This is because some shampoos strip out the natural oils that condition the skin.

Sadly, this makes matters worse because as the skin becomes dry, so it gets flakier.

To better understand how to balance this delicate balance, let’s first consider: What is cat dander?

The answer is…shed skin cells (and makes up part of our household dust!)

Indeed, dust is made up of cat dander and human dander.

Dander is actually old skin cells that have been replaced by fresh plump cells and sloughed away from the surface and are shed into the room.

Indeed, dandruff is pretty much the same thing but on a larger scale.

Dandruff is literally an excessive amount of skin shedding, which come away as larger, younger skin cells.

Why worry about cat dander?

For a start, people can be allergic to it.

Indeed, its dander (including cat saliva and the unique proteins it contains) which is a common allergen for those allergic to cats.

Reducing the amount of cat dander in the environment greatly reduces the risk of allergy, which makes reducing it at source (i.e. the cat!) a great idea.

Then of course there’s the unsightly appearance of skin flakes in fur.

If your cat has dandruff, this makes it even more essential to choose the best cat shampoos for dander or you’ll risk turning a few white flakes into a blizzard.

Of course the best products are often not the cheapest, which can make buying on spec an expensive business.

To take some of the guess work out of deciding what’s best suited to your cat, we’ve carefully selected five of the best products for you to consider.

ProPet Works Oatmeal Pet Wash

This shampoo has so many great features it’s difficult to know where to start.

So let the stats do the talking.

The reason it rates so well is that it does what it says on the label, plus what is doesn’t contain.

For example this is soap-free and does NOT contain artificial fragrances, sulphates, colorings, or harsh chemicals.

The ingredients are selected specifically for their beneficial properties (such as oatmeal for its cleansing and moisturizing properties).

And all the ingredients are organic and natural, which is reassuring for the cat and the planet.

This cleansing and moisturizing shampoo is the benchmark against which others are measured.

It cleanses the coat, leaves skin supple, and the coat feeling soft and silky.

And no-one has a bad word to say about it.

So where next?

Dechra MiconaHex Cat Shampoo

Dechra, a well-known veterinary pharmaceutical company, make this medicated shampoo which can be bought without prescription.

Excess grease, scurf or dander can be a sign of a bacterial or yeast skin infection.

Controlling yeast and getting to grips with the root cause of the problem, requires a medicated shampoo.

For these cats, a regular shampoo helps keep the coat clean but does little else, and the repeated applications necessary can dry the coat.

These cats need something more, such as a gentle medicated shampoo.

Dechra MiconaHex is a best cat shampoo for dander if you suspect your pet has skin health issues.

Giveaway clues to this include a greasy feeling coat, excessive flakiness, or the skin color changing from pink to dark gray.

This medicated product contains active ingredients that control the number of bacteria on the skin’s surface and kills yeast.

But this doesn’t mean you have to worry about the skin drying out, because it also contains ceramides.

These ceramides have powerful moisturizing properties which keep the skin moist and supply, but without greasiness.

It should be said not every cat needs the medical benefits of this shampoo.

However, for those cats with thickened greasy skin and lots of dandruff, this one is a real winner.

It’s an over-the-counter equivalent to much more expensive products retailed through vet clinics.

And pet parents speak with one voice when it comes to effectiveness.

This is a product that can make a radical change to the quality and feel of your cat’s skin and coat.

However, as with any product, there is the occasional pet that seems sensitive to the ingredients, and it caused their skin to become red and inflamed.

Pets are Kids Too Oatmeal Shampoo

Washing a cat helps remove dander.

But repeated washing can be drying on the skin so you enter on a vicious circle of washing to get rid of dander creates yet more dander.

Not so with “Pets are Kids Too” shampoo.

This is a plant-based product made form 100% natural ingredients.

It is detergent and alcohol-free, with the formulation relying on oat proteins, coconut oil, and baking soda for its cleansing and moisturizing properties.

You may want to use this shampoo to cut down on cat dander, but the great news is the best shampoo for dander it also does much more.

This oatmeal shampoo is wonderfully moisturizing.

As pet parents relate, it has a calming and soothing effect on inflamed, reddened skin.

It’s gentle enough for delicate cat skin and also leaves their coat shiny and super-soft.

And if you’re not a fan of synthetic fragrances, have no fear!

The natural oils in this Pets are Kids Too product, have an entirely natural but delicious odor.

Not only is your pet left smelling great, but the scent seems to have a calming effect, which takes the struggle out of bath time for some.

The message that consistently came across from users is that this really works!

Both pet and parent love how it lathers, smells, and how it makes for a soft shiny coat.

The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Shampoo

The Ecology Works have produced a shampoo with beneficial properties for both the pet and their owner.

The anti-allergy formula uses special proteins to help neutralize the allergens that trigger allergies in the cat and their pet parents.

Thus, this product reduces itchiness and inflammation of the cat’s skin and eases their owner’s sneezes.

The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy shampoo reduces the amount and neutralizes the effect of cat dander.

These are the flakes of skin and cat saliva which trigger allergic reactions in people.

Double benefits!

Indeed, several people who used the shampoo on their pet, found they were able to cuddle their fur-friend for the first time, without breaking out in blisters or starting to sneeze.

Although marketed for dogs, the gentle formulation is gentle enough for use on cats.

It gently cleanses the top layers of the skin, harmlessly lifting away old skin cells so they are rinsed away in the bath water.

The moisturizing nature of the product leaves the fur soft and silky to the touch, whilst the skin itself it’s treated to the cat equivalent of a moisturizing treatment.

The way the product works, means it helps to neutralize the dander and thus make it less likely that their pet parents is troubled by allergies.

This product certainly does what it says on the label.

Many satisfied pet parents report how it saved the day.

Some people were so desperate they were on the point of rehoming their pet, because an allergy to pet dander was making their life a misery.

Happily, using this Ecology Works product turned things around.

Now two-leggers and four-leggers can live together in harmony, without constant sneezing or itching.

Oh, and the other great thing about Ecology Works is it leaves the coat smelling wonderful.

In fact, no user had a bad thing to say about this shampoo.

However, before we get totally carried away, be away that if you have a true allergy to pet dander even the best shampoo isn’t the whole answer.

You’ll need to shampoo the cat at least weekly, since the beneficial effects of the product wear off after a few days.

This is no reflection on the product; it’s just how nature works.

Pupkiss Pet Dry Shampoo

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Despite the best on intentions it’s not always possible to commit to bathing the cat regularly to control their dander.

So if excessive dander is a problem, what else can you do to help?

The answer is this effective and convenient dry shampoo from Pupkiss.

This neat idea comes in a pump bottle and doesn’t require water to rinse.

Simply spritz the cat with the product, and then use a clean cloth to work it in well, and brush off.

This shampoo really could be your fairy godmother when it comes to a weekly bath.

Not only is it convenient but it also smells great.

This is a plant-based product, derived from coconut and apple.

It’s also free from some of those chemicals you’d rather not have around your cat, such as sulfates, parabens, phosphates, alcohols or harsh chemicals.

Pupkiss dry shampoo deserves a place in the best cat shampoo for dander because it’s so easy to use.

Indeed, if contact with water has a similar effect on your cat to a Gremlin, then this protect could save you a lot of scratches.

Convenience aside, this dry shampoo actually works. It will relieve cat dander and leave your fur-friend with a delightfully fragranced coat.

However, if your main motivation for shampooing the cat is because you have allergies, then the cleansing and rinsing effects of a full-on bath may still necessary.

But if your desire is to improve the appearance of the cat’s coat and relieve dry skin, then look no further.

When seeking a shampoo to control cat dander, there are several excellent options.

As well as choosing the best cat shampoo for dander, regular brushing and combing also have a part to play.

Regular grooming increases the circulation to the skin, which in turn conditions it and reduces dander formation.

If however, you are allergic to cat dander, and then shampoo can reduce the sneezing.

The act of washing and rinsing, removes that dander that triggers the allergy.

But regular (weekly) washing is required, as new layers of skin (and therefore dander) rise up to the surface.

Washing so frequently has the potential to dry out the cat’s skin, and do the very thing you want to avoid…create dander.

To avoid this look for a mild shampoo that sympathetic to the pH of cat skin.

In addition, avoid shampoos packed with harsh chemicals or strong synthetic scents.

Your ideal cat shampoo is going to put back the moisture that washing takes out, and keeps the cat’s skin in a state of equilibrium.

If your reason for shampooing the cat is to reduce your own allergy, then shampooing is just part of the picture.

Try to vacuum daily, ideally with a machine that has special pet dander filters (HEPA).

These filters are fine enough to trap dander shed in the environment which might otherwise cause your problems.

In addition, keep carpet, rugs, curtains, and soft furnishings to a minimum as these trap cat dander.

Instead, go for laminate flooring, leather sofas, and wipe-clean blinds as a stylish alternative.

It also helps to have an air filtration system in the house (or keep windows open.)

There’s nothing quite like the circulation of fresh, clean air for keeping dander down.

But of all these steps, shampooing your cat to reduce dander is the keystone.

Without it, is like trying to stop a house from flooding but without turning off the faucet.

To keep your allergies under control and give the cat a glossy coat, get the best cat shampoo for dander on your side.

Best Cat Shampoos for Shedding

Cat Shampoos for Shedding

You couldn’t love your cat more, but what happens when your daily vacuuming can’t keep up with his continuous shedding?

If you can’t wear black clothes anymore for fear that someone will mistake you for your cat, it may be time to try something to help slow down his shedding.

You may have luck with one of these best cat shampoos for shedding.

Shedding is a cat’s natural way of getting rid of old, dead hair.

All animals do it, humans included.

Shedding in cats may be a little more pronounced because of the sheer number of hairs that they shed and the fineness of that hair that makes it stick to anything and everything.

While cats usually try to take care of the shedding problem themselves with near constant grooming, sometimes they may need a little help to stay on top of all the lost hair.

Grooming and bathing can help remove some of that old hair and keep it in a more defined location rather than all over your furniture or clothes and keep it out of your cat’s tummy to help prevent hairballs.

If combing and brushing aren’t doing the trick to help slow down the shedding that your feline friend is experiencing, it may be time to look into a cat shampoo meant to help decrease shedding.

How could a shampoo possibly help?

Cat shampoos for shedding work to not only clean your cat’s hair, but they also contain moisturizers and omega fatty acids to help keep the hair follicles hydrated.

A hydrated hair follicle helps prevent brittleness and breaking that can increase the amount of hair shed.

Moisturizing the hair and hair follicle coupled with frequent brushing can decrease the amount of hair you’re seeing on your couch and in your dinner plate.

FURminator Hairball Prevention

FURminator is a brand that is known for cutting down on shedding.

FURminator Hairball Prevention Shampoo is enriched with omega fatty acids, calendula and papaya extract to condition the hair and hair follicle to keep your cat’s hair moisturized and prevent breakage.

It is also paraben and dye free making it safer to use with a pleasing scent.

This monthly shampoo does seem to work to decrease the amount of shedding.

It also helps your cat’s coat feel soft and look shiny and healthy.

When used with other FURminator products like their brushes, combs and waterless spray, your home and wardrobe can maintain a hair-free status.

Bathing cats can be troublesome in itself, even if it’s only a monthly occurrence.

However, when using FURminator Hairball Prevention shampoo, it is recommended to let the lathered product sit on the hair for five to 10 minutes.

This may seem like an eternity when you’re dealing with a wet, cranky kitty and so some cat parents may bypass this important step.

Not using the product as recommended can decrease its efficacy.

Also, the scent can be overpowering for some of us sensitive nose types.

FURminator is a leading brand in shedding reduction and hairball prevention.

Their Hairball Prevention shampoo is one of the best cat shampoos for shedding because the formulation is high in moisturizers to help prevent hair breakage and remove the loose hair, keeping it off your furniture and clothes.

Just be sure to use it according to the labeled recommendations for best results.

As with any bathing, cats tend to shed more in the short term, but the idea is to decrease the amount of hair that is shed in the long run.

Pet Head De Shed Me!! Deshedding Shampoo

Deshedding Shampoo works to help decrease shedding by helping to remove excess hair and by laying down the hair follicles.

It comes in a strawberry lemonade scent that may seem good enough to eat and given that it is paraben, petroleum, and sulfate free, it is safe to do so.

Deshedding Shampoo works best when used twice a week and followed up by the De Shed Me Rinse.

Pet Head De Shed Me!! Deshedding Shampoo really seems to work for most cats.

A lot of old, dead hair comes off immediately in the bath.

Cat parents warn that you should brush or comb your cat immediately once she is dry in order to remove the rest of the loose hair, otherwise it will seem like she is shedding more.

They also really enjoy the strawberry lemonade scent and the softness of their cat’s coat after bathing.

The scent doesn’t seem to last longer than a couple of days following the bath.

This isn’t a big deal as long as your cat’s coat still seems clean and soft.

Also, the recommended use of twice a week can be a bit much for most cats and may even dry out the skin and hair and lead to more shedding.

This shampoo helps to remove the dead hair so it may seem like your cat is shedding more right after using the shampoo, but then the amount of hair shed should decrease.

Pet Head De Shed Me!! Deshedding Shampoo is one of the best cat shampoos for shedding because it does seem to help remove a lot of that old, dead hair that would otherwise find its place on your couch or clothes.

The strawberry lemonade scent is also very pleasing even though it doesn’t last too long.

The recommended use of twice a week might be a little too frequent for most cats and parents, so finding the ideal balance may take some time in order to experience the full effect.

Vet’s Best Waterless Shampoo

If your cat is one of the many that simply won’t tolerate bathing, Vet’s Best Waterless Shampoo might be the ticket for you.

Waterless shampoo means that you don’t have to soak the fur or rinse this product out.

You simply apply it directly to the fur and wipe off any excess, leaving it on to condition.

Vet’s Best Waterless Shampoo helps reduce shedding because it contains aloe vera, vitamin E, oatmeal and other moisturizers to help decrease breakage and condition dry, brittle hair.

Waterless shampoos are by far easier to use than traditional shampoos.

This one from Vet’s Best has the added bonus of the extra conditioners that not only leave your cat’s hair soft and shiny, it can also help decrease shedding.

While this product may be easier to use than traditional shampoos, it also might not work as well at cleaning or preventing shedding.

Rinsing with water is another element that really helps remove that old, dead hair.

Also, the scent of this shampoo, while it’s listed as subtle and pleasing, was anything but to some cats and their parents.

The downside of an unpleasant odor with a waterless shampoo is since the shampoo is left on, the scent lasts a lot longer.

There was a few vomiting issues with this waterless shampoo as well.

But since all of the ingredients are safe, the vomiting most likely was due to taste.

Vet’s Best Waterless Shampoo may be the best choice if your cat is a definite no bath sort of customer.

The extra conditioners provided by the aloe vera, vitamin E and oatmeal can reduce the amount of hair shed by reducing the amount of breakage and brittleness.

Just be sure to continue with a regular brushing or combing regime.

Top Performance Shed Patrol Deshedding Shampoo

This De-Shedding shampoo from Top Performance is chock full of conditioning ingredients to leave your cat’s hair shiny and soft while reducing hair breakage and damage.

Top Performance Shed Patrol De-Shedding Shampoo is formulated with vitamins, wheat germ, and aloe vera to moisturize dry, brittle hair and keep it from breaking.

This cat shampoo for shedding does seem to decrease the amount of hair lost between uses.

It is a heavy conditioner that leaves the hair soft and smooth.

This product is sold as a concentrate, so a little goes a long way.

It is labeled to be used as needed and with the deep conditioning effects, you can use it as little or as often as necessary.

Since this shampoo is so deep conditioning, it may not be best for cats that produce more natural oils.

It’s not as good of a cleanser as other cat shampoos and might not hold up to the greasier hair coats of some cats.

However, it is that deep conditioning that makes it a better shampoo for shedding.

Top Performance Shed Patrol De-Shedding Shampoo would be a good choice for those cats that are in need of frequent bathing.

The deep conditioning of this product make it less drying of the skin and coat and instead help to prevent hair breakage and brittleness.

Because of this, it might not be a good choice if your cat has an excessively greasy coat that needs more of a cleanser.

The concentrated nature of it makes it so that a little lasts a long time to keep your house less hairy for longer.

8 in 1 Products CEOM637 Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control

This Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control cat shampoo is fortified with antioxidants and omega fatty acids to moisturize and reduce shedding and hairballs.

Use this product as much as or as little as you need to clean and condition your cat’s hair coat.

The 8 in 1 Products CEOM637 Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control cat shampoo is one of the best cat shampoos for shedding because it contains all the moisturizing ingredients to keep hair soft and shiny and prevent breakage and brittleness.

It also shouldn’t over-dry your cat’s skin, even with repeated use.

This product doesn’t seem to lather well.

This isn’t a big deal except that most people expect a shampoo that lathers and foams as if to prove that it’s working.

This may lead you to using more product than you really need and stripping your cat’s hair of its natural oils.

The benefit to not lathering is that it does seem to rinse out more easily and not leave that slick feeling that other shampoos can.

As with any shampoo, your cat will shed more after a bath with Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control.

That is because the action of the shampoo and the manual action of washing removes more of the loose hair.

The moisturizing ability of this shampoo should help reduce the amount of shedding in between baths though by preventing breakage and brittleness that can increase shedding.

Just remember that this shampoo doesn’t lather very well, so don’t expect a big, sudsy bath when using it, but it does require less effort to rinse it out when you are finished.

Shedding is a natural process in which your cat gets rid of her old, dead hair to keep her coat looking healthy and shiny.

Nothing can completely stop the shedding process, and you shouldn’t want to anyway.

But there are definitely measures you can take to help decrease the amount of hair that’s shed and to control where that hair goes.

Grooming your cat is the best way to decrease shedding, but adding a de-shedding shampoo can really cut down on shedding, especially if your cat’s hair coat is in need of a little help.

The best cat shampoos for shedding are rich with moisturizing goodness and omega fatty acids to help repair dry, brittle hair that is more likely to shed.

Since cats aren’t usually the most willing bathers, cat shampoos for shedding should also be easy for you to use and have lasting effects.

Most cats will only need bathed once or twice a year to help control odor, while others may need once or twice a month to keep their coat healthy.

Just remember to always thoroughly rinse any cat shampoo out of her coat to prevent skin irritation.

Happy bathing!

Best Cat Shampoos for Allergies

Your poor kitty’s itchy skin is keeping him up all night digging and scratching, maybe his scratching has become so bad that he’s keeping you up as well.

If you’re looking for some relief, try one of these best cat shampoos for allergies to help get his skin hydrated, healthy, and itch-free again.

No matter what the cause of your cat’s skin allergies, using a shampoo formulated specifically for that can help soothe the symptoms.

While it’s best to eliminate the allergen from your cat’s environment, that’s not always feasible.

Cat skin is a very sensitive organ that deserves special treatment, so you need a shampoo that will be able to do that for you.

In order to help relieve allergy symptoms in your cat’s itchy skin, the best shampoo will be gentle and non-irritating.

This means no unnecessary chemicals, fragrances, or harsh cleansers.

The best cat shampoo for allergies will have a simple formula typically with a vegetable based rather than chemical cleanser.

It also helps if the shampoo is conditioning and moisturizing as well to further soothe dry, allergy skin.

If you or someone in your household is experiencing allergies to your cat, using a conditioning shampoo will not only help your cat’s skin, but it can also remove the cat dander that is causing you problems as well.


There are even shampoos for cats that make bath time impossible.

If you know one of these cats, consider using a waterless shampoo.

The rules for these are the same you want a simple formula free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and fragrances.

And you want one that contains moisturizers.

These shampoos just work without dunking your cat in the tub and having to rinse afterward.

Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

This shampoo formulated for dogs and cats has everything we talked about the best cat shampoos for allergies should and shouldn’t have.

It’s a soap, detergent, alcohol, and dye free product.

What is does have is all natural ingredients like aloe and almond oil that help to moisturize and soothe itchy allergic skin.

Not only will this shampoo from Pro Pet Works not irritate your cat’s already sensitive skin, it also won’t irritate sensitive respiratory systems.

The soap and alcohol free formula won’t dry out skin while the natural almond oil helps to moisturize and remove dandruff.

Aloe extract and vitamins will keep your cat’s hair shiny, healthy and tangle free.

This oatmeal shampoo is gentle enough to use as frequently as needed to calm your cat’s itchies.

Some pet parents don’t like the cherry almond fragrance.

While this fragrance is a natural additive and not a chemical, it proves to be too strong for some noses.

Also, some pets still had itchy troubles even with the use of this shampoo.

It’s important to make sure to completely rinse this shampoo from your kitty’s hair in order to prevent excessive drying.

Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo + Conditioner is one of the best cat shampoos for allergies because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, even soap.

It is alcohol, dye, and chemical free.

It does contain natural elements like aloe and almond oil to help soothe dry, itchy skin and clean away dandruff leaving a shiny, healthy hair coat.

If you or your cat are ones that are sensitive to strong smells, this might be too overpowering for you.

Pets Are Kids Too Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo

Another chemical free shampoo, Pets Are Kids Too Oatmeal Anti-itch Shampoo & Conditioner uses oatmeal and baking soda to remove dandruff, dirt, and odor without the use of harsh chemicals.

This shampoo also has added vitamins to moisturize and repair dry and damaged skin.

This shampoo and conditioner from Pets Are Kids Too is a great all natural option for your cats with allergies.

It cleans without the use of chemicals and instead uses baking soda, oatmeal, and coconut oil to clean and refresh your cat’s irritated skin.

It comes with a light oatmeal cookie scent, something we all can enjoy.

The moisturizers and added vitamins help to heal dry, damaged skin and remove dandruff so both you and your cat can be more allergy free.

Some kitties still itched and scratched after using this shampoo.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect treatment out there for skin allergies and some cats are still going to suffer even with all the prevention and treatment available.

Just be sure to use this product as directed and completely rinse it from the hair coat.

Frequent bathing can increase the drying effects so only use as needed for best results.

Pets Are Kids Too Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo & Conditioner is a great option for cats suffering from skin allergies.

The all natural, organic ingredients are safe and chemical free.

This product cleans and removes dandruff all while moisturizing and repairing dry and damaged skin.

The added vitamins help to keep your cat’s skin healthy and strong and their hair coat shiny.

Burt’s Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey

This mild shampoo from Burt’s Bees is nearly 100% natural with no harsh chemicals, dyes, or sulfates.

It is also pH balanced for a cat’s sensitive skin to help prevent excess drying.

The shea butter and honey make it a great moisturizer and leave your cat’s hair shiny and healthy looking.

The gentle cleansing also helps to remove dandruff without causing itchy rashes and reactions.

Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey is a great way to relieve some of your cat’s itchy allergy symptoms.

The natural ingredients gently clean without the use of harsh chemicals that can irritate or dry out already sensitive skin.

The addition of shea butter and honey help to naturally moisturize dry skin while making hair extra shiny and healthy.

Some pet parents and cats alike don’t like the smell.

They complain that their cats won’t even come near when the bottle is open.

While there are no chemical fragrances added, the natural ones may be slightly overpowering making an already difficult job even harder.

If your cat has a sensitive nose, this may not be the right shampoo for you.

This shampoo from Burt’s Bees is mild and gentle enough to use for any kitty.

It is specially formulated to help with skin allergies without causing excess dryness and irritation.

It also works well to remove dandruff to help with human allergies as well.

Just be aware that the strong scent may make some cats hate bath time even more than they did before, so if your cat’s nose is sensitive, you might want to go a different shampoo route.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe

Earthbath makes a soap free shampoo that is all natural to help relieve itching from skin allergies.

It also helps promote skin healing and dandruff removal.

It is a gentle cleanser without any harsh chemicals and uses the soothing effects of oatmeal and aloe to moisturize dry, damaged skin.

Itchy kitties seem to do well with Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe formula.

It is soap free and pH balanced to gently remove dirt and dandruff without excessive drying.

The oatmeal and aloe work fairly well to moisturize and repair dry, damaged skin.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo still irritated some cats.

Skin allergies and excessive itching can be tough to completely conquer even using every treatment under the sun.

Some kitties even developed hot spots after having been bathed in this shampoo.

This means that even though this doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or normal irritants, these animals were still sensitive to some of the ingredients.

Another great soap-free alternative for cats with skin allergies, Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe formula has all the right stuff to help prevent itching and doesn’t contain the more common skin irritants.

As with all shampoos, some kitties are still going to have problems with their skin after using this product, just be sure to use it as labeled and to rinse it completely from the hair coat.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe is one of the best cat shampoos for allergies because it is chemical free and contains natural, necessary moisturizers to help heal and soothe itchy irritated skin.

Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray

This all natural anti itch spray from Bodhi Dog uses plant based cleansers.

It is alcohol free and vitamin enriched to reduce drying of the skin and boost your cat’s natural skin immunity.

The oatmeal and baking soda remove dirt and odors while soothing itchy skin and decreasing irritation from allergens.

This anti itch spray can be used on a wide variety of animals.

It is great for sensitive skin but does help reduce inflammation.

Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray uses baking soda to deodorize as well as prevent fungal or bacterial skin infections.

It can be used all over your kitty or as a spot treatment for specific itchy areas.

This oatmeal spray doesn’t require the use of water so it’s perfect for those hard to bathe cats or when you don’t have time for a full bath.

The light apple scent is also pleasing and can be calming.

This product doesn’t work for everyone.

Some cat’s still itched even immediately after spraying the product on their skin.

Unfortunately, skin allergies can be a challenging issue and some cats won’t get relief no matter how powerful the shampoo.

Just be sure to use this product as directed to help treat itchy skin issues in your feline friend.

Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray is a great waterless option for cats with skin allergies.

It helps to clean and deodorize your cat’s hair coat naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

The use of oatmeal and baking soda also works as a natural antiseptic to help prevent skin infections from scratching.

Use this product as a full body treatment or as an as needed spot treatment to help decrease itching and promote skin health and shine.

This product also comes in a shampoo and conditioner form if you prefer.

Finding the best cat shampoo for allergies can help relieve some of your cats incessant and uncomfortable itching and scratching.

A mild, gentle formula is best at doing this, but it’s especially important to find one that is free from chemicals and unnecessary dyes and fragrances.

Your kitty will appreciate some of the soothing effects of conditioners and moisturizers as well.

Bathing your cat doesn’t have to be hard.

If you prefer not to go through that struggle, consider a waterless shampoo alternative.

They provide the same benefits as regular shampoo but without the need to wet her down.

Just be aware that you may need to use these more frequently for the same benefit.

Using a cat shampoo for allergies is a great way to provide some temporary relief from itching and scratching.

It can also be a way to help reduce your allergies to your cat.

However, the best way to treat allergies is to completely remove the offending substance from your cat’s environment when possible.

Best Natural Cat Shampoos

It stands to reason that what we put on the fur and the skin of our pets should be as natural as possible.

Applying shampoos filled with chemicals, fragrances and additives could potentially cause irritation for sensitive cats.

The best natural cat shampoos will be well tolerated and will also effectively clean the cat’s fur, while maintaining their natural oils.

Cats should not be bathed too often as to do so can strip them of their oils and leave their fur looking lacklustre and dry.

Cats are independent pets that can generally keep themselves clean without interference.

At times, a bath can be inevitable, such as when a cat manages to cover themselves in something unpleasant, such as mud or diarrhea.

Equally, over time, some cats will develop a greasy coat, particularly if they are not grooming themselves as effectively as they should.

As well as bathing cats in natural cat shampoos, we can help them maintain a healthy coat by ensuring they are fed a nutritious diet high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and by brushing them regularly.

On top of this, some cats will benefit from skin and coat supplements supplied by their veterinarian.

Some cats will abhor water and baths and to bathe them can be quite the challenge.

Easing them in to the process through the use of a dry shampoo or a sponge bath can be a good place to start.

If a bath is necessary, be patient with them and gradually introduce them to the water, rewarding any calm behaviour and taking a step back if they become nervous.

Thankfully, there are cats out there (particularly the oriental breeds) that love water and can even come to enjoy ‘bath time’.

In fact, some owners may have to lock the door behind them if they want to avoid a furry creature joining them in the tub!

Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Cats

One of the best natural cat shampoos available on the market, this product from the popular manufacturer Burt’s Bees is a favourite of many thanks to its pleasant fragrance and the all-natural ingredients used.

Unlike other shampoos which can strip away important moisturising oils, this product can soften skin and condition the coat, leaving it shiny and smooth.

With no colorants, essential oils or fragrances, this pH balanced Burt’s Bees shampoo is well tolerated by even the most sensitive of cats.

Importantly, there are no ingredients that would be harmful to the cat if ingested.

Of course, eating or licking of this product is not advised and cats should be thoroughly rinsed and dried after every application.

Use this cleansing shampoo by applying it liberally to the fur, avoiding the sensitive face area.

Gently massage the shampoo around the body, using a comb if necessary to tease through any tangles or small mats.

After a short period, gently rinse the suds with some warm water.

A small jug may be useful, being careful to avoid the eyes and ears.

Once the cat’s body is completely rinsed and there are no more bubbles, use a towel to dry your kitty while they sit on your lap.

With honey, beeswax and shea butter, this moisturising shampoo is the ideal choice for cats with pre-existing dry skin or dandruff.

However, do not bathe these cats too often.

Instead, bathe only when needed and groom them using a cat brush in between baths.

Using ‘nature’s power’, the finest all-natural ingredients come together to create a pleasant and beneficial bathing experience that your cat may just grow to love!

Botani Vet Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo

More and more we are understanding the tremendous potential that honey has and have begun using it in bathing products for both humans and animals.

This organic oil and Manuka honey shampoo is the one of the best natural cat shampoos that has been formulated by veterinary dermatologists.

A mild shampoo that is free of any harsh chemicals such as sulphates or alcohols, this is a non-irritant cleaning solution especially targeted at those cats with skin irritation, itchiness or dryness.

Manuka honey is renowned for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and other medicinal properties.

Indeed, it is often used on wounds and burns to aid in healing and prevent infection.

This particular honey is of a high-quality and harvested from as far afield as the forests of New Zealand.

As well as all-natural honey, this shampoo contains ingredient such as coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil, all coming together to create a unique and powerful bathing experience.

For skin in need of soothing, the organic aloe vera contained can help to settle it and also reduces levels of pruritus.

Ideally, this shampoo should be applied and then left on the fur for several minutes to allow it to work effectively.

If this is not possible (for example, with an unhappy cat), simply leave it on for as long as the cat will tolerate.

To help improve a cat’s patience, consider slow-feeding treats while they are in the tub!

A product that is certified to USDA standards, you can rest-assured that you are using only the best for your pampered prince or princess.

All of the ingredients are 100% natural as well as being eco-friendly, meaning you can sleep with a clean conscience, knowing you have made a responsible purchase.

There is a pleasant berry fragrance that is released when lathering, created from a natural blend of citrus, lavender and mint oils.

This mild scent is well-tolerated by cats, who do not appreciate strong aromas or perfumes.

Top tip: For those cats that detest bath time, consider easing them in with a sponge bath.

This way, they do not have to get completely wet and may enjoy the ‘massaging’ experience.

Consider focusing on their problem areas to reduce the time spent in the bath.

Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Pet Wash

This versatile shampoo has been approved by vets for use on a number of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets, making it an adaptable product and a good purchase for multi-pet households.

With no strong perfume, your pets will be left smelling fresh and clean.

As well as cleansing and deodorising, this shampoo can also help with detangling.

For tangled fur, or small areas of matting, apply the shampoo and create a lather.

After that, use a wide-toothed comb to tease the fur until it straightens.

By detangling in this manner, you should need to use less force and pulling, meaning animals are not as uncomfortable as they may be during a dry de-matt.

As with the other all-natural shampoos on our list, this product is 100% free from harsh chemicals and contains soothing and healing ingredients including coconut and almond oil which allow the skin to restore itself.

The detergent is soap-less and aloe-enriched, though still manages to produce a good lather consistently, creating a bathing experience that calms skin rather than irritates it.

The added vitamins A, D & E can contribute to skin protection and the maintenance of a glossy coat.

This company specifically markets their shampoo at those pets with allergies such as flea allergies, and indeed, bathing can often help to heal dermatitis.

Owners should remember that if the skin is broken, excessively itchy or appears infected, on top of bathing, most animals will benefit from some veterinary prescribed medication, such as antibiotics or strong anti-itch medicines.

Olive and Suds 100% Natural Pet Shampoo

We just love this unscented pet shampoo from Olive & Suds that comes in a slim 8 fl oz bottle.

Made purposefully for kitties, this non-toxic shampoo has been tried and tested by both veterinarians and groomers alike.

As the formula is ultra-concentrated, a small amount goes a long way.

Be cautious the first time you use this powerful liquid, as you may find you produce more bubbles than required!

This efficient cleanser lasts a long time, meaning better value for money.

Many cats tolerate un-fragranced shampoos better as they find it odd to suddenly smell different to how they normally do.

Some can find it disconcerting to smell different after a bath and may even go around the house trying to rub themselves on things that smell more like them; often making themselves dirtier than they were in the first place!

A hypoallergenic formulation, there are no ingredients that your furry feline should react and this product is safe to use on those suffering with allergic dermatitis or other allergies such as food allergies.

With organic coconut oil, olive and jojoba oils, your cat’s coat is left feeling silky and looking glossy.

Underneath, their skin is moisturised, further adding to their natural skin barrier and reducing the risk of infection.

If bathing your precious one for the very first time, do not overfill the tub, instead just covering the bottom with a shallow layer of water.

Have a second person with you to reassure the cat and feed them their favourite treats as you gently and slowly bathe them.

Most cats prefer jugs or mugs of water to the shower nozzle, which can be loud and intimidating.

Ensure that all of the shampoo is completely rinsed and then dry with a soft, abrasive towel.

Never be tempted to use a hairdryer, as a high proportion of cats are scared of them.

Pup Kiss No Rinse Dry Pet Shampoo

We couldn’t compose a list of the best natural cat shampoos without including at least one waterless option!

Dry shampoos are becoming more popular and are a great alternative for those kitties that are petrified of water, no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise.

They are also a wonderful solution for those owners who just don’t have the time to undertake a full bath and need to ‘spruce up’ their pet quickly.

Sure, dry shampoos are not the best option for cats that are very dirty, but they certainly help to control odour and are a superb ‘in-between’ option.

This natural, plant-based cleaner is derived from coconut and apple and ensures a fast clean without the water.

The pleasant fragrance is mild and not at all overpowering.

Not only do these natural ingredients clean the skin and fur, they also nourish the coat, ensuring it looks and feels great.

To use, simple spray the whole cat or the areas that you wish to focus on and then rub the area using a clean, soft cloth.

Afterwards, brush the fur through and voilá!

Using plant-based ingredients and avoiding irritable detergents and chemicals, this waterless shampoo is safe to use on itchy or irritable skin and is almost as effective as a regular shampoo.

While not many of us look forward to our cat’s bath time with glee, we may start to enjoy the experience a little more once we are equipped with some of the best natural cat shampoos.

Too often, owners use shampoos packed with harsh chemicals and inappropriate ingredients which do more harm than good.

Strong-fragranced shampoos can act as an irritant and cats find the smell that ‘follows them around’ to be stressful.

For most felines, all-natural, organic shampoos are both better-tolerated and better for them.

While it’s true that many cats can keep themselves clean without the need for baths, some will need our assistance every now and then.

Whether an episode of gastroenteritis has caused some local soiling or our darling kitty has managed to roll in some mud or fox poo while outside, by having a natural shampoo on stand-by, we can assure we are always prepared for any situation.

For other kitties, regular baths may be medically-indicated.

For example, those with skin allergies or dry skin may require baths to provide them with essential oils and soothe any irritated areas.

Always discuss this with your veterinarian beforehand to ensure that you purchase the most appropriate shampoo for your cat and use it at the interval that is best-suited to them.

Best Cat Shampoos for Long Hair

Cat Shampoos for Long Hair

Any of you cat parents out there with long hair know that it can be a little high maintenance.

The same is true for your cat’s long hair.

Long hair is more likely to tangle, snarl, and mat.

Long hair can also leave larger shed piles on your living room carpet.

When it comes to managing your cat’s long hair, the right shampoo goes a long way, so we’re here to help you find the best cat shampoo for long hair.

Soft, silky hair is less likely to tangle and knot, dry, brittle hair is more likely to break and shed.

Select your cat shampoo with this in mind.

You’ll want one that’s a great conditioner to moisturize the hair to prevent breakage and mats.

It can sometimes be a fine line between having too much or too little conditioning.

Too heavy of a conditioner can leave your cat’s hair feeling greasy.

On that note, the best cat shampoos for long hair are also effective cleansers.

Long hair can trap natural skin oils leaving your cat feeling greasy.

You’ll want a shampoo that will cut the grease without stripping too much of the natural oil.

Too much can lead to dry hair and skin.

Long hair also tends to be a magnet for stuff, mainly weeds, mud, sap, and other sticky substances so you’re going to want a strong cleanser that will help with that.

Also, a proper conditioner will leave the hair shiny, soft and slick to help prevent unwanted substances from becoming tangled in your cat’s long hair.

Finally, long haired cats can be bathed as often as once a week if need be.

Since bathing a cat isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, your cat included, you might opt for a waterless shampoo that keeps you from having to get your cat wet.

Most waterless shampoos spray or rub into your cat’s hair where they absorb dirt and oils, condition and then are easily wiped off.

This may be a good option for the less dirty types of long haired cats, but they might not be effective enough in some cases.

Earthbath Mango Tango 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

This gentle, all natural shampoo and conditioner is soap, paraben, and phosphate free so that it won’t overly dry your cat’s skin or coat.

It’s also biodegradable.

Earthbath Mango Tango 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo works to gently clean and detangle even long hair and leaves your cat’s coat soft, clean, and shiny.

This combination of shampoo and conditioner saves you a step when bathing your cat.

The shampoo gently cleans her hair to remove dirt, dander, and excess oil while the conditioner helps to smooth and hydrate dry, coarse hair.

Softer, clean, smooth hair is harder to tangle than dry, dirty hair.

It also has a nice scent to appease both humans and animals.

Some kitties had reactions to this shampoo.

Even though it contains all natural ingredients, some of the added fragrances or something could be an irritant.

If your kitty has sensitive skin to fragrances or dyes, this might not be the right shampoo for you.

Also, some pet parents found the scent overwhelmingly sweet.

It’s all a matter of preference.

Earthbath Mango Tango 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo is one of the best cat shampoos for long hair because the conditioning formula helps to detangle hair while it cleans.

It leaves hair soft and shiny which makes it harder to knot, mat, and attract unwanted foreign objects.

This shampoo is also gentle enough to remove excess skin oils without completely stripping the hair and causing excessive drying.

When used correctly this shampoo can prevent tangles and keep your long-haired cat looking shiny and healthy.

Just be aware that it has been known to cause irritation in cats with sensitive skin so testing on a small area is recommended.

Doggie Fresh Tearless Cleansing Dog & Cat Shampoo

Doggie Fresh makes a sulfate and paraben free gentle shampoo to help moisturize and detangle the coats of long haired kitties.

This shampoo won’t irritate eyes either and has a fresh scent that isn’t overpowering.

This shampoo lathers well and rinses out without a lot of effort making bath time easier for both you and your cat.

Cat parents love the way Doggie Fresh Tearless, De-tangling Shampoo leaves their cat’s hair soft and shiny.

The moisturizing ability of this shampoo helps to detangle long hair and keep it from matting and snarling.

The rich lather helps you get this gentle cleanser through the long hair and down to the skin to remove excess oil.

It rinses out easily to prevent irritation to sensitive skin.

It really isn’t irritating to your kitty’s eyes so you can wash his little mustache without having to worry as much about getting soap in his eyes.

Since we all have different opinions on what smells good to us some people are bound to find any scented product to be too much, which is exactly the case with this shampoo.

Some cat parents find the scent overwhelming and said their cats didn’t like it either.

Some said they found the scent light and pleasant, so it’s hard to say.

If you or your cat tend to have a sensitive nose, you might want to do a sniff test first.

Doggie Fresh Tearless, De-Tangling Gentle Cleansing Dog & Cat Shampoo is a gentle, yet effective way to clean your long haired friend.

The moisturizing benefits of this shampoo will help remove and prevent tangles and the consistency will help you work the lather down to the skin.

The ability to easily rinse this product out of your cat’s hair is also a huge benefit since you want to make bath time easier and you don’t want to risk leaving any shampoo in the hair that could irritate your kitty’s skin.

FURminator De-tangling Ultra Premium Shampoo

If your long haired kitty has extra trouble with tangles and mats, FURminator De-tangling Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner products may be the ones for you.

These products are paraben and dye free to be less irritating.

They contain mango butter, aloe, and calendula to be naturally moisturizing.

FURminator De-tangling Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner are meant to be used monthly as part of the FURminator At Home Professional Grooming Regimen.

This shampoo is one of the best cat shampoos for long hair because the moisturizing ability leaves hair soft, shiny, and slick to help remove and prevent mats and snarls.

FURminator De-tangling Ultra Premium Shampoo also lathers well making it easy to get deep down through all that long hair to the skin to remove excess oil.

Both products rinse away easily so you don’t have to work too hard to keep your kitty’s skin from being irritated.

A downside to these products is you have to use both the shampoo and conditioner for best results.

This means an extra step when you’re bathing your feline friend.

These products are also part of the FURminator Grooming Regimen so they work best when used as recommended by that program.

Some of us might not have the time to do this monthly program, but I think the shampoo and conditioner could still have some benefits when used separately as needed.

FURminator De-tangling Ultra Premium Shampoo and Conditioner work well for long haired kitties because they both provide great moisturizing power to keep hair soft and slick so that it is less likely to tangle.

It also provides a gentle cleaning ability that is easily lathered and rinsed to help streamline bath time.

Sapphire Green Earth Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

Sapphire Green Earth Pet Shampoo and Conditioner is a safe and gentle way to add shine and softness to your kitty’s coat.

It is made from all natural, organic ingredients and free from petroleum and animal by-products.

This shampoo and conditioner combo has an added bonus of naturally repelling fleas and ticks.

For long haired kitties, Sapphire Green Earth Pet Shampoo and Conditioner should help their coat be soft and shiny.

The softness will help prevent mats and tangles and the shine will make her look healthy.

This gentle cleanser also contains olive oil to hydrate and moisturize the skin to prevent dandruff without giving that greasy appearance.

The addition of essential oils like lemongrass helps to repel fleas and ticks so that you don’t have to use harsh flea and tick medications.

Some kitties had skin reactions to this product.

These cats were most likely sensitive to the essential oils or other herbal ingredients.

So if your kitty has sensitive skin, this may not be the best shampoo for you.

Also, be sure to follow the directions on the label and completely rinse this product from your cat’s hair to help prevent dryness and irritation.

Sapphire Green Earth Pet Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best cat shampoos for long hair because it is all natural and gentle enough to be used everyday.

It also helps to nourish your cat’s hair with the essential vitamins, antioxidants, coconut oil, and other herbal extracts to leave hair soft and shiny to prevent tangles and matting.

The bonus of repelling fleas and ticks is a nice touch so that you won’t have to use chemical medications.

True Blue Easy Detangling Spray

Okay, so this one isn’t a shampoo, but it is a great product to use on long haired cats.

True Blue Easy Comb Detangling Spray is a product to follow up to a bath to add a little extra moisturizer to prevent tangles and mats.

You can also use it before any grooming session to make your job easier as well.

True Blue Easy Comb Detangling Spray is paraben, phosphate, and detergent free so it shouldn’t cause irritation or tears.

True Blue Easy Comb Detangling Spray is a great addition to your long hair grooming arsenal.

Not only does it make hair softer and silkier to help prevent tangles, it also contains aloe and lavender to help soothe irritated skin.

This product has a natural, light scent thanks to the lavender which shouldn’t overpower you or your cat’s sensitive nose.

This detangling spray from True Blue doesn’t work on all mats.

It works best at preventing mats and tangles rather than removing them once they are there.

It also works best when used with other True Blue products like the shampoo.

This also isn’t a replacement for regular grooming.

You will still need to brush your cat’s long hair coat to truly keep it tangle free, this spray will just help prevent tangles in between brushings.

True Blue Easy Comb Detangling Spray is a great product for preventing mats and tangles in long hair.

It works by conditioning and moisturizing the hair so that it is soft and slippery to keep it from clinging together.

This all natural formula is gentle and won’t cause irritation to your cat’s skin.

Instead it will help decrease dandruff and leave a soft, silky coat.

Shampoos for your long haired kitty should be moisturizing above all.

Soft, silky hair is harder to tangle and cause matting.

Long hair also tends to get a greasy buildup when not properly cleaned, so the shampoo that you choose should be gentle yet effective.

This list of the best cat shampoos for long hair keeps these factors in mind.

All of these products are gentle yet moisturizing to leave hair softer and shinier than before.

Shampoos on this list are also easy to use to help streamline bath time to make it more enjoyable for you and your kitty.

Most of these cleansers easily lather to make the cleaning process more efficient and they rinse out of the hair quickly so that you won’t spend hours trying to rid your cat of the suds that can lead to skin dryness and irritation.

Most of them have an enjoyable scent as well.

Hopefully both you and your cat can agree on one of these shampoo products for her long hair.

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