Best Cat Harnesses for Traveling

5 Best Cat Harnesses for Traveling

Not only do we as pet owners have a desire to bring our cats travelling with us and allow them to see the world and come along on our adventures, we also feel the need to do so safely and securely.

Read this article to discover the best cat harnesses for travelling, and Felix and you will be road-tripping in style in no time at all!

There’s nothing more dangerous than a loose cat in a car, wandering freely and getting tangled in seat belts and seat covers.

There’s a real risk of a driver becoming distracted and taking their eyes off the road, potentially leading to a crash.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat harnesses for traveling:

Stopping sharply or turning widely can throw the cat forward, leading to serious injury.

Ensuring your cat is tightly secured within the car can give you the peace of mind that you can drive safely, even when you’re the only one in the car.

With a well-fitted harness, your cat will be comfortable and can enjoy the trip without being bumped along.

While some owners will choose to have their cat in a carrier for travelling, this is not a good option for every cat as some cats find being inside a carrier or cage a very distressing experience.

These cats appreciate having the freedom to be able to see where they’re going and to not feel enclosed.

For many kitties, this allows them to arrive at their destination in a good mood after their stress-free journey.

Its paramount that the harness be easy to fit and adjustable; offering a pleasant experience for both you and your kitty.

Many harnesses can be attached to a lead; a handy feature if you will then be walking your cat, whether they are off to their vets or headed to the groomers.

The 5 Best Cat Harnesses for Traveling Reviews

1. Henweit Car Travel Safety Cover with Harness

Henweit Car Booster Seat for Dog Cat - Car Travel Safety Seat Cover with Belt Harness
Available at Amazon

Possibly the best cat harness for travelling on the market today, we love the simplicity of this sleek option from Henweit.

This harness seat comes in a variety of snazzy colours, including blue, red and grey.

The water-proof fabric from which it is made is machine-washable, allowing for quick cleaning after any accidents or to simply freshen up in between car rides.

The Oxford cloth material is durable and resistant to scratch and bite marks and is also non-sticky, ensuring any loose fur is less likely to cake on.

For multi-pet households, this is a versatile harness that can actually be used by small dogs too; perfect for those larger families.

As all of the straps are adjustable, you can simply tighten or loosen the fittings depending on which animals is to be transported inside on the day.

We love that this product can be folded down when not in use, allowing for easy storage under a car seat or in the boot.

As animals are harnessed inside a box, they will feel extra secure: the perfect option for those anxious cats who dislike travelling and like to hide away in small spaces.

However, while still secured inside, their head is still free to peek through the roof so they have the freedom to look out if they so wish.

There is even a pocket at the front of the box with a zip which allows you to store additional things inside, such as leashes or treats.

This product can be used in either front or back seats and will fit in any vehicle. It’s quick and easy to set-up, slotting into position in just seconds.

Why not allow your pet to travel in both style and security on their next car ride?

2. Mesh Harness with Padded Vest for Cats

INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest for Puppy and Cats No Choke Design Ventilation Gift with Leash
Available at Amazon

If you like your cat to look stylish at all times, this is the harness for them.

Bright red, cobalt blue and baby pink are just a few of the colours available for this fashionable harness and we just love the mesh material from which it’s made and the cute paw logo on the front.

Not only is the mesh material chic, it is also breathable and allows pets to keep cool in warm weather or inside the car.

Purchasers should not worry about the durability or resilience of the mesh as it is made to be strong.

Once buckled into place this harness will stay on and won’t open again until you press the fasteners to release.

As well as the body harness, you will also receive a leash and seat belt, ensuring you are set up for any travel eventuality that comes your way.

There is a handy size chart online allowing you to pick the optimum fit for your kitty and ensuring that they will be comfortable when wearing it.

The sturdy D ring on the top of the harness makes it easy to attach any lead in order to bring your cat for a stroll.

This design is far safer than attaching a lead to a neck collar, which most cats will not tolerate and which many can escape from, by wriggling their way out.

The harness is designed in such a way that it does not put pressure on the neck, instead distributing it safely over the chest.

This is the perfect design for transport in the car in case of any sudden stops or sharp turns.

It’s little wonder that this harness from DogJog is the best rated cat harness for travelling; owners just love it!

3. Gauterf Escape Proof Cat Harness

Cat Harnesses and Puppy Harness with Leashes Set, Escape Proof Cat Harness
Available at Amazon

For the pampered princes and princesses out there, this harness offers real luxury.

Though it comes in eight colour varieties, we love the hot pink for girls and the dark blue for boys.

The corduroy material is soft and breathable on the inside though still manages to be tough and weather resistant on the exterior.

Lovely and padded, this is a comfortable harness that does not snag the skin or put any pressure on your cat’s neck or chest.

Though durable, this is a lightweight harness; perfect for even the most petite kitty.

While it comes in a variety of sizes, the majority of cat owners should go for the ‘small’ option, however do consult the size chart online before buying.

Our favourite features of this travel harness are the reflective strips, which ensure high visibility and are particularly useful at night time or during dawn and dusk.

It’s critical that if your cat decides to suddenly run on the road that they are seen as quickly as possible, and the eye-catching nature of the reflective strip allows for superior visibility when its needed most.

Purchasers should be aware that the manufacturer does not recommend machine-washing this product; which may be a sticking point for some.

While hand-washing may take extra time, we feel you will love this product so much that you will be willing to make that small sacrifice!

The D rings and buckles on this harness are good-quality and are rust-proof as well, ensuring you can rest easy when walking your cat in the rain.

4. PetSafe Harness

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Harness for Cats
Available at Amazon

The perfect item to bring along with you and your cat on your travels, this fun bungee lead and harness from Petsafe is a great option.

Unlike many other products on the market, this harness has been specifically designed for cats and does not double as a ‘small dog and cat harness’ so you can rest assured it will be a good fit to your feline’s body.

It is also adjustable, meaning even if your cat grows or you would like to use it for more than one cat, this is a great choice.

Any pressure that is applied is done so over the shoulders rather than the chest or throat, ensuring no potential choking hazard and no unnecessary force going across your kitty’s chest.

One of the main frustrations with walking a cat is their inability to walk smoothly!

With many cats, they will move frantically, running quickly and then coming to abrupt stops.

This is where the Petsafe harness and bungee lead really come into their own; the bungee material cushioning the force of any sudden stops and allowing your kitty to come to a gentle standstill once they have reached the end of the lead.

With this product, you can be in control of your cat’s outdoor travels and ensure that they are safe and comfortable at all times.

It provides added security when in the car and then allows for easy ‘pit-stops’ when your kitty needs to stretch its legs during the journey.

Some traditional harnesses will result in cats walking in a stilted or unnatural motion as they feel that they are unable to move as normal and sense that they are being restrained.

The beauty of this shoulder harness is that they have the freedom to move freely and will walk and run as if attached to nothing at all.

5. Ruri’s Cat Jeans Jacket

Ruri's Cat Jeans Jacket Harness Vest with Matching Lead Leash Set
Available at Amazon

Okay, okay, so this may not look like your traditional cat harness and may not be to everybody’s taste, but we just couldn’t leave this delectable denim option off the list!

How fun is this jacket from Ruri’s Cat?

It even comes with a matching lead so you know your cat will be the talk of the local cat café!

We don’t like being the same as everyone else or being caught in the same outfit, so why should it be any different for our cat?

This is a unisex item available in a faded blue colour that will always be in fashion.

The soft material not only provides a ridiculously cute photo opportunity but is also a comfortable harness that cats will enjoy wearing.

As it opens up, this makes it simple to both put on and take off.

The Velcro straps are a great idea, allowing for a flexible though secure fit.

As there is always a concern of a cat bolting if they get scared or see a bird or squirrel, its reassuring to know that the Velcro straps and denim material offer enough security to ensure you cat won’t escape from the harness and lead.

Cats feel comfortable when inside the soft material and are happy to keep this harness on for as long as is necessary without squirming.

While some owners have chosen to buy this harness as a Halloween costume or fancy-dress item, there is no reason it can’t be used as a stylish every-day harness.

Who knows, perhaps if you have some denim jeans or a jacket, you and your kitty could be matching for the day!


So, there you have it folks, five of the very best cat harnesses for travelling.

Whether you are looking for a harness that makes your cat stand out from the crowd, or perhaps car travel security is your number one concern, there is a harness above for you and your cat.

Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours there certainly is something for everyone.

We understand that every cat is unique, and our moggies come in many different sizes, so have been sure to include a wide range of products that should suit every cat from the most petite kitten to the chunkiest marmalade Garfield out there.

Choose from a harness seat or a body harness, depending on your preference and your travel needs.

All harnesses come with a fastening option; perfect for either attachment to a safety belt when in the car or a pet lead when out and about.

We think the ‘Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness’ is the best option for walking boisterous or flighty cats, while the ‘Henweit Car Travel Safe Cover with Harness’ is the most sensible for long car journeys.

All of the harnesses listed above are practical, comfortable and fashionable, giving you the reassurance that your cat will be both secure on its travels and will be able to move freely when inside the harness.

Once you’ve found the perfect harness, there’ll be nothing stopping you and your best buddy from conquering the world together!

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