Best Cat Foods for Siamese Cats

The 5 Cat Foods for Siamese Cats with Sensitive Stomach

It is well known to both veterinarians and cat owners alike, that the Siamese cat is more prone than most to a sensitive stomach.

Whatever it is about the genetics of these attractive, oriental felines, that are more likely to develop gastrointestinal upsets throughout their life.

This is why having the best food for Siamese cats with sensitive stomachs available is so essential if you own a purebred Siamese.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Siamese Cats with Sensitive Stomach

Product nameQuality
Hill’s Sensitive Stomach and SkinB
Royal Canin Adult Complete Cat Food for SiameseA-
Proplan Hypoallergenic Dry Cat FoodA-
Royal Canin Digest Sensitive StomachA
Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Cat FoodA+

Bouts of gastroenteritis may be brought on by stress, change in diet, parasites or infections.

Some Siamese cats will also have food sensitivities and allergies, meaning they are more likely to react to everyday ingredients within cat food that other cats can eat without issue.

Sometimes, allergy tests can be performed to determine the cause of the sensitive stomach, if it is indeed dietary related.

While there are particular prescription medications that may help some afflicted cats (such as corticosteroids and antibiotics), for many, diet is the mainstay of their therapy and can ensure they stay in good health throughout their life.

Chronic bouts of vomiting and diarrhea are not only a nuisance and hassle to clean up, they can also be associated with a cat that is failing to thrive, cannot keep itself in good condition and has a lacklustre coat and eyes.

A feline that is consistently unwell and is not absorbing the essential nutrients from their food is more susceptible to further illnesses and is not living their life to its full potential.

As Siamese cats are one of the most popular pedigree cat breeds, there are a number of diets on the market tailored specifically to them and their needs.

For many, an ‘off the shelf’ generic supermarket cat food just won’t cut it, and they require a specific food source to keep them and their gut in tip top shape.

Hill’s Sensitive Stomach and Skin

The best food for Siamese cats with sensitive stomachs, Hill’s veterinary recommended dry kibble is the ideal choice for those cats prone to upset bellies.

Not only is this diet specifically formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs, it also encourages the growth of a shiny coat and supports healthy skin.

This food provide complete nutrition so does not need to be topped up with any wet foods or additives.

It is easy to digest and perfectly balanced to ensure your Siamese is receiving the exact proteins, vitamins and minerals required.

The average 8lb Siamese cat only requires 45g of this nutrient dense food each day.

The added Vitamin C and Vitamin E support a healthy immune system, while the Omega six fatty acids contained provide nourishment for skin and coat, resulting in fur that is soft and shiny.

As this food does contain ingredients such as rice, corn, gluten and oats, it is not suitable for cats with food allergies, who should instead be fed a hypoallergenic diet.

The 34% protein content is more than adequate for the active, inquisitive cat; even those who like to run around outdoors and spend lots of time exploring.

Similarly, the 22% fat content is more than enough to keep energetic cats in good shape.

However, this relatively high fat content would not be suitable for kitties on a low-fat diet, for example, those that are prone to bouts of pancreatitis.

Instead, these cats should be fed a suitable low-fat food source.

While this is the ideal food for adult cats with sensitive stomachs, it is not appropriate for kittens, pregnant cats or lactating mothers.

We really love the fact that with every purchase of this food, you are contributing towards the care of shelter animals, as Hill’s generously provides shelters with thousands of pet meals every day.

Royal Canin Adult Complete Cat Food for Siamese

Probably the best food for Siamese cats with a sensitive stomach, Royal Canin have made this complete adult food specifically for our beloved Siamese kitties.

You may ask why the Siamese breed require a specific diet.

Well, good question!

This food is particularly suited to the Siamese because of the shape of the kibble, the ingredients which are tailored towards cats with G.I and urinary issues and the composition of the food which is ideal if aiming for a lean body condition and glossy coat.

The biscuits are tube-shaped, meaning it is easy for the Siamese to grasp and manipulate them in its mouth, despite the narrowness of its jaw.

This shape also promotes chewing, encouraging good dental hygiene and preventing food from being bolted, which can lead to gas and stomach cramps.

Gastrointestinal health promotion is essential for the Siamese cat, and not only is this food highly digestible, it also contains prebiotics to promote a healthy gut flora and prevent diarrhea and malabsorption of nutrients.

This can reduce the incidence of both vomiting and diarrhea.

With an impressive 38% protein and only 16% fat, this food promotes a lean body condition and high muscle mass; perfect to maintain the elegant silhouette of the Siamese.

The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as the specific vitamins and amino acids contained, contribute towards soft, healthy fur.

The average, indoor cat weighing roughly 8lbs requires only around 40g of food and should not require any supplements.

Wet food should not be added to this diet.

Maintaining your Siamese on a dry kibble only diet will encourage healthy gums and prevent the build-up of plaque and calculus.

As you can purchase this dry food in bags ranging from 400g to 10kg, there is a size to suit every household.

Proplan Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food

As a large proportion of our Siamese kitties have suspected or diagnosed food allergies, it is essential to include a hypoallergenic food on this list.

While other foods can be useful for cats with sensitive stomachs, only hypoallergenic diets will have any positive and lasting effects on cats with true food allergies.

Food allergies can cause a range of symptoms include itchy skin, hives, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss.

While there are a variety of medications that can ease the symptoms, only once your cat has been switched on to a hypoallergenic or anallergenic diet will they be free from the associated signs.

The majority of cats can be managed with diet alone and do not require any medication once they have been on their new diet for several weeks.

When starting the diet, it is essential that all family members are aware of the cat’s new requirements, and that no-one is feeding them any additional foods, treats or cat milk.

The diet is sure to fail if it is being supplemented unnecessarily along the way!

While feeding one food source alone may seem restrictive, this is a complete diet that more than meets your Siamese cat’s nutritional requirements.

The single protein source within this food has been broken down so small (hydrolysed) that it won’t be detected by the body and so will not cause a reaction.

Similarly, the carbohydrates contained have been purified so should not elicit a response by the body.

While many hypoallergenic diets can be bland and unpalatable, Purina have added a palatability booster to this diet to ensure your cat will enjoy the flavour and keep coming back for more.

A nice feature of this food is that is can be eaten by cats of any age, including kittens.

This is particularly useful if a mother cat with food allergies is weaning her kittens and you do not want to expose her to a non-hypoallergenic kitten food which may lead to an unwanted flare-up.

Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Stomach

A second offering from Royal Canin, we are very impressed with their Digest Sensitive tins which are perfect for Siamese cats with sensitive stomachs.

The highly digestible protein contained is not just gentle on the gut and of very good quality, it even reduces stool odour.

This is a particularly attractive feature if you find that your cat has bad smelling poop when fed lower-quality food, and you are the one left cleaning the litter tray!

As many cats with chronic gastrointestinal issues are renowned for having foul-smelling litter, this food is the ideal option if you live in an enclosed home and have bothered by the smell of your cat’s ‘business’.

This is the best food option for fussy cats who dislike dry kibble and are pernickety with their wet food choices.

Sliced into thin sections and covered in juicy gravy, this diet is highly palatable and is a firm favourite of most kitties.

Providing a moderate number of calories, this is a good food for cats that are on a calorie-restricted diet and need to lose a few lbs.

This is also a key feature for cats that are currently at their ideal weight but may be prone to putting on weight easily (especially indoor only cats or those that are quite lazy).

Obesity can be a real issue in Siamese kitties and must be avoided to prevent health problems in later life such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Cat Food

The last but by no means least on our list of top five cat foods for Siamese cats with sensitive stomachs, is this dry kibble chicken and brown rice option from Blue Buffalo.

The primary protein source is delicious deboned chicken and this is combined with high quality, wholesome ingredients including digestible brown rice, egg, potato, apple, kelp and spinach.

In fact, the ingredient list looks more like the shopping list of a health-conscious family planning a trip to the local Wholefoods store!

We understand that many cat owners are keen to have their Siamese kitties eating top-notch, fresh food, but do not always have the time to prepare and cook it or are perhaps worried that a home-cooked diet may not be perfectly balanced or contain the right amount of essential amino acids needed by cats to thrive.

This is where a natural foods such as Blue Buffalo really come into play.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that all of the ingredients are responsibly sourced and there is nothing artificial added.

Owners should understand that while this food is great for cats with sensitive stomachs, it is not suitable for cats with food allergies, who should instead eat food such as Hill’s Z/D or Purina Hypoallergenic.

In the absence of an allergy, this diet is ideal for sensitive cats that may react to run-of-the-mill supermarket food packed with artificial flavour enhancers and colourings.

With lots of added anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins you can rest assured that your kitty’s immune system is being supported at the same time as they are enjoying a healthy meal each day.

The ‘cold-formed’ kibble is developed in such a way that the nutrients are maintained even after processing, ensuring your cat receives all of the goodness of the garden veggies, fruits and grains within.


The best food for Siamese cats with sensitive stomachs is one that they love to eat and is nutritionally balanced and made with good-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Above, we have listed the top five options, which include some dry kibble and some wet food formulations.

We understand just how fussy Siamese cats can be, so have only included those foods that are known to be highly palatable and won’t result in your cat turning its nose up.

Whether your Siamese has a diagnosed food allergy, or is sensitive to certain ingredients, there is a food that will work for you.

Siamese cats are completely unique and studies have shown that they can be more prone to such health conditions as gastroenteritis, dermatitis and urinary tract disease.

The diets listed above all take this into consideration and provide your Siamese cat with the best chance of staying healthy.

As all of the foods listed above are complete feeds so there is absolutely no need to waste your money on any vitamins, minerals or supplements that are added to your cat’s diet.

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