Best Cat Foods for Persian Cat

Best Cat Foods for Persian Cats (Wet & Dry)

The pedigree Persian puss is an attractive and popular pet cat, though one that is not without its issues.

As with other purebred animals, certain health conditions are more prominent in Persians than other cats.

Another problem that they face is their shrunken head size and altered mouth shape.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat foods for Persian cats:

While it would be possible to feed your Persian a run-of-the-mill supermarket cat food, supplying them with the best cat food for Persian cats will ensure that their physical characteristics and genetic tendencies are catered to and that they are kept as healthy and happy as can be.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Persian Cats

Product nameQuality
Royal Canin Adult Persian Dry Cat FoodA+
Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair Cat FoodA
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Canned Wet Cat FoodA
Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care C/DA+
Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat FoodA

Persians are brachycephalic animals, so their skull is atypically short and wide.

This often means that their mouths are overcrowded, their jaws are disproportionate and they are more likely to develop dental disease.

All of this contributes to the fact that many Persians have uncomfortable mouths and trouble eating, particularly as they get older.

The texture and structure of the food they are given is key, as feeding an inappropriate food such as a large, hard kibble diet will make dinner time a disaster.

The long, plush fur of the Persian also influences the diet they should eat.

Not only should the diet provide all of the essential nutrients to maintain a shiny, lustrous coat, it should also limit fur balls; a very common issue experienced by the Persian.

Not only do owners loathe the sound of their cat ‘hacking one up’ but it is inevitably uncomfortable for the cat.

Worryingly, fur balls also have the potential to cause gut impaction and serious disease, meaning they should be avoided at all cost.

More so than other cats, Persians are prone to a variety of urinary tract issues throughout their life, including cystitis, bladder stone formation and kidney disease.

As diet is a proven method of both preventing and treating a variety of urinary diseases, it is critical that these predispositions are addressed nutritionally.

Cat Foods for Persian Cats

5 Best Cat Foods for Persian Cats Reviews

1. Royal Canin Adult Persian Dry Food

Royal Canin Adult Persian Dry Food
Available at Amazon

For years, Royal Canin have been working alongside veterinarians and nutritionists to develop the most medically appropriate diets for cats and this dry diet is seen by many as the best food for Persian cats on the market.

The egg-shaped dry kibble is perfect for this brachycephalic breed and far easier for them to ingest and chew than the average dry food.

Feeding them kibble is one of the best ways to protect their dental health and prevent the formation of thick calculus.

Persian cats are notorious for the development of dental disease as they age and the provision of a dry diet is one of the top ways of ensuring their teeth remain healthy.

As well as diet, owners can brush teeth daily and use plaque reducing powders and gels.

Focusing on fur health, this kibble contains all of the nutrients needed to support the delicate skin barrier and nourish a healthy coat.

Packed full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the vitamin Biotin, your Persian will soon be shedding less.

Any fur that is ingested in the grooming process will be passed through more easily thanks to the addition of an ingredient called ‘psyllium’ which stimulate the intestinal tract and results in reduced fur ball formation.

As Persians are well-known for having sensitive stomachs, Royal Canin have created a diet that is highly digestible and well-tolerated by most.

With protein that has been selected for its high digestibility and the right amount of fibre and prebiotics, your cat’s gut is well-supported and their stool quality is likely to improve.

There is a great feeding chart on the Royal Canin website that details how best to feed your cat, taking into consideration both their weight and their activity level.

2. Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair Cat Food

Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Such a firm favourite, it’s no surprise that Royal Canin feature twice on our list.

When clients ask what is the best food for Persian cats, I don’t hesitate to advise them on the various diet options available from Royal Canin (and no, I have no financial ties to them!).

While this diet is appropriate for several cat breeds, it works particularly well for the Persian.

As with the Royal Canin Persian diet, this food is composed of almond-shaped kibble that is suited to the small jaw of this breed.

The EPA and DHA work well in combination to improve fur quality.

Owners should also be grooming their Persian daily to spread their natural oils, eliminate dead fur and prevent matting.

Of course, as many Persians are indoor cats that use litter trays, their stool consistency and odour is important to stay on top of.

This food ensures solid stools that have limited odour thanks to the high digestibility of the ingredients and the psyllium and beet pulp that have been added.

While the ingredients in this diet make it suitable for the majority of cats with sensitive stomachs, owners should be aware that it is not a hypoallergenic food and does contain ingredients such as poultry, rice and wheat.

Cats that have true food allergies should instead be fed on a specific hypoallergenic diet.

This diet is tailored to cats that are between the ages of one and seven that live indoors.

Feeding an outdoor or highly active cat this food may result in weight loss and reduced muscle mass so should be avoided.

This diet is not suitable for kittens or geriatric Persians.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Canned Wet Food

Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Though not marketed specifically to Persian cats, the Hill’s Indoor Science Diet is a suitable option.

It offers many of the same benefits as the best cat foods for Persian cats and is available in a wet food format.

Persians are well-known for being fussy eaters who seem to decide they dislike a food that they once loved on a whim, practically overnight.

It can be an incredibly frustrating process trying to hit on a food that they are happy to eat every day.

Many owners are tempted to encourage their eating by offering them tuna, chicken and cat treats but this can just encourage their fussiness and may result in them eating an inadequate amount of their cat food and developing nutritional deficiencies and other health issues.

Instead, it is a good option to offer a fussy cat some wet food, which they may well find more palatable and easier to eat than dry food.

Hill’s Science Diet is such a great option becomes it comes in a huge range of flavours which can be mixed and matched depending on what mood your cat is in.

Why not buy a few different flavours and experiment until you hit on your Persian’s favourite.

With options such as chicken, salmon, turkey & liver and ocean fish you are sure to find on that they can’t resist.

Though your indoor cat may not exercise as much as an outdoor adventurer, this diet contains high quality protein which contributes to lean muscle mass.

The restricted calorie content prevents obesity, which can be a major issue in indoor Persians.

Obesity not only reduces quality of life by resulting in lethargy and poor mobility it is also a big risk factor for a number of diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

One of the simplest and most effective things we can do for our Persian pets is to keep them slim and trim throughout their lives.

4. Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care C/D

Hill's Prescription Diet c/d
Available at Chewy

It is a fact that many Persian kitties are prone to kidney and bladder problems.

Hill’s C/D is a prescription food that must be recommended by a veterinary professional before its use, as feeding it inappropriately could result in issues.

That said, for many cats with chronic urinary problems, this is a real winner.

Urinary stones can be a challenge as not only can they cause discomfort and chronic infection, they can even cause life-threatening blockages (especially in male cats).

It is absolutely essential that any urinary stones present are treated and that cats are started on a suitable diet to prevent the development of any further stones.

There are many types of crystals and stones that can be present inside the urinary tract of a feline, with struvite and calcium oxalate being the most frequently seen.

C/D food has been proven to dissolve struvite stones in as little as 14 days and is also formulated to prevent struvite and calcium oxalate stones from forming in the first place.

Feeding a wet food is a smart idea for kitties prone to urinary issues as the added moisture helps to flush through the urinary tract and prevent the urine from becoming too concentrated, which can cause minerals to precipitate and crystals to coagulate together.

Owners should also encourage their pets to drink lots and lots by using water fountains and offering rain water rather than tap water (which can have an unpleasant chemical taste).

The chunks of meat in gravy are well tolerated by most, though may leave a mess on your cat’s facial fur.

A quick clean off with a wet wipe after meal time is always a good idea.

5. Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat Food

ORIJEN Dry Cat Food
Available at Amazon

A truly luxurious brand, Orijen use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure your pampered Persian is well taken care of.

With a whopping 40% protein content from nourishing sources such as monkfish, pilcahrds and herring, this diet is best reserved for active Persians.

Suitable for all life stages, this is a good diet to consider for growing adolescents and queens who are pregnant or lactating.

With lots of lovely freeze-dried liver, even those cats who normally turn their noses up at dry kibble will be unable to resist this delicious diet.

Ensuring your Persian is fed dry kibble is one of the best things that can be done to maintain good dental hygiene.

For teething kittens, this kibble can be mixed with some warm water to soften it, although this is usually not necessary.

There is a limited amount of low glycemic carbohydrates in this diet, preventing obesity and ensuring lean muscle development.

There are no grains, potato or tapioca on the ingredient list, meaning that many of those cats with food allergies and sensitivities can eat this food.

However, this is not a hypoallergenic or hydrolysed diet, so will not be appropriate for every cat with food allergies.

Owners particularly love the fact that 2/3s of the fish is fresh or raw, including the top six fish ingredients.

The organs and bones of the fish are included to ensure that all of the necessary nutrients are provided without having to use any unnatural or man-made alternative ingredients.

In fact, only the essential zinc, copper and choline are added.

All Persian owners want the best for their cat and one of the easiest ways to provide for them is by ensuring they are fed on the best cat foods for Persian cats that are out there.

Persians are unique in their dietary requirements which are influenced by their genetics and lifestyle.

These beautiful cats have a specific anatomy that demands a tailored diet that is easy for them to eat.

There are a number of diseases that Persians are prone to developing and nutrition is one of the simplest and most effective ways that we can support our cats’ health throughout all life stages.

The long, thick fur of the Persian presents its own challenge.

Ideally, a diet that reduces fur balls should be offered and it is important that it contains nutrients which help to maintain the condition of the fur and keep it healthy and soft.

It can be tough trying to find the right food for a fussy Persian.

Try your kitty on dry and wet food options to see which they prefer.

Consider offering different flavours, as some cats are more into fish than meat.

Once you find something they love, try to stick with this food as changing diets can result in an upset stomach.

5 Best Wet Foods for Persian Cats Reviews

The Persian is a prince amongst cats that deserves to be treated like royalty.

They love attention from their owner and nothing makes them happier than a warm lap to sleep on.

However, one thing they’re not so keen on is…food.

The Persian breed can often be a discerning (aka fussy) eater.

The savvy owner choses the best wet food for Persian cats to tempt that highly selective appetite.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Wet Foods for Persian Cats

Product nameQuality
Blue Buffalo Basic Kitten Limited IngredientA
Purina Beyond – Natural Diet Wet Cat FoodA
Weruva TruLuxe Grain Free Variety BoxA-
Hill’s Science Diet – Hairball Control and Urinary HealthA+
Sheba Perfect PortionsA++

But with a choice between wet food and dry kibble, why opt for moist dinners?

The sense of smell is important to whetting the appetite.

One of the most obvious things about the Persian is that cute flat-face and the almost non-existent nose.

With small nostrils and a limited nasal cavity, the Persian is never going to become the cat equivalent of a Bloodhound.

This means that finding a food that gives off a great odor is crucial.

This is where wet food has the advantage as the scent molecules from moist foods are released more readily into the air.

With crowded teeth and a smaller jaw bone, crunching dry kibble is hard work, a bit like breaking hardcore with a claw-hammer rather than a lump-hammer.

Then there’s the factor of urinary tract health.

Moist food is around 70% water, which makes for great kidney and bladder health.

The high moisture content keeps the cat hydrated and flushes out the minerals that can irritate the bladder lining and cause crystals to form.

From improved appetite, to the ability to eat, and then get rid of the waste products, wet food is an all-round winner when feeding Persian cats.

Wet Foods for Persian Cats

So here are the five best wet cat foods for Persian cats:

1. Blue Buffalo Basic Kitten Limited Ingredient Formula

Let’s start at the beginning with a kitten food; after all, big cats from little kittens grow.

Get off on the right paw with this entrée style kitten food from Blue Buffalo.

Being a kitten food means that it contains the correct balance of protein and minerals for optimal growth.

Going from an eight-week old bundle of fluff to a five-pound young adult takes quite a bit of doing.

It requires the body to be correctly supplied with the building blocks of bone and muscle.

This is a delicate balancing act: Supply too much protein and it could strain the developing kidney, but not enough minerals and weak bones could be the result.

Which is why selecting a good kitten food for your youngster (under the age of 12 months) is essential.

In Blue Buffalo’s ‘Basics’ range, is this limited ingredient formula wet food.

Why are limited ingredients good?

With a narrower palate of ingredients there is less scope to trigger food intolerance or food allergies.

This matters for the very practical reason that food intolerance shows up in the litter box as diarrhea.

Indeed, we found several owners who transferred their kitties with unpleasant poop onto Blue Basics kitten food, and within 24 hours they were pooping sweet-smelling rosebuds (well, not quite…but the stool was formed and had no odor, which is a considerable win.)

Oh, and did we mention this is grain-free?

Also NOT included are artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.

The ingredients are also quality cuts of meat.

For example, in the turkey flavor, the meat is actual turkey rather than cheaper options such as turkey meal or by-products.

This is one of the best wet food for Persian cats because it’s such a healthy option.

And if it has a downside it’s down to the palate of the individual cat, with a few cats just not liking the taste.

2. Purina Beyond – Natural Diet Wet Cat Food: Available at Amazon

Our next best wet food for Persian cats comes from the pet food manufacturer Purina.

Their ‘Beyond’ range for adult cats aims to be truer to nature with its ingredients.

This canned food with a ring pull lid comes in four flavors: chicken and brown rice; chicken, wild rice, and spinach; salmon and brown rice; tuna, herring, and sweet potato.

Purina Beyond is careful to offer ingredients that sound like food, rather than chemicals; and as part of this they also avoid the cheaper option of nutritious, but cheaper, meat meal products.

Purina takes the standpoint that what’s left out of the food is as important as what’s included.

Thus, you won’t find inside a can any soy, wheat, or corn which are harder for a cat to digest.

Refreshingly, Purina also take food traceability seriously.

They are able to account for the origins of each tin of food, so you can be sure that what goes into your Persian’s bowl is exactly what it says on the label.

What cat owners really appreciate about Purina Beyond is that it isn’t full of fillers and flavorings.

Even fussy eaters acknowledge this in the way they take one sniff and then scoff it down.

And if you, as an owner, are worried about traces of mercury in tuna…then don’t worry.

The traceability of each ingredient helps ensure only the good stuff finds its way onto kitty’s plate.

And as for the texture…this is a soft chunk in gravy type food, which doesn’t hang around long in the bowl where Persian’s are concerned.

However, on the downside Purina Beyond can polarize opinion in the taste department.

Unlike the Blue Basics kitten food, which was widely loved, Purina Beyond is a case of love it or hate it, with some cats not even taking a mouthful.

Perhaps start small with one or two tins…to test the water first.

3. Weruva TruLuxe Grain Free Variety Box

We all know what fussy eaters cats can be, Persians especially, which is why we plumped for this variety box from Weruva.

The box contains two tins of each of ten flavors (twenty cans in total.)

These are evocatively named recipes such as On the Cat Wok, Peking Ducken, and Meow Me a River.

But more than just quirky names, these recipes are grain-free, carrageenan-free, and don’t contain GMO or MSG.

There’s enough variety here to tickle a Persian’s appetite, swing round the whole range, then start back at the beginning with kitty having forgotten they’ve already had that flavor.

Sneaky, eh!

This food found favor with lots of cat guardians, for a variety of reasons (almost as varied as the flavors.)

There are ticks in boxes for healthy eating, for tempting recipes, and for a lack of nasty smell when the can is opened.

One minor negative was that the flavors err towards the fishy side, rather than poultry.

This is great is you have a salmon or tuna-loving cat, but less so if they prefer feathers to fins.

Then of course there are the ubiquitous cats that just plain don’t like it…but wouldn’t be a cat food is someone didn’t turn up their nose.

4. Hill’s Science Diet – Hairball Control and Urinary Health: Available at Amazon

Hill’s Science Diet is the result of extensive research into the science of feline health.

This is in contrast to superstore diets which major on taste at almost any cost (with the addition of lots of naughty things like salt to improve palatability).

Hill’s Science Diet contains careful measured levels of protein and minerals.

The aim is to put less strain on the organs and thus help you Persian cat live longer.

This canned food for adult cat combines these factors, plus promotes good urinary health and helps reduce hairballs.

Persian cats are sensitive souls and many are prone to unpleasant conditions such as cystitis.

Many of these cases are caused either by crystals in the urine or by stress.

In both cases, feeding a diet low in the minerals that cause crystals to form is a good idea.

Also, the high moisture content helps flush the bladder through.

In addition, this wet food is designed to cling onto hair in the digestive tract and have it pass harmlessly out in the faeces.

We all known how fluffy Persians are and when they groom they swallow large quantities of the super-silky hair, which means making lots of hairballs.

However, this diet helps reduce the misery of retching up hairballs.

It reassuring to know that this food is made without the addition of artificial flavorings or preservatives.

There’s more good news on the way because most cats love the taste and eat it down as if in an eating competition.

Many grateful owners felt it had hugely benefited their cats’ urinary health, whilst a couple went so far as to say it’s a life-saver.

On the downside, there is a divide between cat and owner experience.

Most cats eat this food well and it worked by improving their urinary health.

However, many owners found the food unpleasant smelling and thought the consistency to be watery.

You or the cat?

Only you can decide.

5. Sheba Perfect Portions: Available at Amazon

Our final choice of best wet cat food for Persian cats is Sheba Perfect Portions.

The idea behind this food are the small portions to tempt finicky eaters with a fresh bowl at each meal.

Many owners are all too familiar with the scenario of opening a can of food, to dish half up and save half for later.

Only the cat has other ideas.

When it comes time for the second portion some inner instinct tells them the can has been open a while and they refuse to eat it.

Sheba Perfect Portions gets round this problem, with teensy-weensy perfect portion sizes to tickle even the fussiest Persian’s taste buds.

This multipack contains two flavors (Salmon entrée and tender whitefish), providing 24 individual meals.

Each portion provides a moist pate style, super-soft food in gravy.

As we found this is so tasty that it tempts even the most dedicated of fussy eaters to tuck in.

It’s a clear plate every time, even down to cats licking the bowl to a shine when previously they left food to harden.

But, sigh, as always with independent minded creatures, some cats still don’t like it.

This food definitely polarizes opinion with the majority of cats loving it, but a persistent few who just don’t like it.

To gift your Persian cat a long and healthy life means offering them a good food.

But even the best food isn’t of benefit if the cat doesn’t eat it.

This is where choosing the best wet food for Persian cats is so important.

The best food smells delicious to the cat, which is a tough call for Persian’s with their flat-noses.

But you can learn from other cat guardians and get the inside track on which foods are tasty and which are less so.

Then the texture of the food is important.

A moist food is soft and easy for a Persian cat to chew and swallow.

Again, their fore-shortened jaw means they can find chewing a trial, so make things easier with an entrée or pate style dinner.

5 Best Dry Foods for Persian Cats Reviews

Persian cats have a reputation for being bold and beautiful and these stunning felines deserve only the best.

One of the oldest cat breeds, the Persian has been around since at least the 1600’s and they are famous for their luxurious coats and calm, confident natures.

As with other pedigrees, Persians have specific dietary needs and should be fed top-quality food to keep them in tip-top shape during their lives.

More so than many other cats, Persians require nutrients that support their skin and coat and that are highly digestible and suitable for sensitive guts.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Dry Foods for Persian Cats

Product nameQuality
Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition Persian A
Hill’s Science Diet Hairball ControlA-
Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat FoodA
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient DietA++
IAMS Proactive Health Adult Indoor CatA+

While the glossy fur of the Persian is one if its best attributes, it can make for a lot of shedding and a whole lot of hairballs.

Not only are hairballs unpleasant to pick up, they can actually pose serious health risks to our pets.

The best dry foods for Persian cats will take all of their unique needs into account and will also provide them with important micronutrients such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids to give them all of the building blocks that they need to stay fighting fit.

Importantly, the flat face and small jaw of the Persian should be acknowledged and kibble should be suitably shaped and not overly large to allow for east consumption.

Dry Foods for Persian Cat

1. Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition Persian: Available at Amazon

This complete food for Persian adults made with chicken is specifically designed to support the exact needs of a Persian kitty.

Probably the most recognised cat food internationally and the pet food brand stocked by most veterinary clinics in the world, Royal Canin have made a real name for themselves as being the providers of the best dry foods for Persian cats.

This is a diet that can be fed from the ages of one to ten but should not be given to kittens, seniors or geriatrics as it would not be suitable.

For little ones, Royal Canin do make a Persian Kitten dry food option which would be more appropriate.

With advanced fibre to promote gut motility, hairballs can pass through the gut quickly and easily, without causing any impactions.

Owners can also help to reduce the number of hairballs by brushing their Persian on a daily basis to lessen the amount of loose fur that they ingest.

This diet also contains a good amount of Borage oil, EPA and DHA to maintain a sleek and soft coat that is always shiny and never dull.

A Persian with a healthy coat is certainly a sight to behold.

Fur is kept long and lustrous and is not prone to brittleness or breakages.

Caring for your cat’s health as a priority, Royal Canin have ensured that there is sufficient Taurine and Lutein in this dry diet, which promote a healthy heart and good eyesight.

The kibble is purposely made to make chewing easy for the Persian, who can struggle with larger pieces.

It’s important that they chew well and do not quickly swallow unbroken kibble, as chewing can dramatically improve dental health and prevent periodontal disease going forward.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control: Available at Amazon

A food that is manufactured by the big brand Hill’s is guaranteed to be a top-quality diet that focuses on the health needs of cats and promotes optimal vitality.

Hill’s are well-known for making some of the best dry foods for Persian cats and their Hairball Control diet is the perfect choice for these long-haired pusses.

While the focus of this diet is to reduce the number of hairballs by providing cats with plenty of natural fibre, it does a lot more than it says on the tin!

The high-quality protein used enables cats to build strong and lean muscles and allows them to maintain a healthy body weight, rather than converting their calories to fat.

As many Persians are indoor only cats, this is essential to prevent obesity.

The added vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids work together to produce healthy soft skin and the noticeably shiny coat that every Persian should have.

Packed with Vitamin C, the immune system is supported, meaning your precious prince or princess will be less prone to picking up nasty infections.

Persians are especially known for having upper respiratory tract infections and a vitamin packed diet can give kitties the extra boost they need to fight off any bugs in the environment.

As a large proportion of Persians suffer from gastrointestinal issues, Hill’s have ensured that this diet contains only natural ingredients and is highly digestible.

They have avoided the use of any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and have come up with a food that is very well-tolerated by the general cat population.

Owners should be aware that this kibble does contain wheat, gluten and chicken so may not be suitable for those with certain allergies or sensitivities.

3. Orijen Six Fish Dry Cat Food: Available at Amazon

A truly premium product, Orijen make only high-end food with the absolute best ingredients so your little angel gets only the finest.

Orijen aim to provide a diet that can closely mimic that which the Persian would have once eaten in the wild.

Two-thirds of their fish is either fresh or raw, allowing for a first-rate dining experience.

Packed with a good variety of fish including mackerel and monkfish, your kitty will be licking their lips as soon as they see the packet being opened.

Importantly all of the fish are wild and sustainably caught, never farmed.

With a whopping 40% protein content and an 18% low glycemia carbohydrate content, this exceptional kibble more than meets the needs of an active Persian.

Experts agree that this balance of protein and carbohydrates is essential to prevent obesity and reduce the risk of a cat going on to develop diabetes in later life.

As the whole of the fish is used (including cartilage, bone and organs) the majority of the micronutrients are provided in a natural format, just as nature intended.

In fact, only the copper, zinc and choline have to be added afterwards.

Your cat’s favourite part of all is sure to be the freeze-dried cod liver: chunks of irresistibly tasty liver which make for a very palatable product that even the most pernickety Persian will find impossible to refuse.

As this food is grain-free and does not contain common allergens such as potato or meat, many allergy sufferers will do well on this diet.

Before starting it however, it is best to consult with your pet’s vet to ensure it matches their specific needs.

4. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet: Available at Amazon

This duck and potato dry kibble diet manufactured by Blue Buffalo is a great choice for many Persians and is highly digestible and completely grain free.

When a cat suffers from dietary upset, they are prone to chronic diarrhoea and vomiting and can often struggle to maintain muscle and may have a lacklustre coat and dry skin.

As there are several medical causes for these symptoms, it is important that cats are evaluated by a vet to get a definitive diagnosis.

Those with IBD or true food allergies will often benefit greatly from a limited ingredient diet and, for some, the change can be transformative.

Free from many of the most common allergens such as chicken, beef, dairy, egg and wheat, this diet is packed with nourishing duck, peas and pumpkin instead.

While the ingredients may be limited, this does not mean that Blue Buffalo has skimped on the micronutrients and there are plenty of vitamins and minerals to go around.

In fact, Blue Buffalo use their patented ‘LifeSource Bits’, which are nutrient dense dark chunks of kibble, to provide all of the antioxidants and nutrients needed by a Persian.

There are also high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote ideal skin and coat health.

Most adult Persians will weigh between seven and twelve pounds and will need around ½ to ¾ of a cup a day to keep them going.

Owners may either choose to leave this down for cats to graze on as they please or may prefer to space it out into a couple of meals.

For cats prone to putting on weight, having set meal times and weighing out portions with a kitchen scales is advised.

Blue Buffalo advise feeding this food dry (as the crunchy nuggets promote good dental health) or mixed with some warm water to increase palatability and encourage fussy eaters to tuck in.

5. Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Cat: Weight and Hairball Control

Specifically designed for adult indoor cats over the age of one, this dry kibble from Iams meets all of your Persian’s nutritional needs and more.

The specific blend of fibre used contains beet pulp and prebiotics and works effectively at keeping the gut moving along nicely and preventing the build-up of any nasty hairballs.

Equally, those prone to constipation and flatulence tend to see a good improvement when fed on high-quality fibre that can improve stool quality.

With an 8.3% fibre content, your cat will be going regularly in no time!

As indoor cats are, by nature, less active than their outdoor counterparts, many indoor Persians can become over-weight as they age.

To combat this, Iams have used an ingredient called L-Carnitine which can help to keep metabolism speeds high and to prevent obesity and ‘the middle-aged spread’.

To enhance the benefits, owners should stick to the recommended feeding guidelines on the back of the packet and use a kitchen scales to measure out portion sizes rather than simply ‘eyeing up’ the measuring cup each time.

The 30% protein content is less than most other brands so would be more suited to those felines with sedentary lifestyles and who are not very active.

Suitable for those over one year of age, when transitioning your cat onto this diet be cautious to do so over several days to avoid any digestive upset.

While it is best to initially follow the feeding suggestions listed on the packet, every cat has a unique metabolism so owners should monitor their weight frequently to ensure they are not being over or underfed.

With any cat, we want to ensure we are feeding them the best and most appropriate diet.

When it comes to Persians, we now know that they have unique dietary requirements which must be considered.

The best dry foods for Persian cats will focus on their health and on promoting vitality and longevity.

Persians in particular require plenty of protein to support the development of lean muscles, as well as a good proportion of digestible fibre to support their sensitive gastrointestinal tracts and promote gut motility to prevent any hairball blockages.

They need foods that are supplements with ingredients such as fatty acids and Vitamin E so that their beautiful coat and skin can continue to look its best at all times.

Persians also have a rather shortened face and jaw conformation which must be considered.

Many supermarket cat kibbles are just too big for a Persian and can be difficult to eat.

Small pieces of kibble can be easily chewed and should not pose any difficulties.

Feeding Persians a dry food is often advised as they are prone to dental disease and the dry kibble can help to reduce the amount of plaque and calculus that accumulates on their teeth.

Though some cats will prefer their dry kibble to be moistened with warm water, owners should remember that this negates all of the dental benefits.

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