Best Cat Foods for Bengal Cat

Best Cat Foods for Bengal Cats (Dry & Wet) & Bengal Kittens

So, you’re planning on getting a Bengal cat, or perhaps have already got one.

Well, great choice!

Bengal cats are different from other cat breeds in a number of ways.

Developed by selectively breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats, the Bengal truly is a little on the wild side!

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat foods for bengal cats:

With high activity levels and increased protein requirements, it is essential that you feed your furry friend the best cat food for Bengals, and not just a run of the mill supermarket cat food that is high in carbohydrates and grains.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Bengals

Product nameQuality
Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Cat Food by Nature’s VarietyA
Purina Beyond Wild Grain FreeA+
The Honest Kitchen Grain Free ChickenA-
Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Cat FoodB
Reveal Cat PotsA

This jungle feline only came into being in around the 1950’s, so we are still getting to know it and its unique dietary needs.

As these kitties are always alert, active and ready to go, they tend to burn off calories quicker than the average moggy.

Often, they will have noticeably higher calorie requirements, requiring calorie dense food to avoid unwanted weight loss.

Unfortunately, many Bengal cats have a sensitive stomach, and quite a few are grain intolerant and have food allergies.

Chronic diarrhea, bloating, constipation and failure to thrive are all potential consequences of an inappropriate diet.

Trying to replicate a diet that is as close to what they would have had in the wild is critical.

Owners should find diets with good quality, high content protein.

Many experts advocate raw diets, which are generally less processed and may be easier on the gut than cooked options.

While home-cooked raw diets may seem like the pinnacle in the Bengal dining world, preparing a raw feline diet from scratch can be incredibly difficult and many owners fail to provide enough of the correct micronutrients such as Iodine, calcium and the amino acid Taurine.

For those considering raw feeding, they should look into providing a pre-prepared raw diet, which will ensure their Bengal is receiving adequate nutrition and is not at risk of developing any long-term deficiencies.

5 Best Cat Foods for Bengal Cats Reviews

1. Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Cat Food by Nature’s Variety

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Certainly, the best cat food for Bengal cats that can be bought, this offering from Nature’s Variety should keep both you and your fussy feline very happy.

With plenty of options, this diet can be bought in either a chicken or duck flavour.

There are also ‘healthy weight’ versions for those kitties prone to putting on weight easily, and ‘indoor health’ versions for indoor only cats who burn less calories than their outdoor comrades.

Bags can be bought in a number of sizes from 2lbs to 10lbs, allowing for those owners who like to shop frequently and others who like to stock up.

The number one ingredient of this high-quality food is cage-free chicken.

There are no grains, corn, soy, artificial colours or flavours.

There are added probiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and omegas for a shiny coat.

With tonnes of anti-oxidants, the immune system is supported, preventing infections.

Importantly, the fruits and vegetables within the food are all non-GMO.

Cats just love this grain-free kibble mixed with delicious, freeze-dried, raw chicken.

Minimally processed, there is a whopping 43% of protein contained within each meal.

This is a complete food that does not need any supplementing.

Packed with nutrition, the average cat only needs 3/8 of a dry food measuring cup, ensure this food will last a long time.

A simple diet with the highest-quality, pure ingredients, any Bengal would be lucky to be fed this food.

With superb ratings from satisfied customers, you can be reassured that this selection is loved by both pets and their parents.

Our favourite thing about Nature’s Variety is that they are an ethical company that work in combination with animal charities, providing a million meals a year for the Best Friends Animal Society.

2. Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free

Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free
Available at Amazon

This super option from Purina won’t break the bank and we think the artistic packaging is pretty great too!

The turkey and lentil recipe with freeze-dried bites of real chicken is a top seller, with cats going wild for the irresistible taste.

All of the poultry used is non-by-product meal and the turkey is raised on farms in the USA.

With an impressive 38% protein content, cats love this nutrient-dense food option that provides a high level of calories in a small portion of kibble.

You can sleep easy knowing that this food contains absolutely no grains, as well as no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

With such healthy additives as whole lentils, pea proteins and cassava root flour you can understand how this meal packs such a high protein punch.

With such a calorific and high protein diet, your Bengal will have enough energy to run, pounce, jump and grow.

The protein levels are adequate to allow for muscle growth and development and will allow for strong nails and plush fur.

This kibble and meat mix looks great when it’s in the bowl and cats love the smell and taste as well as the appealing appearance.

When switching on to this new diet, to avoid any stomach upset, it is essential to make a gradual change.

Experts recommend the diet change should take from between five to seven days.

On day one, for example, you could mix 1/5th of the new food with 4/5th of the old food.

On day two this increases to 2/5th new food and 3/5th of the old diet etc.

Doing such a slow change will give your cat’s digestive system a chance to get used to the novel protein source and will avoid bouts of bloating and diarrhea.

If there is a stomach upset, consider taking the process slower.

3. The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken

The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Cat Food
Available at Chewy

The best cat food for Bengal cats should be tasty, high in protein and grain-free.

The Honest Kitchen have provided a diet that ticks all of those boxes and so much more.

This food is the perfect option for fussy cats who may turn their nose up at regular kibble.

Interestingly, this food is mixed with warm water and stirred, allowing for the food to rehydrate and take on a tempting consistency.

Mixing with warm water releases strong flavours and aromas, enticing the cat to come and eat straight away.

For any left-overs, they can be stored in the fridge for several days, which minimises any waste.

While the finished product may look different to regular cat foods (the manufacturers themselves describe it as ‘green mush’!), your Bengal will love this innovative diet.

If you wish to avoid tinned or canned food but aren’t sold on dry kibble, this really is the best alternative as it is convenient and moisture-rich.

With tasty ingredients that include free-range chicken, sweet potatoes, eggs, pumpkin, cranberries and spinach, your kitty will be eating better than you!

In fact, the FDA has even labelled this cat food ‘human grade’ and it is made in a human-grade facility.

These ingredients are all grain-free, GMO-free and rich in protein.

We love the Honest Kitchen’s story too.

The founder, Lucy Postin, developed a home-made dog diet for her pooch that was suffering with long-term ear infections.

She loved the effects but hated the mess and hassle involved, so quickly redirected her efforts into developing dehydrated meals; allowing for a clean kitchen and more time to spend with her Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Lucy Postin’s mission has always been to provide food that far exceeds expectations and beats any comparable kibbles on the market.

4. Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Cat Food
Available at Amazon

A wet food option for those fussy cats that prefer moist foods to dry kibble, this meal time favourite from Rachel Ray is sure to have your Bengal purring with contentment.

These tubs are completely grain free and made with real fish as the first ingredient.

The flaked tuna in a savoury sauce is very visually appealing and cats love the natural feel and texture of the food.

Chicken, liver and shrimp are other available flavours, allowing you to offer your Bengal some variety each week at meal time.

With just simple and honest ingredients, there are no fillers or meat by-products contained and this diet is suitable for cats at any life-stage.

This is a real plus when weaning kittens, as you can leave the food down and be reassured that it is the ideal diet for both the kittens and the lactating mother cat.

If you like what the Rachel Ray brand has to offer, you may wish to explore their wide range of dry and wet foods for your Bengal.

Their products include tasty grain-free entrées with ingredients such as yellowfin tuna and wild-caught salmon, how fancy!

The Rachel Ray Foundation is an established charity which helps four-legged animals, providing food and medical supplies among other services.

You can feel happy that when you purchase a Rachel Ray cat food you are doing some good in the animal world.

Wet food options are not the best choice for kitties prone to dental disease, as the fish or meat can cake on to the teeth resulting in localised plaque and leading to calculus accumulation and gingivitis.Long-term, periodontal disease can occur.

Long-term, periodontal disease can occur.

To avoid this, consider supplementing your cat’s diet with some crunchy kibble or bite the bullet and start daily tooth brushing.

5. Reveal Cat Pots

Reveal - Grain Free
Available at Amazon

We just couldn’t finish this review without mentioning the delicious cat pots available from Reveal.

Some of our cats’ absolute favorites, Reveal sure know how to make tasty treats that your cat will devour!

While these cat pots are not a complete diet and should only be fed to your Bengal as a ‘sometimes’ snack, they will certainly be a culinary delight that your cat will relish.

Whether your carnivorous cat is keen to try the duck and chicken flavour, or perhaps they want to be a bit more adventurous and opt for the sardine and mackerel or tuna and shrimp, they are sure to find a pot that they can’t resist.

All of the pots are made with natural ingredients and are 100% grain-free.

There are no added nasties and the meat and fish are responsibly sourced and of a very high quality.

This is a great-smelling food that looks like something served on a plate in a restaurant rather than out of a pot.

With a transparent package, you can easily see the food before serving it; this is a company that have nothing to hide and pride themselves on their quality ingredients.

There is a delicious broth keeping the meat and fish moist and succulent and ensuring these snacks pack a real flavour punch.

Although this food is not something we would recommend giving every day, it is certainly a treat that can be offered to improve bonding with your cat or when they deserve something a little extra special.

As this is a ‘limited ingredient’ treat, you can be confident that it won’t upset your Bengal’s sensitive stomach.

While it may seem like somewhat of a daunting task, trying to navigate the wide range of foods on offer and find the best cat food for Bengals, you can rest assured that we have done the footwork for you and found five of the best selections on the market today.

Bengal cats are completely unique, and that’s why we love them!

With their passion for keeping active and their constant curiosity, they require a diet that can keep up with them.

They need to be provided high quality ingredients and lots of protein to be able to thrive and live a healthy and productive life.

We know how much your cat means to you and how important it is to feed them only the best.

That’s why all of the food options listed are grain-free, GMO-free, all natural and of the highest standard.

Whether you choose to raw feed or opt for a high-quality kibble or wet food, there is a food on this list for you.

As Bengal cats are notoriously pernickety, you may have to work your way through a few before hitting on a diet that they love, but it will be well worth it in the end.

5 Best Dry Cat Foods for Bengal Cats Reviews

A Bengal cat’s wild heritage makes their diet a little more particular than other domestic kitties.

This list of the best dry food for Bengal cats will help you choose a food with the proper nutrition for this beautiful breed.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Dry Cat Foods for Bengal Cats

Product nameQuality
Instinct Raw BoostA-
Orijen Grain-Free Cat and KittenA
Wellness CORE Natural Grain FreeA+
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Adult Cat FoodA++
Purina Pro Plan True Nature with Meaty ShredsA

Therefore, in order for your Bengal cat to be at his best, you want a dry cat food that high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Raw meat makes a nice addition as well.

Bengal cats are usually very active and muscular, so achieving a proper balance between protein, fat, and calories is a must.

Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass, while fat and protein are important for energy.

Too many calories can lead to weight problems.

So a low calorie, high protein food should be just what your Bengal cat is looking for.

Finally, when choose a dry cat food for your Bengal, keep it simple.

Again, think of a wild cat’s diet in nature, it doesn’t contain a lot of fillers or unnecessary ingredients.

Look for a food that contains whole meat as the protein source, then some fiber for digestive health and vitamins and minerals.

That’s it.

They don’t need a lot of extras.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best dry food for Bengal cats.

Dry Cat Foods for Bengal Cats

1. Instinct Raw Boost: Available at Amazon

Instinct combines dry kibble with raw, freeze-dried meaty bites to provide a bit of wild to your Bengal cat’s diet.

The Instinct kibble alone is very high in animal based protein, but your Bengal cat also gets the bites of real freeze-dried meat to increase the protein density and nutrition for a diet that borders their natural one.

Instinct is known as the Raw Brand, so it seems it would be perfectly suited for a Bengal cat.

This grain-free food provides not only high quality protein, but also additional antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics for a healthier immune system, digestive tract, and skin and coat.

Your Bengal cat will maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass with the protein and general overall health with the other additives.

Even though most cats go crazy for the little bits of whole meat, some cats simply don’t like this food.

For those pickier cats, there are different flavors available including chicken, duck, and rabbit, so hopefully you can find a flavor for any kitty.

Some cats can also experience digestive issues that are common with food high in protein.

When switching to Instinct Raw Boost, it’s best to gradually mix it in over a period of a couple of weeks to ensure your cat gets properly acclimated.

Instinct Raw Boost cat food is a great combination of high quality kibble with a little extra whole meat.

The whole meat is minimally processed so that it maintains more of the qualities that a cat in the wild would get.

The kibble is made from mostly real meat and is enriched with all the good stuff for overall health of your Bengal friend.

2. Orijen Grain-Free Cat & Kitten: Available at Amazon

Orijen is one of the freshest dry cat foods you can get.

More than 60% of the meat is packed fresh or flash frozen, making it shelf stable but highly nutritious and delicious.

The first five ingredients listed are whole meat or egg products, giving this high protein food a powerful punch.

Orijen also says that 90% of their food comes from animal products with the other 10% being fruits and vegetables for healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Orijen Grain Free Cat & Kitten food is a great choice for your Bengal cat.

It is high in meat and animal product, making it more like a natural wild cat diet.

The flash freezing and fresh packing of the meat makes it highly fresh and tasty as well.

Orijen also offers other flavors such as Six Fish, Regional Red and Tundra to give your cat some variety.

Some pet parents have wondered if there has been a change in the formula recently as their kitties don’t like it as well as they used to.

I don’t know if there has been a change or if other flavors were tried to bring these kitties back around.

Also, even though Orijen Cat & Kitten food meets the standards for all life stages, it’s hard to imagine feeding an adult cat the same food as you would a kitten.

If you choose to do this, make sure to monitor weight carefully as adult food may be too low in calories for kittens and vice versa.

Bengal cats should really do well with Orijen Cat & Kitten food.

It is high in protein that comes from quality animal sources, yet it completely balanced to provide all the necessary nutrition your cat needs to stay healthy, strong, and just a little bit wild.

3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free: Available at Amazon

At 45% protein, Wellness CORE Grain Free cat food has one of the highest protein content out there.

It gets the majority of that protein from whole meat sources like chicken, turkey, duck, and fish.

This high protein supports muscle maintenance and energy for a healthy, active Bengal cat.

Being high protein is one of the keys to a quality cat diet, especially for a Bengal cat.

The high protein maintains muscle mass and provides energy without causing excess weight gain.

Wellness CORE Natural also contains cranberries to help promote a healthy urinary system and probiotics and fiber for healthy digestion.

It is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants for a healthy skin and coat and strong immune system.

Some pet parents complain that there is a new formulation that their cats don’t like as well.

Some kitties refused to eat it while others developed digestive issues.

I’m not sure if there was a new formula or not, but there are other flavor options out there to try if your cat doesn’t like the original.

The digestive issues might be resolved by slowly transitioning your Bengal over to this food over the course of a couple of weeks to allow his digestive system time to acclimate to the high protein.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free cat food is one of the best dry cat foods for Bengal cats because it is high in protein like their ancestral diet.

The majority of that protein comes from whole meat sources.

It is also grain free and highly digestible.

The little additions of probiotics and cranberries help this food to make your Bengal kitty strong, active and healthy overall.

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Adult Cat Food: Available at Amazon

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a high protein, grain free formula perfect for Bengal cats.

The protein comes from whole chicken as the first ingredient.

It doesn’t contain any byproducts, grains, corn, or artificial preservatives.

It does contain LifeSource Bits, which are antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin packed nuggets to promote a healthy immune system and overall health.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is one of the best dry cat foods for Bengal cats because it is high in protein and comes in a variety of flavors.

If your kitty isn’t a fan of chicken, try duck, Denali Dinner, Flatland Feast, salmon, trout, or rabbit.

There are also varieties for weight control, hairballs, and indoor cats.

The high protein will help promote muscle maintenance and provide energy for your active Bengal while still keeping him trim and healthy.

Some kitties have trouble adjusting to Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein cat food.

This could be because it is so high in protein that their digestive tracts just aren’t used to it.

Vomiting and diarrhea can ensue.

When switching to Blue Buffalo Wilderness, it’s best to do so gradually over a period of a couple of weeks.

This will give them more time to acclimate to this rich diet and hopefully prevent digestive upset.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free cat food is formulated to be more like a cat’s natural diet in the wild.

Since Bengal cats stem from the wild Asian Leopard Cat, this food may be just what they are looking for.

Not only is it rich in meaty protein, the added LifeSource Bits provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy immune system, skin and coat.

5. Purina Pro Plan True Nature with Meaty Shreds

Another cat food that combines high quality kibble with real meat shreds, Purina Pro Plan True Nature is sure to satisfy your Bengal cat’s need for real meat.

This high protein food will keep your kitty well muscled and active and with additional omega fatty acids and antioxidants for overall healthy.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature with Meaty Shreds provides a change from the same old boring kibble.

Loaded with shreds of real meat, this food will make your cat feel more like their wild ancestors.

It is high in protein to maintain muscle mass and energy, but it is also lower in fat for those cats prone to weight troubles.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature with Meaty Shreds also contains all the necessary ingredients like fiber and probiotics for overall health of your Bengal cat.

As with any cat food, some cats just don’t like it.

Unfortunately, this food doesn’t come in any other flavors, so switching recipes isn’t an option.

Even though the meaty shreds are enticing to most cats, some just won’t go for it.

However, Purina Pro Plan does offer other formulas that are also high quality that your kitty might be into, just not in the True Nature with Meaty Shreds variety.

This is one of the best dry cat foods for Bengal cats because the meaty shreds help provide necessary protein without as much processing as regular kibble.

The kibble itself is high quality with 40% protein and lower in fat than other brands at 14%.

The meaty shreds just add a little variety in texture that is more like a natural Bengal cat diet.

Some picky cats just won’t eat it however, and without other flavor options, you might have to go in a different direction.

Finding a commercial dry cat food that is as close to a raw diet as possible is of greatest benefit when you’re dealing with this crossbreed.

The best dry cat food for Bengal cats is one that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, yet balanced to provide all of the necessary nutrients to keep him healthy and active.

Providing pieces of real meat is an added bonus for these cats to make their diet a little more ancestral, which is why several of the foods on this list contain shredded bites.

A healthy weight is essential to the long and happy life that Bengal cats are accustomed to living.

5 Best Wet Cat Foods for Bengal Cats Reviews

There’s arguably no cat as striking as the Bengal; Their sleek lines, long back legs, and large size give them a panther-like air.

Then there’s that remarkable coat with its incredible markings and satin-soft sheen.

Seeing a Bengal padding across the floor is liable to make you do a double take, as if a small urban cheetah is strolling through the room.

Whatever Bengal owner wants is to keep their cat in tip top health.

And as we all know: ‘You are what you eat’, which makes finding the best wet cat food for Bengals a top priority.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Wet Cat Foods for Bengals

Product nameQuality
Purina Pro Plan Wet Kitten Food Chicken and Liver EntreeA
Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat FoodA++
Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat FoodA+
Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free Wet Cat FoodA
Hill’s Diet Senior Wet Cat FoodA

Food Choices

Your first choice is whether to feed wet or dry food.

Both have pros and cons.

In a nutshell the advantage of wet food over dry is that it promotes bladder health and keeps the cat well hydrated.

It also tends to be more appetizing, making it a good choice for fussy eaters.

On the downside wet food can get stuck between the teeth and hasten tartar formation.

Another negative is that is dries out quickly when left open to the air.

This is especially important in hot weather as the food not only becomes less appealing but can spoil or attract flies.

Another important point is how often to feed the cat.

Since wet food needs to be eaten fresh, this makes feeding meals at set times (rather than leaving the food down all the time) is essential.

Most owners opt for twice daily feeding, which fits in nicely with both human and feline schedules.

Wet Cat Foods for Bengal Cats

1. Purina Pro Plan Wet Kitten Food Chicken & Liver Entree: Available at Amazon

Get off on the right paw with your new fur-friend by feeding kitten food.

It may sound obvious, but kitten food is essential food for…ahem…kittens.

With all the growing they have to do, it’s essential to offer a food that’s tasty, good quality, and protein rich.

Indeed, the nutritional requirements for kittens are different to adult foods, hence why you need to feed something different.

This ProPlan wet food comes in a ring pull can for convenience.

The first four ingredients are meaty, which means that is makes up most of the food, which is good to know.

It’s balanced for growth and is tasty into the bargain.

Offer this to a Bengal kitten and your immediate reward is going to be a barrage of purrs.

Then in the long term you’ll find their coats gleaming with good health as they grow into a strong adult cat.

Many cat guardians noticed how kittens that had had a rough start in life, suddenly blossomed when switched onto this food.

Oh, and a quick note about feeding kittens.

Because of their tiny stomach, you need to feed a kitten more frequently than an adult cat.

So offer at least three, but maybe even four meals a day (if the kitten is under 12 weeks of age) so they get enough nutrition without feeling uncomfortably full.

2. Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food: Available at Amazon

When you spoon the food into the dish, it’s a great start if the food looks good enough to eat!

There’s something reassuring about being able to recognize the meat in the food, rather than it being a sticky lump of putty colored goo.

As soon as you crack the can lid on a portion of Fancy Feast it looks like you’re onto a winner.

The food comprises of chunk of actual meat in a succulent looking gravy, with the odd garden green bit (perhaps more for our benefit than the cat’s!)

This impression is of goodness is backed up when you read the label.

Yep, that all important first ingredient is indeed a named meat.

In the case of the medley pack you get four cans of each of three scrumptious sounding flavors, including tuna, turkey, and chicken.

Moving further down the ingredient list meat continues to feature heavily, although it does quickly transition into chemical names with the mention of ‘natural and artificial flavors.’

Where this food really wins out, and why it’s recommended as one of the best wet cat foods for Bengals is that cats love the taste.

Across over a thousand reviews, this food consistently rates five star reviews (around 78% of cat guardians rate it as five starts.)

This is pretty amazing when you think what fussy eaters cats can be …no disrespect to our feline friends, it’s just the way things are.

Time after time cat guardians report how Fancy Feast tickled their cats taste buds and is a food their fussy fur-friend will eat with enthusiasm.

This makes for less waste and a contented cat.

As far as cat guardians are concerned, the vast majority of cats adored the taste, with only a few refusing this scrumptious feast for felines.

3. Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food

Sheba has been one of the big names in wet cat food for quite some time.

The manufacturer positions themselves as a premium cat food made from wholesome ingredients with a taste that cats love.

As it turns out, Sheba’s reputation for tempting fussy feline palates isn’t just down to fancy marketing but because cats really like the food.

The latest innovation from this manufacturer is the ‘Perfect Portions’ range.

Perfect Portions compromises of the right amount of food for one meal.

It’s interesting to note, at this point, that the manufacturer recommends four servings per six-lb. body weight.

This is the equivalent of feeding four trays per day, for a small to average sized cat.

For a bigger cat it may be that two trays per meal are required.

On the topic of portion size, many cat guardians were pleasantly surprised that the tray seemed to satisfy their cats.

It might be that, with the best of wills, owners have previously been overfeeding.

With overweight cats at greater risk of diabetes and other health conditions, anything that helps keep a trim waistline is a good idea.

In terms of ingredients, this is another meat-rich food.

It’s also biased towards natural flavors and doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, although when you read the small print it does contain artificial colors (for our benefit, rather than the cats!)

This succulent moist food is portion controlled for a slimmer, fitter cat.

This is also makes for less waste, as it’s a new tray for each meal which means no tins of cat food going dry in the fridge.

And the last point is that it’s grain and gluten free, which is good for those cat who find such ingredients difficult to digest.

4. Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free Wet Cat Food: Available at Amazon

Cats have a unique physiology.

In the wild they hunt small mammals and birds, and eat all of their prey.

Their internal organs have evolved to process this meat-rich diet and are less able to digest high levels of plant matter.

It stands to reason that the best wet cat food for Bengals sticks close to the nutritional profile of the food they’d eat in the wild.

Indeed, this is the inspiration beyond Purina’s ‘Beyond’ range.

These recipes are biased towards the nutritional profile of a wild cat diet.

To this end Purina Beyond has a limited ingredient list that leans heavily on meat protein and organ meats.

As an example of how well they achieve this, let’s take a close look at the salmon, liver, and arctic char recipe.

This flavor lists meat or animal protein as the first seven ingredients.

This is significant because the golden rule is to look for a meat or meat products amongst the first three listed ingredients.

Bear in mind that the constituents are named in order of weight, so the food listed first makes up the majority of the meal and so on down the list.

It is a revelation to have seven meat or organ ingredients making up the majority of the food.

This provides an awesome blend of the high meat protein nutrition that an obligate carnivore such as the cat requires.

The food comes out of the can in a soft pate style with a small amount of gravy.

This meets the approval of the vast majority of cats.

A consistent comment amongst cat guardians is how their fussy feeders ate this with enthusiasm.

5. Hills Diet Senior Wet Cat Food

When considering which is the best wet cat food for Bengals, it’s important to take their age into consideration.

Avoid one-size-fits-all-ages diets.

The reason is simple: Cats have different nutritional needs at each stage of life.

For example, a kitten needs more calories and more protein to fuel those growing bones and muscles, whereas a senior cat need lower levels, but of superior quality protein, so as to maintain healthy muscles but not strain their kidneys.

Technically, once a cat is aged seven or over they are classed as senior.

This is because of a drop off in kidney function once they reach this milestone.

Whilst this sounds frightening, it isn’t because by adjusting the diet to put less strain on the kidneys, it’s possible to extend healthy function.

This is where this Hills canned senior food comes in.

The recipe is balanced to provide optimal nutritional for older cats so as to keep them active for longer.

For starters, the recipe is lower in some of the minerals which kidneys find difficult to process.

The food also contains essential fatty acids for optimal coat health, and L-carnitine to aid metabolism and promote brain function.

In short, this food supports organ health including the kidneys and brain, and promotes healthy joints.

But what do cats think, do they like it?

It’s a tails up from the majority of fussy feeders.

Several cats didn’t seem especially excited at first, but then proceeded to clear the bowl.

It’s also heartening to know that this food also promotes a healthy bladder and urinary tract, and for some cats can decrease the occurrence of crystals forming in their urine.

In the interests of a balanced assessment, it’s fair to mention this food does contain some plant material, of which carrot is the most obvious.

Some cat guardians question the relevance of including vegetables in a diet for a meat eater.

However, vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals that can’t be found in meat, so it could be argued they are included instead of adding artificial vitamins.

When the store shelves are crammed with a bewildering display of wet cat foods, how do you decide what to feed your Bengal?

A good starting point is to choose an age-appropriate diet.

A cat is considered adult between the ages of one and six years of age. Feed these guys an adult maintenance food.

Below 12 months of age, feed a kitten food (unless directed differently by your vet).

Those seven years or older should technically be on a senior or mature food, although the need becomes more pressing the older the cat is.

OK, so your Bengal is five years old, so look for an adult food.

Now study the label on the food.

A deal-breaker that means you should leave it in the store is if the ingredients contain a high percentage of plant matter or vegetable protein (such as soy).

This is difficult for cats to digest and considered a sign of poor quality.

Look for a food that lists meat or meat products amongst the main ingredients.

You can tell this simply by looking which foods head up the recipe.

By law, the manufacturers have to list what goes into the food in order of the main ingredient first, second listed second and so on.

So if a recipe has turkey first and chicken liver second, then you’re onto a winner.

Lastly, when you select the best wet cat food for Bengals take care how much you feed them.

Be too generous and this leads to weight gain.

In turn, obesity predisposes cats to problems such as diabetes.

So to keep your Bengal in peak condition, feed them for lean to stay healthy for longer.

5 Best Cat Foods for Bengal Kittens Reviews

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Bengal kitten!

Bengals make wonderful pets and certainly have unique characters.

These spotted beauties originate from the Asian leopard cat, a small and wild cat native to eastern Asia.

These non-domesticated cats were bred with our domestic pet cats in the 1970’s, resulting in the present-day, much-loved and very popular Bengal.

Though Bengal cats must be separated by at least four generations from their predecessor, the Asian Leopard cat, many retain the feisty characteristics of their ancestors.

The best cat food for Bengal kittens should take their heritage into account, providing fuel for their abundant energy and curious nature.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Bengal Kittens

Product nameQuality
Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Chicken Kitten FoodA
Blue Buffalo High Protein Grain Free Dry Kitten FoodA++
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Variety PackA
Wellness Core Turkey and Chicken Liver Kitten FoodA+
Orijen Cat and Kitten Dry FoodA

To maintain a lean muscle mass, Bengal cats often require a higher protein content than a typical domestic short hair and should always be fed very high-quality protein sources.

Feeding a Bengal kitten on a poor-quality food with a poor protein to carbohydrate ratio is likely to lead to the development of an overweight adult cat.

As Bengals can be prone to digestive upsets, many Bengal specific foods will cater for this, providing prebioitics, probiotics and the appropriate protein.

For many owners, the coat of the Bengal is their most attractive feature and Bengal kitten food should contain the correct ingredients to allow their coat to reach its full potential and develop a glossy sheen.

Bengals, by nature, are true carnivores and love the taste of meat, often opting for the diet with the highest meat content available.

Like other cats, Bengals are obligate carnivores and ideally should be fed meat from reputable sources that is suitable for human consumption.

Though Bengals don’t necessarily require a different diet to other domestic cats, by tailoring their nutrition we can ensure we are giving them the best opportunity to live a full and healthy life.

Cat Foods for Bengal Kittens

1. Instinct Original Grain Free: Available at Amazon

This high protein wet kitten food is the best cat food for Bengal kittens who may also have a sensitive stomach.

With real, cage-free chicken as the first ingredient, as well as beef liver, salmon and eggs, you can rest assured that the protein in this food comes from reliable sources and will easily support your kitten’s development in their first months of life.

The natural fruits and veggies contained provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals and are sure to make this a tasty food choice.

With ingredients such as cranberries, pumpkin, kale and blueberries, the back of your cat’s food tin is starting to read more like a Wholefoods grocery list; and we don’t think that’s such a bad thing!

This grain-free food option contains no fillers whatsoever and as well as not containing any grain, is free from other potential allergens, including potato, soy and artificial colours and preservatives.

While the majority of Bengal kittens won’t have any food sensitivities or intolerances, it can be nice to know you are not at risk of triggering any.

The pâté texture of this kitten food is what really sets it apart from the rest.

Kittens find it easy to eat and won’t need any encouragement when it comes to feeding time.

A complete food, this pâté can be fed on its own, or may be used as a topper or as an accompaniment to dry kibble.

The natural DHA contained is truly essential to kitten development, supporting their brain and eye development in their early life.

Kittens will need roughly 1 tin per 3lbs body weight up to 6 months of age, though this will vary depending on your kitty’s activity levels and on any other food being offered.

2. Blue Buffalo High Protein Grain Free Dry Kitten Food: Available at Amazon

Blue Buffalo are a big name in the world of kitten food, and we think this is the best option for your little Bengal.

Not only is it packed full of protein, the all-natural ingredients are both highly digestible and incredibly tasty.

The best cat food for Bengal kittens is one that they just love the flavour of, and owners know their kittens go crazy for the delectable dry kibble and juicy chicken ‘lifesource bits’ in this food.

Though this food may have been inspired by the Lynx, it is perfectly appropriate for your little hunter or huntress, with a minimum of 40% protein in every portion.

The deboned chicken, chicken meal and fish meal all combine to provide plenty of protein, while the peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes are a healthy source of complex carbohydrates that create energy which lasts all day.

The fruits and veggies, such as carrots and cranberries, are a rich source of anti-oxidants, supporting your kitten’s immune system as they grow.

The DHA and ARA fatty acids, as well as the choline, are vital for the development of healthy brains and eyes in little ones.

The recommended daily feeding chart is featured on the packet and is also accessible online.

It is dependent on your kitten’s age, weight and activity level and may need adjusting over time depending on how your kitten is growing.

Owners have two potential feeding options.

They can either feed the food dry from the bag or they can mix the food with warm water to release the flavours and smells and make the biscuits easier to eat for little mouths.

When introducing this food for the first time, as with other new diets, do so over the course of 5-7 days to increase tolerance.

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Variety Pack: Available at Amazon

It can often be tricky to hit on a food that your kitten just loves, and often it is a case of trial and error until, one day, you magically hit on that diet that they just can’t get enough of.

With this variety pack, you can get an idea of which flavours your new kitten really likes, guiding your future diet choice.

Of course, some kittens and cats enjoy being provided with different flavours on a regular basis and appreciate their diet being spiced up with a rotation of flavours through the years.

This variety pack contains 8 cans of three different foods: salmon flavour, a chicken and trout recipe and a pure chicken option.

All of these foods meet the exacting standards of Blue Buffalo and have a high protein content with top-quality ingredients.

The chicken and trout flavour is flaked in a delicious gravy, which you may find your kitten particularly enjoys thanks to the soft texture.

All of the options can be mixed with dried food if desired.

All of these tins are grain-free, so there’s no need to worry if your kitten or its parents have a sensitive stomach and you are concerned about a food intolerance.

Similarly, there are no added artificial flavours or colours as with all of the fresh and natural ingredients, there is just no need!

With around 10% protein in each can, this is quite a high amount for a wet food, whereby the moisture content often reaches 80%.

Remember, the protein content of wet and dry foods cannot be easily compared, as dry foods do not contain even nearly as much water, which appears to ‘falsely dilute’ the overall protein measurement.

4. Wellness Core Turkey and Chicken Liver Kitten Food: Available at Amazon

The deboned turkey, deboned chicken and whitefish meal are ideal sources of DHA (for healthy central nervous system development) and protein (for muscle growth and development).

No meat by-products are used, ensuring high-quality amino acids.

There is over 12% protein; a very respectable content for a wet food with 78% moisture.

As with other top of the range kitten foods, there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, nor is there any wheat.

This smooth turkey and chicken liver pâté is perfect for developing mouths and teething kittens and provides plenty of water for those that are not keen on drinking.

Bengals are true little carnivores at heart and will be sure to enjoy the meaty taste.

Owners do have the option of mixing in a dry kibble mixer or complete diet, although this is not wholly necessary.

Dry kibble can play an important role in dental hygiene, although this only really becomes an issue at about 6 months of age when a cat has finished teething and has all of their permanent adult teeth.

Fresh water should always be supplied alongside the kitten food and milk is not advised as it may result in loose motions.

Importantly, for Bengal kittens with sensitive stomachs or those suffering with loose motions or intermittent vomiting, this food contains plenty of prebiotics, probiotics and fibre, to bulk up the stool and maintain healthy gastrointestinal health.

In fact, diarrhea is one of the main reasons Bengal kittens are presented to the veterinary clinic when an owner first has them, so ensuring their diet isn’t contributing to any stomach upset should be high on the list of priorities for new pet owners.

5. Orijen Cat and Kitten Dry Food: Available at Amazon

With ingredients including free range chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs and wild caught fish this food is not only incredibly delicious, but also entirely ethical.

What we love most about this diet is that it is appropriate to feed at all life stages; perfect for a mother and her kittens that are being weaned.

Trying to feed a queen and her kittens separately can often prove a real challenge, so now you don’t have to. Initially, you may choose to moisten the kibble with warm water, although most kittens manage just fine even without this step.

With a whopping 40% protein, your Bengal will have all of the building blocks it needs to grow into its healthy adult body.

The low glycaemic carbohydrates are ideal for providing energy and ensuring your kitty has the urge to run, jump and play all day (in between long naps, of course!).

Using a mixture of fresh and flash-frozen meat, Orrijen offer up a nutrient dense meal that packs a meaty punch.

With 85% meat and 15% fruit and vegetables, there are also tonnes of healthy additives.

With tasty turmeric to reduce inflammation, enterococcus probiotics, pumpkin and squash to improve stool quality and a whole load of other nutritious additives including blueberries, turnip, spinach, kale and pears, all of your kitten’s micronutrients are well and truly provided.

Orijen utilise fresh meat, offal and cartilage as well as eggs and whole fish to provide a balanced source of nutrition for your carnivorous cat.

The one ingredient that makes this food choice extra palatable is the freeze-dried liver, a real treat to feline taste buds, and one that makes the entire meal irresistible.

This premium pet food is truly in a league of its own and is the ideal selection for your pampered prince or princess, to really give them a head start in life.

Picking the right kitten food for your new pet may seem like an overwhelming task at first but stick to this list of the best cat food for Bengal kittens to take all of the stress out of the decision.

Whether your kitten loves flakes in gravy, pâtés or dried kibble, there is something for everyone.

And with a whole range of flavours including chicken, trout, salmon and turkey, your cat is sure to find a food they absolutely love.

Each of the above food selections is packed with high-quality proteins and is nutritionally balanced to provide your furry friend with all of the necessary macro and micro nutrients they need to not just grow but thrive.

Many of the foods offer additional benefits, such as providing probiotics to aid gut health or a high level of natural DHAs to contribute to CNS development and healthy brain function.

Bengal kittens tend to have sensitive stomachs, so owners should be aware that food changes are best made over a period of several days and it is not wise to quickly chop and change between foods, which may lead to an episode of digestive upset.

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