Best Cat Food for Sphynx Cats

The 5 Best Cat Food for Sphynx Cats

It is essential to feed your Sphynx the appropriate diet and the best cat food for Sphynx cats is just a click away within this article.

While it is essential to feed every cat a suitable food, it is critical for the health of your Sphynx, who you may find to be a little more sensitive than its domestic short hair cousins.

As any Sphynx owner can attest to, these cats are just full of character and make fantastically fun pets.

However, they have special needs and can easily develop skin and digestive problems if not fed correctly.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat food for Sphynx Cats:

These social cats enjoy keeping active and playing games, so require plenty of good quality protein, fats and carbohydrates.

The typical ‘off-the-shelf’ cat food is unlikely to be a good fit for your purebred feline, though it may be slightly more affordable.

A Sphynx’s lack of fur means that they easily become cold.

This is one of the main reasons that it is important that your Sphynx cat does not become underweight, as they will find it even more difficult to maintain their body temperature without a baseline level of body fat.

Equally, it is not unusual to see an overweight Sphynx cat with excess fat rolls and a plump belly.

Many Sphynx cats are kept as indoor only pets so will burn less calories than a cat with outdoor access.

Feeding the right diet can help to prevent obesity, which is essential to avoid the development of obesity-related health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

The delicate skin of the Sphynx has no fur to protect it and requires good quality nutrition to keep it healthy.

Sphynx cats are also known for having delicate stomachs and irritable bowels, so owners should be mindful of their particular dietary requirements.

These cats do not tolerate poor quality food or frequent diet changes well and do best when fed on the same food for life.

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Sphynx Cats Reviews

1. Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion Cat Food

Royal Canin Adult Cat Sensitive Digestion
Available at Amazon

The best cat food for Sphynx cats is this selection from Royal Canin, that is specifically tailored to cats with sensitive digestive tracts that are prone to having loose stools and occasional vomits or regurgitations.

As any owner of a cat with a sensitive stomach can tell you, once you find a food that agrees with them, you stick with it!

It is not advised to chop and change between different diets when your cat has a sensitive gut and instead you should offer them a familiar diet each day that you know they will digest well.

The protein contained within R/C Sensitive is made to be easy to digest, ensuring the gut does not have to work over-time and this food aims to support the gastrointestinal tract and provide a healthy and balanced gut flora.

For those fussy eaters, this diet is always a hit as the biscuits are particularly tasty and the variety of kibble shapes encourages cats to eat more and prevents boredom when eating.

The main ingredients in this food are chicken and rice, as well as corn and wheat.

It is important to note that this food is suitable for cats with diagnosed allergies or grain sensitivities, who will require a prescription hypoallergenic diet recommended by a veterinarian.

Containing 33% protein, this food can adequately support an active cat and keep it in tip-top shape.

With a whopping 472 calories in every cup, this is a calorie-dense food, which is ideal for those cats that rather eat smaller meals.

Sensitive cats can find large meals irritating on their stomach lining and harder to comfortably digest.

Eating large meals may even have them feeling nauseous and can lead to vomiting.

By formulating a high energy food, R/C has ensured that even a small meal should fill your cat up, without putting too much pressure on their delicate digestive system.

2. Purina Beyond Grain Free White Chicken and Egg Cat Diet

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural
Available at Amazon

Next up, we have a high-quality food from Purina.

Just reading the ingredient list on the back of the pack should be enough to convince you that this food has to be one of the best cat diet for Sphynxes on the market today.

All of the ingredients are natural and include yummy vegetables such as peas and carrots.

Of course, chicken is the number one ingredient listed.

The chicken within the food is sourced from either Canada or America and includes only the white and brown meat, which is packed with protein.

This is a complete food, requiring nothing to be added to it and providing 100% of the vitamins and minerals that your Sphynx needs each and every day.

The cassava (a root vegetable) is a great source of carbohydrate that is completely grain free and often far better tolerated by those kitties with sensitive stomachs and general dietary intolerances.

Remember that ‘grain free’ does not mean the same as ‘hypoallergenic’.

While it is true that many allergic cats do not tolerate grain wells, some cats are allergic to popular ingredients such as chicken and turkey, so should have allergy testing done before a diet choice is made for them.

One thing I have always found with this product from Purina is how fondly owners speak of it and how many good reviews it has online.

This is a food that owners are confident feeding their cats, particularly in multi-cat households where there may be a variety of needs.

This is clearly a favorite product of many and is also one of the more affordable options available, a significant factor when considering this will be a lifelong diet.

3. Eukanuba Adult Cat Sensitive Stomach

Eukanuba Adult Cat Sensitive Stomach
Available at Amazon

This tasty dry cat food made by Eukanuba is another good option for s Sphynx with a sensitive stomach.

It is made for cats over one year of age and is appropriate for most adults with a moderately active lifestyle.

This food is mainly composed of chicken, which is both easy to digest and palatable.

There is also a good level of prebiotics, and high quality fiber which prevents runny or bad-smelling stools.

The grains within this food are wholegrain and release energy over a long period of time, keeping your cat fuller for longer, and preventing irritating begging behavior.

This is a great option for those cats who do not like to eat much, as it is very high in calories and fat, so can help them maintain condition.

A typical 8lb cat only has to eat between one third and a half a cup a day to maintain a healthy body weight.

As this food is so calorific and has fat levels of over 21%, it would not be suitable for an overweight cat or one that may be predisposed to pancreatitis (an inflammation of the pancreas that may occur after consuming foods high in fat).

The added fish oils and Biotin within this diet ensures your cat will have strong claws and a glossy coat, while the Vitamin E supports their natural immune system and aids in fighting infection.

For Sphynx cats, this is utterly essential, and is why this diet is perfect for a kitty with both skin and intestinal issues.

The kibble has a good crunch to it, preventing excess build-up on the teeth and maintaining healthy gums.

Eukanuba are well-known for their ‘110% money back guarantee’; an assurance that should leave most owners feeling happy with their purchase and safe in the knowledge that if their finicky cat doesn’t like the flavor, they have not lost out.

4. Hills t/d Dental Care Cat Food for Sphynx

Hills T/D Dental Care Dry Biscuits
Available at Amazon

While daily tooth brushing is the very best way to prevent dental disease and calculus build-up, only a small portion of cats will tolerate us brushing their teeth.

Many Sphynx cats are diagnosed with gingivitis and tooth disease over the course of their lifetime, and so would benefit from a diet that is specifically formulated to keep their mouth in good condition and their breath smelling fresh.

On top of the localized benefits, we now know that having higher levels of bacteria in the mouth can lead to bacteria spread throughout the body which can affect organs such as the heart and liver, so feeding a tooth friendly diet contributes to your Sphynx’s overall wellbeing.

This food has a specific shape and texture that reduces teeth staining and tartare accumulation.

It covers the entire tooth and then breaks apart, ‘wiping’ the debris and staining from the enamel surface.

Importantly, this food should not be seen as ‘a cure to dental disease’ and will not improve the health of a cat who has significant gingivitis and thick layers of calculus on their teeth.

These cats require a professional tooth cleaning under general anesthetic in a veterinary hospital.

While this food cannot significantly reverse dental disease, it really comes into its own for use after a dental cleaning, when your cat’s teeth are white and sparkly.

This dried kibble keeps the teeth pristine and prevents a cat from needing a further cleaning.

A complete food, Hill’s T/D is safe to feed throughout an adult’s entire life.

This food is safe to use if your Sphynx is prone to the development of bladder stones as it prevents the build-up of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.

As with other Hill’s diets, Hill’s T/D contains a high level of anti-oxidants, protecting cells from free radicals.

This food works best if offered as the sole food source, as feeding other diets (particularly wet foods) can combat the beneficial effects of T/D.

5. I/D Digestive Care Cat Diet from Hill’s

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Cat Food
Available at Amazon

A super all-round food, I/D from Hill’s is a sensible option for your Sphynx for the duration of their adult life and can be fed either wet or dry form (or a mix of the two).

Whether your kitty suffers from runny stool, frequent stool, infrequent vomiting, flatulence or constipation, this food is a great option for them and will help to encourage a healthy gut and control their gastrointestinal symptoms for life.

This food is particularly suited to those felines that are losing a lot of fluid, through either vomiting or diarrhea, as it is rich in B vitamins and essential electrolytes.

For these cats, in order to prevent dehydration, consider feeding the wet version of the food temporarily, or adding in some of the wet food alongside their dry diet.

Avoid feeding any human foods or treats alongside Hill’s I/D, as these may cause a flare-up of a cat’s intestinal issues and negate the beneficial effects diet.

All of the ingredients in I/D are very digestible and gentle on the stomach.

The main ingredients are chicken and turkey meal, as well as rice and egg; all of which are bland foods that are proven to settle the stomach.

When a cat does have an upset stomach, they are often nauseous and do not feel much like eating, which is why I/D has been created to be nutrient dense, high in energy and very tasty.

This food can be given to both kitten and adult Sphynx cats and there is an easy to read feeding guide on the back of the pack that advises on how much to feed during each life stage.


When it comes to choosing the best cat food for sphynx cats, simply pick one of the five foods listed above and your cat will surely thank you for it.

All of the listed foods are flavorsome, nutritious and highly digestible, while their ingredients are responsibly sourced and good quality, so you can have the peace of mind that your cat is eating the best.

Whether your Sphynx is under-weight or over-weight, has skin problems or a sensitive belly, one of these foods will surely help to improve its quality of life and overall well-being.

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