Cat Food for Savannah Cat

Best Cat Food for Savannah Cats

A strikingly beautiful and intriguing hybrid, the Savannah Cat takes traits from both her wild and domestic ancestors.

This can make choosing a cat food for them interesting.

Stemming from the African Serval, Savannah cats walk a little more on the wild side than our normal housecats.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat food for Savannah cats:

This means their bodies are more suited to lots of small meals throughout the day consisting mainly of meat.

Just picture a wild Serval hunting on the African plains.

Meals come where and when they can catch them.

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Savannah Cats (Overall)

Quick look:

The best cat food for Savannah Cats should closely mimic this lifestyle.

Many breeders of Savannah cats will recommend at least a partial raw diet as the healthiest option.

However, not everyone has the time and resources to provide this, so choosing a commercial cat food that is high in quality protein and fat and grain free might be a little easy to manage while still providing those necessary nutrients.

You may also want to free feed kibble so that your Savannah cat can eat small amounts whenever he chooses.

Top that off with a little canned food or raw or cooked meat and you should have one healthy kitty.

Savannah cats also tend to be bigger than your average housecat.

They’re not necessarily heavier but definitely taller framed and some might still be as active as their wild ancestors.

All this means is that the protein content and quality of the food you choose is needed to provide energy and muscle maintenance.

They may also eat a bit more than you would expect from other domestic kitties.

With all this understood, let’s take a look at the some commercial foods that are the best for Savannah cats.

Both dry and canned foods are included so that you can feed your kitty more like her wild ancestors.

1. Orijen Cat and Kitten Food

Orijen Cat and Kitten Food
Available at Amazon

It doesn’t get much closer to raw food than Orijen.

Over 60% of the meat products using in this food are either fresh or flash-frozen.

The meats are air dried to maintain freshness and taste.

The first several ingredients listed sound like something humans would use.

This makes it high in quality protein and grain free.

The freshness of the ingredients and the way they are preserved makes it very much like a cat’s natural diet in the wild.

The quality of Orijen says it all.

90% of the protein in this food comes from animal products rather than plant sources.

This makes it very close to what your Savannah cat would be eating if she were following in the footsteps of her wild ancestors.

The other 10% of the food is fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins and necessary fiber for a healthy digestive system.

The downside to Orijen Cat and Kitten is that it is formulated for all life stages.

This is a little difficult to do since a young kitten’s needs are very different from those of an adult cat.

Kittens require far more fat and calories than their adult versions.

That extra fat and calories could make your adult Savannah cat overweight.

Since Orijen has a different way of preserving its food, the texture can be a little different than other kibbles on the market.

This may throw some kitties off and make them not like the food.

Orijen Cat and Kitten food is about as close to a raw diet as you’re going to get.

This brand takes great pride in the quality of its ingredients and the freshness of the product.

For a hybrid like the Savannah cat, Orijen just might be the best cat food for them as it closely matches that of a cat’s diet in the wild.

2. Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free
Available at Amazon

Instinct Raw Boost is a cat food with a winning combination.

It mixes high quality kibble with little freeze-dried raw pieces of real meat.

These little bits of raw real meat will make your Savannah cat think he’s eating fresh caught prey out on the plains of Africa.

As you can imagine, Instinct Raw Boost is high in healthy protein and fat that your Savannah cat needs to maintain muscle mass and energy while he’s stalking through your home.

It is also grain free.

The freeze-dried pieces of meat are a unique aspect to this food.

They not only provide high quality protein, but are minimally processed so that they are more like a cat’s wild diet.

This food also contains probiotics, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants for a healthy digestive and immune system and a shiny, healthy coat.

Some kitties experience digestive issues when starting Instinct Raw Boost cat food.

This is most likely due to the richness of it.

At 43% protein and 20% fat, this food packs a punch that other cat foods don’t causing cats that aren’t used to it to have trouble.

This is best prevented by slowing switching from your old cat food over the course of a couple of weeks to give your kitty’s system a chance to acclimate.

Savannah cats should be better equipped to handling this diet however, since they have more wild cat in their lineage than most other housecats.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free cat food is one of the best cat foods for Savannah cats because of the freeze-dried meat pieces.

These provide minimally processed protein similar to a raw diet and a cat’s diet in the wild.

The kibble part of this food is also made from high quality protein and fat with additional nutrients to make a healthy overall Savannah cat pet.

3. Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend
Available at Amazon

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend is another dry kibble with meaty bits mixed in.

The shredded pieces are real chicken, turkey, or salmon depending on which flavor you choose.

This food is 40% protein and contains added omega fatty acids and probiotics for a healthy skin and coat and digestive system.

It also contains healthy fiber to promote digestive health.

A major plus for this food is the shredded meat pieces that are mixed in with the kibble.

This not only increases the protein value but also let’s your Savannah cat feel more like he’s eating a natural diet found in the wild.

Having different flavors like poultry and fish allows you to offer different meat options.

The protein is high quality with whole meat listed as the first ingredient in all of the flavors.

The downside to Pro Plan Shredded Blend is that it isn’t grain free and does use byproducts.

This means that not all of the ingredients are as high quality as other foods out there.

Some cats developed itching that was possibly due to food sensitivities while on this food.

I’m not sure if this was due to the food or not.

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blends is one of the best foods for Savannah cats because it contains those shredded meaty chunks along with good quality kibble.

The meaty chunks are whole meat products to make your Savannah cat feel more like his wild relatives.

Pro Plan Shredded Blend includes all of the other necessary additives like probiotics and antioxidants for overall health of your feline friend.

4. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Canned

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Canned
Available at Amazon

Here’s a canned cat food that is one of the best cat foods for Savannah cats.

This can be fed along with kibble to increase the protein in her diet as well as add some meaty flavor.

Wellness CORE canned cat foods come in a variety of flavors and textures.

It is very high in protein at around 50% and the first several ingredients read like something from a human recipe.

The major benefit to Wellness CORE canned cat foods is the high protein from quality meat sources.

The wide variety of flavors like chicken, turkey, duck, beef, venison, lamb, and fish help to keep your kitty’s meals interesting.

There is also pate versions that are smooth and consistent or shredded versions that provide meaty chunks.

This food also contains cranberries for a healthy urinary tract and good sources of fiber and omega fatty acids for overall health.

The downside to Wellness CORE canned cat foods is that they can sometimes have some spoilage troubles.

This can be frustrating to have to throw away entire cans of cat food because of mold or a bad smell.

Just always be sure to check the expiration date and to store them properly before using.

Wellness CORE canned cat food is one of the best cat foods for Savannah cats because of the high quality protein and grain free nature.

This food is just packed with meaty goodness with no filler to ensure that your Savannah cat gets the nutrition he needs.

The variety of flavors and textures also makes it more like a cat’s natural diet since they aren’t stuck eating the same thing everyday.

5. Fancy Feast Filets

Fancy Feast Filets
Available at Amazon

This little product is exactly what it sounds like, filets of real meat.

The only ingredients are meat and meat broth.

This product isn’t intended to be your Savannah cat’s only food as it isn’t nutritionally balanced, but it is a nice way to get some real meat into his diet.

You can simply shred it on top of his kibble or canned food to make it feel more like a fresh caught meal.

These filets come in chicken and a variety of fish flavors.

Cats really seem to like Fancy Feast Filets and why wouldn’t they?

It’s just real filets of meat.

You can use them as treats or as a boost to their other food.

Being 100% real chicken or fish means that it is high in protein and no carbohydrate.

It has very little processing so that it is more like a natural diet.

It seems that the packaging fails in some of these cases and the filets arrive with little to no broth.

Instead, you wind up with basically a dried out piece of meat like jerky.

This isn’t really the idea behind them as they are supposed to be juicy pieces of chicken or fish.

Because of this, it may be best to purchase Fancy Feast Filets in small quantities and feed them within the expiration period.

Also, this is not supposed to be your kitty’s sole food source, so another complete food is required.

Fancy Feast Filets are another way to really boost the protein and meat content of your Savannah cat’s diet.

By adding Fancy Feast Filets to his regular kibble, you are adding 100% real chicken or fish that isn’t processed and without any additives.

These filets add the protein and real meat texture that your Savannah cat craves.

Since Savannah cats are a hybrid of wild and domestic lineages, they require a little different diet than the average housecat.

Just as cats in the wild hunt and consume real meat several times a day, your Savannah cat should as well.

The best cat food for Savannah cats is a high protein, high quality food that is low in carbohydrate.

Grain free might be a good option as well since cats rarely eat grain in the wild.

Canned food, at least as an additive, increases the meaty texture of a regular diet and so it might be a good addition to dry kibble.

Again, dry kibble is recommended for better dental health and can be fed on a free choice basis so that your kitty can eat several small meals a day.

Always have lots of fresh, clean water available with the kibble to make sure your kitty stays overall healthy and happy.

Hopefully this list gave you some good options of foods that not only are high quality but also have some little additions like meaty chunks to make your Savannah cat feel more wild.

Dry Cat Food for Savannah Cat

Top 5 Best Dry Cat Food for Savannah Cats Reviews

Only recognised by the The International Cat Association in 2001, this is a relatively new breed.

These athletic cats are known for their jumping ability and displays of acrobatics.

They have specific nutritional needs that must be met in order for them to grow and thrive, which is why we have compiled a list of the best dry foods for Savannah cats.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Dry Cat Foods for Savannah Cats

Many believe that this breed has an increased taurine requirement, although this has not been proven scientifically.

Several owners note that their Savannah cat does best when fed on a raw diet and a large proportion of owners note that foods with high grain contents can have negative effects on their cat’s general health.

A home-made raw diet can have several drawbacks which owners should be aware of.

It can be difficult to create a balanced diet that is not deficient in certain ingredients such as Calcium and Iodine.

It can take a lot of owner commitment and typically works out more expensive than a pre-prepared food.

Finally, handling raw food can place owners at risk, particularly for those people that are ill, elderly or pregnant.

For these reasons and more, most vets will recommend a commercial diet as being superior.

As with other cat breeds, a Savannah’s nutritional requirements will change as they get older, and a kitten has vastly different needs from a geriatric cat.

Similarly, their calorie and protein requirement will vary depending on their lifestyle, with more active and energetic cats requiring more.

However, feeding the same diet to a sedentary cat could quickly result in obesity and other health issues.

Thus, owners should assess their individual pet when choosing a diet and monitor them whilst on it.

Did you know, that Savannah cats are outlawed in some American states including Texas and Georgia?

Before purchasing a Savannah, do make sure that you are not breaking any laws!

1. Orijen Regional Red Dry Cat Food: Available at Amazon

Orijen is fast becoming our favourite cat food brand and is thought of by most as the best dry food for Savannah cats on the market.

Sure, it’s not the cheapest cat food out there, but by golly it’s good!

If you’re looking for the best quality option for your pampered prince or princess, Orijen is a luxury food that provides absolutely everything your Savannah cat requires in delicious little biscuits.

Orijen foods are truly in a class of their own and use only the finest ingredients available.

We love this ‘Regional Red’ offering that contains some impressive food sources including wild boar, plains bison and angus beef.

Is this a pet food or a Michelin star menu?!

You’ll struggle to find a diet with more protein as there is a whopping 40% protein content and 90% of the ingredient list is made up of meat, fish and eggs.

The remaining 10% is composed of fruits, vegetable and botanicals and there is absolutely no grain or fillers included.

At a great compromise, this food is 1/3 dried and 2/3 fresh or raw, using no preservatives.

The balance of meat, offal and cartilage naturally provides all of the nutrients your cat needs to prosper.

For Savannah cats in particular, most vets feel that they should be fed on such a protein rich and nutrient dense diet.

Your cat’s favourite part about this diet is sure to be the pieces of yummy freeze-dried liver, a palatable addition that ensures your Savannah will go wild for this food.

A typical 6kg Savannah cat will require 2/3 of a cup a day, which can be fed in meals or left out to allow natural grazing.

Other than fresh water, your cat requires nothing else at all added to their diet; at least some things in life are simple!

2. Crave Grain Free High Protein Dry Food: Available at Amazon

Designed for active, carnivorous critters such as the Savannah cat and Bengal, Crave is packed with protein and high quality ingredients and is a real winner in our books.

This food is specifically tailored to those cats without outdoor access and is probably the best dry food for Savannah cats that live inside.

This dry diet is packed full of animal proteins and contains absolutely no grain, cereals or fillers.

Crave attempts to mimic the diet of the Savannah’s feline ancestors, who would have survived on mostly meat and offal.

Using real chicken and chicken fat, they steer clear of the cheaper chicken by-products used in many poorer quality cat foods.

With 40% protein and 16% fat this is a nutritionally dense food that will allow cats to develop their muscles and maintain a lean body condition.

The Yucca Schidigera within is a natural additive that has traditionally been used to relive a number of ailments, including inflammation and chronic pain.

Most Savannah cats will require about ½ a cup a day of this food, although this is dependent on their individual lifestyle as well as their age and weight.

This selection has chicken as its number one ingredient and there is also a salmon and ocean fish option for those seafood lovers out there.

The palatability of this food is high, and the majority of cats will be keen to eat it every meal time.

To increase palatability, some owners will mix in fresh meat and fish such as chicken, turkey or mackerel, though they should be aware that this can create fussiness in cats and may result in them eating around the kibble and not receiving a nutritionally complete diet.

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Dry Cat Food: Available at Amazon

Blue Buffalo have long been seen as one of the most popular cat food brands available, and with good reason.

With deboned chicken as the first ingredient, as well as a high amount of chicken and turkey meal, Blue Buffalo have ensured that this is a protein rich food source that is more than adequate for the specific needs of the Savannah cat.

In fact, this food was inspired by the wild cat, the Lynx, a hunter with impressive muscling and stamina, known for its ferocity.

The complex carbohydrates contained (sweet potato, potato and peas) allow for slow releasing energy that gives your cat plenty of drive throughout the day.

With no grain at all, sensitive stomachs often find these carbohydrates easier to digest and use.

Rich in anti-oxidants, the immune system is supported and is able to efficiently fight off unwanted infections.

With delicious ingredients such as carrots, blueberries, parsley and cranberries, your Savannah cat remains protected.

Particularly good for those cats who can have the odd upset stomach, this food contains the probiotics Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus to support the digestive tract and prevent gut dysbiosis.

Probiotics can prevent chronic vomiting and diarrhea and create a balanced internal environment.

The typical Savannah cat will require ½ to ¾ of a cup a day of this nutrient-packed dry diet, which does not need to be supplemented with any meat or wet cat food.

Most cats prefer to graze so would ideally have the food left out for them to pick at throughout the day.

However, if your Savannah is greedy and likes to gorge, this may not be the best feeding option for them.

4. Blue Buffalo Indoor Health: Available at Amazon

This chicken and brown rice recipe is a real hit and is a great option for your indoor Savannah.

Using natural ingredients such as deboned chicken and wholesome vegetables and whole grains, there are no by-products or unnecessary fillers or additives in sight.

Those familiar with this brand will have heard of their popular ‘Lifesource Bits’ contained within their feed.

These darker pieces of kibble are packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and are a little bite of ‘health’.

As they are cold-formed, the ingredients are not exposed to high heats and so retain their nutritional contents and benefits.

The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help to support a healthy skin and shiny coat, so that your Savannah cat can look its best.

Grooming your cat once a day can also aid in improving their coat’s appearance and this is a routine that you should get your cat used to from kitten-hood.

With a mixture of dried probiotics, this food is perfect for maintaining a healthy gut and preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

This is particularly important for cats that are on a course of antibiotics and can be prone to gut dysbiosis and stomach upset.

With 32% protein, this food contains slightly less protein than options number one and two on the list, which can be a good idea for less active cats who do not have such high protein requirements.

With ingredients such as rice, oatmeal and barley this food is not advisable for those cats with known food allergies or sensitivities to grains.

The vast majority of cats, however, will be able to digest these ingredients easily.

5. Purina Beyond Grain Free: Available at Amazon

This dry cat food for adult cats manufactured by Purina is a market leader and a great value option.

Purina work closely alongside nutritionists to ensure that their product meets and exceeds your feline’s needs.

Their white meat chicken is the first ingredient on the list and it is only ever sourced from the USA or Canada.

They never use poultry by-product meal and also refrain from including any grains, gluten or soy.

As well as this, there are no artificial colours or preservatives, so every ingredient has an important purpose.

This natural food should be well-tolerated by your Savannah kitty.

Owners should be aware that this is not a hypoallergenic diet, and though it does not contain many of those ingredients which may cause a food reaction in a cat, those cats with true food allergies are better managed on a hypoallergenic diet such as Hill’s Z/D.

The crunchy biscuits are easy to eat and highly palatable, which is ensured by the high content of chicken as well as the natural liver flavour.

Offering these biscuits can help to remove plaque from teeth and reduce periodontal disease.

Indeed, feeding your cat on a wet food or raw meat diet can lead to food caking on the tooth, causing dental disease over time.

In order to achieve the ideal gum and tooth health, as well as feeding a dry diet, owners should brush their cat’s teeth daily.

As there are no probiotics contained within this feed, owners may choose to supplement their cat with an additional probiotic paste, powder or capsule.

When introducing this food to your cat’s diet, just like with any new diet, this should be a gradual change that happens over several days.

Simply filling your cat’s bowl with a brand-new food is likely to result in an avoidable stomach upset.

While Savannah cats are not entirely different from our Domestic Short Hairs and British Blues, it is widely accepted that they thrive when fed on a high protein, grain free diet.

With their lean and lithe bodies, they are some of the true athletes of the feline world and require a high-quality diet to support their bones and muscles throughout their lives.

Not all foods are created equal and we have scoured the internet for you to find the absolute best dry food for Savannah cats that’s on offer.

With high protein contents and a reduced or absent grain content, these are the dry foods that are best accepted by Savannahs.

They are all highly palatable and complete diets that require no supplementation other than fresh water.

Many contain additional ingredients to further improve your kitty’s health, such as probiotics and anti-oxidants; supporting both their immune and their gastrointestinal health.

Keeping things as natural as possible, we have stuck to the wild roots of the Savannah, only including the least processed foods on this list, steering clear of unnecessary filler ingredients or low-quality protein sources.

Providing your Savannah cat with the best dry food diet will help to ensure their health and happiness for many years to come.

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