Best Cat Food for Russian Blue Cat

Cat Food for Russian Blue Cats

Sweet and beautiful, soft and loving, Russian Blue cats make one of the best kitty pals around.

Their laidback attitude makes snuggling a must while their soft, thick blue-colored fur is irresistible to pet.

Russian Blue cats also are likely to never turn down a meal and may even ask for seconds if the opportunity arises.

With their thick hair coat and propensity to eat, the best cat food for Russian Blue cats should be low calorie and high protein with maybe a little hairball control thrown in.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat food for Russian Blues:

Russian Blues have what’s called a double coat that consists of a thick and soft undercoat and an outer coat.

It’s this setup that makes them so soft.

It also makes them need frequent grooming and may lead to hairball troubles.

Finding a cat food with hairball control can help alleviate some of these troubles and keep those hairballs out of his GI tract and off your rug.

A low calorie, high protein food will help your Russian Blue maintain a healthy weight even without skimping on the meal size.

A healthy weight is important as these kitties can live well into their teenage years.

Starting off and maintaining the right nutrition will help ensure that your friend lives this long, healthy, and happy life that is associated with the breed.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best foods for Russian Blue cats.

Some of these high protein, low calorie foods also contain hairball management for overall health.

Kibble is recommended to keep your kitty’s teeth and gums healthy, so this list will mainly focus on dry foods.

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Russian Blues Reviews

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free
Available at Amazon

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball is one of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats because it is high in quality protein and high in natural fibers to help maintain strong muscles and remove hairballs naturally.

It is also moderate in calories so that your high appetite friend won’t get overly heavy.

As with all Blue Buffalo cat foods, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball uses whole meat as the first ingredient and contains LifeSource Bits for added antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for overall health.

This food is a good one for overall health of your Russian Blue.

The high protein and low calories will help to maintain a healthy weight even in sedentary cats.

The natural fibers will help digestion and remove hairballs brought on by that luxurious coat.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball is also grain free with the essential additives for healthy skin, coat, and immune system.

As with any cat food that is very high in protein, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball can cause digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea if they aren’t acclimated to it properly.

Be sure to very gradually transition over to Blue Buffalo from the old cat food over a course of a couple weeks to give their system time to adjust to the richness of this product.

Another thing to watch out for is with the high fiber for hairball control, there may be an increase in the amount of waste in the litterbox.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball is one of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats because it will help them maintain a healthy weight without severely restricting the amount of food they get.

It can also help get rid of hairballs that can occur because of their thick hair coat.

Just be sure to make a slow switch to this food as it can cause digestive troubles.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free for Indoor Health

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free
Available at Amazon

This is just like the quality food Instinct Raw Boost except with fewer calories and prebiotics to help with stool odor.

Instinct Raw Boost is a combination of a high protein, high quality kibble and freeze-dried bits of real meat.

It is also grain free.

The quality of the ingredients makes it easily digestible for less waste.

Instinct Raw Boost Indoor Health comes in two flavors, chicken and rabbit.

Instinct Raw Boost is a high quality food.

The freeze-dried meat bites add extra protein with minimal processing.

The lower calories help keep your kitty at a healthy weight even without much exercise and the high protein will keep his muscles strong.

The high digestibility and prebiotics help to make litter box cleaning a better experience as well.

Some kitties will have digestive trouble with this, especially in the beginning.

This is most likely due to the rich nature of the product.

Most cats aren’t adapted to eating raw diets anymore and so switching to this food without acclimating them properly can cause some vomiting and diarrhea.

Be sure to very gradually switch over to Instinct Raw Boost Indoor Health over the course of a couple of weeks to allow for sensitive tummies.

Instinct Raw Boost Indoor Health is one of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats because of the high protein and low calories to maintain healthy weights.

The high quality and digestibility are added bonuses.

Having the rabbit flavor option is great when it comes to cats with food sensitivities as there aren’t many rabbit flavored foods out there and this might be a good one to try for those kitties.

Wellness Complete Health Indoor

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food Indoor Chicken

This food is a little different than the others in that it’s not as high protein.

It’s still adequate at 30% but this diet is specially formulated for more sedentary cats.

So, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help with joint health, omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coats, and also the increased fiber levels to help deal with hairballs.

Wellness Complete Health Indoor cat food is also a little lower in fat to help prevent weight gain.

Wellness Complete Health Indoor cat food is one of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats because it is specially formulated for a less active lifestyle.

Since Russian Blues tend to prefer to spend their time lounging in a sunbeam or cuddling on your lap, this food will help keep them from gaining extra weight.

It does this without restricting the portion amount too to help keep your friend trim even when you slip him a few extra kibbles just because he asked.

The additives like glucosamine and chondroitin are extra little bonuses to keep him mobile into his old age and anything that helps with hairballs is a plus.

Even with all this good stuff in it, some kitties just won’t eat Wellness Complete Health Indoor formula.

With just one flavor available, there are no other options to keep it interesting.

Also, the high fiber and lower protein usually don’t do much to enhance the flavor.

Russian Blue cats should do well on a diet of Wellness Complete Health Indoor cat food.

It is lower in protein but still adequate enough to maintain strong muscles and energy for playing.

The first ingredient is whole chicken as well.

The increased fiber and joint supplements are great for keeping your Russian Blue healthy into his teenage years.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage

Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage is specially formulated to be lower in calories and higher in fiber to help indoor, less active kitties maintain a healthy weight.

The higher fiber blend also helps keep hairballs in check.

Purina ONE also prides itself on having no fillers, meaning all the ingredients can be easily digested and utilized by your kitty which in turn leads to less waste.

Whole turkey is the first ingredient and it is high in protein at 38%.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage should be a food that Russian Blue cats do well with.

With the high protein but lower calories, maintaining a healthy weight should be easier even if they sneak an extra meal in here and there.

The fiber blend will help clear any hairballs they may encounter from grooming that thick, thick coat, and the omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals will help them stay healthy during their long life.

There may be some issues with consistency.

Some kitties have changed their minds about eating this food as if the formula has changed.

Cats that have previously loved Purina ONE Indoor Advantage now turn up their nose at it.

I’m not sure if there was a recipe change for good or just a batch that was different.

Overall, Purina ONE Indoor Advantage can help keep your Russian Blue cat fit and trim with lower calories and high protein.

It can also keep him hairball free with its special blend of fiber.

The easy digestion and no fillers of this food help minimize waste which is always a plus when it comes to cleaning the littler box.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage has everything your Russian Blue needs to stay healthy, lean, and long-lived.

Beyond Indoor Grain Free Cat Food

Purina Beyond Simply Grain Free, Natur
Available at Amazon

A good grain free option for your Russian Blue, Beyond Indoor cat food combines high protein with fewer calories to maintain a healthy weight.

This is important for more laid back kitties or those that like to sneak extras meals or snacks in like Russian Blues.

The fiber blend also helps to maintain digestive health and clear hairballs.

Beyond Indoor also uses omega fatty acids and antioxidants for overall health.

Russian Blue cats should do well on this lower calorie food.

The protein is still there to maintain muscle mass and energy but without adding extra pounds.

The omega fatty acids will keep her coat thick and soft while the fiber keeps her hairball free.

Beyond Indoor formula contains what they call ‘recognizable ingredients’ meaning products that you will recognize, not a bunch of scientific names.

Beyond also states that every ingredient has a purpose meaning there are no fillers and your Russian Blue can utilize every last bit.

This means less waste in the litter box.

The biggest downside to Beyond Indoor grain free cat food is that some cats just won’t eat it.

It only comes in one flavor, so if your kitty doesn’t like salmon, you might be out of luck with this food.

Beyond Indoor Grain Free Cat Food rounds out this list of the best cat foods for Russian Blue cats.

It is high protein and low calorie to maintain a lean and trim body condition even when your kitty begs a few extras off of you.

The added omegas and antioxidants will make him healthy overall including his skin and coat.

If your Russian Blue likes salmon, this just might be the food for you.


This list of best cat food for Russian Blue cats are all indoor formulas because they are lower in calories while keeping the protein high.

The higher fiber content also promotes digestive health by helping to remove hairballs.

All of this is important for your Russian Blue because these cats can have weight troubles.

With their laidback personality and ability to beg for food, a low calorie diet will keep them healthier.

Many of these foods also come in a weight control version for even fewer calories if needed.

Also, their luxuriously thick coat requires constant grooming which can lead to hairballs, so a higher fiber diet will help to clear those out.

It’s also important to always have fresh, clean water available and feed based on the recommended guide for each brand of food.

Even if your Russian Blue spends time outside doesn’t mean an indoor formula won’t work for him.

Just keep close tabs on his weight so that he can stay healthy and enjoyable for many years to come.

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