Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

As any Maine Coon owner will be happy to inform you, these gentle giants make fantastic family pets.

Earning the accolade ‘the biggest breed of domestic cat’, these guys can reach weights of up to a whopping 10 kg!

Of course, during all stages of this cat’s life, proper nutrition is key.

Not only can the right diet allow for adequate bone and muscle development, it can also prevent certain diseases and provide the building blocks for a long and healthy life.

The best cat foods for Maine Coon cats must take their large frame into account and should be high in protein.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat food for Maine Coons:

Once finished growing at two to three years of age, Maine Coons can be prone to obesity, so foods should be restricted in carbohydrates and owners should be careful to not overfeed.

Many Maine Coon cats suffer with dental disease and gingivitis, so will not only benefit from hard biscuits but also from those diets aimed specifically at dental health.

On top of feeding the appropriate diet, owners can help out by brushing their kitty’s teeth once daily using a soft cat tooth brush.

The luxurious coat of the Maine Coon also requires consideration.

To maintain their plush fur and to prevent dry skin or greasiness, diets should contain supplements such as Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.

With such a long and thick coat, it is also essential for owners to groom these big guys once daily, which will help to spread their natural skin oils and prevent matting.

With a cat as large as the Maine Coon, it is often advised that they are allowed to graze feed or are fed several meals a day.

This prevents periods of hunger and scavenging behaviour.

While there is a temptation to overfeed because of their size, always stick to the calories advised on the food label and use a kitchen weighing scales to check that portions are accurate.

The 5 Best Cat Food for Maine Coons Reviews

1. Royal Canin Maine Coon Dry Biscuits

Royal Canin Cat Food Maine Coon
Available at Amazon

A true market leader, Royal Canin have really done their research and created one of the best cat foods for Maine Coons available.

Recognised by owners and veterinarians alike as being a top-quality brand, many of those in the know will feed their cats on Royal Canin for the duration of their life.

For veterinarians, it is important that the health of the Maine Coon is considered and addressed nutritionally.

It is scientifically proven that this breed is more prone than the average feline to certain heart diseases, such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

In fact, it is thought that around 30% of Maine Coons carry the genetic mutation that predisposes them to developing this life-limiting disease.

The addition of taurine, DHA and EPA in the diet can help to maintain normal cardiac function.

Not only is the body of the Maine Coon unlike other cats, but so is their large head and skull.

Owing to this, their jaw is bigger than that of the average feline and so Royal Canin have created a biscuit that is specifically designed to be eaten by cats with large mouths and to still provide the dental benefits of hard kibble.

Feeding a Maine Coon small kibble can result in food bolting and improper chewing, leading to a build-up of plaque and potential digestive issues.

A 7kg Maine Coon should be fed around 61g of this food a day.

However, if owners are mix feeding, there is a handy chart on the Royal Canin website which discusses by how much to adjust the portion size.

For example, adding one pouch of wet food reduces the overall dry kibble amount to 40g a day.

Of course, every individual is different so always monitor your pet’s weight after a diet change and adjust accordingly.

2. Royal Canin Intense Beauty Loaf in Sauce Cat Diet

Royal Canin Intense Beauty Loaf in Sauce Cat Diet

For those show cats in the audience, this is a food to give you the extra edge!

In the competitive world of cat shows, why not go all out and ensure your Maine Coon is looking their absolute best.

Royal Canin have developed a wet food which they have cheekily called ‘Beauty Loaf’.

Designed to create a silky, shiny coat and to maintain a normal weight, this food is sure to make your beloved stand out in the show ring (or even at home on the family sofa!).

Though wet food is not the ideal option for any cat predisposed to dental disease (as the food can ‘stick’ to the teeth and result in localised decay), many Maine Coon kitties love the taste of wet food and will pick it over dry kibble any day.

Wet food is also proven to be a superior choice for those prone to urinary tract issues, such as the development of urinary crystals or stones, as well as those with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in this diet contribute to a lovely coat shine and prevent dandruff and dry skin.

They eliminate the need to add expensive supplements to the food (many of which cats will eat around or spit out anyway!).

To maximise benefits, owners should also be diligent with their grooming. As Maine Coons require daily brushing, this should be a regime that is started in kitten-hood.

As the average 8kg cat may need up to 4 cans a day, many will choose to feed this wet loaf alongside dry kibble.

With rave reviews from satisfied customers, many describe this diet as being the best cat food for Maine Coon cats who love to look good.

3. Hills T/D Dental Care Dry Biscuits 

Hills T/D Dental Care Dry Biscuits

As a high proportion of Maine Coon cats are plagued with bad teeth from an early age, keeping on top of their dental health is critical.

A large number of unfortunate cats will suffer in silence, with owners unaware of the issues lurking behind their closed mouths.

While some cats may drool, lose weight, have bad breath or struggle to eat dry biscuits, others will show absolutely no signs at all of having a problem.

For some, owners only become aware of an issue when a vet examines their cat’s mouth during their routine annual visit.

We know that there is a genetic predisposition towards developing dental problems, however this does not mean that nothing can be done to stop it.

As well as tooth brushing, providing a suitable diet can dramatically reduce the risk of a cat’s teeth going rotten as they age.

Hill’s T/D diet is shaped to clean the surface of the tooth and formulated to fight off plaque and reduce oral bacteria levels.

It is a complete food that can be fed life-long and promotes overall health as well as oral health.

Oral health is known to have a strong link with general health and it has been proven that maintaining a plaque-free mouth can reduce the risk of certain types of heart and kidney disease.

For cats that have a significant level of dental disease already, they will likely benefit from a professional dental cleaning under a general anaesthetic as Hill’s T/D is unlikely to provide any real benefit in the face of significant calculus and gingivitis.

The diet can be started immediately after a dental clean, potentially preventing the need for any future treatment.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control Cat Food 

Hills Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control Cat Diet
Available at Amazon

Hill’s have really hit it out of the park with this one; a deliciously satisfying dry kibble that contributes to overall health and is a firm favourite in the feline world.

Precisely balanced to meet the needs of your furry friend, you can feel confident that you are providing the best for your cat.

One of the main perks for Maine Coons owners when it comes to this diet is the ‘Fur ball reduction’ component, which benefits both cats and owners alike!

No one likes to see their cat retching up a fur ball, and it can’t be pleasant for them either.

In fact, large fur balls can even be dangerous, potentially causing blockages in the gut, so should be avoided at all costs.

Regular grooming is also advised, as dead fur can then be removed rather than ingested.

For those Maine Coon kitties prone to urinary issues, this diet should be considered.

The controlled amount of Magnesium can prevent the formation of crystals.

However, most veterinarians will suggest a wet diet for those with proven urinary issues as it is known that keeping the urinary tract ‘flushed through’ offers significant benefits.

With high palatability, this diet satisfies picky eaters, whether fed alone or used as a topper on a wet meal.

Remember, if starting your cat on this food it is important to gradually wean them on to it to prevent any stomach upset.

Suddenly changing diets can result in vomiting, diarrhea and bloating.

Diets should be changed over a period of 5-7 days, taking things slower if needed.

Suitable for adult cats, this food is not recommended for kittens or growing cats and should not be fed to geriatrics.

5. Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Maine Coon Cat Food 

Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
Available at Amazon

Nowadays, more and more owners are opting to keep their cats indoors.

This can be due to safety concerns, apartment living or the cat’s preference.

While numbers vary depending on where in the world you are, many Maine Coons live happy kitty lives indoors.

It is known that indoor cats are more prone to obesity, diabetes, urinary health issues and several other conditions.

Feeding them an ‘indoor only’ food can go a long way towards preventing certain diseases and keeping them in tip top shape.

The carefully balanced calories within this Blue Buffalo food can help to keep a cat lean and trim if fed correctly.

As well as weighing your cat regularly, you should assess them using the ‘Body Condition Score’ to ensure they are not over or under-weight.

Vets and nurses can show you how to do this.

As nutritional needs can vary throughout a cat’s lifetime, often the amount they are fed will need to be adjusted every so often.

Cats love the taste of this diet and with deboned chicken as the number one ingredient, it’s not hard to see why.

As well as yummy chicken, this food is packed full of tasty whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

The natural anti-oxidants contribute to a strong immune system and can help to fight off certain infections.

Free from many additives, including corn, wheat and soy, this food may well be a good option for sensitive kitties, or those with specific food allergies.

This diet is not a hypoallergenic diet, however, so for those cats with proven allergies to specific ingredients (like chicken or dairy), an allergenic diet should be used instead.


The handsome Maine Coon is surely one of the most stunning cat breeds there is.

With their large and elegant bodies, plush coats and affectionate nature, these beauties make wonderful and loyal family pets.

By feeding these felines on the best cat foods for Maine Coons, we can ensure that they are being provided with all of the essential nutrients they require to grow strong and healthy.

Proper nutrition is essential to avoid certain conditions that the Maine Coon is known to be predisposed to, such as dental disease and obesity.

The right diet can also contribute to a glossy coat and supple skin.

Maine Coons do not necessarily need to be fed on a completely different diet to other breeds of cat but do benefit from diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

Feeding dry kibble can protect teeth, while wet diets promote urinary health and improve hydration.

For many, feeding a mixed diet is seen as the best way to go, though owners who choose to go down this route must be cautious not to overfeed.

When mixed feeding, it is essential to consult the back of each food packet and to weigh out portions.

Remember, any treats or titbits must be subtracted from the daily calorie allowance to prevent over-feeding (even if your cat tries to tell you otherwise!).

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