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Best Cat Dental Treats

There is nothing cute about a cat with bad breath and rotten teeth.

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in veterinary practice and can affect any cat, regardless of age or breed.

Purchasing the best cat dental treats can help to ensure your cat’s teeth stay sparkly and white for their whole lives.

As with many medical conditions, prevention is always better than cure and one of the best ways to keep our kitty’s teeth in good conditions is to feed them appropriately.

One area where many animal lovers fall down, is the treats they feed on a daily basis.

While they may be feeding a dental-specific diet, they will then counteract the benefits by giving the cats unsuitable treats such as meat, cheese or patés.

These foods cake onto the tooth and lead to chronic periodontal disease and gingivitis.

While diet is the cornerstone of maintaining good oral hygiene, there are other things that can be done in addition to providing dental diets and dental treats.

If the cat will allow, owners should brush their cat’s teeth daily.

A soft child’s tooth brush can be used and no toothpaste is necessary; simply wet with water.

Gradually build up the amount of time spent brushing until your cat tolerates a 60 second daily session.

Finger toothbrushes may be better accepted by some cats and there are fish flavoured feline toothpastes that can make the experience more pleasurable.

Similarly, owners can put plaque dissolving liquids and powders in the food and water, to keep the level of oral bacteria down.

For some animals, their dental disease is already quite advanced and they may need a professional dental cleaning under anaesthetic performed by a veterinary surgeon.

No amount of tooth brushing or dental treats will help these cats.

However, once they have had their cleaning, dental diets, dental treats and tooth brushing will help to keep those teeth in good condition and prevent the need for future dentals.

Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

While it’s true that these beige, rectangular treats may not be the most visibly appealing of foods, they are the best cat dental treat available and come highly recommended by veterinarians.

With just a small list of ingredients, these treats would also be suitable for most cats with allergies and sensitive stomachs; though owners should always check with their vet regarding their pet’s specific dietary needs.

With fish as the number one ingredient, cats absolutely love the taste of this treat and don’t realise it is a ‘healthy’ snack!

These treats work best if given once daily and should be used in combination with a dental diet e.g. Hill’s T/D.

Avoid giving other treats which may lead to plaque accumulation.

These treats are delicious and super chewy.

The chewing helps to break off any calculus on the teeth and gives cats a good jaw work out.

While these chews are quite big, for more petite cats they can be split into two.

Breaking them up any smaller is not advised as they need to be chewed by the cat for them to have their full effect.

These treats either come in packs of 30 or packs of 96.

The larger pack is perfect for multi-cat households or for owners who are planning on giving these treats long-term on a daily basis.

Customers should be aware that this product is also available in a chicken option for those fussy felines that aren’t a fan of fish.

As with any treats, as they contain calories, owners should reduce the amount of cat food their cat gets accordingly, if they are supplementing the diet with these dental treats.

If owners continue to feed the same amount and also give a dental treat or two a day, they will find that their cat will gradually start to put on the pounds!

Greenies Feline Dental Cat Treats

Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat Treats

Here you have the best rated cat dental treats that pets and owners alike go wild for.

Greenies have a reputation for being irresistibly tasty and even the most pernickety eater will love the taste of these oven-roasted chicken flavour snacks.

As this product comes in a number of sizes, including a small 2.5oz pouch, a medium-sized 5.5oz bag and a whopping 11oz container, there is a range of options to suit every household.

You can rest assured that this is a high-quality dental treat as it has been endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

Vets internationally will recommend this product and feel it is one of the best choices out there to keep teeth clean and healthy.

As well as mechanically cleaning teeth and reducing oral bacteria levels, these biscuits even freshen breath.

An added bonus of Greenies treats is that they are made from all-natural ingredients, and contain added vitamins and minerals to keep your cat in tip-top shape.

With added B vitamins, vitamin A, Iron and Zinc, these treats can help to booster your cat’s immune system and keep them healthy from nose to tail.

At less than two calories per treat, these biscuits are the perfect option for cats that are trying to lose weight or who are prone to putting on weight quickly.

We love the wide range of flavours available.

While the oven-roasted chicken is our favourite, your kitty may prefer the savoury salmon or tasty tuna flavours.

In fact, there is even a catnip variety!

Many clients choose to purchase the variety packs, ensure their cat can make their own choice.

These treats are not suitable for young kittens or any cats less than the age of one.

Purina Dentalife Adult Cat Treats

Purina DentaLife Adult Dental Cat Treats

This offering from Purina is a favourite of ours because of the clever way they have formulated their biscuits.

Though hard and chewy, the treats are porous and are designed to crumble once they have contacted the surface of the tooth.

This crumbling action helps to dislodge the plaque on the tooth’s surface, reducing the level of calculus build up and gingivitis.

The whole of the tooth is cleaned, rather than just the top.

With each treat containing only 1.3 calories, these are a great low-calorie option for cats on calorie-controlled diet.

Owners should be aware that treats should never make up more than 10% of the animal’s daily food intake.

For example, if the average cat eats 220 calories, no more than 22 calories should come from the food, so they should never be eating more than 17 treats per day.

Benefits should occur if even a couple of treats are eaten each day.

With a fat content of 10%, these treats are not recommended for cats on low-fat diets, for example, cats that are prone to pancreatitis.

These round kibble treats can be purchased in either a small pouch or a large plastic canister; the latter being ideal for a house with a few cats.

Savoury salmon and tasty chicken flavours are available, so why not go for both and let your cat decide which one tastes better.

With no added colours or flavours, these treats are a healthy source of both calcium and taurine.

However, as with the other treats listed in this article, these snacks are not a substitute for a complete cat food diet and should be fed in addition to their regular food, not instead of it (no matter how much your cat may insist otherwise!).

Meow Mix Brushing Bites Cat Treats

Meow Mix Cat Treats Brushing Bites

Meow Mix have made these tasty, fortified treats available in a number of tempting flavours including, chicken, salmon and tuna.

The real fish added in the salmon biscuit ensures a truly irresistible fishy taste that your cat won’t be able to resist, while the real chicken in the chicken alternative offers a meaty flavour that leaves cats wanting more.

Best of all, while these treats will keep your cat’s cravings satisfied, they are specifically designed to keep teeth clean.

The ‘flower’ shaped biscuit has indents that fit snugly against the teeth, promoting a whole tooth cleaning and providing good abrasion.

Keeping the entire surface of the tooth clean is essential for good gum health and to prevent gingivitis (sore, red gums).

There is added vitamin D and calcium within these biscuits; ideal for maintaining optimal dental and skeletal health.

As these treat biscuits also contain ingredients including wheat and corn flour, any cat with a grain sensitivity or food allergy should steer clear of these treats as they could potentially cause a stomach upset.

At 2 calories per treat, the average 8 lb cat should eat roughly 10 treats a day.

Be sure to reduce their regular dinner portion by about 10% to compensate for this new calorie source.

Failure to do so will soon result in your kitty resembling Pusheen, the chunky, grey cat!

You are probably familiar with the ‘Meow Mix’ brand; one that has been around for over 40 years and that is liked and trusted by vets and owners alike.

You can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality product that has been tried and tested by moggies across the U.S for decades.

These dental biscuits can be bought in a number of different-sized pouches and can also be bought in batches of 5 for your convenience.

Emerald Pet Cat Grain Free Chicken Treats

Emerald Pet Cat Dental Treat

Emerald have made a stand-out product here; a dental treat that is suitable for kitties with sensitive stomachs and food allergies; hallelujah!

All too often, cats have multiple issues, and it is not too uncommon for a cat with bad dental health to also be prone to upset stomachs.

Finally, a company has recognised this and developed a suitable treat selection for these sensitive kitties.

If your cat does suffer from food allergies, check with your vet which flavour is appropriate for them.

With options including chicken, turkey, turducky (that’s turkey and duck for those in the audience who were scratching their heads!), tuna, salmon and even catnip, there should be one that’s suitable.

Owners in America will be pleased to read that not only is this product made in the USA, it is also made using only American ingredients.

They have been made with natural ingredients and the ingredient list is short and sweet.

As well as being grain-free, these treats are also soy, gluten and dairy free.

They are also made with real meat and fish products; rather than creating artificial flavours with additives.

The calcium carbonate contained keeps teeth and bones healthy and promotes the cleaning action of the biscuit.

Teeth are scraped clean and breath stays fresh.

As with many other dental treats, each biscuit contains roughly 2 calories, and Emerald recommend that the average cat is fed between 6 and 9 treats per day.

Shaped like cute little fish, these darling treats are just too cute and make a nice change from the boring square and circle-shaped options on the market today!


With five of the best cat treats for dental health listed above, you should have no problem choosing your cat’s next healthy treat option.

The majority of these products come in a selection of appealing flavours, and many companies give you the option of purchasing a variety pack so you can easily determine which is your cat’s favourite without playing a guessing game at the online checkout.

Providing your cat with dental treats is a responsible way of ensuring they maintain good oral hygiene, while still enjoying the little pleasures in life.

Gone are the days where cats on a strict dental diet with poor gum and teeth health were banned from eating any treats at all, as now we have some superb options for them that won’t interfere with their dental hygiene programme.

Owners should be aware that these dental treats work best when combined with other preventative methods, including tooth brushing and the use of plaque dissolving products.

However, there is nothing simpler than shaking the bag and watching your cat come running as they delightedly tuck into a healthy treat or two.

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