Best Cat Condos for Large Cats

Which Best Cat Condos for Large Cats will you Choose?

What’s missing from your cat’s life?

As a loving cat-guardian, your cat’s happiness is purramount.

To achieve purr-fection means meeting all the fur-friend’s needs, including her instinct to do ‘catty’ things.

These behaviors include climbing, clawing, resting, and surveying territory; which is why a cool kitty condo is what’s missing from her life.

Choose the best cat condo for large cats and it will meet these important behavioral needs.

In this article, we’re going to review the following cat condos for large cats:

A cat that’s able to release their wilder side in a safe way makes for a better behaved fur-friend.

The wise cat-guardian understands you can’t stop a cat from clawing or climbing.

These are part of what makes a cat, and to punish them makes for frustration and conflict all round.

Instead, encourage these natural activities, but in an appropriate way with a cat condo.

The genius thing about cat condos is they look great in the home, plus your cat will love your fur-ever.

Talk about a win-win situation.

So why are the best cat condos such a winner?

New Cat Condos Large Cat


The classic ‘cat stuck up a tree’ scenario is down to Kitty’s love of climbing.

In the absence of a tree in the front room, Kitty will turn her paw to the curtains…with shred-ful consequences.

But a tall cat condo provides an outlet for that need to go vertical.


Clawing is a basic cat behavior that helps stretch her muscles and spread her scent.

Again, this is a classic case of ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’

Instead of declawing or shouting at the cat, give her great place to indulge in a touch of shredding with a tall cat tree.


Cats like to get high up so that they can watch their territory.

A high-platform next to a window is the cat-equivalent of a Sky subscription.

Me-ouw Time

In a multi-cat household, cats like to have some purr-sonal space.

Using vertical space gives the cats a chance to get away from each other and reduce potential conflict.


From a comfy hammock to a cozy retreat, a cat condo offers a safe place to sleep that’s up off the ground; ticking lots of boxes for four-leggers.

But not all cat condos are created equal.

The 5 Best Cat Condos for Large Cats Reviews

1. Songmics 59-inch Multi-level Cat Condo

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Big Cats
  • Height: 59-inches tall (4-foot 9-inches)
  • Number of platforms: Five
  • Construction: Sisal rope verticals with fleece-lined platforms and beds
  • Features: Has a hammock, two cat beds, and an enclosed hiding area; Also features two toys (balls on string)
  • Warrantee: 30 months

This condo offers a variety of napping experiences.

From the chilled out Kitty in a hammock, to the scaredy-cat that prefers the security of a hide, this condo has it all.

It even caters for the cat that likes a chin-rest, with the two raised-edge beds.

This Songmics multi-level cat condo is nicely stable, which is important when encouraging a cat to scratch.

For added stability there’s also the option to anchor the cat-tree to a wall.

This product heads our list of best cat condos for large cats, precisely because it meets the brief.

Real-life owners of big cats, who had just about given up on ever finding a cat-tree to meet their out-sized feline’s needs, were thrilled to find this condo.

Described by users are good quality and well built (it is self-assembly, with clear instructions and no special skills required).

Once assembled the condo, literally, stands up to the demands of the larger cat.

It is sturdy and stable enough to take a larger weight jumping onto it, without tipping, trembling, or otherwise make the cat feel unsafe.

This kitty condo is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all the four-legged members of the family.

The hiding area is large enough for even 20 lb. cats to climb inside and turn around.

Purr-fect for the larger puss who’s a tad on the shy-side.

We found that cat-guardians, who were thrilled with the initial impression, continued to be delighted as time rolled on.

Despite heavy usage (in every sense of the word) this Songmics stood up well and continued to look plush despite being used as a scratch post.

For any undecided cat-guardian, this is pretty much a no-risk purchase (especially with a 30-month warranty and extra dangly balls).

But if you like to compare options and shop around, here are some other highly rated cat condos.

2. Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Condo

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
  • Height: 62-inches (5-foot, 1-inch tall)
  • Number of platforms: Three
  • Construction: Sisal and plush faux fur
  • Features: One cat ladder, one hammock, one suspended bed, one hide, one tunnel
  • Warrantee: Not stated

This Go Pet Club wins a place amongst the best cat condos for large cats because of its height and sturdiness.

Standing a little over 5-feet tall, this is only a tad shorter than the average adult person!

The height gives the larger cat plenty of scope to reach up and really arch that back to get a good claw down on the vertical elements.

Many a neglected cat scratch post is so because of two factors: Firstly the post isn’t tall enough for a cat to stand on the back legs and really rake downwards.

Secondly, the post shifts under the cat’s weight which makes the cat feel insecure.

Happily, neither of these are problems with the Go Pet Club condo.

Cat guardians tell us how well this product stood up to a larger cats attentions both when clawing and climbing.

Indeed, one out-size Kitty had a catnip high whilst on the top platform and almost fell off.

However, the condo took the weight of the cat dangling from the top by his paws, without tipping or shaking.

Reassuring indeed.

There are a couple of minor points to consider about the model.

The cat cubby may be a bit small if you have a ‘big’ cat, in every sense of the word.

He might find it a tad of a squeeze to get inside.

Also, from the cat-guardian point of view, this is self-assembly (as are all the tall cat condos).

This model uses double threaded screws, which if incorrectly installed can lead to platform instability.

The knack is to make sure both side of the screw are equally engaged, for a rock solid finish.

3. Bewishome Cat Condo

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Houses Hammock
  • Height: 62.2 inches (5-foot 2-inches)
  • Number of platforms: Seven
  • Construction: Quality plush with sisal rope
  • Features: Comes with a wall fixing point, hammock, large and small cubby house, three cushioned sleeping platforms, jingle-ball toys attached
  • Warrantee: Not stated

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes the Bewishome Cat Condo.

This is taller (just!) and with more platforms than the two options already mentioned.

We especially like how there are two cubby houses for cautious kitties, so there are multiple options for getting away from it all.

One of the great things about the Bewishome Cat Condo is how well balanced it is.

The stable footing means and well balanced platforms means it can cope with the active larger cat clambering up one side.

But if you’re a belt-n-braces kind of cat-guardian, the product comes with an optional wall anchor for extra peace of mind.

The appearance of this cat condo is pleasing to us humans.

One small niggle from the cat’s perspective is about the scratching posts.

With so many platforms, this means much of the vertical supports are given over to supporting the platforms.

This may sound niggly, but in practical terms it means less room to exercise those claws and scratch.

This may not cause a problem depending on the size of the cat.

But for a truly luxurious full-body stretch and rake down the length of the vertical, this might be a bit of an inconvenience.

Cat guardian opinion is divided about this unit.

The majority love it because of the spacious platforms and sturdiness.

However, potential purchasers should be away the cubbies have fabric, not solid, walls.

4. Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees
  • Height: 48-inches (4-foot)
  • Number of platforms: Three
  • Construction: Wood, memory foam, sisal rope
  • Features: Luxury memory foam mattress, large cubby hole, dangling cat toy
  • Warrantee: Not stated

Bah! A mere four-feet tall!

Why include this Vesper piece in our list of best cat condos for large cats?

OK, we feel the Vesper V-base earns it’s spot because of the aesthetics of the condo.

It might be you want your elegant loft-apartment to have cat furniture to match.

The Vesper V-base is stunning to look at, so it doesn’t offend the human eye, whilst it provides a superior pad for large cats.

The good news is that cats really do love this kitty condo.

The long expanse of vertical scratching post encourages use, and the viewing platforms are a great height for Kitty to sit and watch the world outside the window.

A pointer we picked up from actual users was that the self-assembly can be a little daunting.

However, there’s an ace YouTube video which walks you through construction step-by step.

Simply have this on pause beside you, and the condo will practically assemble itself.

On a ‘good news: bad news’ note, lots of cats absolutely loved using it as a scratch post.

However, after months of scratching the verticals did degrade (better than this being your sofa!) and look a little…ahem…untidy.

Sadly, trying to source replacement vertical pieces, turned into a quest with no availability for months.


5. New Cat Condos

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower
  • Height: 46 inches (3-foot 8-inches)
  • Number of platforms: Four
  • Construction: Deep pile carpet and sisal rope
  • Features: Already assembled, top-sleeping platform
  • Warrantee: Not stated

Not all large cats are young!

Some are elderly or less-than-athletic because of their size.

We choose this New Cat Condo for several reasons.

We like how it comes ready assembled.

Simply take it out of the delivery box and you’re good to go.

If your home assembly skills are as rusty as nails left out in the rain, then this is the option for you.

It’s also covered in carpet.

Why is this important?

Think of the cat that hacks up your best rug…these guys like the feel of carpet under their paws.

This condo is the scratching equivalent of catnip, in that your carpet-clawing cat won’t be able to resist it.

The other big tick in the box is that it’s sturdy, and offers a great climbing opportunity for the less nimble larger cat.

So if you have an outsized senior then this one is worth considering.

Cat guardians show this product speaks for itself, with their cats loving it so much owners order additional units to put in other rooms.

More than any other cat condo it described as ‘solid’ and ‘built to last’ more than other pieces of cat furniture.

So all in all this no-nonsense but mighty sensible cat condo for large cats ticks a lot of boxes.


Which Best Cat Condo for Large Cats will you Choose?

Is a cat condo missing from your large cat’s life?

Investing in a cat condo will enrich your cat’s life and save the furniture!

By providing Kitty with a tall cat tree, this fulfils a number of deep-seated natural instincts.

From the urge to climb to the need to claw, a cat condo can provide all those things.

For added value, place the condo beside a window so that Kitty can look out and watch the world go by.

This is the equivalent of being a cat up a tree, (but without the trauma) and will make her very happy.

When choosing a cat condo take into account the cat’s size, age, and agility.

You also want to ensure the structure is stable, and could withstand unusual gymnastic maneuvers should the cat hit a catnip high.

Choose a cat tree that matches your cat’s needs, and they’ll be more likely to make full use of it.

For example, avoid the temptation to economize by buying a smaller condo, when you have a large cat.

It won’t provide the necessary vertical ‘stretch’ for a satisfying claw, and it’s unlikely to be stable enough to withstand a large cat climbing it.

When looking for the best cat condo for large cats, be sure to look for the following features including plenty of vertical scratching space, multiple platforms, a cubby if possible, a scratch-encouraging covering, and height to encourage climbing.

Happy catnaps, cat-people!

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