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Cat Carriers: 10 Best For Airplane, Big Cats, Difficult Cats…

If you want to take your cat on vacation or to the vet, you’d require a suitable best cat carrier to transport him. With the varieties of best cat carriers in the market, it can be daunting to determine which carrier makes the right choice for you and your feline friend.

The most significant factor that determines the best cat carrier is the size of your cat. You will also need to consider your cat’s disposition towards travel and whether you’d be traveling by air, by car, or by train.

Apart from these significant factors, everything else comes down to your preferences and if you hope to travel frequently with your pet or not. Look for a more sturdy cat carrier if you make a regular journey and would love to have your pet with you. It can be plastic or fabric but ensure it comes with sturdy materials.

We have provided in this article, a buying guide to help you determine which cat carrier is more suitable for your pet. We know how difficult it could be to make a choice. So we have sifted through hundreds of Amazon reviews and made our top ten picks of the best cat carrier for your feline friend.

Each of these pet carriers ensures you have your furry friend with you when you travel without compromising on his comfort, safety, and happiness. Check out the comparison table below:

Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Carrier

Choosing the Best Cat Carrier

The two primary types of cat carriers to choose from are fabric or plastic carriers. The plastic is sturdier, and a better option for cats that dislikes travels while the fabric-type is less sturdy and a better choice if you move less and when you own a cat that is less temperamental. Cats love enclosure, ensure you get a carrier roomy enough for him but not too big.

If you want to take your cat out on a walk or to get fresh air, you may need to get a carrier on wheels. Your choice must also consider your cat’s comfort and should be the right type for your mode of travel.

Below are some essential factors to consider before deciding on the best cat carrier for your feline pet:

Cat carrier strollers or carriers with wheels are great for train travels which require moving about, walking down the aisles, altering carriages, and changing platforms. The frequent movement and the noise can be traumatic to a cat. Strollers make the best cat carrier in this situation.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Cat Carriers


The size of the carrier doesn’t need to be small or too large. It should be roughly 1 ½, the size of the cat. Depending on your mode of travel, the size should meet the travel specifications. For ease of movement, it is better also to look lighter cat carrier.

You also need to ensure that the room is enough to make your pet comfortable and not stressed out during the journey.

The carrying capacity

The maximum amount of weight that the pet carrier accommodates determines to a large extent your choice. Ensure that the carrying capacity of your chosen cat carrier is a bit more than the overall weight of your pet to ensure his safety.

Selecting a cat carrier with the same carrying capacity as the weight of your feline friend is a no-no situation. Also, consider the weight of any pet accessory you need to stick into the bag.


How comfortable will the pet carrier be for your cat? It is essential to choose the best cat carrier with comfortable bedding to make it cozy and relax during travel. While looking for a crate that has comfy bedding, ensure that the litter doesn’t in any way get in the way, limit the height of the carrier and make it uncomfortable for your cat. 

Also, try to get a carrier with a mesh opening for proper ventilation.


There are different types of cat carriers. These differ depending on the quality of the fabric used and the design. A good number of best cat carriers for big cats are made from materials which could be canvas, polyester, canvas, cotton, and microfiber.

It is essential to check the seams to ensure their stitches are correct. Nylon or soft carriers are the best options for cats that are not violent during travels.

For a more durable option, you may want to go for carriers made from polypropylene or a few types of long-lasting plastic. They also make cleaning easy, but the wrong side of these is that they occupy space and are not very compact for storage purposes. The metal case is not advisable as they are very heavy and not portable.


Your best cat carrier depends on your travel needs. If, for instance, you are traveling by air, you need to get an airline-approved cat carrier. These are commonly fabric types of pet carriers that are lightweight, foldable, and occupy less space.

Plastic carriers are bulkier than the fabric ones, and even the foldable ones would still occupy larger space. Although they are as well lightweight, they are heavier than fabric crates.

A soft-sided cat carrier commonly made up of nylon or related material is the best option for car travel because of their light weight and the easy to get them into small spaces.

The best ones come with straps to keep it in place and prevent wobbly movements which can stress out the cat during travel. The problem with these is that they can easily be destroyed by scratching with claws.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The plastic cat carriers are commonly more comfortable to wash and clean. The fabric carrier is also easy to clean, especially, when it is entirely machine washable but not as plastic ones. Some of them are not machine washable requiring washing by hand which is very tasking.

Durability and Security

The security of your feline friend should be your top priority. You don’t want to keep your cat in a carrier that has parts sticking out and could poke into his eyes. Do you?

In as much as you want a carrier to make it easy to transport your cat, you must be careful about his safety. Ensure the zipper or the door has a tight lock and your cat won’t easily escape out of it.

Plastic carriers last longer than fabric carriers. They are sturdy enough to stand constant use and the claws of your kitty. They resist smashing if a heavy item accidentally falls on them.  They are the safest and most durable. However, they are not the best type for air travels.

Best-rated Cat Carrier

PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Soft Sided Foldable Top & Side Loading Pet Carrier & Travel Crate

PetLuv Happy Cat

The Happy Cat carrier is roomy, soft, and offers the cat a feeling of privacy and security. This deluxe kitty carrier comes with great features that make your journey with your cats a great one. It comes with adjustable seatbelt loops to ensure that your kitty stays in place as you drive.

All the zippers are locked, and the seams are toughened to make it secure. The four access panel makes it well-ventilated and effortless to load your feline pal.  At the same time, it offers the maximum cat sightseeing with its four apertures.

The front panel makes placing your cat in the carrier easy. It has sufficient space to get the cat in but not enough to make it easy for them to escape during loading. The bedding features soft quality and luxurious material that is easy to clean and serve as the best cat carrier.

Although the materials are reliable, a frantic or nervous cat can still eat its way through it or tear it with claw scratching. You may want to invest in getting your cat acclimatized to it before traveling with your cat in it. Due to the large size, it may be more suited for long road trips and serves as the best cat carrier for two cats.

The adjustable shoulder strap and with the grip would make it easier to carry for the large size. A smaller version would be appropriate for making a trip to the vet, but this is not available according to a few Amazon reviews.


  • It is durable and portable
  • The carrier is attractive and good-looking.
  • It has enough room for your anxious cat to turn around during car rides
  • The zipper is of premium quality and comes with a smooth functionality
  • It is very sturdy and well-built. The steel frame gives it additional support.
  • The carrier bed is soft and cozy.
  • For safety, all the zippers come with locks.
  • It serves as the best cat carrier for difficult cats


  • It is a bit heavy and weighs 8 lbs compared to other carries that weigh roughly two to three lbs.
  • It is large-sized and can contain two 30 lbs cats and still leave extra room.
  • The handle is not padded, less sturdy and uncomfortable.
  • The base is not lined and gets saggy with weight.

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is a good cat carrier that is airline-approved. It makes a comfortable and stylish carrier for traveling with your kitty friend.  It is well-made and sturdy, maintains its shape, and comes with proper ventilation, thanks to the mesh windows.

The top zippered access panel is an excellent choice for cats that dislike side access. These pet carriers come with two storage pouches to bag health certificates or pet accessories to make it handy during the trip. It is sturdy enough to withstand the angry claws of a distressed kitten.

The patented spring wire frame makes it easy to compress the back part of the carrier to make fit well under an airline seat. The shoulders straps make it comfortable to walk about in without tossing your cat round as you move. This carrier is well-suited for adventure, car trips or air travels. The top and side accesses come with locking zippers to enhance safety and make it the best cat carrier for big cats. It carries pets of 22lbs maximum weight.


  • It comes with to wash lambskin liner that makes maintenance easy.
  • The front and top access gives you and your cat versatility and makes loading easy.
  • The seat belt strap provides extra safety to your kitten.
  • It is suitable for air travels.
  • The adjustable shoulder straps make carriage easy and more comfortable.
  • It is sturdy with the quilted nylon composition.
  • The zipper works fine and tight and is well secured.
  • The carrier is stylish and comfortable pet travel carrier
  • The liner is machine washable. It comes in multiple sizes and is suitable for both small and large pets.
  • It is roomy enough to allow a large cat switch positions during travel
  • Front and top zipper entrances are very well designed and sturdy. Carrying the carrier with the puppy inside was good, using either hand or shoulder strap.
  • It comes with multiple access points.
  • The wires give the cat travel carrier a stable and robust structure.


  • The carrier fits vertically under the cabin and not horizontally. This fit makes it stick out a bit occupying some of your feet space. It would be okay if you are petite but would be uncomfortable for a taller pet lover.
  • The base of the carrier is made up of cardboard secured with Velcro material. This makes maintenance difficult not entirely odor free.
  • The zipper is not super smooth
  • It lacks opening at both ends which make it feel a bit like a trap.
  • The wires used to offer shape to the carrier on the top part can poke out of their pockets and cause injury to the pet. You can fix this though by sewing it up but just something to watch out.

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

This Amazon Basic pet carrier comes with a comfortable hand grip and modifiable shoulder strap. It meets the under cabin requirements of the majorities of airlines and makes the best cat carrier for airplanes. The Fleece bed is machine washable which makes maintenance easy.

The maximum load it can carry is 22 lbs or 10 kg.  The two linked-up loop handles enhance balance and serve as both seatbelt and secure strap to keep your pet safe during travels. An adjustable shoulder strap comes included for hands-free carrying.

The pet carrier comes with front and top access points for easy loading of pets. The front zipper and top double-zippers make the cat carrier more secure. The four-sided mesh opening provides your pet with adequate air flow and a great view.

It features a solid removable base insert for the smooth movement of your pet. The detachable soft fleece bed makes it comfortable for your kitty to lay his head. The fleece bed is machine washable, and this makes maintenance effortless.


  • It is lightweight and more cost-effective than plastic carriers
  • Comfortable carriage
  • Solid and sturdy design
  • It is airline suitable.
  • It makes an excellent value for the price
  • Sturdy material and well-built structure.
  • Proper ventilation with both side and top access point.
  • The fleece material for the base pad is machine washable.
  • Easy pet loading with the double zipper opening
  • It is very lightweight, portable and easy to store away with the flat fold structure.


  • Small-sized
  • The fleece liner is less durable than the main carrier.
  • The top access is a bit narrow

Necoichi Portable Ultra Light Cat Carrier

Necoichi Portable Cat Carrier can be collapse entirely. It gives your kitty friend a comfortable temporary abode while you travel. It is constructed with sturdy materials to make it durable. It comes in lightweight construction for easy portability.

You can easily store it away as a result of the foldable design which makes it occupy less space. It is sturdy enough for transporting pets up to 17 lbs of weight. You need to be careful during assembling of this carrier as it is folded under spring pressure and can open vigorously.

You need to open it slowly, away from your face and a distance from little children to avoid accidents. It is an excellent ultralight weight cat carrier but sturdy enough for some uses like transporting rescue cats to their owner and for a trip to the vet.

The carrier offers a comfortable temporary abode for your feline friend. It makes a great short trip carrier for a kitten, a little puppy or a small cat that is not wild.  It can serve as a cost-effective and better cat carrier to the vet than the cardboard box. It is not sturdy enough for transporting larger animal or violent kitten who would do everything possible to resist such enclosure.


  • It comes with a comfortable fit.
  • It folds flat for easy storage.
  • It makes a great lightweight and compact Cat Carrier.
  • It is very affordable and an excellent value for the price.
  • It is stylish and cozy and serves as a fun place for your little kitty to hide away.
  • It makes your kitty friend a bit more relaxed as a result of its magnificent view.
  • It makes an excellent carrier for short vehicle trips.
  • It’s good looking, ultra light and quite sturdy.
  • It unzips all through making it easy to let out a cat that shies away from coming out.


  • The usage instruction tag is in Japanese.
  • The mesh is not sturdy enough.
  • It could be a bit sturdier but great if you want a lightweight pet carrier.
  • The zippers on both ends make getting a cat into a carrier more difficult.

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs

TEXSENS backpack pet carriers is a certified pet carrier. It is structured to make it easy for you to journey with your pet without worrying about its well-being when you are away. The shoulder strap design helps you and your feline friend to travel comfortably and conveniently. It meets airline specifications and is approved by many airlines.

This best cat carrier for airplane is structured with sturdy PU leather and PVC durable net and comes with multiple meshes and vents for maximum airflow, sunlight and sight viewing. Try to get your pet acclimatized to it before usage. This will avoid distressful scratching which could destroy the net.

It comes with soft and machine washable pad. It weighs 4.1 Pound and can support pet of roughly 10 pounds but ideally 7 pounds cats.


  • The backpack pet carrier is sturdy and comes with excellent support
  • It has multiple holes for beautiful views and adequate ventilation
  • The bubble doesn’t easily detach which prevents emergency escape.
  • Sturdy design and quality materials.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • It features an adjustable shoulder padded straps for convenient carriage.
  • The shoulder straps are adequately reinforced and don’t easily snap.
  • This carrier is solid and non-collapsible.
  • The padding is detachable and machine washable.


  • The bag easily flips over if the pet sits on the base.
  • There is no instruction manual for dome installation.
  • Installation and taking off of the bubble and other fixtures is hard.

Mr. Peanuts Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

This Mr. Peanut’s pet carrier is a low profile travel carrier. It comes with soft fleece padding for your kitty friend to lay his head. The zippers and metal safety clasp are high quality and come with great functionality. It comfortably fits under the airplane seat carrier for kittens and small puppies.

The top is well-ventilated and airline compliant. The breathable mesh structures on all sides improve air flow. It is waterproof and comes with a padded shoulder strap for comfort. It comes in a great size for traveling with cats less than 13 pounds weight. Although, the manufacturer specification says it is a suitable carrier for pets of 15 lbs maximum weight.

It is lightweight, weighs only 2.7 lbs and is very portable. This best cat carrier is easy to put together and comes with a comfy mat that won’t easily disintegrate. The cat carrier comes with seat belt compatibility and folds to less than three inches for easy storage.


  • Five multiple color choices
  • It is lightweight and weighs less than 3 pounds.
  • This best cat carrier for scared cat comes in a perfect, stylish and sturdy base construction.
  • The reinforced stitches boost the safety of the carrier.
  • Approved for use under an airline seat
  • Excellent materials and smooth functioning zippers
  • The fleece bed is comfortable, detachable and machine washable
  • This carrier is well-made and comes with a very sturdy frame, nice looking and comfortable straps.
  • It comes with both top and side access for easy loading.


  • The plastic piping that gave it structure is not sturdy enough. It could easily come off and constitute a hazard to the pet inside.
  • Small-sized pet accessories pocket.
  • The top near the extreme ends sags a bit because the rods on two sides of the top opening did not reach the two ends.

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Air comes with comfortable and luxurious mobile bed for your kitty friend. It is designed to meet air travel and TSA regulations. It comes with both top and side access for easing pet loading. The exterior part is made of luggage-grade nylon fabric while the interior comes in a VIP plush polyester material. It comes in various colors.

The black one makes a great hiding place for nervous cats that want to fight their way out. It is also scratch-resistant, sturdy and offers your pet the required privacy and protection. Sleepypod pet carrier is made up of solid structure and serves as the best cat carrier for a scared cat.

It makes a comfortable cabin pet carrier with easily adjustable size. This ensures a perfect fit under the seat during takeoff and landing.  The straps on either side make it easy to attach to the car. It weighs only four pounds and is suitable for carrying pets of not more than 18 lbs.


  • Detachable privacy panel to give your cat added protection.
  • The safety rope stops emergency escapes during travel.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable to different sizes and comfortable.
  • The hand grip is padded to provide optimal comfort.
  • Collapsible size allows your maximum pet space for relaxation during flight and makes it easy to fit under the seat during landing and takeoff.
  • It comes in a very solid and tear-proof mesh.
  • It is machine washable


  • The ends of the carriers won’t easily fold to fit under the seats.
  • It is a bit costly but worth the price.

Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

The Bergan carrier is a highly sophisticated and airline-approved travel carrier for pets.  It offers your feline friend a cozy bed to lay his head while on the move. It has good ventilation with lots of mesh windows. The shoulder straps are comfortable and make haulage easy. It comes in sturdy materials and proper reinforcement for safety.

It features multiple colors to give you and your pet flexibility of choices. The carrier comes with a zippered opening that lets you give your pet a comfortable stroke while on the move. The well-padded and cozy fleece bed and the insert panel give the carrier a structure, and these are detachable. The fleece bed is machine washable. It accommodates maximum a pet that weighs a maximum of 22 pounds.


  • The half-zip and full zip opening offer maximum airflow and proper ventilation.
  • The deluxe side zipper makes it easy to connect, comfort and interact with your kitty friend during air travel.
  • The shoulder strap comes with pads and is alterable to provide maximum carrying comfort.
  • The stationary carrying strap keeps your pet in place during the trip.
  • It comes with seatbelt loops and locking zippers for improved security.
  • The fleece bed is detachable and machine washable.
  • The design allows maximum airflow or your deluxe pet
  • Safety belt loop allows the carrier to be stable with a vehicle seat belt.
  • It easily fits under the airline seat.
  • It is lightweight and got plenty of room for the pet.


  • It is not as able to accommodate pets of 22-pound weight as specified by the manufacturer.
  • It is only suitable for tiny pet travels.
  • The carrier has no zippered access on the top. It is on the side.

Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat deluxe pet carrier meets airline under-seat specifications and features a padded interior which offers maximum comfort to your pets. It is not suitable for carrying large dogs but great for puppies, small dogs, or cats. It is lightweight and weighs roughly 2.2 Pounds. Despite the lightweight, the pet carrier is sturdy, posh and comfortable.

The mesh window of this best cat carrier offers sufficient ventilation and a great view to your feline friend during travel. The waterproof material makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Despite the comfy padded interior and its lightweight it easily folds flat for easy storage.  It is also well-made and durable. The base of the carrier under the padding is stable and won’t sag with the weight of your pet.

This best cat carriers design makes loading the pet in and out easy. The short inner strap and a clip make it easy for you to reach your cat to pet it without worrying about accidental escape. There are flexible panels on three sides which produces a maximum flow of air.  Check the price on Amazon now!


  • It comes with extensive and adjustable shoulder straps or hand grip for comfortable carrying
  • It is roomy enough to allow your cats to turn around, lie down or sit during travel
  • The zipper works smoothly and gives you an easy quick access.
  • The side pockets are handy for carrying pet certificate and accessories during the trip.
  • It is a great carrier and airline-compliant
  • Easy to clean with a wet fabric
  • It is manufactured with high quality and sturdy materials


  • The piece of velcro on the bottom makes it near impossible to easily slide the carrier forward under the seat since it sticks to the carpet.
  • It is a bit small sized
  • It is excellent for transporting non-violent and calm cat, but a violent one might rip it off.

SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier – Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection

The sportPet carrier comes with broadside access to make cleaning and pet loading easy. It is made up of a foldable and compact design for easy storage. This best pet carrier is excellent for a luxurious car trip, adventurous journey of for making a trip to the vet. It features a unique frame and high scratch resistant polypropylene to boost its durability and make it the best cat carrier for nervous cats. It is easy to assemble.

The door of this pet travel carrier comes with smooth performance and can easily shut. It makes a suitable best cat carrier for scared cat while at the same time keeping your pet safe and making you happy.


  • The setup is easy and fast
  • It’s water-resistant and lightweight
  • It easily folds flat for storing away
  • It is sturdy enough to accommodate a pet of maximum weight of 25 pounds.
  • The latches are secure and snap-resistant.
  • This carrier makes it less stressful to get a cat down to a vet.
  • It makes it easy to load a cat and take it out.
  • It’s made from lightweight materials and is portable
  • This best cat carrier is made up of compact design and can easily collapse to fit into small spaces like under the bed or sofa
  • It’s stable and doesn’t flip the cat over and very easy to carry
  • It is cost-effective, and the price is very competitive compared to related brands.
  • It’s easy to clean by wiping with a cloth and a cleaning solution. You can easily disinfect and keep it in a good sanitary condition.


  • The mat is not machine washable and doesn’t entirely cover the bottom of the pet carrier.
SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier
SportPet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier – Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier Collection – Amazon

What Is The Best Cat Carrier?

The best cat carrier for your cat depends on a few factors including the size of your cat, the material, the purpose for which you need such a pet carrier, and your cat’s attitudes to a carrier. As a general rule, choose a medium-sized cat carrier. It must not be too big or too small.

The right size of cat carrier for your cat would be the one roughly one-and-a-half times as large as your cat. It should be able to allow your cat to lie down, stand, or move around quickly.

Also, the type of material the cat carrier is made up of would depend on whether your pet is quiet or violet during travels.  For a more peaceful cat, go for a soft carrier.  And for a violent cat, choose a bit more sturdy type of pet carrier.

Another essential factor that determines which best cat carrier for you is whether you’d be using it for a car ride, in the train, or for air travel. A fabric or plastic model would be suitable for car travel either to the vet or for vacation. For train travel or for a walk to get some fresh air with your cat, your best cat carriers choice is cat carrier strollers.

What Is The Best Type Of Cat Carrier?

There are different types of best cat carriers you can choose. The best type of best cat carrier for your feline friend depends on your cat’s personality and disposition towards travel. Go for the plastic type of cat carriers if you have cats that are anxious about trips.

These carriers are commonly strong to survive the restlessness, biting, and scratching of the cat. For a stronger option, you may have to get plastic carriers made of steel doors. They are also easy to maintain and tidy up.

However, check that the grip is sturdy enough to support the weight of your pet.

Alternatively, go for the nylon or soft cat carrier if your cat doesn’t mind being on the move. They are best suited for car and air travel and occupy less space. Also, ensure the bottom is sturdy enough and it doesn’t sag with a weight in it.

What Is The Best Way To Put A Cat In A Carrier?

While some cats easily acclimatize to their best cat carriers, there are a few others that would resist going into the cat carrier. Knowing how to handle each cat depending on its personality would make it easy for you.

Pick a suitable carrier.  It is critical. Best cat carriers should be the right size and not only be linked with negative stuff like travels or visit to the vet. Make it part of everyday use and position the carrier in a place where your feline friend loves to rest or hang out. Make the cat’s carrier a bit more comfortable and enticing.

Try feeding the cat in the carrier occasionally and when he is starting to get comfortable with the carrier, try shutting the door and re-opening it. Do it severally and increase the time each time till he loses the negative feeling associated with a carrier.

When you are ready to travel with the cat, pad the pet carrier with an additional towel, load the cat from the front or top. The best type of cat carrier for learning how to put your cat into a carrier is the one with a front or top door.

To put your cat on a carrier with a front door, let the opening face the ceiling while leaning it against a wall to keep it firm as you place your cat inside.

To pick up your cat, it is essential you do it safely. Hold the legs in the back region with one arm and place the other hand under his chest. Ensure that you position the cat so that the body faces away from you while the back region rests on your chest.

To avoid injury from his scratches or struggles, lift your feline friend with a chubby towel. Lower the back region first to reassure him and not make him feel coerced into it. Shut the door and ensure that the latch is secured correctly.


There you have it our top 10 picks of the best cat carriers. You also have sufficient information to help you determine which cat carrier is best for your cat and your traveling situation. There is no one single best Cat carrier; the best one depends on your cat’s needs, your mode of travel, your cat’s temperament, and the size of your cat.

Depending on what your needs and that of your cats are, this best cat carriers guide should be able to help you make a suitable choice.

Let’s know what your final choice of the best cat carriers are and do not forget to share your experience!

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