Best Cat Brushes

35 Best Cat Brushes (Long, Medium, Short Hair, Shedding & More)

It may seem like all your kitty does is groom himself, when he’s not napping of course.

But he may at times need a helping hand from you.

Your cat exhibits the perfect grooming tool, his tongue.

Since most of us aren’t willing to use our tongues when helping him groom, having the proper brush is a must.

But if you’ve ever walked into a pet store looking for a cat brush, you will see there’s about a trillion options.

The best cat brushes for your cat will depend on his hair coat and preference for grooming.

Cats groom for a variety of reasons, the main one being to keep clean, tidy, and remove loose hair.

Excessive grooming in cats is an evolutionary development.

Cats in the wild groom themselves to help remove their scent making it easier to stalk prey.

While your housecat might not be doing a lot of stalking, he still has that desire to primp.

Brushing your cat not only helps to keep them clean it can also help remove dead or loose hairs to prevent hairball troubles.

Another benefit of brushing is spreading those natural skin oils throughout the hair coat to make it shiny and healthy looking.

Longer hair kitties might need a little help detangling their long locks to prevent mats and some of our more girthy feline friends might need some grooming help in those hard to reach areas.

Whatever your cat’s need, there’s a brush to help it.

While most any brush will work fine in the majority of cases, there are some more specialized instruments for those special grooming needs pets.

We’ll take a look at some of those specialty items as well as some of the best universal cat brushes out there in this list.

Best Cat Brushes (Overall)

FURminator DeShedding Tool

FURminator DeShedding Tool
FURminator DeShedding Tool – Amazon

For long or short hair, big or small cats, there’s a FURminator for all.

FURminator deShedding tools work to go down deep and pull the loose and dead hair from your cat’s undercoat to not only prevent matting and tangles but to also keep those hair kittens off your carpet.

Removing the loose and dead hair will leave your cat’s coat shiny, soft, and without the dirt and dander.

FURminators are the best at deeply removing loose hair and preventing unwanted shedding.

It can be safely used for all hair types and sizes of cats, just select the proper tool for your cat.

The FURminator also comes with an ejector button to easily remove the hair from the tool so it can be disposed of in the garbage instead of on your couch or in your cat’s stomach.

Some cats won’t like the FURminator.

While it’s not a harsh tool, the deep brushing sensation might not be appreciated, especially if your cat is on the fence about brushing in the first place.

They work best if you are able to start your kitty as a kitten to get them accustomed to this type of brush.

The FURminator deShedding Tool is one of the best cat brushes because it removes loose hair deep down to prevent shedding and matting.

It will also help spread your cat’s natural skin oils for a shiny, healthy looking coat.

There is a FURminator deShedding Tool for every length of hair and size of cat so that you can get the perfect setup for everyone.

Even with the perfect setup, some cats still won’t like the sensation of the FURminator, so if possible you should test groom one before purchasing.

BarkOutfitters Quick Self Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush

This slicker brush is designed with your comfort as well as your cat’s in mind.

The stainless steel pins will remove loose hair and dirt without irritating his skin, while the handle is ergonomically shaped and comfortable for you to use.

A push of a button and the pins retract into the brush so that the loose hair can be removed and thrown away, no pulling or scraping to get the hair from the brush.

BarkOutfitters Quick Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush is a must-have item for all types of pet owners.

The length and spacing of the pins make it ideal for detangling all types and lengths of hair coats.

It will also remove all that loose hair that otherwise would end up on your clothes, carpet, or dinner plate all while spreading your cat’s natural skin oils leading to healthier hair.

The self-cleaning feature makes it quick and easy to remove the hair from the brush so that you’re not spending more time trying to clean the brush than you are cleaning your kitty.

Some customers had trouble with the button that retracts the teeth breaking and not holding the teeth out when you’re grooming.

They had to continually hold the button to keep the teeth out.

This can be frustrating especially if you’re already trying to wrangle your kitty for grooming and don’t have the extra fingers needed to hold the button down.

They are guaranteed for five years though, so you should be able to get a replacement fairly easily.

Slicker brushes are a gold ticket item when it comes to cat grooming.

A self-cleaning one like this one from barkOutfitters is even more golden.

Regular use of this brush will leave your cat’s coat shiny and healthy and your clothes and carpet hair-free.

Safari Pets Flea Comb

I know, I know, it’s a flea comb and your cat doesn’t have fleas, but flea combs make excellent grooming tools as well.

The reason being is that flea combs have teeth situated very closely together, the idea being that fleas can’t fit between them.

Fleas can’t fit between them and neither can dirt, dandruff, and loose hair.

Now you see what I’m getting at. Flea combs work to remove loose hair and leave a clean, shiny hair coat.

Safari Pets Flea Combs for cats have small heads and long teeth, so they work well for all sizes of cats and lengths of hair.

The close-together teeth trap loose hair, dirt, and dander for easy removal from your cat’s coat.

They also work to spread those natural oils for added shine.

You have to be a little more diligent when using a flea comb for grooming purposes.

The size of the head and the closeness of the teeth mean that you have to go slower and may have to clean the comb more frequently.

Some cat parents also had trouble with the teeth bending when they encountered a snarl or tough mat.

If you are willing and have the time, grooming with a flea comb is an effective way of getting rid of loose hair, dirt, and dander.

It won’t be as fast as other brushes, but the results are fantastic.

The size of the flea comb also makes it ideal for hard to reach areas like between the toes of your long-haired kitty.

An easy compromise would be to use another type of brush for your general, everyday use and save the flea comb for some once a month, deep brushing sessions.

Bodhi Premium Detangling Comb

A two-in-one grooming tool, the Bodhi  Premium Detangling Comb has both fine and wide spaced teeth made of stainless steel that will detangle even the toughest snarls.

If you’ve ever wondered what is the best cat brush for mats and snarls, this is what you’ve been looking for.

This premium detangling comb will gently work through tough mats and snarls to detangle even the longest hair.

The teeth are rounded at the end so they won’t irritate or hurt your cat’s skin and the comb is made of sturdy stainless steel so it won’t break or bend under pressure.

Once you’ve taken care of the tangle, you can use the fine teeth to further remove loose hair and other debris for a clean, healthy hair coat.

Some cats really aren’t going to like this comb and that’s because removing mats and tangles can be painful, there’s just no way around it.

Just make sure to work slowly and gently and allow your kitty to determine the progress of the grooming.

You may have to take breaks and offer treats in the midst of mat removal.

If you have a long-haired or mat prone kitty, a detangling comb like the one from Bodhi Premium Comb should be on your list of the best cat hair brushes.

It will be indispensable when it comes to removing mats and tough tangles.

It can also be used as a finishing brush to clear loose hair and dirt from your cat’s coat.

The fine teeth will also disperse skin oils for that lovely shine.

Just be sure to use patience and understanding when you’re in the tough stuff ax it can be painful and you want your cat to have the best grooming experience possible.

GoPets Dematting Comb

A dematting comb or brush is perfect for those poor kitties that just can’t seem to stay untangled.

The two sides of this rake will allow you to work through thick or thinner, long or short hair.

One side has closely spaced teeth while the other offers a wider spacing for tougher to work with mats.

Not only will the GoPets Dematting Comb help remove those stubborn mats, it also will prevent shedding by removing loose hair, dirt, and dander from your cat’s coat.

The strong, sturdy teeth of the GoPets Dematting Comb work by cutting through tough mats to detangle the hair.

The different spacings of the teeth allow you to work with different hair types and lengths as well as different sized mats.

This comb also works well at preventing mats and shedding and will help make your cat’s coat healthy and shiny.

Mat removal can be a painful process no matter what tool you use, so unfortunately some kitties aren’t going to like this brush.

You’ll have the best luck moving slowly and allowing your kitty to rest and get some well deserved treats in between mats.

It also is going to have a hard time on some mats, mainly those that take up half of your cat’s hair coat.

However, no brush or comb is going to really be effective with these.

GoPets Dematting Comb is a great multipurpose tool for grooming your kitty of any hair type or length.

Not only does it help to remove mats and tangles efficiently, it also works to prevent mats from forming by removing the loose or dead hair from your cat’s coat.

Use it carefully when working with stubborn mats to help decrease the discomfort that some cats will experience.

The best cat brush for your cat will depend on her hair coat, temperament and special grooming needs.

Hopefully this list will help you to narrow down the type of brush your kitty will benefit from the most and give you ideas on how you can best assist in keeping her hair coat shiny and tangle free.

Brushing your kitty not only allows you to help in maintaining the quality and health of her hair coat, it also gives you a chance to bond and spend time with your precious pet.

Grooming is one way that cats show their affection, just look at the way she wants to lick your arm when she’s snuggled on your lap.

You can show your affection and remove unwanted hair at the same time by getting the proper brush for your kitty.

Best Cat Brushes for Long Haired Cats

While long-haired cats are undeniably beautiful and elegant, keeping their coat in good condition can be a real chore.

Those Persians, Maine Coons and Domestic Long Hairs often need a helping hand from us when it comes to their maintenance of their lovely coats.

Many first-time cat owners don’t initially realise the commitment involved with keeping a long-haired cat’s fur in tip top shape, though soon come to understand the need for finding and using the best brushes for long-haired cats to help them along the way.

Cat Brushes for Long Haired Cat

The consequence of not keeping a cat’s fur groomed is that it will tend to become matted and dull.

Matted fur is a real problem for long-haired cats and can even become a significant medical issue.

Thick mats can lead to irritated skin and patches of dermatitis.

In severe case, cats can develop skin infections that require prolonged courses of antibiotics and medicated washes to treat.

It is possible for fur to become so matted and unkempt that brushing alone will not resolve the issue and owners need to clip their cat’s coat, or get it professionally cut away by a groomer or veterinarian.

Recently, the ‘lion clip’ has become fashionable as a treatment for severely matted cats.

Of course, removing the fur down to the skin means the cat has no real protection from the sun or cold, and should only be done if absolutely necessary.

After this extreme clipping, a good grooming regime should be put in place to prevent matts from recurring.

Though many cats will groom themselves, they all need a helping hand from time to time in order to untangle clumps of fur and to spread the oils evenly along their skin and coat in hard to reach places.

Young cats, lazy cats and geriatrics are often very bad at grooming themselves and will need more help, benefitting from daily brushing.

Thunderpaws for Cats

Certainly, up there with the best cat brush for long-haired cats, this funky option from Thunderpaws is sure to delight even the most difficult to please.

A grooming tool used by professionals, this brush is built strongly with stainless steel and is made to last for years, withstanding the toughest of coats.

When not in use, the protective cover should be placed over the end of the brush, offering extra protection and extending its life.

The Thunderpaws is a great option to reduce shedding around the house.

Some cats are notorious shedders, leaving fur on every surface that they sit or lie on.

By using the Thunderpaws brush daily each morning, you can dramatically reduce the amount of fur shed; an essential task for keeping your home clean and dander free.

In fact, this brush claims to remove up to 95% of dead fur when used correctly and regularly.

Many owners will groom their cats in the garden on a sturdy table, ensuring the fur removed does not fall on the floor of the home.

However, if this is not an option, consider grooming your cat over a wood floor, tiles or lino and then using a good quality fur-removing vacuum cleaner after each grooming session.

We love the bright yellow and black handle, that can detach from the metal part of the brush for easier cleaning.

Ergonomically designed, the handle is non-slip so is even easy to use and grip when in the bath.

This is one of the highest-rated product online with tonnes of five-star reviews, so you won’t be let down.

For what it does, and how well it performs, this is one of the best value brushes on the market, meaning it easily earned our top spot on the list.

Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Brush

The Safari cat self-cleaning brush is a top-selling product and is probably the best brush for long haired cats you can get for the price.

The pins are stainless steel, ensuring they will last for a long time and shouldn’t lose their effectiveness over time.

The pins on this slicker brush detract, meaning you can easily pick out the old fur, returning the brush back to ‘new’ after each use.

Once the brush is full and can no longer be used, you simply press the spongy button on the back of the brush, releasing all of the trapped dead fur.

Owners who have spent several minutes every day in the past tediously pulling tangled hair from brush pins will appreciate the real value of this feature!

Use gentle but semi-firm strokes, going in the same direction as fur growth, to provide the most effective grooming.

Start at the head of the cat and make your way systematically down the body until you reach the tail, then move on to the legs.

Take extra caution around the sensitive parts such as the face and paws.

Part the hair into sections and work on small areas at a time.

Brushing your cat daily can go a long way towards preventing the formation of any matted fur.

The safari comb product, available from the same company, is good for untangling and for removing any mats.

An effective grooming regime will prevent fur balls, as the loose fur is trapped on the brush rather than being swallowed by the cat.

While fur balls are generally thought of as a ‘normal’ part of cat life, excessively large fur balls can result in gut impaction, and in rare cases can even be life-threatening, so keeping fur balls to a minimum is key.

FURminator Deshedding Tool

Arguably the best-known cat deshedding tool there is, many in the industry would agree that FURminator make the best grooming brushes for long-haired cats.

More so than many other brushes, the FURminator can expertly reach through long top coats to reach thick under coats, efficiently removing the loose fur that can be hard to access.

The thick handle allows for a comfortable hold, and reduces the risk of you losing your grip when faced with a squirmy cat.

While the brush comes in a variety of colors, we just love this hot pink option.

The ‘FURejector’ button is a clever tool that releases any fur from the brush once finished, saving the time and clean up that is necessary with an ‘old-fashioned’ manual brush.

This specific FURminator is designed for large cats (over 10lbs) and those with long fur (over two inches), but don’t fear if this doesn’t suit your cat, as FURminator have tonnes of different brush options to choose from.

Before starting the grooming process, use a comb to gently tease away any tangles.

The FURminator should not be used on wet fur, though may be used on recently bathed cats that have been adequately dried.

While used much like a regular brush, the FURminator require a gentler approach and should be used cautiously, particularly on sensitive areas such as the belly and back-end.

Using too much pressure will result in red and irritated skin and should be avoided.

Most long-haired cats will need around two grooming session, lasting 10 minutes each, every week.

During moulting season, this requirement is likely to increase.

The teeth of this tool should be kept covered when not in use and may be cleaned regularly with warm, soapy water.

Be careful to completely dry the tool after each wash.

Kong Zoom Groom

What a funky, fun grooming brush! While this brush can be used by everyone, it provides a great opportunity to get the kids safely interested in grooming the household pet.

Bright purple and shaped like a cat, your kids will be fighting over who gets to groom Felix next!

The Kong Zoom Groom is an innovative product that is a great option for cats not too prone to matting, and those that react negatively to brushes with teeth.

Working like a magnet, the Zoom Groom is brushed along the coat, attracting loose fur and removing it from the cat’s coat.

This is the ideal option for bonding grooming session, as your cat will feel as though they are being pampered and having a massage.

Regular, gentle use of the Zoom Groom can even alleviate aching joints and help with circulation and lymph drainage.

This soft, rubbery brush also naturally spreads your cat’s oils around its skin and coat.

As there are no bristles or teeth, the Zoom Groom will never become tangled in your cat’s coat and won’t cause any discomfort.

It is good to use during shampooing and bathing, effectively spreading the soap lather, ensuring the entire coat is washed thoroughly.

To remove any tangles or mats and to comb through long areas of fur, the Zoom Groom should be used in combination with a bristle brush.

Many owners will use their Zoom Groom as a ‘top up’ brush in between more thorough, deeper brushings.

Owners of particularly sensitive or grumpy cats find that this brushing option is often much better tolerated than a more traditional brush, so should be trialled by owners fed up of seeing grooming time as a ‘battle of wills’.

Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This easy to clean slicker brush can be used on cats with fur of any length and is particularly useful for long-haired cats.

Given the versatility of this brush, it is a good purchase for a multi-cat household where the cats have different fur lengths.

Gentle on skin, this stainless-steel brush is a nice option for cats with sensitive or irritable skin.

As well as effectively removing dirt and debris, this slicker brush is great at eliminating tangles and mild matting.

Minimal effort is required from the owner, as it elegantly glides through the fur.

Cats tolerate this brush so well that owners have even reported cats coming up to them, seemingly asking to be brushed!

They will purr and roll around during the brushing session, enjoying being pampered and looked after.

Unlike other brushes, this product will not pull on your cat’s fur, instead gently teasing it straight.

After just a few weeks of use, owners notice that their cat’s coat is softer to touch and glossier in appearance.

Once your grooming session has come to an end, press the cleaning button and simply swipe away the fur left behind.

This can be an extremely satisfying process and is certainly far preferable to tediously picking the individual fur strands out of bristles.

This Pro Quality slicker can be purchased in blue, white, green and black and in an array of sizes.

This brush is expertly crafted and of a great quality, meaning the manufacturer is even happy to sell it with a five-year guarantee.

Perhaps this is why it is such a popular product online, and one of the highest-rated brushes available to purchase?

Finding and using the best brushes for long-haired cats will save you time and heartache.

It is essential to avoid the use of inferior quality brushes that pull at your cat’s fur, ultimately resulting in them resenting their daily grooming, rather than enjoying it as they should.

Hitting on the right brush that works comfortably and efficiently can ensure that your cat’s grooming sessions are a time for bonding and relaxation.

Soon, your cat will be looking forward to their daily brush and may even give you a paw tap to remind you if you have forgotten!

The best brush will not only de-matt and untangle fur, it will also spread the natural oils of the coat and leave it looking glossy and healthy.

It should be able to brush through even tangled fur without snagging, pulling or causing pain.

Regular brushing not only eliminates mats and keeps skin healthy, it also improves circulation and can act as a form of massage.

While practically every cat benefits from grooming, longer-haired cats certainly need an extra helping hand when it comes to keeping their coat in the best state.

As cat’s age, their aching, stiff joints can make it difficult for them to position themselves as they used to, often resulting in pesky mats on their back, belly and hind-limbs.

Owners can prevent this from happening by putting a consistent brushing routine in place from an early age.

Best Cat Brushes for Medium Hair

Is your cat a princess who sits around all day waiting to be groomed, or a Tasmanian devil whose claws and teeth come out the moment they spot the brush?

Best Cat Brushes for Medium Hair

While cats with short coats may get away with only infrequent brushing, those with a medium coat will need quite a bit of intervention.

Love it or loathe it, your medium-haired cat needs to be regularly brushed, and using the best cat brushes for medium hair can make your job a whole lot easier.

Attempting to groom your cat with a poor-quality brush will likely result in ineffective brushing, unnecessary coat tugging and a negative experience for both you and your kitty.

Hitting on the right brush, that is effective as well as being comfortable and easy to use, will make the experience a whole lot nicer your furry friend.

Failing to groom a medium-haired cat over a long period of time will often result in dry skin, a lacklustre coat, dandruff and potentially even fur mats and infected skin.

Though cats can spend a large proportion of their day grooming themselves, those with medium length hair also need a helping hand from their owner to get to those harder to reach spots and keep on top of things.

Once a grooming routine is in place, you will notice your cat does not shed as much and there is less fur around the house.

Equally, as they are ingesting less loose fur off themselves, they will be coughing up less fur balls and are at a lowered risk of developing a dangerous gut impaction.

It is particularly important to groom unwell or elderly cats regularly.

Unwell cats don’t feel like grooming themselves and will have an unkempt coat that is likely not making them feel any better.

Similarly, elderly cats tend not to groom effectively, particularly if they suffer from stiff joints and are not as flexible as they used to be; making it tricky for them to reach their back and hip areas.

Cat Kong Zoom Groom

A much-loved product by both owners and those in the industry, many view the Zoom Groom as the overall best cat brush for medium hair.

The ‘bristles’ are actually wide rubber fingers that do not cause any discomfort and are perfect for sensitive cats or those with any ongoing skin conditions, such as allergic dermatitis.

The rubber material is so soft that overly sensitive cats tolerate this brush far better than more traditional stainless-steel options.

Any loose fur is collected up like a magnet, meaning no need to detangle and pull.

Seen more as a relaxing massage experience than a stressful grooming session, you may just find yourself looking forward to using the Zoom Groom.

Rather than dreading the experience, the Zoom Groom is so well tolerated that owners find it helps them to bond with their cat and cats can learn to enjoy being pampered.

What many groomers and owners like most about this brush, is how well it works when bathing a cat.

Many find that traditional brushes pull at the coat when wet and cause cats irritation.

The Zoom Groom, however, is designed to effectively spread shampoo around the fur while gently brushing through the coat.

This rubber brush is durable and will last for years.

It is also very easy to keep clean by simply washing it in warm, soapy water.

Shaped like a cat sitting down, we love the cute design as well as the rich purple colour of this brush.

For cats who don’t like to be groomed, this really is the best option available.

Not only does the brush get to work fast, meaning that the grooming session only needs to last a few short minutes each time, many cats grow to relish the experience.

FURminator Brush for Medium Hair

FURminator is quite possibly the biggest name in the pet grooming industry and viewed by many as the best cat brush for medium and long hair, particularly in those cats that are prone to mats and shed a lot.

Short-haired cats do not share the same issues as medium-haired cats, who often require precise grooming tools to keep their coat in tip-top shape.

It is essential that any brush used can penetrate the top layer of fur and reach the undercoat, where dead fur tends to be trapped.

A great example of a breed that requires an effective grooming tool is the Norwegian Forest cat, whose dense fur coat becomes easily matted if not regularly combed through with a product such as the FURminator.

Failing to use these products will almost inevitably lead to matted fur and a jaded, dry coat.

Matts cause local discomfort and can even become so extensive that the skin underneath becomes inflamed and potentially even infected.

In fact, some owners have to resort to giving their cat a ‘full body clip’ or ‘lion clip’ at the vets when their fur becomes too much to handle.

By keeping on top of their coats, we can prevent this from ever happening.

The FURminator is safe and easy to use, with the blade designed to not nick the skin and to expertly de-shed even the toughest coat.

Owners are always amazed at how much loose and dead fur they can remove in just a few minutes.

For most cats, a weekly session that lasts around 10 minutes should be enough to keep on top of things, though the frequency of this may need to be increased at certain times of year when cats shed more.

When used properly, the FURminator can reduce shedding by 90%, keeping your home pristine and your cat looking great.

Hartz Cat Slicker Brush for Medium Hair

One of the best value and most affordable products on the market, we just had to include the Hartz slicker brush on our list.

A great addition to any household, this functional brush is perfect for use on both cats and kittens.

A small brush with soft, nylon bristles, this is a great product for training your young cat to accept grooming and for gently brushing through the coat of a kitten.

As using a brush on a cat can be a stressful experience for them, at least for the first few times, always remember to be very patient and to take things slowly.

Keep sessions nice and short (just a minute or two) and reward your kitty with kind words and a treat if they tolerate the grooming.

If they do not react positively, simply give them more time and try again the next day.

For some timid cats, it may take several weeks for them to become confident when brushed.

Start off by just having the brush near them and rewarding them if they react well.

The next step is to touch the brush to them for a second or two, again reacting with lots of praise if they accept it.

You can continue in this vein until they will allow a full grooming session.

It is essential to get young cats comfortable with grooming to avoid future matting.

The bristles on this brush can effectively comb through tangles and remove dead fur.

Brushing through the fur will help to spread the cat’s natural oils and keep their coat sleek and shiny.

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Brush for Cats

This slicker brush option from Four Paws is the perfect purchase for a medium-haired cat prone to matts and fur balls.

Medium-haired cats should be brushed every other day or daily during a shedding season.

Initially, brush the coat against the direction of fur growth to loosen up any dead fur and remove any debris that is hidden in the fur.

Next, brush the fur in the direction of growth, to smooth down the coat and distribute the natural oils which protect the hair strands, preventing breakage.

This slicker brush is medium in size, so is not the best option for petite cats or kittens.

It will work well for medium and large cats.

There is a sturdy wooden handle, giving owners control and allowing for a good grip, even if used in the bath.

This brush should not be used on short-haired cats who may find the bristles too sharp to be used on delicate skin.

Designed for medium and longhaired cats, the metal bristles work well at detangling matts and are not designed to reach down to the skin level.

While some owners opt to groom their cats while in the bath, it is important to not bathe your cat too frequently.

Cats should only be bathed every few months and some will never need to be bathed at all.

As many cats will not tolerate having water poured on them, baths should be reserved for those water-babies that enjoy splashing about.

While bath time is a handy time to bring out the brush, cats can be brushed just as well when their fur is dry.

My Lovely Feline: The Original Magic Feline Brush

A big hit with owners, the original magic feline brush has many advantages.

The silicon pins used are soft and gummy, gently brushing your cat’s fur and not causing any discomfort.

This massaging action not only removes dead fur but can also potentially improve skin circulation and even reduce your cat’s stress levels.

Top tip: This brush can be made wet under the tap before a grooming session which will increase the amount of fur trapped inside the pins and can reduce your cat’s shedding by up to 90%.

This will dramatically reduce the time you spend de-furring your clothes and vacuuming your home!

The low-lying handle on this brush is perfect for nervous cats as it allows owners to have their hand right over the brush, fooling the cat into thinking they are being petted.

Equally, owners have more control, giving them the ability to groom those hard to reach places such as the chin and armpits.

For cats who shed in extreme amounts, this Magic Feline Brush may not be the best option and they may want to stick to more ‘intensive’ brushes, such as the FURminator.

However, this brush is a great choice for the average medium-haired cat who sheds moderately.

By using this brush every few days, you will notice your cat’s coat becoming softer and shinier.

Thankfully, you should also notice that your cat is losing less fur around the home.

During shedding season, it may be wise to use this brush outside the house so that any loose fur which is removed but does not stick to the brush pegs will fly away in the wind rather than sticking to your carpet!

Every medium-haired cat will need a grooming routine put in place to ensure that their coat remains in good condition throughout their life.

Grooming sessions can start with a wide tooth comb to detangle any of the worst affected areas, moving on to a slicker brush to brush through the deeper sections of the coat and remove any dead fur.

In between sessions, soft brushes and massage brushes should be used to trap loose fur and retain glossiness.

Failing to implement a grooming regime will inevitably result in dandruff, an unattractive coat and more loose fur being shed.

Loose fur can not only be eaten by the cat (leading to fur balls and potential gut impactions) but can also make a big mess in your home.

The best cat brushes for medium hair will dramatically reduce the amount of fur shed (by up to 95%) and will ensure your cat’s coat remains as healthy as can be.

Brushing you cat not only improves their fur quality and allows for a bonding experience but is also a great opportunity to give them a nose to tail check over.

Any lesions, ticks, lumps or wounds will be picked up.

As cats can’t talk to us and rarely complain about things, it is essential that we regularly check their skin and coat.

Best Cat Brushes for Short Hair

Most of the cat brushes and grooming aids you’ll see on the market are meant to help long-haired cats.

While it’s true that long-haired cats like Persians or Himalayans may need more help in the grooming department, what about their short-haired cousins?

Cat Brushes for Short Hair

Cats with short hair need help too!

This list of the best cat brushes for short hair will take a look at some of those tools meant specifically for our short-haired friends and talk about why these cats need them.

Brushing your cat not only helps to keep them clean and remove loose hair, it also helps spread the natural skin oils throughout the coat leading to that glossy finish that we all adore.

Brushing can also be a bonding experience between you and your feline friend.

If you don’t believe, watch a mama cat and her kittens someday.

That mama cat spends hours purring and grooming those babies and you’ll never see a happier kitten than one that’s getting that one-on-one attention from her.

So what are the special needs of cats with short hair?

Most of the cat hair tangles and snarls are left to long-haired cats, but short-haired cats can still have troubles with matting.

Short-haired cat breeds tend to have a very soft, even plush and thick hair coat.

Without proper grooming to remove the dead and loose hairs, that thick coat can become one thick mat.

So you’ll want to look for a brush that will help remove that loose undercoat hair to keep the coat mat free.

You also might want a soft bristled brush to help spread those oils over the short hair shaft and remove any dirt and dandruff.

Now that you have a rough idea of what to look for in the best cat brushes for short hair, let’s take a look at that list.

AtEase Accents Natural Bamboo Pet Brush

This is a multifunctional brush that will work great for short-haired cats.

One side of the brush is made up of soft pins that will help remove loose hair to decrease shedding and hairballs, while the other side is made of soft bristles to remove loose dirt and dandruff.

The handle is made of compressed bamboo which holds up well to scratches and chewing.

AtEase Accents Dual Sided Pet Brush is one of the best cat brushes for short hair because it contains everything you need for keeping your short-haired cat’s coat clean and healthy looking in one tool.

The soft pins help to remove lose hair and spread natural oils, while the soft bristle side removed dirt and dandruff.

This brush is also able to withstand scratching and biting better than other pet brushes.

Kitties with thicker coats didn’t get the deshedding experience that thinner coated cats did.

In other words, the pins didn’t pull out that thick undercoat as well to help prevent shedding and mat formation.

The pins were also too firm for some cats so they didn’t like it as well as the softer bristles.

AtEast Accents Natural Bamboo Dual Sided Pet Brush is the best cat brush for short hair if you’re only looking to purchase one grooming tool.

Having the choice between soft pins or soft bristles will help you with any of your cat grooming needs.

This brush will help keep your cat’s coat clean, shiny, and decrease shedding and hairballs.

The handle is also durable enough to withstand most scratching and chewing, something all cat parents are familiar with.

FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tool

For short-haired cats with thick coats, a FURminator deShedding Tool is a must.

FURminator deShedding tools are specifically designed to reach down deep and pull out the loose or dead undercoat hair that is responsible for most of shedding and matting.

It does this without damaging the topcoat or your cat’s skin.

If shedding is your main reason for brushing your cat then a FURminator will be your best friend, next to your cat of course.

The tiny, close together teeth really reach down and grab the loose undercoat hairs that can cause matting and that cover your couch and carpet.

Some FURminators even contain a FURejector Button to help remove the hair from the deShedding tool making it convenient to throw away.

Some kitties don’t like the deep cleaning effect that you get with a FURminator.

It’s best to accustom your cat to this tool when he’s young so that he gets used to and appreciates the safe and effective deshedding mechanism.

If your cat is older, you might have a harder time getting them used to it and some won’t like it altogether.

Unfortunately, the greatest grooming tool is no good if your cat won’t let you use it.

FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tools are the ultimate cat brushes to decrease shedding and matting.

It has a great ability to pull loose or dead hairs from your cat’s undercoat and keep them off your couch.

When accustomed to it, most cats really enjoy the deep cleaning action, while some are harder to convince.

For best result, train your cat to a FURminator deShedding Tool when they are young.

This will make a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade

Another grooming tool for those thick coated, short-haired kitties, the Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade digs down to pull out the loose undercoat hairs.

Patterned after a curry comb that’s used in horses, this shedding blade will get rid of that dull, stubborn, prone to shedding hair.

The Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade works well for short-haired cats that need a little help getting rid of that pesky loose hair.

The teeth are close together to grip the shedding hair and safely remove if from your cat’s coat to leave it shiny and shed-free.

The shedding blade will also disperse your cat’s natural skin oils throughout his coat for some added shine.

The handle also features a soft grip for your comfort while grooming.

Some pet parents complained that the teeth on the Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade were too sharp, while some complained that they weren’t sharp enough.

I think all of this depends on what kind of hair coat you’re using them on.

Thick, dense, plush hair coats are going to need a sharper tooth in order to penetrate down to the undercoat, while thinner coated kitties don’t need a tooth that sharp.

Just be sure to know your cat’s coat before deciding on the best cat brush for short hair.

A shedding blade like the one made by Wahl works well to remove dead or loose hair from your cat’s thick coat.

The teeth are short so you would have to brush fairly vigorously to get to your cat’s skin if you’re worried about scratching them with the teeth.

Removing the loose hair and spreading the natural oils will not only give your cat’s coat a healthy shine, it will also keep your bedspread clean and hair free.

Hertzko Bristle Brush

This soft bristle brush is perfect for removing surface dirt and dander from your cat’s top coat.

The bristles are soft and closely packed together so that it will smoothly glide over the hair, collecting even the smallest dirt particles and loose hair.

The softness of the bristles won’t irritate your kitty’s skin and the comfort grip and anti-slip handle make it easy for you to use as well.

The Hertzko Bristle Brush would be a great brush for short-haired cats that don’t have a thick coat.

The density of the bristles makes it glide over hair rather than through, so it works best to remove surface dirt and hair on our short-haired friends.

It will also distribute the natural skin oils for shine and softness.

This isn’t a great brush for detangling or removing undercoat.

The bristles are packed too close together and are too soft to go through the hair and reach the undercoat.

It is best used for short, thinner hair that doesn’t tangle or shed much.

Some cat parents also complained of the static electricity created by brushing with these soft bristles.

All I can say is when you’re dealing with fine cat hair it’s hard not to create a little electricity.

The Hertzko Bristle Brush is one of the best cat brushes for short hair, especially thin hair coats that don’t need a lot of deep loose hair removal.

It would be a great choice for older kitties with thinner hair and sensitive skin as the bristles are soft and gentle and will remove surface dirt and hair without causing irritation to the skin.

If your kitty is in need of a deeper hair removal or detangler, you’ll want to look into a stiffer bristle brush.

Erligpowht Pet Grooming Glove

If your kitty boycotts brushing, you’re not alone.

Not every cat will accept grooming help from you armed with some brushes and combs.

If that’s the case with your cat, pet grooming gloves like these from Erligpowht might just work.

Grooming gloves are simply that, gloves that you wear while petting and loving up on your favorite friend.

The gloves have small rubber nubs that remove loose hair and distribute oils like any good cat brush will do, just without the bristles that some cats detest.

Erligpowht Pet Grooming Gloves work great for those hard to groom cats.

Most of them won’t even know the difference between a gentle, loving pet and getting down to business with these grooming gloves.

The soft nubs won’t harm sensitive skin while they remove loose hair, dirt, and dander from your cat’s coat.

The hair is also easily removed from the glove, no digging and pulling from between the bristles like with a brush.

The gloves are made completely from rubber meaning that hair won’t cling to the back and fingers of them like it would other fabrics.

As with any grooming tool, there’s going to be some cats that don’t approve.

Some won’t like the look of them or maybe the smell of them and some won’t like the feel.

While these are a one size fits all glove, there’s going to be some cat parents that they won’t fit.

For those hard to groom kitties that refuse a brush or comb, a pair of Erligpowht Pet Grooming Gloves might be just what you’re looking for.

The soft rubber nubs of the brush go through the hair coat and remove loose hair and dirt while still being gentle on the skin.

The shed hair is easily removed from the glove when the job’s all done.

They make useful additions in the bath as well.

Most cats will spend hours upon hours grooming using a well suited tool, their tongue, but sometimes they need a little extra assistance.

If you want to help your short-haired kitty to look good and be mat free, you’ll want to choose the right brush.

While short-haired cats don’t need quite the grooming attention that their long-haired counterparts do, they may still require some brushing.

Brushing will help to remove the loose hairs to prevent not only mats but hairballs as well.

Using the best cat brush for short hair will ensure that you remove that loose hair, spread the natural skin oils and remove dirt and dandruff to keep your pal’s coat looking shiny and healthy.

While just about any old cat brush will for sure help in grooming your short-haired kitty, finding the perfect one will not only keep her looking gorgeous, it will also build your friendship bond.

Selecting that perfect brush may seem impossible when faced with the thousands of cat brush options that are available, so hopefully this list will help you narrow it down and find one that both you and your kitty will love.

Best Cat Brushes for Shedding

Depending on the breed of cat you own, they may shed their fur seasonally or all of the time, but unless you own a hairless Sphynx, you’re going to be familiar with finding loose fur all around your home.

Best Cat Brushes for Shedding

It gets on your clothes, on the furniture, on the carpets… cat fur gets just about everywhere!

We know just how irritating this can be, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best cat brushes for shedding, ensuring any fur that is shed within your home is kept to a minimum.

By removing your cat’s loose fur by grooming them regularly, you can confine the fur to the brush and easily dispose of it with little to no mess.

Depending on how thick your cat’s coat is and what time of the year it is, you may need to do this daily or every few days.

Some owners will perform their grooming routine outside in the garden so any loose fur that comes away from the brush remains out of the home.

Helping your cat’s shedding along will not only keep your home cleaner (a necessity for any allergy sufferers) but will reduce the incidence of them coughing up those disgusting, slimy fur balls.

Cats naturally groom themselves and ingest loose fur all the time, so the less fur that is there to consume, the healthier their digestive tract will be and the less you’ll have to hear that unpleasant fur ball retching noise we all hate so much!

On a more serious note, large fur balls have even been known to cause dangerous gut impactions in cats, so should be avoided where possible.

If your cat is not used to a grooming routine it may take them a few attempts before they get on board, but once they do, they’ll be begging you to get the brush out!

For suspicious cats, take things slowly and praise them when they are well behaved with treats and kind words; they’ll soon come around to it!

FURminator Short or Long Fur

In the world of cat brushes, FURminator is probably the best-known name, and for good reason.

This is widely considered the best brush for cats that shed a lot and is used by veterinary professionals and pet groomers alike.

Expertly made, the stainless-steel edge of the brush is designed to reach past the topcoat and reach the undercoat, removing any loose or damaged fur.

Extremely safe, the skin is shielded and there is no risk of unwanted cuts or grazes.

This brush claims to reduce shedding by up to 90% and you’ll see how this claim is made possible after just one use.

The amount of fur you remove will astound you!

As well as eliminating the loose and dead fur, the FURminator spreads the cat’s natural oils along the fur shaft, meaning the remaining fur is left shinier and softer than ever.

As with many good grooming brushes, the FURminator has a handy ‘FURjector button’, or a mechanism whereby you press a button to release all of the trapped fur in one go, making brush cleaning a doddle.

In fact, the whole design of the FURminator makes grooming time easier.

The handle is ergonomically shaped to make grooming easier, even in slippery places like the bath where it can be difficult to keep hold of thinner handles.

We also love the demonstration video that FURminator have made that showcases this brush.

To access it, you can simply go online and scan the QR code on the back of the packaging.

As this brush is so effective, it should not be used more than once a week and sessions should be limited to around 15 minutes, depending on your cat’s coat length.

It should never be used on sensitive or broken skin, which should be treated before a grooming routine is implemented.

PetsNeat Deshedding Tool

This de-shedding tool from PetNeat is one of the best cat brushes for shedding available within its price range.

A great value product, this versatile brush can be used on a variety of pets and the four-inch comb should reach the undercoat of most cats and dogs.

This gentle brush removes a large amount of dead fur within just a few strokes and is a great option for cats with little patience or who are just not used to being groomed and find the whole process quite foreign.

We particularly like that the stainless-steel comb is detachable so can be completely removed.

This makes cleaning the brush far easier, which is great when using on several animals.

To detach the comb, you simply press the ‘ejector’ button, and it separates nicely from the handle.

This brush prevents matting, reduces shedding, reduces fur balls and keeps coats sleek and healthy.

The comb is also great at removing any hidden debris such as twigs or grass awns.

Coming in an attractive light blue and black design, with a handy eyelet to hang up, this brush is as practical as it is attractive.

Measuring only five inches long and four inches wide, not only is this brush easy to store, it is also light and easily held in one hand.

This de-shedding tool is both durable and long-lasting, getting to work on even the toughest of coats.

Owners all over the internet have been left suitably impressed with just how effectively this brush works, despite the fact that it can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of many major brush brands.

Kong Zoom Groom for Cats

Arguably one of the best-known names in the pet accessories community, Kong are well-liked for their wide range of practical and effective products, which include toys and brushes.

The Feline Zoom Groom is one of their best sellers and when clients ask me ‘What’s the best cat brush for shedding when my cat hates to be groomed?’ this is the item I will direct them to.

True, the Zoom Groom won’t de-shed your kitty as effectively as a FURminator and may not be the best option for a Maine Coon that has gone on grooming strike and is beginning to look like a yeti, but it really does have its merits.

The Zoom Groom is the only way to go for a nervous cat that is afraid of being groomed.

Often, the sturdier de-shedding brushes can tug on the fur, an experience that an anxious cat can find hard to tolerate.

Instead, the Zoom Groom is incredibly gentle, mimicking a massaging experience.

Cats and owners grow to love this relaxing grooming option, often seeing the event as a bonding experience enjoyed by both parties.

Most cats will relax and tolerate the brushing for longer than they will accept more traditional brushes.

The rubber material is particularly soft and far more comfortable than many of the stainless-steel options on the market.

The Zoom Groom works by acting like a magnet for loose fur, attracting it and removing it from the cat’s body.

This means that it is not a good de-tangler and should not be used on tangled or matted fur.

Instead, this is a good option for a short-furred cat that has been shedding.

With a very cute cat design and coming in a rich purple colour, we love how this brush looks and think it is probably the best-looking cat brush on the market.

Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

This Hertzko brush is a super choice for those long-haired cats that are prone to mats and shed all over the house.

The paddle brush design is ideal for bigger cats that have a large amount of fur.

Often, for cats weighing more than 5kg, the typical cat brushes on the market are too small and flimsy, meaning a grooming session takes longer than it has to.

With the wide surface area on offer, your time spent grooming will be cut in half!

As with many of the higher end brushes now on the market, this offering from Hertzko is self-cleaning, meaning once you have finished using it, you simply press a button and the bristles retract, leaving the loose fur unsupported and easy to clean away.

The handle of this large brush is practical and easy to grip, meaning you won’t lose it in a bubbly bath!

In fact, there is even an indentation to rest your thumb on and provide even more security.

This brush is a good option for multi-pet households as it is sturdy enough to be used on dogs too.

For petite cats or kittens, we would suggest opting for a smaller brush as this brush may be too bulky for them and may make it hard to groom the more sensitive areas such as the head and limbs.

This brush is designed to handle thick mats and extensive tangles, though owners should be cautious to not tug too hard or cause any discomfort or skin irritation.

For very tangled coats, it may be necessary for the grooming session to be divided into small two to three-minute compartments to make them more tolerable for the cat.

Improve their cooperation by rewarding them with praise and treats when they sit nicely, as it can be mildly uncomfortable to have mats and clumped fur detangled.

Happykatz De-shedding Brush

This small silicone brush gives owners the option to massage their kitties while removing any loose fur as they shed.

The short rubber nubs are gentle on skin and are well tolerated by even the most sensitive of cats.

In fact, your cat may find the brush so comfortable that they do not even realised they are being groomed!

At the click of a button the handle can be adjusted, ensuring you feel just as comfortable as your cat and avoid any unnecessary wrist strain.

You even have the option of fully collapsing the handle so that you are holding the bristled brush in the palm of your hand, as if you are simply petting your cat.

This works well for timid cats who find brushes on long handles intimidating.

To improve the effectiveness of this brush when using it for de-shedding purposes, the manufacturers recommend that the bristles be moistened with a small amount of water which will improve their ability to collect loose fur.

Though the brush is not detachable or self-cleaning, it is quite easy to maintain and is simply rinsed with soap water after each use to keep it clean.

This short brush option is the way to go for short-furred cats such as Domestic Shorthairs, but you may want to choose another size option for different breeds.

There are also a medium and large size on offer, so be sure to purchase the right size for your kitty.

Though grooming time can be a real chore and is often the last thing any cat owner wants to do, once you are armed with one of the best cat brushes for shedding, you may even start to look forward to grooming time with your cat.

Hitting on the right brush can ensure a pleasant grooming experience that massages and relaxes the cat and improves their bond with you.

Cats love to keep fastidiously clean and they will appreciate you taking the time to help them out.

Grooming not only prevents unsightly mats and tangles, it also keeps fur healthy and improves the function of the natural skin barrier.

Importantly, by removing the fur that your cat has shed from their body you are saving them from having to ingest large quantities of dead fur when they are grooming; a habit that can result in nasty fur balls and even dangerous impactions in the gut.

Each brush on our top five list offers something a little bit different as we understand that every cat is an individual with unique needs.

While some require a hard bristle brush to strip their coat, others are in need of a soft, rubber option that will gently remove the excess fur while providing a calming massage experience.

Whichever option you plump for, your cat is sure to thank you for it later!

Best Cat Brushes for Mats

For many, bringing a beautiful, plush-haired cat into the home is an easy choice, and there is no cat that they would rather spend their lives with.

Unfortunately, the more luxurious and impressive the coat of a cat, the more upkeep it needs and the more likely it is that mats will form over time.

By sticking to a regular grooming routine and using the best cat brushes for mats, owners can ensure that their gorgeous kitty continues to look and feel great.

Indeed, failing to groom a medium or long-haired cat can result in the formation of mats that are difficult to remove with even heavy-duty brushes.

In the worst case, some cats will require a full-body or ‘lion clip’ to remove mats that have gone too far.

Not only does this take away from their attractiveness, this can also leave cats open to skin injuries and can mean that they find it harder to regulate their body temperature in cold weather.

While we aim to prevent the formation of mats in the fur, it is sometimes inevitable that small ones will form, particularly in the harder to reach areas such as under the chin or in the armpits.

In these scenarios, it is essential to have an effective de-matting brush in your ‘tool box’.

Leaving mats on the fur will only result in them worsening and the skin underneath often becomes red, sore and sometimes even infected.

While it is certainly possible for owners to bring cats to the groomers, many cats can find this a stressful experience and would cope better if brushed at home regularly.

Ideally, they should be introduced to brushes from kitten-hood, to ensure that they understand that grooming is a normal experience and not one to be feared.

Who knows, your cat may even grow to enjoy it and to relish the time spent bonding with you!

Furminator Short or Long Hair De-shedding Tool for Cats

Ask just about anyone, from owners to breeders, groomers to vets, and they will probably tell you that Furminator make the best cat brush for mats.

There is a reason that they are the most well-known name in the business, as the brushes they make are incredibly effective and good value for money.

Indeed, most grooming centre and veterinary clinics will have a Furminator or two which they use regularly.

For long-haired cats such as Maine Coons and Persians, investing in a Furminator should ensure that their coats can be maintained in good condition as they age.

This brush is designed to gently reach the cat’s undercoat and strip away any dead or clumped fur that is no longer needed.

It does so gently though efficiently, with the fur sticking to the brush, allowing it to all be easily removed in one go using the ‘FURejector’ release button.

This button is particularly useful for those owners who dislike picking through the brush; a task that can be monotonous and unrewarding.

It is especially nice to have the option to quickly release the fur and start brushing again within seconds, as we all know that cats are not famed for their patience and any gap in their brushing regime may well lead to a cat that has escaped to the other side of the room!

The chunky, textured handle is ideal to use in the bath as it is non-slip.

It is also suited to those owners with sore joints as it is ergonomically-shaped, allowing for easy brushing and minimising strain.

When used correctly, this brush can reduce shedding by 90%; a real bonus for those who are house-proud and for owners with sensitivities or allergies to cat fur.

Pet Republique De-matting Tool

Another popular purchase is this de-matting rake from Pet Republique that many owners herald as ‘The best cat brush for mats’.

Indeed, it is both efficient and simple to use.

The fine teeth of this brush are great for removing small mats and tangles while causing minimal discomfort.

For large areas of matting, consider splitting the grooming session into short segments, so it is more tolerable for the cat.

At the end of each session, reward good behaviour with a few treats and kind words.

With rounded blades, this product is safe for even sensitive skin and should not cause irritation.

For cats with broken skin or active skin infections, it is better to wait until their skin has settled before using any grooming tool.

In many cases, medicated shampoos, topical medicines or oral medicines will be needed from the vet to allow the skin to heal.

The stainless steel is long-lasting and easy to clean, though should always be dried thoroughly after using on damp or wet coats.

Top tip: Pick apart any clumps of matted fur with fingers to enable the brush to then do its job without pulling too much on the sensitive skin of the cat.

Once the larger clumps have been broken down manually, use the tool to gently pick the smaller sections, breaking them down.

After de-matting a section, use a regular comb to straighten the fur.

When brushing delicate area such as the limbs and belly, remember to take extra care as to be too ‘gung-ho’ could result in a grumpy cat that becomes intolerant of brushing.

As de-matting is quite an alien experience to felines, always be patient and sometimes less is more in a session as you can always pick up where you left off the next day.

Clean House Pets No More Shedding Brush

This lovely two-tone blue brush works wonders on the coats of both cats and small dogs.

This brush works well regardless of coat-type, so is a good purchase whether your kitty has a straight or wavy coat.

As with other high-end brushes, this one is self-cleaning, meaning you simply press the button to release any fur or mats trapped within the brush, making the whole process efficient and easy.

The short bristles are tightly bunched, ensuring thick and dense mats can be brushed through with ease.

This brush will not only make light work of mats that have formed but will also detangle fur and prevent further mats from developing.

With matted coats, it is definitely true that prevention is better than cure.

By removing the dead fur on the coat, the amount a cat sheds around the home will be dramatically reduced.

Not only is this a plus for the person that cleans the house, but it also inevitably means that the cat ingests less fur when grooming themselves.

As cats are eating less fur, they are less prone to the development of fur balls.

As we all know, finding a fur ball around the house is a less than pleasant experience and I’m sure most of us can agree that when a cat coughs up a fur ball, they don’t seem to be having much fun either.

Critically, by reducing the occurrence of fur balls, we can prevent cats from developing dangerous intestinal blockages caused by fur impaction.

Worryingly, when large clumps of fur settle in the stomach or gut, cats can develop life-threatening blockages that may need surgery to address.

As no food or water can pass through, cats tend to lose weight, become dehydrated and will vomit.

As well as routinely using a good-quality brush, owners can supplement their long-haired cats with hairball paste every now and then.

Fur Go Pet De-shedding Tool for Cats

What’s not to love about this cute, purple de-shedding brush from Fur Go Pet?

A slim grooming tool that measures just six inches tall, this is the ideal product to reach those ‘nooks and crannies’ such as armpits and chins.

Larger brushes on the market can make these areas impossible to access, meaning these sections are often neglected over time.

The blade of this brush is designed to remove loose fur from under-coats and keep the skin underneath protected.

When using this de-matting brush every few weeks, owners will be amazed at the sheer volume of fur removed in each session.

Many are left wondering how their cat dealt with that amount of loose fur before they purchased a de-matting brush!

Top tip: Use the brush on a table outdoors so that any ‘fly-away’ fur does not attach itself to your carpets, curtains or rugs.

If your cat is an indoor-only cat, consider using a harness and lead to ensure that they stay in place for their pampering session.

Having them up on a table will not only make the job easier on you but should also ensure that your cat moves around less.

If possible, have another person helping you out and holding the cat still.

Have some tempting treats on stand-by to encourage good behaviour and prevent your cat from losing their patience.

In between de-matting sessions, it is important to use regular brushes and combs to keep on top of any potential matting, as well as to spread the cat’s natural oils along the fur.

To do so will prevent dandruff and will maintain a healthy and lustrous coat.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Brush for Cats and Small Dogs

This gentle slicker brush is the perfect tool for removing small mats and maintaining a sleek coat.

The soft nylon bristles have a protective coating on the ends, meaning they are particularly suited to cats and small kittens, who may find metallic bristles too abrasive.

For many, this tool can be used as a starting point, building up to the more ‘powerful’ options with stainless steel ends as the cat gets older.

The oval-shaped head of this brush allows for good access to all parts of the body and the brush itself is not overly big or cumbersome.

The handle is ergonomically-shaped, meaning it is easy and comfortable to use.

Grooming time doesn’t have to be a struggle and by using this soft-bristled brush, your cat should come to see the experience as more of a bonding session than anything else.

The repetitive motion of the brush can act as a light massage and even has the potential to improve circulation.

Some cats are so soothed by the brushing strokes that they may even feel comfortable enough to fall asleep on your lap; now that’s a win!

Using a slicker brush rather than a steel, razor brush should not thin your cat’s coat too much and is a great option for those with thin coats and delicate skin.

However, this brush may not be effective enough to remove deep-rooted mats or extensive matting, which may require some more heavyweight options, such as those listed above.

As well as the obvious tasks such as providing food, water and love, it is essential that owners are aware of their grooming responsibilities.

Though cats can groom themselves to some extent (just one more reason why they are smarter than dogs!) most medium and long-haired cats cannot keep up with the amount of fur shed, and often need a helping ‘paw’.

The best cat brushes for mats should be effective though gentle and should still ensure a grooming experience that both you and your cat can enjoy.

Small mats can be removed with ease and the remainder of the coat is brushed efficiently, removing dead fur and preventing any further mats from forming.

These tools are especially useful in those cats who do not groom as often as they should, for example in older cats with arthritis or in those cats who are feeling under the weather.

By grooming them, we can not only help them look and feel better but also prevent the development of any dermatitis or chronic skin infection caused by mats.

For cats with severe matting, sometimes a brush is not going to cut the mustard, and these cats may need to be clipped by the vet or groomer.

Afterwards, maintain a healthy coat by regularly using combs, slicker brushes and de-matting tools; they’ll thank you for it!

Best Cat Brushes for Moulting


What a nightmare.

People who own hairless cats don’t know how lucky they are when it comes to not owning a cat that moults more than a husky in the summertime!

We’re kidding obviously, we love all cats – hairless or super hairy.

But there is no denying how annoying it is to have a cat who sheds heavily, not only because there’s hair everywhere, but also because your cat’s going to cough up numerous hairballs.

Nowadays, it’s obligatory for most cat owners to own cat brushes to help keep their pet’s coats and skin healthy… and their house hairball free, but owning any old brush doesn’t cut it, you shouldn’t be on the market for one of the best brushes for moulting cats!

But first of all, maybe we should address why you should brush your cat.

Like I’ve said before, it does prevent hairballs.

It also provides you with the opportunity to check your cat over for any cuts, bumps, or even ticks on a frequent basis.

With long-haired cats, grooming is more than a bonding experience, it allows you to maintain their coat and prevent it from getting tangled and matted, which can be an absolute nightmare to groom out, and in a worst-case scenario – may require shaving.

And while cats are great at keeping themselves clean, let’s not forget that cats do become less flexible with age – sound familiar?

We all know that pain!

So it’s good for you to be able to help them keep up with their grooming, cleaning up all of those hard to reach spots.

Whether you’re looking for your first cat brush or you’re simply browsing for a replacement for your current brush, we’ve made this list of the best brushes for moulting cats currently available!

Pets Neat Pet Grooming Brush

This stainless steel comb easily reaches deep into your cat’s undercoat and removes all dry skin and loose hair floating around!

The rust-resistant blade is also really great at removing all types of matts and knots that hide deep in your cat’s coat; your feline friend will be looking the like the belle of the ball in no time!

With a strong and ergonomically designed handle that tries to make grooming a bit easier and more comfortable for you.

After all buying the best brush for moulting cat owners is important too!

Oh, and you know those pesky burrs that attach themselves to your cat sometimes?

There’s no longer an awkward peel off moment, this shedding comb is said to remove them easily!

Generally, it’s great for brushing out weird items your long-haired cat may have dragged into the house such as twigs.

With the makers claiming that it reduces shedding by up to 95% then this could be a very worthwhile investment for owners of medium to long-haired cats.

You could be waving goodbye to those nasty hairballs that plague your poor kitties (remember, short-haired cats are also at risk of hairballs too, just not at the same frequency).

These types of shedding combs are that good, that they’re also used on not only cats and dogs, but horses too!

But be sure that you don’t use it with too heavy a hand, it is a steel comb after all!

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Not that cleaning out your cat’s brush is a particularly strenuous task in the first place, but it can get tiresome constantly trying to pull out as much hair as you can.

Then your fingers end up smelling like your cat’s undercoat, which isn’t great – so to have the option of a brush that empties itself can only be described with one word.


Once the bristles are full of hair, or when you have finished grooming, simply press the button on the handle of the brush to retract the bristles.

This will then remove the hair from the brush, ready to be used again!

Just pop the hair in the bin and hey presto, you’re done, who can beat that for best brush for moulting cat hair removal?!

The fine bent wire bristles allow for you to gently remove mats and tangles, and reach deep into your cat’s coat for any lurking loose hairs and dead skin sitting in your cat’s undercoat.

This brush is able to massage out the dirt and dandruff in your cat’s coat, leaving their hair looking as healthy as can be.

This type of brush is also said to help increase blood circulation due to the massaging effect that it provides, which is not only good for their circulation – but also for calming anxious cats.

Made specifically to be comfortable to hold and use, the handle has an anti-slip comfort grip to prevent you from straining your wrist when grooming your cat for long periods of time.

FURminator Short or Long Hair Shedding Tool for Cats

This stainless steel combo claims to be able to reach into even the thickest of cat fur to pull out literally anything that shouldn’t be there: mats, tangles, dirt, burrs, loose hairs.

All without causing any damage to your cat’s skin or their coat.

Regularly grooming your long-haired cat with this brush not only means that you are reducing the risks of hairballs, but it also means you can say goodbye to those cat hair covered carpets you’ve got all around the house!

For the best results, they say to use this brush immediately after washing and drying your cat – as your cat needs to have a completely dry coat to prevent causing any damage.

Just gentle strokes across your cat will easily lift up all of those unwanted loose hairs in minutes, which means more time for cuddling your favourite furball!

Once you’re done, just click the FURjector button and all of the hair you’ve collected in your grooming session will come loose, ready for you to then throw it in the bin.

It also comes with a handy protective cover to put over the comb to keep it in good condition.

Celemoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Brush

If you’re not a fan of brushing your cat with hard, metal combs – then this may be the brush for you!

The Celemoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Brush claims to remove up to 90% of the loose hair from your cat within minutes of grooming, but this time – without the risk of being able to accidentally scratching your cat’s skin.

If you want to collect up as much loose hair as possible – which you probably do – this brush works even better when a slight bit of water is added before grooming to help attract more hair to the brush.

The strong and elastic silicone used to make this brush also means it’s got a longer life than the average metal or wooden brush, it’s unbelievably durable.

And don’t worry if it’s looking a bit grubby after you’ve cleaned out all the hair, all you need to do is run it under some warm water, and all of the dirt will wash away in no time at all.

HaloVa Pet Comb, Professional Pin & Bristle Bamboo Brush

HaloVa Pet Comb was designed with both comfort and practicality in mind, for both you and your cat.

The rounded ends on the pin side of the brush make grooming all the more enjoyable for your pet.

It’s like brushing your hair with one of those cushion pad brushes; it just feels amazing against their skin.

And if feeling great for your cat isn’t reason enough to buy it, it is also said to be able to gently remove loose hair, dandruff, knots and trapped dirt in your cat’s coat without making the experience at all unpleasant for them – perfect for those cats that aren’t the biggest fan of grooming time.

The combination of both the pin side and the bamboo bristle side will massage your cat, keeping them relaxed and increasing their blood flow.

They’ll probably end up completely conked out after you’ve finished brushing them – it can leave them feeling that chilled out!

At the end of the day, brushing your cat is always going to be a tad messy, and no brush is going to be 100% perfect – but you have to admit, these ones aren’t far off!

And while all of these brushes are our top picks for the best brushes for moulting cats, there is one that stands out above the rest.

The FURminator lives up to the hype and takes the crown for the best brush.

Making grooming so much easier with its FURejector button to rid the comb of all the loose hair it has collected!

And although it can be a bit harsh on your cat if you don’t use it correctly, if you follow the instructions and brush gently then you should be okay!

It’ll lift all of those loose hairs and any dandruff, massaging your cat and cleaning it at the same time.

It’s pretty clear as to why this brush is so popular!

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