Cat Bed

20 Cat Beds (For Large Cats, Orthopedic & More)

We’ve all been there, we buy the newest, most extravagant cat bed on the market only to have our kitties prefer to sleep in the box it came in.

It’s nearly inevitable.

Just like Christmas morning when the toddler ditches all her new toys and insists on playing with the wrapping paper.

The best cat bed for your cat is largely based on his individual preferences.

This list of the best cat beds will include the best beds from a variety of different styles.

When choosing which bed is best for your cat or cats, you’ll want to closely look at their different sleeping styles and personalities.

Since it may seem like your cat spends nearly all of his day in some sort of relaxed position, having the perfect cat bed to facilitate his comfort is important.

While cats can sleep almost anywhere, for instance, mine prefers a rock in the middle of my flower bed, providing a cat bed gives them a place of security and a place to confine the majority of that shed hair.

Take a few days to observe where and how your cat sleeps best.

Some like to sprawl, taking up as much room as possible on your bed at night, while others prefer a tight ball, cozied up under the covers.

Some cats want a little privacy and may seek out caves in a stack of pillows or behind the couch and others will prefer the gentle swaying and support of a suspended bed.

Whatever your cat’s preference, there’s a bed for you.

Let’s take a look at the best cat beds and the differences between the many types that are out there.

Cat Beds

Best Cat Beds (Overall)

Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

The perfect cozy nook for your kitty, an Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed is great for those cuddly ball sleepers.

Aspen Pet uses a Mylar layer, the same material that is found in space blankets, to reflect your cat’s heat back to himself so that he stays warm and snuggly anytime he uses this bed.

The inner surface is made from a comfy faux lambswool and the outside is a durable corduroy.

The bottom features a non-slip coating to keep your cat’s bed in one place, even on tile or hardwood floors.

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match any cat’s specific needs.

It is lightweight making it easy for pets on the go.

This bed facilitates cats that like to sleep in a warm, curled up ball all while looking nice and staying where you put it.

The Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed is hand wash only, which can be an inconvenience for some.

Washing in a washing machine can damage the Mylar layer so that it will no longer be self warming.

This bed may also not hold up well for cats that need to dig or scratch before laying down for sleeping.

If your kitty prefers a cozy, confined, warm space for sleeping, the Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed may be the one for you and your cat.

The variety of shapes and sizes will ensure that you can find just the right one for your needs.

The self warming technology is also ideal for older kitties that need a little extra to stay warm.

Just be aware that washing it may be more involved than other types of beds.

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

This cat bed from Meowfia is made of felted wool.

The felting process is a way of producing a thick, soft fabric without the use of harsh chemicals, so the product is safe and sustainable.

The design of this bed is ideal for cats that want a little privacy when sleeping or even playing and allow your cat to escape it all when in need of a little cat nap.

Wool is a natural insulator so it will help keep your cat cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Caves are an interesting, eco-friendly cat bed perfect for cats that like a little seclusion when sleeping.

These handmade cat caves not only provide privacy, but they also provide the natural heating and cooling aspects that wool is known for.

They are large enough to be spacious for one cat or to accommodate multiple feline friends.

Since this product is made from all natural wool, it does tend to have a certain smell.

While the wool is cleaned before use, it does emit the natural smell of lanolin, a smell that some cats and humans won’t like.

Usually a few days of airing out helps to decrease the smell, but it may never totally go away.

Also, being made of wool means that machine washing is out.

You’ll want to gently hand wash this product to prevent shrinking and misshaping.

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Caves are one of the best cat beds if your cat tends to prefer a little privacy.

It is also a unique product in that it is handmade from natural wool, making it a cozy alternative to other cotton beds.

However, the wool smell and the hand wash only necessity of it may make it less appealing to some.

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed

The MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed is a simple mat style bed perfect for cats that need a little space when sleeping.

It provides bolsters all the way around so that your cat can rest his head and neck for an even more comfortable sleep.

The size of these beds make them great for travel as you can find one to fit nearly every pet crate or carrier.

This simple bed works best for kitties on the go or ones that like to sprawl a little more when sleeping.

The bolsters provide added comfort and coziness.

The whole bed can be thrown into the washing machine making clean up easy and convenient.

The variety of sizes that MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Beds come in will make it easy for you to find one for even the biggest or smallest kitty in your home.

This bed comes with either a faux lambswool or microfiber type cover.

The microfiber-type cover tends to shed, which can be a problem if you’re already dealing with too much cat hair.

It also means that repeated washing can leave patches where the cover is bare.

There is also some variation in the sizes of this bed and most come in sizes slightly different than those stated.

This becomes an issue if you’re buying a specific size to fit your cat’s carrier or crate.

The MidWest Delue Bolster Pet Bed is a great, simple solution if your cat is looking for a comfy place to sprawl.

The bolsters provide extra comfort and can help turn this bed into a cozy donut if your cat wants one on a whim.

The sizing of them work perfectly for travel and provide a nice bed for crates and carriers, just be aware that there may be some slight variations in the sizes that are stated.

Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree

The ultimate multi-function bed, the Trixie Baza Cat Tree features a scratching post and a hammock style loft bed.

If your cat prefers some elevation when he’s sleeping, this may be the bed for him.

The bed features a soft, plush covering that would make any kitty want to snuggle in for a nap.

There is also the added bonus of a toy on a string as if your cat needed any more enticement to use this product.

The hammock style of this cat bed makes it a very versatile sleeping area.

Cats can sprawl, curl up, or share this bed with their friends.

The plush covering is also very inviting.

Having the attached cat toy and scratching posts makes this an area that your cat will never want to leave.

The assembly of this bed makes it a little more difficult than your standard cat bed.

It does take some tools and some owners have complained that it’s lacking some of the necessary hardware.

Since it is hard to assemble, it’s is also hard to dissemble making it more difficult to clean.

While the bed can be washed, it is hard to remove and therefore more often spot cleaned than completely washed.

The Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Tree is a great multi function bed for the inquisitive and sleepy kitty.

If your cat prefers to sleep up higher where he can get the lay of the land, this may be the best cat bed for you.

Having the toy and scratching posts are great additions if you have the patience and possibly extra hardware to put them together.

It is easier to spot wash than to thoroughly clean which could be an issue if you have a messy kitty.

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

If your cat has a busy mind and enjoys a little outdoor interaction, the Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch may the best cat bed for you.

This bed is made from weather-resistant fabric that works great indoors or out.

It attaches to any window or mirror with large suction cups rated at holding 12 pounds a piece for a maximum of 25 pounds of cat able to rest on this perch at once.

This durable, yet comfortable bed is perfect for letting your cat experience a little of the outside while in the comfort of his own bed.

The Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch makes a great bed on any window of your house.

You can place it as low or as high as you and your cat would like.

You can also add any blanket or padding that you want to make it even more cozy and comfortable.

This bed is also easily removed and cleaned with soap and water.

This bed can be difficult to assemble and may have trouble staying up on some windows.

It also seems that if it falls down once with your kitty, they will be less likely to use it again.

The problem doesn’t seem to be at the suction cup itself, but rather where the bed frame attaches to the suction cup.

Some pet parents have had to reglue or resew the bed as needed to repair.

The Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch is a great one for inquisitive cats.

You can place this bed on any window of your house to enrich your cat’s life all while providing a comfy spot for naps or sleeping.

The versatility of this will suite any cat’s special needs.

With all the cat beds that are available out there, it may seem a little overwhelming when trying to get your cat the most comfortable bed that you can.

Finding a style that is just right for his individual preferences is no easy task, and as you can see, the best cat bed is not a one size fits all kind of item.

The best cat bed for one cat in your household may be very different from the desires of another cat.

With a little observation, research and experimentation, you should be able to find a cat bed that has your kitty purring himself to sleep in no time.

Hopefully this list will give you an idea of the different styles there are out there and what works best for what type of kitty.

Best Cat Beds for Large Cats

Best Cat Beds for Large Cats

Does your cat prefer your bed to theirs?

It can be a struggle to convince a feline-friend that your bed isn’t theirs.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem, sometimes the larger cat can steal more than their fair share of the duvet.

To keep everyone happy, the answer is a super-snuggly place for your fur-baby to sleep.

Everyone needs their own space, cats included.

Which is why the best cat beds for large cats are a real boon and potential problem solver.

When the cat has a safe place they can retreat to for safe snoozing, this helps reduce anxiety and a tendency to bad habits.

Getting good quality sleep is as important to cats as it is to people.

A comfy sofa or a warm (human) bed is all very well, but the cat has to share with people.

In truth, when a cat has a place to call their own this increases contentment and diffuses tension.

If your cat sprays or scratches furniture, it might be they’re sending out a message.

Both of these are how cats communicate and label things as belonging to them.

So whilst a cat with antisocial habits isn’t going to reform overnight, finding the right cat bed that they will use is part of the cure.

When looking for the best cat beds for large cats try to look at things from a cat’s eye view.

First, know the bed needs to be big enough…but not too big.

Cats are happiest when they can curl up and feel caressed by the bed, rather than squashed.

If the bed is too big, they may not feel secure.

The bed also should be made from warm comfortable fabrics.

If you run your hand over it and it feels scratchy, itchy, or rough, then it isn’t right for a cat either.

Then there’s the hideaway factor.

Cats are vulnerable whilst asleep, which is part of why they chose boxes or under beds to sleep.

Consider getting an igloo-type bed, which doubles as a safe hidey-hole for a secure, ultra-deep sleep.

Twin Critters Large Cat Cave

First up is this attractive product from Twin Critters.

This unusual looking cat bed is like a giant cocoon, hence the apt name of ‘Cat Cave’.

Made from 100% New Zealand felted wool, it comes it a range of attractive colors and quirky designs.

For example, you can opt for the classic cocoon shape or chose one of the quirky critter designs such as a hippo, frog, shark, or crocodile.

Just because it’s a cat bed doesn’t mean it has to be dull, and this one is certainly a talking point.

We especially like how the Large Cat Cave is made from natural, sustainable materials.

It’s also nice to know that no harsh chemicals are used in its production.

The felting procedure is an old craft technique which has been handed down through the generations.

But it isn’t just us who love this Twin Critters product…cats love it to.

Indeed, they vote with their paws.

We found numerous pet parents of fussy cats that had total distain for other beds bought for them.

But the Cat Cave is different.

This one had cats taking one look and stepping inside, without the need for treat bribery or catnip.

Indeed, one pleased cat-guardian reported how there’s at least one cat using it at all times, and oftentimes both cats snuggle up inside.

This also reflects the generous size of this cat cubby as it comfortable adjusts to a 20lb-plus kitty.

With a pawsome 89% five-star rating across hundreds of reviews, this adds up to a lot of delighted cats.

But what about the downsides?

Well, cats are independent minded (that’s why we love them so), and the occasional cat just plum walked away.

It’s also not the cheapest cat bed on the market…which makes a refusal to use as a snooze spot more galling for the owner.

Petmate Aspen Self-warming Cat Bed

Our next choice of best cat bed for large cats is a great blend of value, comfort, and size.

This circular bed measures 19 ½ inches across, making it an ample size for large cats or small (to medium) sized dogs.

The bed itself has a tough corduroy outer with a plush faux sheepskin inner.

The base of the bed has anti-slip nobbles, meaning it doesn’t slide around on smooth floors.

The walls of this donut bed give your cat something to bury their nose in and ignore the world around them.

But more intriguingly this bed is lined with heat-reflecting fabrics, which harvest the cat’s own body heat and reflects it back to them.

Kitty soon learns that the longer they snuggle for, the warmer the bed becomes, which is a great way of rewarding their tenacity!

The Aspen self-warming bed is a firm favorite with house cats and barn cats alike.

A common theme amongst owners is that one bed in a multi-cat household just isn’t enough.

Whilst the bed is big enough for two cats to share comfortably, if the cats don’t get along then jealous spats can flare up.

But at this affordable price the simple solution is to purchase one bed per cat.

And if you want proof that this bed is big enough for a large cat, heed the tale of own pet parent.

Whilst their cat was sniffy about using the Aspen, their 60lb Pitbull took a shine to it and curls up in it every night.

Admittedly it is a tight squeeze, but heck, the dog is definitely all in there.

K & H Thermostat Control Heated Cat Bed

Most cats have a sixth sense for finding the warmest spot in the house.

Your large cat needn’t miss out just because of their size, with this K & H heated cat bed.

Think of it as a gorgeous hug of an electric blanket for cats and you won’t go far wrong.

This heated bed is available in two sizes: 16-inch and 20-inch diameter.

It is made from an attractive plush, faux suede fabric with six-inch high foam walls.

But the real beauty of it is the built-in thermostatically controlled heater.

The heater pad is removable.

But when in use it heats the mattress to around 10 – 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature.

This is like honey to a bee and will attract the larger cat to it.

But this is also a very practical product.

The cover is removable and fully washable, so there’s no reason not to keep it box-fresh new looking.

As to whether cats will use this bed or not: You bet-ya!

A typical example is the cat guardian who purchased three K & H beds for Christmas, for each of her three cats.

The beds had only been unpacked for 10 minutes when she turned round to find each cat curled up in their respective bed.


Indeed the words ‘instant hit’ are frequently linked to describing this product.

In the interests of balance, let’s look at the downsides.

Some users felt the heating element was too wimpy and didn’t heat up more than two-thirds of the bed.

However, the contrasting problem was an owner who felt the heater ran too hot and shouldn’t be left plugged in when they were out.

Go figure!

Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed

Why reinvent the wheel when all you need is a cozy cat bed that’s big enough for an outsized kitty?

Best Pet offer a range of attractive cats beds in a choice of sizes, including XL (suitable for dogs).

These ‘tent beds’ are a pyramid shape with an ample-sized front entrance that makes it easy for the cat to climb in.

Yet once inside the walls of the tent make for a cozy cave which helps the cat feel safe enough to fall into a deep sleep.

You can choose from an outer shell of corduroy, faux suede, or linen.

The inner is made from soft poly-foam and lined with plush.

The range also include a color choice, all from a muted neutral palate such as cream, beige, or gray, so as to blend seamlessly with most décor schemes.

A nice plus point is that the bed is fully washable.

And it also holds it shape well, so after washing it springs back to life rather than collapsing into a soggy mess.

The tent bed also gives enough all-round protection to make it an interesting option for a crate liner for traveling cats, so they can take all the comforts of home with them on the move.

We think this is one of the best cat beds for large cats for its combo of softness, durability, and cat-appeal.

We found so many pet parents who were delighted by the feel, look, and quality of this cat bed that it was impossible not to recommend it.

Whilst this isn’t the cheapest cat bed on the market, it does represent great value.

Cats love it so your money is well spent as there’s every chance they will climb inside and it became a favorite place.

The feedback for the Best Pet cat tent is overwhelmingly positive.

However, we did find users whose beds didn’t stand up to a gentle machine wash, with the stitching starting to unravel.

Whilst this was no means a common experience, it is worth bearing in mind.

Fur Haven Sofa Style Cat Coach

If you’re fed up with cat hair on the coach, then why not get the cat her own! Simple.

We’ve chose this Fur Haven soft-style product as our last best cat bed for large cats for several reasons.

The base comprises of a generously thick layer of memory foam or gel foam (depending on the specific size bought).

This makes it super soft and supportive, which is great for older cats with sore joints.

There’s also a wide variety of cover options, from neutral clay through to jazzy blue diamonds.

This means there’s sure to be at least one option that will blend seamlessly with your interior décor.

The mattress or bed part is covered in warm faux fur to make a soft sleeping surface.

Then there are the bolster pillows lining three sides of the bed.

This helps the cat feel safe and provides a convenient resting place for their chin, should they wish.

We also like how this is an easy bed for the pet to climb in and out of.

Again, this is a nice touch for the older cat who finds it harder to jump or isn’t as nimble as they once were.

And finally, the cover is removable and washable, making it easy to launder and keep clean.

This bed wins big time with users.

However, on the downside there is some inconsistency between colors.

One owner who purchased two beds in different colors found one ‘mattress’ was substantially firmer than the other.

But on the upside, another user whose mattress seemed faulty was quickly resupplied with a new product when the matter was raised with the manufacturer.

When looking for the best cat beds for large cats there are several factors to consider.

Cats are well-known for being choosy.

For the best chance of purchasing a bed the cat will like, think about more than just the size.

Our suggestions cover a range of different types of beds, some better suited to some cats than others.

For example, an older cat that isn’t nimble will love the Fur Haven sofa-style bed as it’s easy to climb into and very supportive.

Whereas a nervous cat is going to appreciate the security an enclosed bed, such as the Twin Critters cat cave or the Best Pet supplies tent bed.

The for the heat-seeking cat there’s the option of a self-warming bed (Pet Mate Aspen self-warming bed) or why not go the whole hog with a heated bed (K & H Thermostatic bed).

Whichever your choice, Kitty is going to be delighted.

So do your feline friend a favor with the best cat bed for large cats.

Best Orthopedic Cat Beds

Best Orthopedic Cat Beds

Is your cat elderly, arthritic, or recovering from illness?

Or perhaps you just plain want them to have the best life possible.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions then your fur-friend will appreciate a comfortable, supportive surface to sleep on.

The best orthopedic cat beds are just that.

The best products have good quality memory foam that supports the cat’s sore joints and spreads the pressure evenly over their body.

Another advantage of an orthopedic cat bed is that it keeps the heat in round the joints.

This helps keep the joint fluid warm and reduces stiffness on waking.

Because this provides a snuggly sleeping experience the cat is more likely to use the bed, and therefore get better quality sleep.

This can feed into their mood in the morning, so they are more like their purry happy self that the stiff cross-patch with sore legs.

But when our cats sleep where they want, which includes the sofa and our bed, why bother with a special orthopedic bed?

The answer is both physical and emotional.

Yes, a human bed is comfy, but it may be shared with other cats (not to mention their cat guardian!)

This can put social pressure on the cat, especially if they have to share the resource with other cats in the house.

Therefore providing their own bed gives an additional feeling of security at a time when a cat may feel vulnerable.

As for the physical benefits, tall you need do is think of when you can’t sleep because of a sore shoulder, hip, or knee. It can be really difficult to get comfy, and toss and turn all night.

OK, so cats do a good impression of sleeping, but when they have discomfort, it is just that – an impression.

Look more closely and you’ll see the cat is in a lighter plane of sleep and is easily disturbed.

This can build up as a sleep deficit which means a cranky cat.

But provide an orthopedic cat bed which shapes around their body and takes their weight of the joints, then the cat gets better quality cat naps, which improves their mood.

So which cats could do with an orthopedic bed?

The short answer is All cats (because they’ll love it).

But more specifically those with arthritis, the elderly, the overweight, and those recovering from illness or surgery will best benefit from the best orthopedic cat bed that you can provide.

With this in mind, here are the top five picks.

PetFusion Waterproof Orthopedic Cat Bed

This PetFusion product has one of the highest approval ratings out there.

This pet bed comes in a range of sizes from small (suitable for cats) up to XXL (Great Dane size!).

The bed part is 100% top-grade memory foam.

This is impressive because other, cheaper products economize by using lesser grade memory foam or chips of memory foam.

The bed comes in three colors: chocolate brown, gray, and sand (which have plush bolsters).

The bolsters wrap around the bed to give an extra sense of security.

They are generously stuffed with ‘green’ polyfill, to promote the environment.

The cover is made from cotton and polyester twill, which is removable for washing.

And talking of washing, there’s a waterproof liner to protect the memory foam from accident spills!

All of which points to why this orthopedic cat bed is so highly rated…

PetFusion have thought of everything.

Which is why pets love it!

Hence the number of amazing reviews.

Pets vote with their paws and love sleeping on this memory foam bed.

People love it because it’s tough enough to take a pet digging and scratching at it without causing damage.

In fact, humans have reclaimed the sofa as pets have moved off in favor of the PetFusion bed.

Then there are cats that have stolen the dog’s bed.

Kopek’s Memory Foam Bed with Anti-slip Base

Our next choice of best orthopedic cat bed is by Kopek.

This is a subtly different design to PetFusion, as it looks more like a convenient human bed with a bolster at the pillow end (rather than surrounding the bed.)

This design has advantages, in that it looks very tidy and less like a pet bed.

But it also has disadvantages.

To our mind, the bolster at one end looked a little less inviting, than being snuggled up with a pillow all the way round.

Cats like to feel secure whilst sleeping, which means being surrounded by a low barrier.

Again, this product comes in a range of sizes from small (for cats) to XXL (lots of cats would fit onto this one!)

The cover is available in brown, chocolate brown, and gray (which looks more like a sky blue).

The gray cover is piped with dark gray, whilst the browns look super smart with white piping.

The fabric of the cover is plush faux suede, and it zips on and off for ease of cleaning.

The other great thing is that it’s lined with waterproof material, so if there is a ‘spill’, the mattress won’t be damaged.

And last but not least, the bed has a slip proof bottom.

Great for use on laminate floors, so that it doesn’t shift around when kitty gets in or out.

This Kopek product also has a seriously high approval rating (although over fewer reviews.)

JoyElf Cat Bed

This JoyElf orthopedic bed is another cross-over product that is primarily a dog bed but comes in a small size suitable for toy pooches and cats.

The bed consists of a solid block of memory foam for the mattress, surrounded by comfy bolsters.

A waterproof liner protects the mattress itself, and there’s also a removable softcover.

This also has a non-slip base for extra security on laminate flooring or tiles.

This product is a good balance of quality with value, so that your cat can snooze comfortably but without breaking the bank.

Whilst most pet parents love this bed, it isn’t without its critics.

On the plus side, it is super-comfy.

Cats love to snuggle in it, and those bolsters make lovely chin rests.

It’s also a good quality product that feels and looks good.

However, some people have complaints that it is delivered compressed down and it takes a day or two to ‘fluff’ up.

Indeed, in some cases the bed ‘inflated’ but was lopsided.

This didn’t interfere with the pet’s enjoyment, but can be a little discomforting for the owner who has to look at it.

Another negative point was that the cover stitching may start to fail after washing.

And if you cat likes to dig to make themselves comfy, this can cause the fabric to shed.

Fur Haven Orthopedic MicroVelvet Pet Lounger

This FurHaven pet bed is lozenge shaped, with the mattress two-inches deep at the middle and four-inches deep at the edges.

This shape allows the pet to choose the comfy spot that best supports their sore joints.

This is medical grade foam that is fully supportive and gentle on the joints.

Indeed, the foam is certified by the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam as passing quality control tests for durability, content, and emissions during manufacture.

The micro-velvet cover is especially soft and comfy, and most cats will find it impossible to resist.

And for the cat guardian, there’s a great range of colors and patterns to choose from, including teddy bear beige through to a deep spruce blue.

All importantly, the cover is removable for cleaning.

The bed comes tightly compressed for ease of transport.

Once released from the packaging, you put the cover on and wait.

It takes around two hours to reach its proper size, so be patient!

However, not everyone was pleased with the bed at the end of this time.

Some users felt the tightness of the vacuum pack had permanently indented the foam.

Whilst others found when the bed ‘inflated’ it didn’t sit flat on the floor.

Best Friends OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cat Bed

Last but certainly not least is this deep cocoon of a cat bed from Best Friends.

This one is slightly different to the other best orthopedic cat beds in its design.

For a start it doesn’t contain memory foam but is instead filled with AirLOFT fibers.

These are made in such a way as to retain their shape (i.e. bounce) for three times longer than other fibers.

This makes for a bed that embraces the cat when they snuggle inside.

To add to the snuggle factor is the innovative deep dish shape.

This cocoons the cat so not only are they resting on a soft surface, but they feel safe inside their very own cat-cave.

But the comfort doesn’t end there because the bed retains heat superbly well.

When kitty settles down for a snooze their own body heat soon warms the bed through, which means keeping the warmth in round those joints.

What’s also very pleasing is the interesting range of colors the bed is available in.

You can choose from vibrant fuscia pink right through to muted caramels and browns.

Something to match everyone’s décor!

Oh, and did we mention the cover is made from warm, cuddly Sherpa fleece.

And the design is so well thought through.

There are even deep crevices between the walls and the base, for the cat that likes to snuggle down deep.

Plus the back is taller than the front, with an inviting indent that acts as a chin rest.

What’s not to like!

Indeed, perhaps BestFriends would consider making a human-sized one!

Unfortunately, there are the occasional issues with the bed arriving crushed out of shape.

Also, some users had problems with the stitching unravelling in the wash.

Why choose an orthopedic cat bed?

Because your fur-friend will love it (and you) fur-ever.

A warm supportive bed helps keep warmth in around the joints, which makes for a better night’s sleep for your fur-friend.

They’ll love the bed so much that you’ll get the sofa back!

When choosing the best cat orthopedic bed look for a product that is appealing to cats.

You can choose from small dog beds or cat beds, but what suits a dog isn’t necessarily right for a cat.

For example, cats like to curl up so a bed with sides is a good idea.

Also a soft fleecy cover will appeal to your cat’s inner comfort seeking-center.

Remember, cats don’t generally chew like dogs do, so you don’t necessarily need the functionality of a hard-wearing corduroy or cotton twill and can indulge in something softer and more snuggly, such as fleece.

When you unpack the cat bed, don’t be disappointed if it looks a little ‘flat’.

Be aware than many memory foam beds are transported heavily compressed.

Most beds plump up nicely within a few hours.

However, it can be a cause for concern if the bed doesn’t reflate fully.

It’s therefore an ideal to keep the packaging for a couple of days, since there’s usually an option to return a faulty product.

For a super-snuggly bed that isn’t just cozy but is also good for the cat’s health, the best cat orthopedic bed isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential!

Best Washable Cat Beds

Washable Cat Beds

We all know how brilliant cats are, they’re the best pets you can get in our opinion.

They’re incredibly cute, surprisingly smart, but there can be one slight issue…

Despite the fact that they are pretty hygienic animals, cats do tend to make a bit of a mess, so having the best washable cat bed on hand is pretty much a must.

For starters, they a moult a LOT, and if you have a kitty who’s a bit of an adventurer, you’ve probably become accustomed to the abundance of muddy paw prints they tend to leave in their wake.

There’s also the dilemma of hairballs – cleaning those up is worse than cleaning up poop.

They smell so bad and look revolting!

We’ve all thrown out (or been tempted to) a whole cat bed before because of an extraordinarily vulgar hairball our oh-so-lovely kitty had left behind.

What we’re trying to say is, you need a good cat bed that you can wash.

Pets, in general, aren’t the cleanest, but to be honest, they can’t help it.

They’re animals!

Cats are probably as clean a pet as you can get, but they still need their beds to be regularly washed.

And they’re not going to like being left with one that can’t be cleaned regularly, after all, they don’t even like using dirty litter trays so you can imagine how they’d be with a dirty bed!

Luckily, we’re here to save you some time in the search for the perfect cat bed that you can also wash.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ones that we’re confident are the best washable cat beds currently available!

Pecute Pet Bed Machine Washable Luxury Bed

This adorable cat bed is made from ultra soft and warming materials, providing your feline pal with the ultimate cozy and comfortable sleeping experience.

This bed is a great start when it comes to finding the perfect cat bed.

Not only are the quality of the materials used not compromised, thus making the bed safe to wash in a machine, but you can remove sections to wash them separately.

Say, for example, your cat comes inside after being out in the rain, the cushion of the bed is covered in muddy paw prints, but the walls of the bed are still clean.

No problem!

You can just pop out that cushion and wash that alone.

After all, the best washable cat bed should be easy to use.

You’ll have no worries when it comes to washing this bed as it is pretty gosh darned easy – the entire bed can be washed on a gentle cycle with cold water.

If you want to use a tumble dryer to make it dry and toasty ready for your kitty, just throw it in on a low heat cycle.

The tumble dryer will also poof out the bed, ready for them to bury themselves into.

Hachikitty Cat Bed

The fact that this bad boy is waterproof is a huge plus for all owners of adventure cats!

If you’re on the lookout for the best washable cat bed, but have a cat that suffers from allergy problems, then this bed could be the answer.

The hypoallergenic aspect will hopefully keep those more sensitive cats comfortable, while also providing them with a super cozy nest to snuggle into.

And don’t worry, the soft and squishy texture of the bed won’t make it immediately lose shape.

The structure and materials allow for a firm bed that will keep your cat comfy and secure for the long haul.

Speaking of security, this bed also has a rubber non-slip base.

So your cat can leap into their bed and chase after that laser pen dot without it slipping everywhere!

The raised bolster cushion surrounding the bed’s centre means that your cat can happily elevate their head as they sleep and it will gently support their head and neck.

Hachikitty pride themselves on creating these soft, comfortable, and supportive beds as they aim to help your cat achieve a deeper and more restorative sleep.

It can be easy to forget how important sleep is for health, in both humans and cats.

But you can’t escape the fact that healthy sleeping can help prolong your furry pal’s life.

To wash this bed, all you have to do is unzip the cover and throw it in the wash.

Make sure to keep the filling safe to put back in the cover once it’s dry and clean.

Though, unfortunately, you can’t machine wash the bed itself as there’s a chance it will ruin the filling and might make it feel as though your cat is sleeping on a lumpy mattress!

Luckily, the waterproof cover over the bed should protect the inner section from ever getting dirty.

It is also chew resistant, in case you happen to own a chew-happy dog that likes to get his jaws on the cat’s bed – we’re talking about those cheeky Garfield and Odie relationships here people!

The Dog’s Balls’ Premium Cat Bed in Grey, Biscuit & Brown

Claimed to be ‘Fit for a President’ – After all, it does feel like our pets think they run the house at times, so why not give them a bed to match!

If your cat is one of those felines that likes to cocoon themselves while they sleep, then this bed may be a good bed for you to consider.

The faux fur of this bed encases your cat in a beautifully soft nest area and allows them to bury themselves deeply into its velvety cushion.

The high sides of the bed also provide a calming effect and feeling of security that can improve your cat’s nap quality.

The spacious size also means that your cat can easily stretch out, all while still being encased in the luxurious softness that this bed provides.

It is a bed fit for royalty, which your cat probably thinks they are!

And don’t worry if your cat pushes against the bolster cushion on the side, they’ll simply spring back into place – always a good feature to have if your cat happens to be one of those kitties who likes to be awkward and lie on top of things rather than in them.

How can we talk about this bed and ignore the embroidery of ‘The Cat’s Bed’ on the front – just in case your dog or children mistook it as a place to chill, this bed is for Mr Kitty McCatFace will be happy that everyone knows whose bed it is.

When you clean the bed, you just need to pop it in the washing machine in a gentle cycle and then let it dry naturally.

Unfortunately, tumble drying this bed could adversely affect the inner stuffing.

So it’s better to be safe than sorry and not machine dry this bed, after all, you don’t want to compromise your feline friend’s comfort.

This bed is also apparently even softer than our own couches and beds – makes you wonder whether they make a human-sized one?

We might need to invest in one for ourselves!

Birdsong Princess Plush Bolster Cat Bed

Birdsong’s poly fibre-filling in this adorable bed can provide your cat with the snuggest and most secure night’s sleep that you can imagine.

Your cat will truly feel like a princess (or prince) curled up in this gorgeous green and blue throne.

It’s luxurious, to say the least, especially with the detailing of the golden corduroy trim and the additional patchwork cat embellishing the front of the bed is beyond the definition of cute!

The super soft bolster cushion walls of the bed are roughly 5 inches high, so there’s plenty of security for a cat that prefers to be encased in warmth as they sleep.

And we all know how cats like to be in safe and enclosed spaces!

The base itself is also plush and overstuffed so your cat can comfortably bury themselves in it.

With durable cover materials, the bed cover should stand the test of time, and multiple washes, keeping your cat’s sleeping space clean, fresh, and free from any possible parasite infestations such as the ever common flea and tick.

Worried that your cat’s bed cushions are looking a bit flat?

Don’t worry, that can be fixed!

Birdsong recommends using a dryer ball or tennis ball in the tumble dryer on a low heat to make the inner bed cushion as fluffy as can be.

Partner this with a freshly washed cover, and this bed will feel practically as good as new!

And if you don’t want to use the tumble dryer, no problem!

You can simply fluff the pillow yourself by hand.

It’s pretty easy to massage out any lumps or bumps in the filling.

Just invest a couple of minutes of your time – and your cat will thank you for it!

Though it’s important to note that while you can tumble dry the bed itself, they do recommend to avoid tumble drying the cover after it has been washed.

Unfortunately, it could damage the materials that make the bed so unique.

If you’re ever unsure, check the label for washing instructions!

Mojonnie Soft Self-Warming Cat Tent

This fab little bed can be used either as a padded mat for your cat to sleep on or be used as a cozy little cat cave – who doesn’t love a good ol’ multifunctional bed?!

Handcrafted with the softest non-shedding materials, this cat bed is the coziest thing since sleeping on a nice warm hearthstone (not to mention yonks safer).

It’s kind to sensitive skin without lacking quality.

The cocooning design will help your cat feel safe and secure, and encourage a more fulfilling and healthy sleep.

When used in cave form, the cotton fabric will trap your cat’s body heat, keeping them toasty during the colder winter months.

This is a stress-free alternative to electrically heated cat beds that not only hike up the electricity bill but can also be a fire hazard.

If your cat decides to bring you a little present in the form of a dead mouse in their bed – you’ll likely want to give it a very good clean, and you’ll be pleased to hear that this adorable plush bed is small enough to throw into the washing machine with no problem at all.

It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is follow the washing instructions on the label.

Unfortunately, it is recommended that you don’t tumble dry the bed – sorry!

Using a dryer may cause the stuffing in the bed to become misplaced, making it a bit lumpy and uncomfortable for your feline friend.

Even though this bed doesn’t have the high bolster cushion walls usually associated with cat beds, it offers a brilliant alternative for cats that suffer from a nervous nature.

If you’re wondering why these beds are so suitable for anxious cats, then wonder no more my fellow feline fanatic!

The feeling of this bed wrapping around them helps cats relax and feel safe, enabling them to fall into a deeper and more restorative sleep than they would be able to in a conventional open-topped bed.

And for an added bonus, the tent-like structure of the bed partnered with the soft fabric will trap in your cat’s body heat, keeping them nice and toasty during the winter.

Overall, it really depends on your individual cat and what they prefer.

But rest assured that if your cat starts to knead the bed, then you’ve probably struck gold!

If you’re concerned about your cat being reluctant to test out their new bed, you may want to deal with the potential problem of the bed smelling unfamiliar.

This can cause your cat to be a tad wary.

So, don’t be afraid to give it a wash as it soon as it arrives as this will get rid of any scary smells, and possibly rub their old bed on it a little bit!

And finally, despite all of these beds arguably all being incredible, we recommend The Dog’s Balls’ Premium Cat Bed in Grey, Biscuit & Brown.

It’s our winner of the best washable cat beds thanks to it being well made, luxuriously cushioned, and has unique detailing.

Although only the cover is suitable to throw in the wash, that happens to be the case with many beds as cat bed’s filling has a tendency to lose its shape, and we all know – a lumpy bed is not fit for the royalty of the household!

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