Best Brushes for Persian Cats

Best Brushes for Persian Cats

Your pet doesn’t have to be a show cat for you to want them to look their fluffy best.

Indeed, part of the pleasure of owning the purr-fection of a Persian cat is their oh-so-soft coat.

But keeping that silky hair knot-free takes a lot of work.

Crucially, to do this it’s essential to have the best brushes for Persian cats.

In this article, we’re going to review the following brushes for persian cats:

There are a lot of grooming tools on the market.

Indeed, it’s easy to get confused and be distracted by great marketing or pretty packaging.

Instead, we want you help you understand what to look for in the best brushes for Persian cats for optimal coat condition.

The golden rule when grooming a Persian is persistence…in that a daily comb through and brush is essential.

That baby soft hair knots together just by looking at it.

This means keeping on top of the tangles with a daily brush.

The good news is that the pet Persian doesn’t have to be bathed regularly – leave that to the show cats!

With proper coat care regular brushing spreads the natural conditioning oils over the fur to keep it at its gleaming best.

All of which means the finding the right tools for the job will make the task so much easier.

An effective brush that doesn’t scratch the cat’s skin and keeps them comfortable, goes a long way to having a co-operative kitty who looks forward to their daily pampering session, rather than resent it.

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 brushes for Persian cats.

The 5 Brushes for Persian Cats Reviews

1. Furminator Deshedding Tool for Cats

FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats

When first launched a little over ten years ago, the Furminator was revolutionary.

Since then, this product has been much imitated, but still remains the original and best deshedding brush of its type.

But it is important to understand the purpose and use of a Furminator.

This is principally a deshedding tool, so this is the best brush for a Persian cat that sheds heavily.

You will still need to use a regular brush to keep the coat tangle free and in good order.

However, once you’ve done that the Furminator snags retained shed hair and remove them with ease.

There’s also a right and a wrong way to use a Furminator.

Do things wrong, and you can traumatize the skin to the point of making it sore.

This is because there is a blade, recessed behind the leading edges of the teeth.

When you press too hard there’s a risk of pressing the blade into the skin.

When using a Furminator for the first time, try it out gently on your arm.

This helps you learn how little pressure is needed in order to work.

Again, this is another tool where less is more – don’t use pressure and simply draw the tool over the fur and let it do all the work.

With its iconic design, the Furminator is instantly recognizable.

It’s also hugely effective.

Sometimes it’s as if your Persian cat is made of fur, there’s such a harvest of hair!

Another great feature of this model is the quick release button, which avoids the prickly problem of unpicking hair from between the teeth.

On the downside, it can be tricky to choose the right model of Furminator to suit individual cats.

The product comes in a range of models, and what works well for one cat doesn’t always suit another with a similar coat. A bit of trial and error is involved finding the best Furminator model, which can be a bit inconvenient and costly.

2. Andis Pet Premium Pin Brush

Andis Pet Premium Pin Brush

The ideal grooming toolkit contains several different types of brush.

But let’s say you had to pick one as the most essential.

Which would it be?

The pin brush is the answer.

It’s a grooming tool that’s suitable for smoothing long soft hair that can tug out small tangles and has a combing action to stops knots forming in the first place.

So what is a pin brush?

This is a paddle like brush with metal pins mounted in a rubber base.

The best pin brushes, such as this Andis product, have tiny plastic combs on each pin to protect the pet’s skin.

Whilst there are lots of pin brushes on the market, be aware that they vary in quality.

Indeed, the nature of the pins themselves makes all the difference to the grooming experience.

When the metal pins are too soft and bend easily, they tend not to be effective.

But conversely if the pins are too rigid, they can tear at the coat causing discomfort.

Happily, the pins on this Andis product are just right, which makes it a best brush for Persian cat.

Indeed, a happy cat guardian tells how her cat loves being brushed with the Andis pin brush.

The owner had tried a variety of pin brushes but the pins buckled and bent, making the brush nearly useless.

However, this Andis product stands up well to vigorous grooming of a large, long-haired cat and the feline friend enjoys the experience.

Other cat guardians recount how they can’t live without this brush, as it is so efficient at shifting shed hair from the coat.

Another plus is that the ergonomic handle is just that.

It fits nicely in the human hand and is easy to grip.

This is great for the comfort of the groomer as well as the groomee!

The main downside of this product is it can be hard to clean.

The hair can become trapped between the pins and is tricky to remove.

However, this is a problem common to most traditional pin brushes and not a unique issue to this Andis product.

3. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Solving the riddle of getting rid of hair retained between the pins is this Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush.

This is a best cat brush for Persian cats because it’s effective and easy to clean.

What’s the difference between a pin brush and a slicker brush?

It’s a subtle one.

Whereas pin brushes usually have straight metal pins topped with a protective cap, a slicker brush has shorter, angled pins with bare metal tips.

In terms of function, a slicker brush has a great deshedding action than a regular pin brush.

The metal pins are closer together, which means more drag on the undercoat and a greater harvest of shed hair.

You would use this brush with care, applying only gentle pressure as you sweep it over the cat’s coat.

Let the metal prongs do the work of penetrating deep down between the hairs.

This has the effect of detangling, and thus helping to prevent knots from forming in the first place.

It also smooths the coat down whilst capturing shedding hair between the pins.

Then when you’re done, this neat Hertzko brush has a special button, which retracts the prongs.

This means you can then just wipe the hair away from the base pad without having to prick your fingers.

And while we’re talking about design, this is another great user experience.

The handle is nicely shaped to avoid cramp, with good grip and a handy thumb rest.

The Hertzko brush is much loved by cat and guardian alike.

Many owners found it better tolerated than other grooming tools of this type, with it being less harsh on the skin.

Indeed, many cats enjoyed the experience so much they stayed still for long ages lapping up the luxury of a first class pampering session and didn’t want their owner to stop.

On the minus side, the occasional user has problems with the button retractor mechanism.

After a few uses, it can break resulting in the user needing to keep a finger on the button the whole time to prevent the bristles retracting during use.

4. Kong ZoomGroom Cat

KONG Cat Zoom Groom Brush

Do you want to send your Persian into brushing ecstasy?

Then the ZoomGroom is the product for you.

This doesn’t look much like a traditional brush because it’s made entirely of rubber.

However, the rubber teeth work their magic when brushed over the cat’s coat, providing a hugely satisfying experience for both cat and owner.

Designed by an animal behaviorist, the ZoomGroom mimics the action of a cat’s tongue.

This makes brushing your cat into a more natural experience that mimics being licked by another.

This best brush for a Persian cat soon has them purring in satisfaction.

And what’s more, this is hugely satisfying for the owner.

It’s amazing just how much fur this bad boy encourages out of the coat.

And because it made of rubber, there are no harsh or scratching teeth to damage the skin.

It’s the equivalent of a kitty massage with benefits such as improving the circulation to the skin and spreading those natural conditioning oils.

Also, the friction of the teeth drags out shed hair and is amazing as deshedding.

However, a word of warning.

The ZoomGroom doesn’t separate hairs (and isn’t intended to.)

Thus, it will glide over the surface of a knot, smoothly it down rather than detangling it.

Thus a ZoomGroom works best to polish the coat and finish the groom, rather than as a detangler.

That said, when used for the right purpose it is unrivalled.

Pet parents find this brush does the job more efficiently and faster than other copy-cat rival products.

What’s more, cats love the experience and willingly submit to grooming attention, even when they object to other brushes.

5. Andis Steel Cat Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

OK, this isn’t strictly speaking a brush, but a good metal comb is an essential part of any grooming set.

This teamed with a ZoomGroom or Furminator make pretty much the perfect grooming toolkit.

The benefits of a good comb are obvious.

Just like brushing our own hair, sometimes a brush travels over the top of the coat and doesn’t cut through to the tangles.

A good comb, however, separates the hairs right down to the skin and seeks out knots.

Once you’ve identified a knot, you can isolate it with your fingers.

Then work away at the mat to break it down using the metal teeth of the comb to pries it apart.

We choose this Andis comb because of its great quality.

The teeth are rigid and don’t bend with use.

The tips of the teeth are also gently rounded so that they don’t cut into the skin.

Once purchased, this comb is going to last a lifetime.

On the downside, beware of cheap imitations.

The design of a comb is easy to copy, so there are a lot of fakes out there.

However, a quality product is made from high grade steel, and out performs those cheaper copies.

It’s worth paying a bit more and investing in a quality product that will last a lifetime, like this Andis cat comb.


Those luxurious locks require a lot of attention to keep them at their tangle-free best.

This means daily brushing.

Less frequent brushing adds up to problems.

Once a tangle forms it can take a lot of fiddling to get rid of it.

If this distresses the cat then they’re likely to take exception to being groomed in the future.

Set off down this path and it ends with a non-cooperative cat whose coat becomes one big mat.

Avoiding this disaster scenario isn’t hard.

A combination of praise and rewarding the cat when they stay relaxed, along with the right tools for the job can make all the difference.

If you can, start young.

Get your Persian kitten used to being gently brushed, right from the first day.

Just a few strokes with a soft brush, whilst you tell them how clever they are.

When you’re done, reward kitty with their supper.

Pretty soon a link establishes in the kitten’s mind that brushing is good and leads to lovely treats.

But if this opportunity has passed you by, don’t despair.

Start at whatever point the cat is happy with, and build on that.

For some cats this even means learning to be in the same room as a brush, there past experiences have been so traumatic.

If this is the case, try leaving the brush on the floor beside the food bowl.

That way the cat becomes used to the sight of it, and rewards themselves with a tasty snack.

And finally, when you invest in the best brushes for Persian cats, your fur-friend with thank you handsomely with purrs of contentment.

After all, everyone likes to look their best, especially a handsome Persian cat.

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