Cat Grooming Glove

Cat Grooming Gloves

Any of us with kitties know that they are meticulous groomers, they spend hours a day trying to rid their coat of loose hairs and cleaning any dirt and grime away.

While they’re well equipped for this task, sometimes they could use a little extra help.

Any of us with kitties also know that not all of them take kindly to a brush or comb and grooming sessions can end with hisses, snarls, and tears.

Enter grooming gloves. 

It’s like petting, grooming, and bonding all in one and nobody ends up with scratched hands and hurt feelings.

This list of the best cat grooming gloves will help you find the right ones for your kitty’s grooming comfort.

When you picture cat grooming gloves it might seem like they would all be about the same. 

Totally not true! 

Cat grooming gloves differ in their shape, the materials they are constructed of, and how well they work.

Some are great at pulling dead and loose hair from your cat’s coat, so good in fact that you can’t get it off of the glove to clean it.

Others can have a sticky texture and pull the hair a little too hard and then there are some that are just right. 

You can get cat grooming gloves as a pair or a single. 

Cat Grooming Gloves

Some are designed to be used on the palm side of the glove only and others can be used on the palm or the back as well.

There are many, many possibilities and the ones you choose depends on you and your kitty’s preferences.

Whichever cat grooming gloves you choose, know that these little aids will help leave your cat’s hair coat and skin healthy and shiny.

Not only do grooming gloves remove dead hair that can dull the appearance of the coat, they also help distribute his natural oils leading to a softer feel and shinier look.

Kitties will also love it because it’s just like getting petted by you.

HandsOn Cat Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, and Grooming

HandsOn Cat Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, and Grooming

While these grooming gloves from HandsOn may look like five fingered torture devices, they’re actually specifically designed rubber tips to pull out loose hair and massage your kitty’s muscles and skin.

These gloves feature different sized tips on the fingers and palm so that you can take a more specialized approach to grooming your kitty. 

HandsOn Grooming Gloves are also great aids in your kitty bathing adventures and will help distribute shampoo and the massaging action will help calm her nerves at the same time.

HandsOn Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, and Grooming are one of the best cat grooming gloves because they are gentle yet effective to use. 

These gloves are very flexible allowing you the dexterity to handle soapy shampoo bottles and hoses, or to groom hard to reach areas like your kitty’s neck and feet. 

HandsOn Grooming Gloves come in various sizes so that you can get a more customizable fit making these grooming gloves easier to use and to keep on your hands.

The downside to these gloves is that they do come in sizes instead of a one size fits all version.

While the different sizes help to make them easier to use, it also means that different members of your family might not fit into the same pair.

So either not everyone gets to join in on the grooming of your feline friend or you have to get multiple pairs.

They also don’t work great on really thick, plush hair like that of a Russian Blue.

HandsOn Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, and Grooming are a great alternative to a brush or comb when it comes to grooming your kitty. 

They also make great additions to your bathing routine to help calm and massage your kitty while they get scrubbed.

These gloves do come in different sizes so for the best experience, make sure to get the right size.

Pet Thunder Cat Grooming Glove

Pet Thunder Cat Grooming Glove

Grab onto that loose hair and keep it there with Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Glove. 

This is one of the best cat grooming gloves because it works well on long, short, wet, or dry hair.  It can also be used to dehair your furniture and rugs. 

The mitt comes as a one size fits most with a Velcro closure to allow for different size hands. 

Kitties seem to like this grooming mitt and didn’t run and hide each time it made an appearance.

It’s very easy to remove hair from both your cat and from the mitt once you’re ready for cleanup.

The ‘teeth’ on this mitt also work to detangle mats and snarls without too much pulling or unpleasantness for your kitty.

Being a mitten shape, the Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Mitt can be less dexterous than a five fingered glove.

It also can be cumbersome for people with small hands as you won’t be able to fully reach the edges of this mitt. 

Another downside is that it comes in a right hand version only so if that’s not your dominate hand you may have some trouble adjusting to a right handed petting motion.

Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Mitt is a great choice for your not-so-eager-to-be-brushed-kitty.

You can easily remove loose, dead hair to decrease shedding and reveal a lustrous hair coat on your feline friend. 

It’s easy to use and easy to clean, things that both you and your cat can love.

Pat Your Pet Cat Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet Cat Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove features a five fingered design instead of the mitten shape.

This provides you with the flexibility to groom those hard to reach areas and to scratch under the chin.

You should also have an easier time of fitting into it and being able to control the entire glove even if you have smaller hands.

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove is meant for all hair lengths and types as well as wet or dry hair.

It’s a great addition to your kitty’s bath time routine as they can help work the shampoo down to the skin while combing out tangles.

The five fingered glove shape may be less intimidating to your feline friend.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves also feature a little different design than other grooming gloves on the market.

The fingers and palms have different sizes and shapes of ‘teeth’ to help pull out loose hair from every angle.

Some cat parents complained that the Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove didn’t perform as they hoped it would. 

I don’t know if hair length or condition had anything to do with it or not. 

They also said that it didn’t work well on furniture or carpet to remove hairballs.

Others had trouble with the fit saying they were way too small for an average sized hand and some said they were way too big.

If you’re looking for a grooming glove that fits more like a glove and less like a mitten, Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove should work for you.

Most kitties will prefer the glove design to traditional brush and comb method of grooming and it allows you to enjoy some bonding time with your purry pal while you work out the mats and snarls. 

SSRiver Pet Grooming Glove

SSRiver Pet Grooming Glove

SSRiver uses soft rubber tips to gently and effectively remove loose, dead hair from your kitty’s hair coat.

These rubber tips won’t injure skin or pull hair, in fact they provide a nice massaging sensation that will have your cat coming back for more. 

The five fingered glove design makes this grooming glove more natural to use and allows you the flexibility to reach those hard to groom areas like the tummy and legs.

The flip side of this glove is a nice, breathable mesh so that your hand won’t get hot while wearing it.

The loose hair is collected and can be easily removed from the glove and the whole thing is machine washable if the need arises.

SSRiver uses an adjustable Velcro closure on the wrist to make this glove a one size fits all and it comes as a pair with both right and left gloves so you can choose to groom with either hand or get both hands in on the dirty work.

The soft rubber tips on this grooming glove from SSRiver are so soft that they don’t do a great job at untangling snarls and mats.

They just aren’t sharp or long enough to get between the hairs to get that job done.

The adjustable Velcro strap can also cause some trouble depending on the size of your wrist and hand. 

For smaller boned people, making the wrist strap small enough to fit their hand made the glove misshapen and awkward.

SSRiver Pet Grooming Glove is one of the best cat grooming gloves because it is soft and gentle and won’t pull her hair or injure her skin.

Some kitties shy away from grooming brushes and combs because they can be uncomfortable to use.

Not so for the SSRiver Pet Grooming Glove.

Just be aware that while this glove removes loose, dead hair, dirt, and dander, it doesn’t work well on removing mats and tangles.

Noyal Cat Grooming Glove Double Side Use

Noyal Pet Grooming Glove

The Noyal Pet Grooming Glove is one of the best cat grooming gloves because it has a double sided use.

There are soft rubber tips on the palm and the back of these gloves for a different grooming experience.

Get twice the use out of one glove before needing to clean the collected hair from it.

Also, having the rubber tips on the back of the glove allows you to groom even hard to reach places with ease.

The Noyal Pet Grooming Glove is also great in the bath and will help you clean your kitty while gently massaging her for a positive bath time experience. 

While having the rubber surface on both the palm and the back of the glove may make it seem hotter and less flexible, the sides of this glove are made from a breathable mesh to allow for ventilation.

They also wash and dry quickly.

A downside to these Noyal Pet Grooming Gloves with Double Side Use is that the collected hair can be a struggle to remove from the glove. 

Whether it’s due to static cling or to being intertwined in the rubber tips, the hair can be a pain to get off.

These grooming gloves also had a harder time untangling mats and snarls due to the shape of these rubber tips.

Noyal Pet Grooming Gloves with Double Sided Use are a one size fits all type of glove. 

The soft rubber tips on the palm and the back of the gloves work to remove loose hair, dirt, and dander to leave your kitty’s hair coat shiny and healthy. 

They also help to distribute natural skin oils and to massage your cat’s skin for better circulation and comfort.

The collected hair may be a bit tricky to remove from the glove once you’re done grooming though, so it’s a good thing you have two sides of two gloves to collect it on before you have to clean up.


Grooming gloves are a great alternative to brushes and combs when it comes to helping your kitty look her best.

They work to pull loose and dead hair as well as dirt and dander from her hair coat and distribute natural skin oils for a look that is healthy and shiny.

Kitties that fear the brush and comb may well be pleased with the gentle massaging action of a grooming glove. 

But why stop there? 

The best cat grooming gloves also work well in the bath to move shampoo through the hair and down to the skin to achieve a real deep cleansing.

They can also increase circulation and calm nerves by providing a gentle massage while they get the dirty work done.

They can also increase circulation and calm nerves by providing a gentle massage while they get the dirty work done.

While the one size fits all will work for other members of your family, selecting one with different sizes will make it easier for you maneuver.

If your kitty fears the brush or comb or if you’re looking for a great way to multitask, grooming and bonding at the same time, a cat grooming glove is for you.

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