Best Apps for Cats

Best Apps for Cats: Introduce Your Feline Friend to the Digital World

We usually keep our feline companions as indoors-only cats because we know it’s the best type of lifestyle for them (indoor cats live on average five years longer than outdoor cats), but have you ever stopped to think of how bored they must be?

Cats are curious creatures by nature; although they have an appreciation for routine, they also need excitement in their lives. That’s where the best apps for cats come in.

One way to keep your cat occupied is by downloading special cat apps and allowing them to play using your devices. Yes, you heard me well allow your cats to play with your precious iPad.

Smart devices today come with a layer of protection over their screen, so no need to worry that your cat would cause irreparable damage to it.

These apps are perfect for busy cat parents who can’t always keep their cat company because your cat doesn’t need to be supervised while he plays with your iPad or Android device. These apps will also help sharpen both your cat’s physical and mental skills.

Before we review the best apps for cats, let me mention that cats are not that easy to amuse. Although there are many apps designed for cats today, you need to choose carefully to ensure that if you pay, you pay for something that your cat won’t get bored of in less than a day.

Now, if you’re looking forward to entertaining your kitty, you can discover what he really likes by downloading any of the eleven free apps mentioned below. If you find one that suits your cat’s fancy, perhaps next time you can purchase the paid version of it.

App #1: Game For Cats

One of the earliest games that will really keep your kitty on him toes is this “Game For Cats.” Though available for iOS users only, this game will offer your cat endless hours of uninterrupted playtime. When you launch the game, two screens will appear on your iPad a cheese and a laser screen. The laser screen which lies on your left offers a free version while the cheese screen on the right offers the paid version.

The basic/free version features a glowing laser point that dances around the screen tempting your kitty to smack it. Once smacked, the laser produces a delicate breaking sound that really captivates your kitty.

With the paid version, you get a mouse and a bonus butterfly which too dance around the screen tempting your cat to smack them. Once trapped, the mouse squeaks while the butterfly produces a delicate tinkling sound.

The gameplay is very easy and entertaining for both you and your kitty. To keep the game in motion, the mouse, the butterfly, and the laser are designed to flip or slip from the cat’s grasp forcing him to continue chasing the catch. Where this app is concerned, allowing your kitty to play using an iPad is much better than an iPod or iPhone as the former provides more surface area for the cat to chase his catch.

App #2: Paint for Cats

Is your cat tired of chasing a cartoon mouse or a fish from one corner of the iPad to the other? Well, you can break the monotony by introducing a painting app that will unlock your feline’s inner Picasso.

Also available for iOS devices only, “Paint for Cats” is another addicting game that will not only captivate your cat but will also give you a chance to see how creative your feline can become.

Coming from the same developer who designed “Game for Cats” (Noel Murray), this game still involves enticing your cat to chase after a cartoon mouse; only this time, your cat will create a painting as he taps.

There is a selection of 13 color themes to choose from. As a bonus, this app allows you to save and share the final picture in any of your selected social media to show your friends and family how creative your feline is.

App #3: Cat Toy

Another game that will really blow your cat’s mind is “Cat Toy.” Also only available for iOS devices, this game offers four different modes to choose from: Itsy (Spider), Flutter (Butterfly), Zapper (Laser), and Squeak (Mouse). According to most pet parents, Squeak is the one that keeps their cats motivated the most due to the mouse’ speed and the sound it produces when caught.

The idea of the game is to chase after the helpless cartoon mouse all around the iPad screen until it’s captured. You have the freedom to adjust the speed and increase the volume to keep your cat fully engaged throughout the game.

App #4: Cat Fishing and Cat Fishing 2

Another game that will really motivate your cat is “Cat Fishing,” and let’s not forget its amazing sequel, “Cat Fishing 2.” Developed by Friskies, this game is for iOS device users only. Similar to “Cat Toy,” this game features a fast swimming fish that maneuvers around the screen while tempting your kitty to chase it.

The first level is simple and involves only one fish. As your cat progresses to the second and third rounds, the fish will increase to two and three respectively. When playing the game, your cat will need to swat and tap the fish to gain points. When your cat gets bored and stops playing the game, your iPad will emit a soft meow every 30 seconds to tempt your feline friend to get back in action.

App #5: Cat Alone 2

Enough of those iOS-only cat apps; let’s now take a look at some Android apps. One of the many cat apps that are readily available for Android smartphone users is “Cat Alone 2.” Quite similar to most other cat apps, this one too involves chasing after different cartoon characters.

Depending on what your feline friend likes the most, this Android app will offer him an opportunity to chase after six on-screen objects such as a mouse, a feather, a dandelion, a red light, a spider, or a water drop.

This app also allows you to adjust the vibration settings to give your cat something more exclusive to enjoy. If you discover that your feline truly loves this app, you can always consider downloading the original “Cat Alone” app to make the gameplay even more dynamic.

App #6: Relax My Cat

If music can influence our moods, why not cats? “Relax My Cat” is one app that will reveal to you how you can easily affect your cat’s mood via music. Available for both Android and iOS, this app features different entertaining tunes that have been specifically composed for your feline friend.

Each of the tunes available in this app is intended to evoke a different mood. For instance, there are tunes that can lull your cat to sleep, motivate him to play, or maybe reduce his anxiety when he seems stressed out.

This app uses human voices to mimic different environmental sounds and communications to keep your cat entertained throughout a boring day. Although the iOS version is available at a premium price, the Android version is completely free giving you the opportunity to entertain your feline friend without digging deep into your pocket.

App #7: Friskies JitterBug

Another app that has really taken the world of cat apps by storm is “Friskies JitterBug.” Having achieved considerable success with Cat Fish and Cat Fish 2, Friskies once again strives to offer your feline friend yet another exclusive app that will keep him entertained while relaxing in his pet bed.

In this app, you get the chance to choose between “Play Game” and “Advanced” options. Advanced mode allows you to choose the number of bugs that will be featured in the game.

When you start the game, a black screen will appear followed by cute bugs that tempt your cat to tap them. When your curious kitty taps on the bugs, they disappear, but new ones will keep appearing thus making the game continuous. This game has no sound, but it gives your cat a chance to gain points by killing as many bugs as he can in every level.

App #8: Crazy Cat

Another game that has won a big share in the Android market is “Crazy Cat.” This free but ad-supported app offers you the perfect way to keep your furry feline entertained when he’s done climbing the cat tree or chasing after a remote-controlled mouse.

Similar to other object-chasing apps, this game features some fast-moving creatures such as hopping bugs or scurrying mice. When it comes to the gameplay, your curious feline will need to chase and tap at the fast-moving mouse or bug as it runs for dear life.

This game is addicting and features some high score bonuses that will activate once your cat has tapped enough of the fast-moving creatures. Similar to apps such as Catch the Mouse and Cat Fishing 2, Crazy Cat also works better on a large-screened tablet as compared to a smartphone.

Now, to make this game even more entertaining for both you and your feline friend, the developer offers you the option of linking your tablet with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can dictate the motion of the critters.

App #9: Pocket Pond & Pocket Pond 2

I’ve yet to meet a cat that doesn’t love fish. Now, to ensure that your real fish is safe from your cat inside the aquarium, you should direct your cat’s attention to “Pocket Pond” and its sequel “Pocket Pond 2” instead.

Available on both Android and iOS app stores for free, this app is similar to most other cat apps only that it offers a more comprehensive gaming experience to keep your feline friend fully engrossed.

This app allows you to add some fishes and buzzing dragonflies into the pond (in this case, your device’s screen). When the attack mode is initiated, your cat will be required to chase after the creatures and tap at them to gain bonus points.

Apart from just enticing your cat to tap the fish, this game gives you the chance to raise, feed, play, and decorate your fish pond to make it attractive to not just your feline friend, but you as well.

App #10: Catch the Mouse

Another game that will keep your kitty on his toes is “Catch the Mouse.” As its title suggests, this app gives your cat a chance to stay active by chasing after a totally intense mouse from one corner of the iPad to the other.

The mouse is bright orange in color, and it runs through a black background, making it visible and easy to tap. To make the game even more entertaining, you have the option of choosing from five attractive colors for the background and three for the mouse. This game is easy to play and perfect for keeping your indoors-only kitty exercised.

App #11: Pet First Aid

Finally, we have “Pet First Aid.” This is one of the best apps for cats; pet parents shouldn’t fail to download it. Developed by the American Red Cross, this app is available on both Android and iOS app stores at a freemium.

Unlike the other apps we’ve mentioned in this article, this one is designed to offer practical advice on how to diagnose, treat, and care for your cat without having to visit the local vet. The app is packed with step-by-step instructions, texts, videos, and photos that will help you identify and deal with a particular situation. Of course, this app is no substitute for regular vet visits, but it certainly helps you have a better idea of what’s going on with your cat.

Apart from giving you detailed instructions, this app functions as a diary or a record book where you’ll be able to track your cat’s health, book an appointment with your vet, and find the best nearby pet hospitals that can treat your cat in cases of emergency.

Wrap Up

Technology has advanced over the years paving the way to new discoveries that have left most people mesmerized. In the past, smart devices such as iPads and Android phones were only meant for humans. Today, they can also be used to entertain your cat.

The simple idea of turning iPad or Android devices into cat toys has become a major success. With lots of cat apps available for download, it’s now official that your indoor-only feline will also receive an upgrade from analog to digital.

You may have noticed that most of the best apps for cats are available for iOS users only. The reason for this is because iPads and iPhones are designed with an additional layer of protection that keeps them secure in case your cat gets too trigger-happy with his claws, or in case of any other uncertainties. Most iOS devices are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and waterproof up to a certain level.

Finally, the apps we’ve listed above are all addictive and reasonably priced ranging from $1.99 to $2.00 maximum. These apps are easy to download and play; they offer your cat endless hours of uninterrupted playtime.

Although we’ve managed to highlight these eleven apps, we can’t ignore the fact that you guys are good at digging up information of your own. Therefore, if you’ve downloaded other awesome apps that keep your feline really entertained, please let us know by posting a comment in the box below.

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