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Anime Cat Names: Kawaii Names for Your Neko-chan

Japanese pop culture has brought us so much in the last three decades. Generations have grown up with manga and anime. Anime may come from a very different culture and language. However, there is a common ground we’ve found very easily: an infatuation with cats. Anime cat names are the perfect fusion of these two aspects!

There are countless anime shows of various thematics, targeted at different age groups and preferences. We are sure you have your own list of personal favorites. Since it is absolutely impossible to cover all of them in one article, we will use this opportunity to remind you of a couple of the most popular shows, old and new.

We will start with Naruto. Then we will remind you of Voltron and the adventures the team had exploring the space. There is also going to be a mention of One Punch Man, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Attack on Titan and Death Note. We hope you will like our selection and that there is the perfect name for your beloved feline somewhere in these lists. Enjoy!

Cat Names Based on Characters from Naruto

white cat from Naruto

Generations grew up with this show. Naruto is probably one of the most famous anime and manga in history, the brainchild of the manga artist Masashi Kishimoto, and it has left its mark on generations of teenagers (and grown-ups) since it was first aired in 1999.

Let us remind you of some of your favorite characters and inspire you to find the perfect moniker for your little ninja.

  • Naruto Uzumaki. As the protagonist of the series, he deserves the first place in the list. He is the jinchuriki of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Even though being a Tailed Beast host made people shun him, he remains optimistic and cheerful. And of course, he never gives up. Naruto is a perfect name for a cat with a yellow coat and a buoyant personality.
  • Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha is Naruto’s rival and frenemy. He is cool, intelligent, and prefers to keep to himself. If your cat is a notorious vermin killer who keeps most humans at a distance, maybe Sasuke would be his favorite character in the show.
  • Sakura. If your cat has an unusually big forehead and an explosive temperament, you will surely find a lot of resemblance with Sakura Haruno. Although her character was pretty annoying at the beginning of the show, she grew up to be a remarkable fighter and healer. Every ugly duckling grows up to become a swan, so this character might inspire you if you have a scrawny little girl and no idea for a name.
  • Kakashi Hatake. A true badass. His name means “Scarecrow.” His full face was rarely seen in the show because he is an old-school ninja. He is very easy going and detached but shows remarkable skills when push comes to shove. Also, he is always late in the most charming ways. We would say he has a true feline character.
  • Orochimaru. The main villain in the show, pictured as a diabolical genius. If you have a cat who has an unhealthy obsession with snakes, look no further.
  • Itachi. Sasuke’s older brother, an infamous ronin who used to be the child prodigy of the Uchiha clan. A complex, mysterious, and above all tragic character who taught us so much about family and sacrifice.
  • Madara. There is no Uchiha without Madara. One of the most powerful warriors in the Naruto universe, he is ancient and has seen more than those hot-headed, young ninja wannabes can ever imagine. If you happen to have adopted a senior cat who has lived his life on the rough side, this is a good name to choose. Check out our article on how to adopt a cat.
  • Hinata. Hinata of the Hyuga clan is a shy and loving girl with a gentle character. Her love for Naruto is what kept her going in the rough world of shinobi. This is a lovely name for a gentle and loyal cat who will do anything to protect her family.
  • Shikamaru. A member of the Team 10; a highly intelligent and gifted shinobi… but horribly lazy. A perfect name for a lazy cat that rarely shows his true awesomeness. Have you ever wondered how much sleep do cats need?
  • Choji. He is a chubby shinobi sensitive about his appearance. All hell breaks loose if someone dares to call him fat, but he also has a sensitive and loving side. If you have a chubby buddy with a loving nature, name him after this awesome character.
  • Jiraiya. Jiraiya is Naruto’s teacher and (spoiler alert!) godfather. He is known as the “Toad Sage” and has a great love for erotic literature. Your cat is a loverboy and a dedicated frog hunter? Look no further!

Cat Names Based on Characters from Voltron

cat wearing black glasses

Although “Voltron: Defender of the Universe” was an American adaptation of several Japanese anime television series, it is considered one of the classic anime shows and was the most popular children’s TV series at the time. Maybe you are old enough to remember it, but if that is not the case, definitely put it on your “Must watch” list!

Every pilot in the crew controls one part of the super robot (Voltron): the Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lion. How can there possibly be a cooler inspiration for a cat name?

  • Akira. He is the commanding officer of the Voltron Force who pilots the Black Lion. He is quiet and wise. This is a perfect name for a black beauty.
  • Isamu. Isamu Kurogane pilots the Red Lion that forms the right arm of Voltron. He is tall and slender, with a great sense of humor and adventurous nature. If you have a ginger buddy with a lively character, this is an option to consider.
  • Hiroshi. He pilots the Green Lion and is the youngest and smallest of the crew. A green-eyed, outgoing and smart cat would be proud to carry his name.
  • Tsuyoshi. He pilots the Yellow Lion. He is a strong and rugged man with a tough attitude and a temper. His only weaknesses are small children, puppies, and a good meal. If you own a cat with similar traits, don’t be afraid of this cool, although tongue-breaking name.
  • Takashi. He was the original pilot of the Blue Lion. He was the heroic and able pilot with a very turbulent past. If you decided to open your heart to a quiet but affectionate rescue, this just might be the perfect name to choose.

Cat Names Based on Characters from One Punch Man

from One Punch Man

How would you feel if you were a superhero with absolute power defeating all your enemies with just one punch? One Punch Man is a comical and unusual show that you definitely need to watch with your cat.

  • Saitama. The main character of the show is a 25-year-old man who is completely bald (but don’t say anything; he’s sensitive about it). He’s so powerful he can destroy any enemy with a single punch. If you have a Sphynx or another hairless breed, here is an inspirational name.
  • Genos. A cyborg who calls Saitama his “sensei,” or teacher. He’s one of the few people who know how strong Saitama really is. A name for a loyal and serious cat.
  • Terrible Tornado. One of the female superheroes. She is a tiny young woman often seen as a harmless and fragile little girl. But when she unleashes her fury, everyone runs in the opposite direction. This is a good name for a female cat of small proportions but with a gift of fearlessness.
  • Superalloy Blackluster. Might be a mouthful, but if your feline friend is a muscular black Adonis, this name is definitely a perfect match.
  • Lightning Max. A karate prodigy clad in a sports outfit. You have a tireless kitten with a serious case of zoomies? Show your appreciation of the show and name him after this speedy fellow.
  • Blue Fire. He burns his enemies with flamethrowers if his kung fu skills are not enough of a deterrent. How about naming your Russian Blue after him?
  • Hyottoko. He is a typical Japanese hero with a funny outfit. If your cat is a little thief given away by a mask marking on his sneaky face, this is a perfect moniker.

Cat Names Based on Characters from Yu-Gi-Oh!

This famous anime tells the story of Yugi Mutou, a young boy who is a passionate gamer but is often bullied by his peers. In its time, it was probably a show every child could identify with.

It also features the spirit of a mysterious pharaoh. This mish-mash of Ancient Egypt, Japanese pop-culture, and geekiness provides many inspirations for unique cat names, don’t you think?

  • Yugi Motou. The king of games. He wears the Millenium Puzzle that carries the spirit of the ancient pharaoh he calls Yami—a Japanese term which means “darkness.”
  • Seto Kaiba. A genius who runs his own multimillion-dollar company at a young age. A name for smart cats with icy blue eyes.
  • Bakura. A complex character. He’s usually kind-hearted but can become dangerous if the spirit of the tomb robber inside of him chooses to appear. He has fluffy white hair. You may find our list of white cat names interesting.
  • Anzu Mazaki or Tea Gardner. She is Yugi’s best friend. She has a wonderful personality and is always ready to help and support her friends. She has a thing for bad boys, though.
  • Shadi. Shadi is shady. He is actually a spirit guarding the Millennium Stone for the pharaoh. He seems dangerous but has good intentions. You always wondered what your cat is all about? Beware, maybe he is a spirit from the other world sent here to protect you.
  • Mai. Mai was a Blackjack dealer and a very able player. A perfect name for a gorgeous cat girl who prefers to spend her time alone.

Cat Names Based on Characters from Attack on Titan

cat from Titan

Attack on Titan is a relatively new show, but with a gorgeous style and a very deep message, it quickly shot to the top of the chart. Many have speculated that the whole idea is an allegory of the anxiety young people feel in modern society, and the author said it is a story of growing up and all the difficulties it carries.

We highly recommend that you watch it in good company and see what it is all about for yourself. The best company being, naturally, your cat.

  • Eren. Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the series. He is a brave and dedicated boy with a tragic background. He saw his mother being eaten by a Titan, which made him dedicate his life to fighting those monsters. However, he soon gains the ability to change into a Titan himself which takes the fight to a whole new level. All of the fighters in this show have special gear that helps them jump around rooftops and perform remarkable stunts. A parkouring cat should be a perfect candidate for this name.
  • Mikasa. A faithful friend to Eren and a quiet but brave girl always fighting by Eren’s side. The author said he got the inspiration for this character’s name from a Japanese battleship. She is also of Asian descent, so this might be a nice name for an Asian cat breed.
  • Armin. At the beginning of the show, Armin looks like a fragile boy who won’t be of much use to the team, but with time he grows into a ferocious fighter with a brilliant mind. No one expected that sickly little kitten to grow up and become the boss of the house, except for you. Extra points if he has a yellow coat.
  • Levi. Do you have a tiny cat who intimidates everyone despite his stature? This is the name for him.

Cat Names Based on Characters from Death Note

This show can be a bit bizarre but has a very clear message: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Your cat would argue that this is only a human weakness because she has all the power in the household but still manages to be cute and loveable.

  • Light Yagami (Kira). The protagonist of this show who finds the Death Note, and gradually starts using it for his own agenda instead of his original mission to help justice prevail. He is a young intellectual with a tendency towards a god complex… Does that god complex bit remind you of anyone you know?
  • L. The eccentric genius who likes to squat on a chair instead of sitting and eats copious amounts of sweets. Oh, and he is the greatest detective ever.
  • Ryuk. The Shinigami who started all this mess. He was bored, so he decided to drop one of his Death Notes into the human world just to see what happens. He is a creature of eerie appearance and a nihilistic attitude. This name fits a black cat.
  • Rem. Another Shinigami in the series. She doesn’t share Ryuk’s amusement with the human world at all. She looks like the love child of a skeleton and Edward Scissorhands.
  • Gelus. A Shinigami so desperately in love with a human that he even gave his life for her. He was small and doll-like, made of patchwork. A calico cat with tricolor fur and devoted character is the perfect candidate for this name, don’t you think?
  • Midora. A Shinigami with a very unusual appearance. She is very large and resembles a slug with short limbs. Although she is very obscure as a character, a Munchkin cat that is a bit on the chubby side can be a good candidate for this name.

Cat Names Based on Characters from Ghost In the Shell

This brilliant show fiddles with the idea of a possible future where cybernetics are a major part of everyday human life. It has a post-cyberpunk, dystopian setting that discusses risks and possible problems with a future where flesh and blood are almost entirely exchanged for steel.

  • Major Motoko Kusanagi. There is hardly a more badass female lead in anime. Kusanagi is a cyborg with formidable strength and intelligence. Agility, wit, and a sexy outfit you could say that she is the Catwoman of the anime world.
  • Batou. Kusanagi’s partner and friend. He is a robust and serious officer who loves his dog. The character designer for the series said that Batou’s appearance was based on the Minotaur. So, if you have a very bulky and tough tomcat who loves to snuggle with the family dog (and protect him or her fearlessly), he deserves to be named after this character.
  • Tachikoma. These adorable helping robots are super advanced AIs that have a great sense of humor. They are so loveable that even the tough guy Batou breaks the rules to do a special little thing for them. A small, joyful cat that happily follows you around the house and loves to chit-chat should definitely be dubbed Tachikoma.

Wrap Up

We hope this article helped you find inspiration for your cat’s name and gave you a few suggestions for the shows that are worth watching or rewatching. While you are snuggling with your cat, of course.

There are many more awesome shows that deserve to be here, and every anime fan will surely have a good suggestion about what can be added. So many characters worth mentioning, and so many cool names for your furry best friend. Whatever you choose, make sure to find a name that is easy for your cat to recognize and distinguishes his/her character.

What’s your favorite anime? Who’s your favorite character? Will you name your cat after him/her? Why or why not? Let’s chat more about this in the comments section below! Take a look at our list of Japanese cat names if you haven’t found the right name for your cat.

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